Maria's Lesbian Love

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Maria is a woman who thought she would never found love again after her first lover broke her heart. Until one night after work she goes into a club and lays eyes on a beautiful woman standing in
the corner. What will happen when these two meet, read to find out.

Submitted: March 21, 2018

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Submitted: March 21, 2018






Closing the Cafe up and all I can think about is how I'm going home to a lonely house. It's been quiet in the house since Sarah moved out after breaking up with me, I never knew how to deal with our break up and its been over a year since it happen. I haven't spoken to her since and I don't think I can speak to her again without telling her I miss her. Coming home from long nights at work to her laying across the couch waiting for me but end up falling asleep. Each time she had awaken she would have a big smile on her face seeing that she had woken up in my arms. During the last month of our relationship things was starting to change. She stop waiting for me, she made herself more busy, even on my off days I wouldn't see her but in the morning and at night. The love that we shared wasn't there anymore, but I didn't won't to believe it was over. She was my first lover and I wanted her to be my last. One night she said we needed to talk. She made dinner served with white wine. Something in the back of my mind told me that this was the end of us but I didn't allow myself to listen to it. I needed to know what she wanted to talk about. At the dinner table neither one of us started talking just yet. I needed to break the silent between us.

"What was it you wanted to talk about?" I asked her.

She still set there in silent for a little while longer before speaking. I can see it in her eyes that something was wrong, something was bothering her. I open mouth and closed it back not knowing what else to say so I set there and waited.

"There is no easy way to say this and I can't keep hiding this from you," she said before taking a sip of her wine.

"What is it you need to tell me?"

"I'm leaving you..." she said in a low voice.


"How can you just leave me after all these years we been together?"

"You been all about your work lately and I been feeling alone and lonely," she replied.

"How else do you think I am suppose to pay for this house, and cars we both have," I said while slamming my hands down on the table.

"I also wanted to tell you that I been seeing someone else," she mumble.

After hearing her say that all I had felt was more pain, the kind of pain that seem to be there forever and will never go away. All I wanted to do was hurt her so bad. Make her feel what I am feeling. But how can I hurt someone you love so much, I just couldn't let her see that I can't be without her. I needed to show her that I hated her for this. That I will never forgive her.

"GET OUT," I screamed

"Maria trust me I never wanted to hurt you at all," she said while walking toward me.

"Just get out, I don't won't you here," I cried out.

Before she can say another word I walked off and headed to my room. The room that use to be our. The side of the bed that use to be hers is now empty. Laying across the bed crying was all I could do, I was broken.

Pulling myself from the flash back and wiping the tears that was falling down my cheek. I just can't go home tonight I need somewhere else to go. I don't won't to be alone tonight or at least I don't won't to keep living in that house. I need to find a new place. After going to the bathroom cleaning myself up, I remember that I always kept clothes with me just in case my best friend Monica wanted to go out. I went into my office and grab my bag pulling out this black dress with red in the lining. It was the dress that Monica had made for me to wear on my birthday. She was a fashion designer, I loved when she made me clothes kept me from having to go shopping. Getting out of the clothes I worked in all day and slipping into the dress. Looking in the mirror and remembering how sexy I looked in that dress. The dress was perfect for me, I stood at 5'9 and the dress came a inch or two above my knees. I always got told how beautiful my caramel skin was and wearing this dress made it look even more gorgeous. Fixing my makeup and pinning my long dark brown hair up on the side. If I was going to have to go back to that house I wasn't going alone. My goal was to bring someone home with me. I wanted to try the new place they had open up the street. I thought about texting Monica and tell her to meet me there but she had been busy with her new lover. He was a really sweet guy and he makes her so happy. Sigh....oh how I missed when that use to be me but this wasn't the time to think about the past. I needed to stay focus and remember why I was going out.

Walking into club Diamond it was a nice and small place. The dance floor was just the right size cause not to many people was dancing so it wasn't crowded. Most people was just sitting around and talking to other people. I felt like everyone eyes had fallen on me but maybe that was just all in my head. Going up to the bar and ordering a Martini, looking around the bar trying to see who will catch my eye. There's a girl standing in the corner of the club by herself just looking at everyone else dancing. She was beautiful, standing at 5'7 with long dark curly brown hair, she had the perfect body shape. She caught me staring at her and smiled at me before walking over to the bar.

“Hello gorgeous,” She said

“Hello,” I said with a shy smile.

Its been so long since I been out to meet new people. I don't remember how this thing works. Sarah was my first girlfriend and my first lover but I can't put myself down just yet I just need to make sure I say the right words and try my best to make her want to go home with me for the night.

“I never seen you around here before, this must be your first time here,” She said before ordering a drink.

“Yes this is my first time here, wanted to check the place out.”

“I couldn't help but see that you was staring, must of seen something you liked or wanted.”

“I can't help that I see a beautiful woman standing in the corner all by herself.”

She grab my hand and led me to the dance floor forgetting all about the drink she just order. Most of my friends know I don't like dancing but I am good at it. If I wanted to get her to come home with me, I needed to do what she wanted and make her see that I wanted her. The music was a slow but upbeat kind of music. My hips rolled with every beat in the song. I turned around to whisper in her ear.

“I never got your name,” I remind her.

“Elisa and I never got yours either.”

“Maria,” I said.

Looking around the club seeing that the dance floor was starting to get crowded. I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to ask her to go home with me. My body wanted her sexually but I just wanted to lay in someone arms for one night. Pulling her closer to me so that our bodies was touching. I felt her hard nipples up against my chest, I closed my eyes and tried my best to not let out a moan. Shaking my head and removing the thoughts out of mind and remembering what I was about to say.

“Would you like to come home with me?” I asked her.

“Yes I would,” She said with a smile.





Grabbing her hand and leading her to the exit with a big smile on my face. My heart was racing fast because I didn't know how things was going to go with me and her. Her hands was so soft I never wanted to let them go but I had to when we got to my car. Unlocking the door and we both get in not saying nothing to each other just yet. I didn't know what to say, my heart was beating a little to fast, I didn't know why I was so nervous but I was. I finally had started the car up and pulled off leaving the club behind us. I looked over at her a few time to make sure she was okay, she had this nervous look on her face at least I know I wasn't the only one that was nervous but I didn't show mine. I placed my hand on her thigh and give it a light squeeze.

You seem to be a bit nervous,” I said

Just a little I never did something like this before, just go home with someone I just met,” she answered.

Everything will be just fine we won't do anything that you don't won't to do.”

The drive to my house felt like it was forever, like I lived in another state or maybe I was just in a hurry to feel her body next to mine. Finally coming up to my house and pulling in the driveway I turned my car off and thought about why I didn't won't to come back to this house but I looked at her for a second and smiled, remembering that she might make this house feel less empty. Getting out the car and waiting for her, she walked slowly with wide eyes looking at the house.

This is your house?'

Yes this is my home.”

And you stay here alone?”


Going through the keys on my key ring and finally finding the house key, I unlock the door letting her in first. Closing the door and turning off the alarm fast before the police thought something was wrong. I stay in a nice area, its very quiet around here and everyone is so friendly. Monica say that I stay in the rich people area which I don't understand what she mean by that. She always picked on me about the areas I picked to stay in. I don't like a lot of noise and I love my privacy. Walking toward the kitchen and running into Elisa. Grabbing her before she fell and I realize how close we was standing to each other, just inches away from her lips. I looked at them then back at her before I knew it I was locking our lips together. The softness of her lips alone made my body ache for her, our tongues dancing around with each other made the moist between my legs grow more. Pushing her back up against the wall I begin kissing her harder and biting down on her bottom lip, I can hear her moan up against my mouth. I wanted to take her right here right now but I pulled away from her. I can see the disappointed look on her face. Grabbing her hand and leading her to my bedroom, I wanted us to be more comfortable and I wanted to take my time with her, who knows when would be the next time I have a beautiful woman over. I never had no one else in this bed but Sarah and it was nothing but old memories there and I wanted to make some new ones. Feeling her behind me and running her hands down the side of my dress I felt my body getting hotter in ever move she made. Unzipping the back of my dress I can feel the air on my back right along with her soft hands. I bit down on my lip trying to control my body heat. Letting my dress fall to the floor I stepped out of it and turning around to her pulling her top off and seeing that she wasn't wearing a bra. Dropping the top on the floor where my dress was laying at, I couldn't help but stare at her nice small size breast. I cup one of her breast in my hands and ran my finger over her nipple until it got harder and doing the same to the other one. Bending down and taking one into my mouth pulling on it with my lips and letting my tongue move in circles. She ran her fingers through my hair holding my head in place making sure I didn't move. I let my teeth bite down on her nipple and I can hear her moan from pain and pleasure. Pulling her nipple from my mouth and doing the same to the other one, her grip on my hair had got tighter, it was as if I can make her climax just by doing this. Pulling away and walking over to the bed and laying across it before joining me on the bed she takes the rest of her clothes off and I can see her pretty shaved pussy. It looked amazing, my mouth water for the taste of her. Laying on the side of me she pull my face to her and begin kissing me hard with a hungry kiss I rolled on top of her and returning the kiss back grinding my body on top of hers. I can feel the heat between her legs building up, kissing down her neck to her breast then down to her flat stomach and down some more until I reach the spot I was looking for. Pushing her legs open and running my tongue up and down her pussy lips just the small of her makes me hungry. I slide my tongue inside her as deep as I can get it and I can feel her hips moving around, pulling my tongue out of her and begin sucking on her nub until it harden in my mouth. Sliding two fingers deep inside her, her walls grabs on to my fingers and I begin moving them in and out of her fast and hard while I sucked on her nub.

Oh fuck Maria don't stop!” She moaned

Make me cum for you!”

Before she was able to cum I pulled away licking my lips still tasting her sweet juice. I can hear her breathing heavy and the need of wanting to cum but I didn't won't her to cum yet well not without me at least. I lower myself over her face and feeling her warm tongue slid between my lips. I let out a soft moan and biting on my lip, gosh the way she use that tongue is amazing, I'm sure she can make anyone fall in love with her if she wanted to. Looking down seeing that her legs were open I lower my head between her legs and started back sucking on her nub I can feel her moan up against my pussy lips while her hands held on to my hips tight making sure I don't go anywhere. Both of us going crazy on each other sex and bringing one another to a climax. We both scream loud as our body shake but I just couldn't pull my lips away from her I wanted to taste every part of her and boy did she taste amazing. Rolling over on my side breathing heavy and trying to calm my body down from the amazing orgasm she just gave me. Holding my arms out to welcome her into them she kissed my lips before laying her head on my chest.

Promise me you will still be right here when I wake up in the morning.” I whisper to her.

I'm not going no where you have me right here with you.”

Before I knew it I was off to sleep with no dreams to come and a big smile on face with a beautiful woman laying right here in my arms. Waking up in the middle of the night wondering if I dreamed all of it, looking around the room and then down at my bed seeing that she was still there, all I could do was smile, it wasn't a dream it was real. Sitting there watching her sleep, she was even more beautiful when she slept, I wonder if she know she smiles in her sleep. Laying back down beside her kissing her lips soft making sure I don't wake her but it didn't work, she looked up at me with a smile on her face and pulled me into another kiss. Gosh I wish this didn't have to come to an end when day time come, I miss it already and she not even gone yet.

You know you smile in your sleep?”

That's only cause I am here with you, you gave me a wonderful night.”

I can't remember the last time I been this happy, so thank you for giving that to me tonight,” I whisper.

We laid there just staring into each other eyes, oh how I can get lost in those beautiful gray eyes. I never felt so connected to someone so soon before, it was like I was meant to find her or something but the connection I had for her scared me a little. It was all so new to me and I couldn't tell her because I didn't won't to scar you away. I wanted to get to know her more, do more then just make her climax even though that's not a bad thing, she taste so amazing very sweet. If I ever had an addiction she would be mine. I tried my best to keep myself from smiling from my thought I am having with myself but I couldn't help it.

Why are you smiling? What are you thinking about?”

Just about how I get to be here with you right now.”

I'm glad you feel the same way as I do.”

Just laying in her arms made everything feel so much better I was able to sleep without tossing and turning or not sleeping at all. I can't remember the last time I had a goodnight sleep. Sarah really had did a number on me and I let it get to the point where I wasn't really taking good care of myself. Well now that I know there are other people out there who might be into me, made me feel a whole lot better, I can finally get over Sarah and move on with my life and with whoever comes into it but everything inside me just want to be with Elisa.

Waking up in the morning I felt so relax like I finally had got a real goodnight sleep, seeing that I was still in her arms made me even more happy. I couldn't stop smiling if I wanted to. I looked up at her and pulled her face down with my free hand kissing her deep and soft like this was our last and final kiss.

Did you ever go back to sleep?” I asked her

No, I stayed up just watching you sleep, you looked so peaceful.”

I shouldn't have woken you up in the middle of the night but then again I just couldn't help how soft your lips was looking.” I giggle.

She leans in kissing my lips again and letting our tongue move around together, I couldn't help but suck on her soft tongue, the same tongue that brought me to my climax last night, just thinking about it made the moist between my legs grow. I moan softly against her lips feeling her hand play with my nipples making them hard. Me and Sarah never had morning sex, she use to already be ready for work buy the time I got up. I use to have to bring myself to a release. I was so happy that Elisa showed no signs of being like Sarah, she wasn't selfish. Before I knew it she was on top of me, kissing every part of my body making sure not to miss one spot. I giggled when she kissed the side of my stomach, that's the only spot I seem to be ticklish at. She moves down to my thighs kissing each side of them both, then I felt the pain and pleasure of her teeth going into my thigh. I let out a loud moan feeling my body dam near ready to let loose already. She moves her mouth from my thigh and to the center of my legs, sliding her tongue into my wetness she created, I can hear her moan with the sound of satisfaction. I let out a loud moan as her tongue start to move faster inside me. She moved her tongue and begin sucking on my nub letting it harden in her mouth. Sliding her two fingers inside and hitting my g-spot was all to much to handle, my body was shaking and my legs started to get weak. I moaned louder then I ever have before, feeling myself on the edge of happiness, I wanted to hold on a lot longer but gosh it was like her tongue and fingers was magical. I felt my climax coming fast, I closed my eyes and pushed her head deeper into my sex not wanting her to move.

FUCK don't stop,”

Feeling my body still shaking and my release hit me hard, I let out a loud moan that I am sure my neighbors can hear. I hear her swallow all of my juice and kiss my lips before coming back up. I covered my face with hands trying hard not to look at her. I never had anyone make me climax like that before, I never squirted a day in my life, not even with any of my ex boyfriends back in high school. I felt her hand pull mine from my face and she kissed my lips letting me taste the sweetness of my own juice.

Gosh I am so embarrassed right now,” I mumble .

Come on it's nothing to be embarrassed about, you see I loved it all.”

That never happen before, no one was never able to bring me to a climax like that.”

I tried to pull the cover over my embarrassed face but she pulled them back before I got them over my head.

It happen to all females and this was just your first time, and dam did it turn me on even more,” she said.

As I was laying on my back she stood up and lowered herself over my face feeding me her sex and gosh no one can say no to something as beautiful as that not even when they are as an embarrassed as I am. I slide my tongue inside her letting her ride my tongue. Feeling her move her hips faster in circles, I moved my tongue from inside and begin sucking on her clit hard and fast. I wanted every drop of her and she wasn't giving it to me fast enough, so I begin sucking even faster and harder. Her moans started to get louder and her breathing was picking up I knew what I wanted was about to come soon. I started sucking on her pussy hole a few seconds before she came to her climax, filling my mouth up with her sweetness, drinking down every drop and not missing one. Before letting her hips go I kissed her sex one last time and allowed her to get up.

See I told you all women do it so now you don't have nothing to be embarrassed about,” she said with a smile.

I didn't know what to say, it was like my well to speak was gone and I just laid there with a big smile on my face. I pulled her in for one last kissed and headed into the shower, seeing that I am late for work. Even though I am the boss but I am never late and plus my employees will start to worry and think something had happen to me. I giggle to myself while I was in the shower just thinking about how they are acting right now knowing that I am two hours late for work. Getting out of the shower she was just sitting there on the bed watching me as if she can't take her eyes off me. I smiled at her and begin getting dress.

The shower all yours and I am sure that I have something in my closet you can fit.”

When will I be able to see you again?” She asked.

Honestly I didn't know the answer to that because I didn't know she would want to see me again, I thought she would just make this a one night stand and forget all about me. But yet again I couldn't help but smile at her.

How about we do dinner when I get off work?”

That's sounds great, where do you work? Maybe I'll pop up and see how beautiful you look working hard.”

I am the owner of Maria's Cafe,” I said.

Wait that's your cafe? I always wanted to get in there but the crowd is just to much for me.”

Yes that is my place, and now that you know that I am the owner you don't have to worry about waiting in the crowd, I'll keep a special sit just for you,” I said with a smile.

She smiled back at me and went to take her shower. I wasn't really in a rush to get into work I mean who would when they have a beautiful woman standing in front of them naked. My phone start to ring and I see that it's one of my employee's.

Hey boss, you know your late for your own cafe?” She said.

Yes I know, I hope it's not to busy there.”

It's a little busy here but nothing I can't handle until you get here, you are coming in right?” She asked with worry in her voice.

Feeling Elisa lips pressed up against my neck and sucking there leaving her mark as to let everyone know that she has claimed me. I tried my hardest not to let out a moan while I was on the phone.

Yes I will be there in 20 minutes,” I whisper.

Hanging up the phone before a moan left my lips, how embarrassed would that be for your employee to hear you moan on the phone then look at you weird when you come into work. I turn myself around to face Elisa and begin kissing her lips soft and deep.

How am I suppose to go to work when you do things like that?” I asked her.

Maybe its all apart of my plan to keep you here all to myself.”

As much as I would love that but the cafe will not run it's self.”

Looking at her seeing that she grab one of the outfits that Monica had made for me, she looked better in it then I do and she was so beautiful. I would have never let anyone wear something Monica had made just for me but how can you tell a beautiful woman like that no. I never thought to asked her if she drove to the club or came there with someone, honestly it never once crossed my mind all I knew was that I wanted her and I had to have her.

Did you drive to the club last night?” I asked her.

Yes I am sure my car is still sitting there.”

Grabbing my keys and getting ready to leave the house when I forgot the paper work I needed to take back with me to the cafe. Letting her in the car and running back in the house and grabbing the papers off the kitchen counter. The drive back toward town wasn't that long even tho I wish it was, I wanted to spend every last moment with her even though I will see her tonight but still I just couldn't get enough of her. Pulling into club Diamond parking lot seeing that it was only one car there which had to be hers. Before letting her out the car I had to have one last kiss to last me until I seen her again.






I couldn't help but smile when I walked into the cafe, saying hello to some of the customers and making my first round to tables making sure they got everything they needed and wanted. Heading into the back office I'm almost pushed over by one of my employee's, any other day that would have put me in a bad mood but I am to happy and at peace to let a mistake like that make me upset. She apologize then looked at me with a confused look on her face.

Hey boss, is everything okay with you?”

Yes, why wouldn't it be?”

There is just something different about you,” She said with a small smile.

I smiled back at her and walked away, wanting to get this day over with so I can see her again. She's all I can think about right now, even as I am signing some papers I can feel this big smile coming to my face. I felt like such I teenager with a school girl crush. Stopping for a minute and thinking about last night, it was as if I can still feel her hands, mouth and tongue all over my body, I smiled again to myself and got back to work. A soft knock was at my door, I looked at my watch and seen what time it was which was still early so I knew she couldn't have went home that fast and turned around and came here. When I open the door the smile on my face vanish and anger took its place. The one time I was finally happy and had no care in the world and was looking forward to my date tonight, the person I hated so much is knocking on my office door.

What do you want Sarah?”

Well hello to you too.” she said.

Why are you at my office door? You passed the sitting area.” I said through gritted teeth.

I just wanted to talk, I missed you, I can't stop thinking about you.”

I looked from Sarah to my employee with anger in my eyes wondering why the hell they let her back here in the first place. I wanted to just fired them right then and there but it's not their fault that she is here. I tell them to leave us alone and that I am expecting someone to come and they can send them right to the office.

I close the door behind me after finally letting her in. The last thing I wanted to be doing is sitting here holding a conversation with the woman who broke my heart into a million pieces. I lean again my desk with my arms folded just looking at her wondering why she is really here. She opened her mouth and closed it back, trying to get her words together.

I'm sorry for how I did things, I can never forgive myself for breaking your heart, when all you did was worked hard for me and you.”

It's over and done with it's all in the past, the heart you broken is healed and much happier.”

I really do miss you, I hate not being able to wake up next to you or in your arms,” she said with a smile.

I hate to break it to you but I don't miss you, you showed me I deserve much more then someone who cheats on me.”

I always thought that no matter how long it's been or who I am with I will drop everything and take her back, I dreamed of this day since the day she left me. I wanted this for so long and here she is sitting in my office telling me how she missed us, but the night of me and Elisa came rushing to my head and reminding me that I deserve so much better, I smiled to the thought of having a future with Elisa.

Before I was able to say another word there was a knock at the door and I yelled to the person to come in. When the door pushed open and the person behind it comes into view a big smile came across my face, a smile I couldn't hide and wouldn't dare to hide. She walked over to me not paying any attention to Sarah sitting there. She kissed my lips soft and I parted my lips enough allowing her tongue to enter into my mouth. I kissed her back as if I haven't seen her in years, gosh if Sarah wasn't sitting there I would have took her right then and there. She moved her lips from mine and placed them on my neck where she left her mark this morning, that spot was still a little red but now I can feel it growing just like I can feel the heat between my legs growing as well. Sarah clears her throat and Elisa finally turns around and noticed her sitting there.

Oh my, I am so sorry I didn't know you was in a meeting.”

It's not a meeting,” I said before Sarah was able to say anything.

This is Sarah, my ex.”

I can see the smile on Elisa face vanish a little when I told her who Sarah was, but kissing her again to let her know she has nothing to worry about, her smile came back. Seeing the look on Sarah's face I can tell she came here to try to win me back but it wasn't happening I was feeling to happy and I didn't won't to lose that.

oh, your seeing someone,” she said through a sad smile.

Honestly I didn't know what to say, me and Elisa just met last night and had the most amazing sex anyone can ever ask for. I was to busy thinking about last night to give an answer and that's when I heard Elisa say...

Yes she is, it's the beginning of something special, if you ask me.”

Oh, I know what you mean by that.” Sarah mumble.

I can't believe you let someone like her go but I most thank you for breaking her heart because without you doing that I wouldn't be right here now,” Elisa said to Sarah.

Sarah looked at me with tear in her eyes and I didn't have nothing else to say to her, Elisa had spoke all the words that needed to be said. It was like we was one mind and she was saying everything that I thought of. Something like that is hard to come by and I didn't won't to miss out on it.

I'll talk to you later Maria,” Sarah said while getting up out of her seat and leaving the office.

I pulled Elisa in closer to me so that our bodies was pressed against each other. Kissing the side of her neck while my hand slipped inside her skirt and panties. The feeling of her wetness on my fingers felt amazing and I wanted to feel more. I wanted more of her, so I let two of my fingers slide inside her deep and slow. She held on to my shoulders trying to keep herself from falling. I sucked at the spot on her neck that she seem to be more sensitive at while my fingers went in and out of her hard and deep. Her soft moans ringing in my ear and I couldn't help but go faster, I wanted her to climax all over my fingers, I wanted to feel her juice gush all over my hand. Her moans got louder and I removed my lips from her neck, kissing her lips hard catching every moan that leaves her lips into my mouth. Finding her g-spot and hitting it over and over again, I wasn't just going for a climax I wanted to make her pussy sore, to remind her that her body now belong to me and me only.

Fuck, Maria I'm cumming,” She moaned.

Just from the feeling of her body shaking I can tell that she was ready to climax, finally letting her get the release she needed, I rub her nub fast and covering her mouth with my free hand trying to make sure no one outside the office can hear her. Her juice gushed all over my fingers and hand, and I begin to slow my movement down and bringing it to a complete stop. Her body start to calm down and so does her breathing, I removed my hand from her mouth and kissed her lips with a smile on my face. I removed my hand from her skirt and suck on my fingers. Mm who needs dinner when you can have this to eat on all night.

Nuzzling her head in my neck she whisper “ I can't believe you just did that, while you have a cafe full.”

Mm I just couldn't help myself, I needed to feel myself inside you.”

She sigh a little and I had a feeling where this little conversation was about to go and it was somewhere I didn't won't to go but I can't stop her from asking about it and plus I don't won't her to feel as if she have something to worry about.

So, why was your ex here?”

I don't know she said she wanted to talk but never really said nothing, only how she missed me and hated how she did things,” I said.

Do you want to be back with her?”

Never, I have you here and I would like to see where this go with us.” I smiled.

She kissed me one last time and started fixing her clothes, I set on the desk and just watched her. Just looking at her can bring the best out of people especially me.

I know we was suppose to go out to dinner tonight but I had other plans. Tonight was going be the night Elisa met my best friend Monica and her boyfriends Dave. While I was waiting for her to come out the restroom I made a called to Monica inviting them over to my house for dinner, I haven't seen her in almost a month that is to long for me and plus I wanted her to meet the girl who I might have falling in love with over night. By the time Elisa came out of the restroom I was getting off the phone with Monica. Locking our arms together we walked out of the cafe and into the parking lot. This time I didn't won't her to leave her car out like we did at club Diamond, I kissed her lips and pulled away.

I'll see you at the house,” I said while getting in the car.

Pulling out of the parking lot and heading straight home from the cafe, I looked in my rear view mirror a few times seeing if she was behind me. I didn't tell Elisa the plan for tonight cause I didn't won't to scare her off, Monica can be a little hard to handle but she is the sweetest person you'll ever meet. We pull into the driveway at the same time, the smile I had on my face since we left the cafe was still there. Getting out of the car and meeting Elisa at the front door waiting to be let in, before I was able to turn off the alarm she was pulling me in for a kiss as to let me know that the car ride here was to long for her to keep her hands and lips off of me. I turn off the alarm and closed the door while her lips was on my neck leaving love marks. Something I might have to explain to Monica when she comes over tonight. It was already embarrassed enough that my employee's was looking at me crazy as if they never seen me in a good mood before. But I don't blame them I was a real ass when me and Sarah broke up, that was only cause I was hurting from my first real heart break and I didn't know how to handle it. Maybe that was what I needed in order to get over Sarah and be able to let someone new in. I pulled her lips away from my neck and kissed her lips letting our tongues play around with each other then I pulled away.

What would you say if I told you we wasn't going out tonight and I planned a dinner for you to meet my best friend and her boyfriend Dave?”

I..I don't know, are you really ready for me to meet someone who is apart of your life.”

Of course I am, and plus I think you and Monica will get along great.”

She still had a worry look on face but I kissed her lips soft and deep trying to remove all the worries out of her body but I don't think it worked, so I grabbed her hand and went upstairs to my room to get ready for my shower and plus I never had sex in the shower and I am sure that it would be fun. I undressed her fast to keep her from protesting and then I stripped my own clothes away. Turning on the shower and we both gets in, she looks so beautiful with the shower just running down on her. I pushed her up against the wall kissing her hard, letting our nipples rub up against each other. I pushed my thigh between her legs pushing them open and feeling how wet she has gotten. I removed my mouth from hers and begin sucking on her nipples, leaving love marks in places no one can see but me. I moved down her body leaving more kisses along the way until I got to the center between her legs, I kissed her thighs and then bit down on the inside of her thigh leaving my mark, she cried out from the pain and pleasure, I used my lips and tongue to sooth out the pain. Placing my lips on her clit and begin attacking her clit not wanting to take my time with her right now. I wanted to bring her to a climax but I also didn't won't her to cum just yet, right when she was at the edge of her climax I pulled my lips away and stepped out of the shower leaving her there to catch her breath and by the time I return back to the shower she was still trying to catch her breath. She looked at the strap-on I had went to go grab and a smiled came across her face.

mm I don't know if that's gone fit inside me,” she moaned.

don't worry I'll be nice and gentle for the first few moments.”

Turning her around to face the wall so that her back was facing me, my mouth begin to water for her just by standing there looking at her. I got down on my knees kissing her pussy lips and letting my tongue slide through her folds and going inside her. Before she got to comfortable with my tongue being inside her I pulled it out and stood up rubbing my strap-on against her pussy lips. I pushed the strap-on inside her slow stretching her walls open and making sure I was deep enough to hit that sweet g-spot that seem to make her let loose each time I hit it. I begin pushing in and out of her slow and hard just so I can hear her moan louder each time I went harder. Her moans was starting to get louder and I was starting to move faster and harder making her sore.

oh god, Maria I'm cumming, don't stop!”

She didn't have to worry about that I wasn't going to stop I didn't see a reason to keep her from cumming this time, I wanted her to explode all over my strap, I wanted her cries to be heard by everyone, I wanted to hear my name being scream from the top of her lungs as she climax. Her last and final moan was loud and sounded so beautiful, I wanted to hear again but I knew I had to hurry and put dinner on to at least have that going before they showed up. I pulled the strap out of her and going down kissing her folds and tasting her juice. She jump a little and I giggled knowing that I did my job by fucking her worried away.


When I heard the door bell I ran to it pulling it open and jumping into Monica arms, it feel like its been forever since I seen her, I miss having her around but I had to pull myself away for a little while to work on me and not take my hurt and anger out on anyone else but now that things are better and different I don't feel angry or hurt. I finally let her go and we walked to the kitchen where I left Elisa sitting at the table. Once she seen us walk in she placed her phone down and gave us all a smile.

Monica and Dave this is Elisa,” I said with a big smile on my face.

I can feel myself blushing and turning the color of a tomato. They said their hellos and we all set down at the table and I begin pour wine for everyone. I don't know why I felt so nervous but I did and then I felt Elisa hand on my thigh and I looked at her and gave her a big smile forgetting that we wasn't alone, I can just stare into her beautiful eyes all day and night. I heard the oven go off and I got up to go get dinner out of the oven. I loved that I had the talent to cook, being a chef was something I always wanted to do since I was little girl, and I was dam good at it but the most part of all I loved when other people enjoyed my cooking. Placing the food in the center of the table and letting everyone dig in without a care in the world. Dave and Monica always loved when I cook, so I already knew what they thought about my cooking, on the other hand this is Elisa first time eating my cooking, so I was little on edge to know what she thought about it. I set there just looking at her while she took her first bit, her eyes closed and she let out a little moan of happiness, I didn't even have to ask her about what she thought of my cooking.

Now you will never be able to get rid of me, I love eating and you have the talent to cook,” she said before stuffing her mouth again.

Dinner went great, Monica and Elisa talked more then me and Dave did. I knew them two would hit off and I was more then happy that they did because Monica and Sarah never got alone no matter how bad I wanted them to, so I knew this was another sign of telling me that Elisa might be the one I was looking for and needing all this time. Elisa excused herself to go to the restroom, and I knew I was about to hear it from Monica once Elisa was gone.

So where did you meet her?' Was the first thing that came out of Monica's mouth.

I met her last night at that new club call Club Diamond, she was there alone and so was I, and it was like we just hit it off since.” I couldn't help but smile while talking.

I can see a whole new person in you coming out, I never seen you this happy not even when you was with Sarah.”

I guess it wasn't meant for me and Sarah to be together,” was all I was able to say.

Before Monica was able to say something else Elisa was coming back into the living room, she sit on my lap and kissed me soft and deep I didn't won't the kiss to end but I heard Monica and Dave whistling and I pulled my lips away and nuzzled head into Elisa neck covering up my blush face trying not to be seen.

I love seeing you this happy, it's been a while since I seen it, don't lose it again.” Monica said with a serious face.

That's not going to happen if I have anything to do with it, seeing her happy is what makes me happy.” I heard Elisa say.

It's like she always know the right thing to say before I even think of something to say without being tongue tied. I felt her lips kissed the top of my head and it brought another smile to my face. The littlest things can mean so much more then anything big, and I loved the feeling Elisa gave me whenever she kissed me.

We talked a little more and had more wine before it was time for Monica and Dave to leave, I walked them to the door and they both gave me a hug goodbye.

It's really good seeing you happy again Maria,” Dave said.

It take me by surprise because he hadn't said nothing all night, I thought he lost his voice or something cause I know he can talk your ear off. I said thanks again and closed the door. Walking back over to Elisa and sitting on the side of her.

So what did you think?” I asked.

I love your best friend, she's a really nice person, and she want what's best for you.”

I'm glad y'all hit it off cause I want you around for a while.”

I'm not going anywhere anytime soon.”

I kissed her lips soft allowing her to suck on my tongue, I can stay this way all night, but all I been wanting is to be in her arms.






Getting out of bed in the middle of night and going downstairs to the kitchen for a glass of wine, going into the living room grabbing my notebook and pen, writing use to make me feel a lot better when me and Sarah broke up but what I couldn't understand about this now is that I wasn't hurting and I wasn't sad. I guess even when you have good feelings and happiness it's still nice to put it on paper.

It's been a long time since I found happiness and now I'm not even sure how long it will last or if I'm even ready for it. Just the smell of her perfume makes my heart skip a beat or two, the way she look at me is like I'm the last people on earth and no one else around us matter, I always told myself that love at first sight was just on the movies and it wasn't real but I guess I been lying to myself because each time I look at her I feel myself falling in love with her more and more...

Feeling her touch on my shoulder almost made me jump out of my skin, I must have been really deep in thought to not hear her come downstairs. I close my book and look up at her with a smile, even under the moonlight she look more beautiful how can someone get so lucky to have someone like her.

I didn't hear you leave the room, until I rolled over and you wasn't there,” she said.

I didn't won't to wake you, couldn't really sleep tonight.”

Is everything okay? You can talk to me.”

And she was right I felt like I can talk to her about any and everything but there was just one thing I still couldn't talk to her about, something that I was still looking for answers for myself. I pulled her on my lap and kissed her lips, seem like every time I do kiss her everything that I worry about seem to wash away, I love that she can do that and not know that she is doing it.

Come on let's go back to bed I miss you being in my arms already.”

There was know way I was able to say no to her, I love having her arms around me, it made me feel safe even when there wasn't a problem going on. Following her back up to the room and getting in bed, sleep came easy this time.

Morning came soon after and I wasn't really in the mood to go to work with the lack of sleep in all, I grab my phone and text one of my employee's...

Text: Take over the cafe for me today I won't be coming in, yes this mean you are in charge and everything falls on you, so stay on your employee's I want a report this afternoon on how things are going.

After sending off the text and dozing back off for a few minutes I then realize that Elisa wasn't in bed but I was way to tired to go see where she was at so I stayed in bed and went back to sleep. Most of the days I am a morning person but today was just not one of those days, I just wanted to sleep the day away and until it was night like I was a vampire or something. I felt her kiss my lips more then once but I still couldn't pull my eyes open until finally her lips went to my neck on one of the sensitive spot I have there, I pulled my eyes open and looked at her.

Has anyone every told you how beautiful you look when you sleep.”

Maybe once or twice but I can stand to hear it again,” I said.

Your very beautiful when your asleep my love.”

I made you breakfast, thought I'll give you breakfast in bed this morning.”

I looked over on the side of me where the tray was sitting, everything looked so good and I think my stomach agree with me when it start to grumble. I must admit this is something I will have to get use to, I'm not use to someone catering to me like this, I'm always doing everything, working, cooking, planning a date night, or even just trying to have cuddle time on the couch. We both ate the breakfast together in silence, not because we didn't know what to talk about but because we have all the time in the world to talk about everything.

Finally breaking the silence that seem to have went on forever...

I took the day off, I thought maybe we can spend time together,” I said.

I'll love that, and it will give me a chance to get to know you better.”

I'm an open book whatever you want to know just ask.”

Seeing the look on her face got me a little nervous, I don't know what questions she will ask or what she want to know but it is true I am an open book I never hide anything from anyone but then again I was lying to myself, hiding the fact that I have falling in love already.

Most of the questions was about dislikes and likes, favorite things to do, what made me start my own business and come to find out we have more in common then I thought we might have.

What happen with you and Sarah?” She ask.

Thinking back to me and Sarah relationship was never easy but this time it was different, I didn't have a hard time thinking about me and Sarah. Even though we are no longer together there are still some happy day there and it still bring a small smile to my face.

Sarah was my first girlfriend, my first lover, the reason I came out to my parents, and one of the reasons I worked hard, to give us everything we both wanted and needed. I guess I got to busy with my work and she couldn't handle it, before breaking up with me, she was seeing some other girl, this girl must have made her real happy to leave everything we worked for, we was together for over six years. But once she left I told myself I would never find love or happiness again cause she took everything from me.”

I didn't feel the tears falling until Elisa fingers wiped away the tears that was falling, I closed my eyes and enjoyed her touch. I was never okay with letting someone see me cry but this was different, there was something about her, something that made me not won't to hide anything from her.

Her voice was in a whisper “she was crazy for leaving you, or even giving up on something so beautiful, I'm glad you found me when you did cause I feel like the luckiest person on this planet.”

Pulling her face closer to mine and kissing her lips softly, there was no need to rush anything this time, we had all the time in the world and I wanted to explore every part of her body. Pulling her shirt over her head and throwing it on the floor along with the rest of her clothes. Laying her down on the bed and getting on top of her leaving wet kisses all over her neck and face. Bringing my lips back to hers and kissing her hard and deep, feeling the moist between my legs grow white hot but I didn't won't her to make me climax, I wanted this time right here to be just about her. Moving my lips from hers, kissing down her body and stopping at her breast, taking one of her nipples in my mouth, sucking and rolling my tongue around it, while using my other hand to play with her other nipple making it hard. Removing my lips from her nipple seeing how red and sore I made it cause a smile to creep up on my face. Sucking on her neck and leaving love marks behind, this time I wasn't gone be the only one leaving the house with red marks and unable to explain them. While sucking on her neck I place my hand between her legs rubbing at her folds and teasing her clit, the soft moans that leaves her lips are like music to my ears. Sliding two fingers inside her deep and slow give me the reaction I was looking for, pulling my fingers in and out slow teasing her g-spot, she grind her hips with the rhythm of my hands trying to get me to go faster but I didn't won't her to cum just yet well I didn't won't her to cum all over my hand, I wanted to feel her cum running down my throat. Removing my hand and replacing it with mouth before she was able to protest. Diving in with no warning made her jerk a little, sucking and licking at her hole before I slide my tongue in.

Oh god!”

Going faster and hitting her spot along the way made her moans grow louder, just the way I wanted it, moving up to her hard nub was the icing on the cake, cause I knew it would bring her to the edge.

Fuck Maria, right there don't stop, I'm cumming.”

Feeling her hands hold my head in place so I wouldn't stop before she came to her climax, I slide my tongue back inside her, her juice gushed all over my tongue and running down my throat, tasting very sweet like honey. Knowing how sensitive her nub is right now I went back sucking and licking all over it.

Mm Maria, I get it all of me belong to you,” she moaned out.

Lifting my head up from between her legs with her juice all over my mouth and chin, kissing her lips letting her taste the sweetness of her own juice.

The best thing I love about making love is cuddling at the end, that is the most beautiful part ever, within a few minutes she was asleep holding on to me tight for dear life, I couldn't help but laugh to myself. Laying there with her while she slept felt like home to me, felt like something I been looking for, for a long time and I had to go through one heart break to find out that I deserve so much more then what I was settling for. I wonder where all this will lead us, I can't help but wonder what the future hold for us.



Waking up to someone banging on the door is like the worst thing ever, I looked at Elisa seeing that she is still sleep and the banging didn't wake her, which I don't know how she was sleeping through this. Getting out of bed, leaving the room and closing the door behind me because something is telling me whoever is at the door came here on a mission and I know who just that someone is.

Pulling open the door and seeing Sarah standing there with tears running down her face and bloodshot red eyes. I didn't know what to say or do so I just stood there looking at her waiting for her to start up a conversation on why she was banging on my door.

She clears her throat before speaking “I can't take this anymore, I can't help but want you back, I'm sorry for how I treated you, I'm sorry for cheating on you, I'm sorry I every hurt you, I know this will not make you come back to me but I just need you to know that I am sorry for everything that I did to you.”

I couldn't even bring myself to speak words, I waited so long just to hear her tell me she was sorry for everything, and wanting to come back home but there is one thing out of that I will take and that is her apology.

I waited a while just to hear you say you were sorry, and I didn't think I will ever get it and here you are telling me you are sorry for hurting me, I do accept your apology and that's all I can give you, you made it clear that I wasn't making you happy, and honestly neither one of us was happy, I waited a year hoping that you would come back to me, but you was to happy being with someone else and then I finally gave up on that hope and then I met Elisa,” I smiled to myself for a minute things about the past few days that went by.

I'm happy Sarah and I will not let that end for someone who now realize what she had missed out on, I'm sorry things didn't workout for you, but I hope you find what you are looking for.”

I pulled her into a tight hug and kissing the side of her cheek over her tears, allowing her to cry into my shoulder, that was the least I was able to do. Then she whispered in my ear...

I'll do whatever it take to have you back, this isn't the end of us not just yet, I'm not giving up that easy”

I looked in her eyes once again and something was different, I can tell she was on a mission and was determined to see it through, I let her go and she walked away heading to her car. After closing the door I turn around to see Elisa standing there, stuck in one spot not knowing how much she had heard but there was nothing to hide well I didn't think there was. long have you been standing there?” I asked her.

Through your whole conversation with her.”

She walked over to me placing her arms around my neck and bringing my face in toward her for a kiss that is so sweet I didn't won't to let it end but she broke the kiss. I'm sure she didn't hear what Sarah whispered in my ear and I was going to leave it at that, there was need to worry her about something that's not gone happen, no matter what Sarah do I will not have her back in this house.

You really meant everything you said?” I heard her ask.

Yes every word of it, I am very happy with you and I don't won't to lose that.”

I don't won't to lose you either, we're better for each other.”

I wanted to wait to give this to you tonight at dinner but this seem to be the best time ever to give it to you,” I said.

Walking toward the closet going into my jacket pocket and pulled out a small box that I had Monica pick up for me before she came here for dinner. I turned around with it behind my back and smiling from ear to ear. I know this was moving to fast but I can't help how I feel about her, I wanted to have her close to me every night and day.

I know this is moving a little fast but I couldn't help myself and I wanted you to have this.”

I place the box in her hand and I can see the worry look on her face before she was able to say something I pulled the box open and the key to my house laid there in front of her.





Its been over three weeks since the last time I spoke with Sarah and her last words to me still replay in my head over and over again, not knowing what she meant by them. But I wasn't gone let that get in my way of having a good day at work, being around my customers always gave me joy during the day. They know when I am having a bad day and they know when I am not, all around the cafe I kept getting compliments about the smile that never leaves my face or how I am glowing, I think they just want to make me blush some kind of way but I loved every minute of it.

Going into the back office to do some more paper work, trying to open a cafe up in Downtown LA, I always wanted to franchise my cafe but I never really had the courage to do so, I always thought it would be to much for me and I would lose everything but now knowing that my employee's love this cafe just as much as I do, I know wouldn't have a problem with keeping it open. Going through all the paper work and signing everything I needed to be sign. Gosh I can't remember having to sign all this paper work when I first started my business but that was over ten years ago since I started my first business but owning a cafe wasn't the only thing I wanted to do, I always wanted my own clothing store knowing I don't know how to design clothes to save my life but there was someone I knew that would be happy to go into business with me.

Spending half the day locked away in my office I lost track of time until a knock was at my office door. I yelled to the person to come in and the first thing I saw was some beautiful roses, I love roses they was my favorite flowers. I took them from my employee and set them on my desk and seen a note sticking out of them.

To the beautiful woman who stole my heart.

That's all the note said, nothing else just that, no sender name no nothing. I looked at my employee who also had a confused look on their face.

Do you know who sent them?” I ask.

No, it was just delivered by some flower shop.”

Hmm, I wonder if they are from Elisa,” I said.

Gave them the okay to get back to work and leave me be, I wanted to know where these flowers came from, it's not that big of a deal but I had a mind who always wanted to know something. My first mind was to call Elisa, but I just got back to work and thought I'll talk to her at home. She gets off work before me so I know she'll be there when I get there. Sitting back at my desk looking at the flowers every now and then as I went through papers and searched the internet for buildings for sale, I never wanted to rent something, I have this thing where if I don't own it, it's not mine to begin with. After searching for building and making calls, I thought I'll call it a night and head home. Knowing that I can always count on my manger is the best thing ever. I thought about taking the flowers home with me but I left them on my desk and locked the office up behind me. Heading to my car I see I note folded and sticking out of my driver side window.

I know roses are your favorite flowers so I thought I'll send you some to make your day, hope you enjoyed them as much as I enjoy seeing you smile, hope to see that beautiful smile of yours soon Yours truly.....

I looked around to see if I see anything that will tell me something about this secret admirer but nothing stood out to me everything looked as it always did, then I start to wonder if Elisa was the one sending me this stuff. I got in the car and the left cafe, doing a little over the speed limit rushing to get home.

Pulling up in my driveway, seeing that Elisa car is there, I get out of the car and goes inside, looking around for her but she is not in the living room like she use to be so I called out her name to see where she was at, I heard her call from upstairs so I followed the sound of her voice and found her laying in the bed with a book in her hand. I stood in the door just watching her, the way her eyes light up when she see me, you would think she saw the after life its self. I finally made my way over to the bed and kissed her lips, I missed having those lips on mine, I hating being at work all day knowing that I can't be next to her every second of the day. After giving her a deep passionate kissed I finally pulled my lips away and set on the bed beside her.

Did you send me flowers today?” I asked her.

No, I thought about doing it but I had something better plan.”

Hmm, someone sent me flowers today, and this note on the side of my car.”

Showed her the note and she read it for herself, with the same look I had on my face after I read it, something felt a little off with this note, like someone was watching me, knowing my every move, it scared me a little. After she read it, she set it on the nightstand.

Seem like someone have an admirer.” She giggled.

It's not funny baby, it scares me a little.”

She pulled me onto her lap and kissed the side of my face, making me feel a little bit better, I love the feeling she have over me. I didn't know what she had planned for tonight but I hope it was enough time to take a nap, I got up to go to the cafe at 6 AM this morning and I am past tired. I laid my head on her chest while I set in between her legs with her arms wrapped around me. I can feel myself dozing off but I didn't won't to move from that spot, it was all I thought about since I was at work.


The smell of something amazing being cooked awake me out of my sleep, I wanted to go down to see what was going on downstairs but I was still half way sleep and my body was lazy. After laying there for few more minutes I finally pulled myself out of bed and headed downstairs. Going into the kitchen and seeing Elisa at the stove fixing dinner, made a smile come to my face, I dreamed of something like this for so long and now it's real. Walking up behind her and putting my arms around her waist and places soft kisses on the side of her neck.

Why didn't you wake me? I would have help with dinner.”

You was sleeping so peaceful and you looked like you needed the rest.”

Your going to spoil me doing all this for me.”

Is that a bad thing? I want to show you that you don't have to do all the work around here anymore.”

Just with those words made me fall even more in love with her but yet I still haven't had the guts to tell her just how I been feeling about her, maybe if I give it some more time and then tell her, maybe then it wouldn't be so soon.

So what are we having tonight?”

I wanted to try something different so I grabbed one of your recipe books.”

Mm smells good, can't wait to try it.”

Giving the side of her neck one last kiss and walking toward my basement to go to the wine cellar, grabbing a bottle of wine and heading back upstairs, I always kept the good bottles of wine away for when there is something to celebrate but tonight I am just celebrating the new founder of love I been looking for.

Oh so that's what down there behind that door.” I heard her say.

I couldn't help but laugh because I don't know what else she thought that was down there, I take it she haven't really looked around the house just yet. I would love to build new memories in this house but yet again I want to start over with something new, something that haven't came from my relationship and that's when I got the idea to go house haunting, this would be the perfect time for me and Monica to spend some time together, and I can share with her about all the love and happiness I been feeling lately. Finally pulling myself from my own thoughts, I open the bottle of wine up and poured a glass for me and her both.

Dinner will be ready in ten minutes.” She said.

Grabbing my cup and going into the living room so I can go through the mail that's been stacking up for the past week. As always nothing but bills that's coming right out of my bank account, I don't know why they always send me this mess knowing that I never miss a payment on any bill. After going over the bills one envelope stands out, with a heart in the corner of it. Something was telling me not to open it but the nosy part of me won it over. Opening up the envelope and I can just smell the sweetness of perfume and I noticed the smell of it, it's one of my perfumes that I wear all the time, I love that smell but right now I am a little creep out, I begin to read the note.

I'm sure your just now opening up this envelope and you had already received the roses and notes that was left for you but with this letter, I wanted to tell you how beautiful you look when you are trying to figure something out, and it pisses you off when you don't know something, the small lines that comes on your forehead when you are deep in thought makes you look even more beautiful. But I can't help but wonder if you figured out who I am yet, if not you should think a lot more harder and it will come to you....With all of my love.

Still deep in thought I didn't hear Elisa calling my name until the paper was removed from my hand and I finally looked up at her. Not able to get my mouth to form words was still a little hard, that note was all I was able to think about, whoever it is knows more about me then I knew myself and it was starting to really make me scared. I didn't won't to worry Elisa so I put on the best fake smile that I can and finally said something to her.

Sorry I didn't hear you.”

Is everything okay, you was really in deep thought.”

um everything is just fine, a note came in the mail I don't know what day it came on.”

Babe something is not right here, someone is really stalking you, are you sure you don't know who it is?”

Yeah I'm sure but lets not worry about that and have our dinner, maybe we can watch a movie together after.”

After finishing the rest of my wine that was in my glass I followed her back to the kitchen. She already had our plates on the table and everything looked so good, and plus I was really hungry, I had skipped lunch while I was at work. As we set down and begin to eat, it was nothing but silence between us. Most time I am okay with it but right now I just need something to talk about to get this note off of my mind but yet again I still can't bring nothing to my mind to talk about. After thinking about that note while we ate, it finally had hit me who is doing all of this but I wasn't gone tell Elisa, I wanted to handle this on my own.

I wanted to talk to you about something.” I said.

What is it babe?”

I know we only been dating for a short period of time and everything seem to be moving fast with us, I gave you the key to my house after just started dating you a week before.....This been on my mind since the first day I laid eyes on you....I'm falling in love with you.”

There I finally said it and it felt so good to get it off of my check because I thought I was gone bust if I didn't tell her anytime soon. Now all I can do is hope that I didn't scar her away and that maybe she feel the same as me. I tried my best to not look at her because I didn't know what I will see in her eyes or her face but I couldn't help myself, I looked at her in the eyes and they still look at me the same way they did when they first laid eyes on me.

I'm glad you feel the same way because that's what this dinner was about, I wanted to tell you how I been feeling over dinner.” I heard her say.

I can just feel the tears rolling down my face but these tears are tears of happiness, something I feared I would never find again. I love this woman and now I can finally tell her and show her just how much I do.





I thought it was would be the best time for me and Monica to go out while Elisa is visiting her parents who I still haven't met but I won't push her into doing something she not ready to do but I am more then ready to meet them. At the moment me and Monica is out looking a houses, which she is trying to talk me out of doing but it's not working. The only different about this is I am buying a house this time and I hoping it is something Elisa will be okay with because I am adding her to the owner list. We looked at 6 different houses so far and none of them stood out to me, I want this house to be perfect.

Monica and I thought that it will be best of we take a little break from looking at houses so I took us to a restaurant near by for lunch. I thought this would be the best time to bring up the partner business.

Monica you trying to open your own clothing store right? I asked her

That I am but I can't find anyone to invest in me.”

What if I told you I know someone who will do it?”

I would think you was lying until I seen it for myself.”

Well I am not lying.” I said

Then who is this investor?” she ask

Before I was able to answer her, our waiter came with our food and I waited until she left, I am not okay with someone listening in on my business that's why I don't talk business in the opening but we was out house shopping and I was ready to talk about it with her. So the good thing with this restaurant is they have a private area. I finally spoke up.

Me....I will invest in your business.”


This is the first time I heard Monica stutter, I guess she is in shock that I will invest in her business, I mean you have to lose money to make money, and plus what I lose I know how to make back twice the amount.

Yes, me....well only if your okay with it.”

Yes I am okay with it, I just never thought you was into the fashion business.” she said

I'm not, I am a business woman and I know how to make money and I know when to invest in someone and plus your best friend and I would do it anyways cause I know it's something you always wanted.”

Your right about that Maria, but how will this work, I don't even have the money to even buy a building to start off with, and I will need more then just me to clothes, I only have two hands remember.”

I will buy the building, you don't have to worry about paying me back for the building lets just say it's an early Christmas gift, and I am sure you can find some more people who have a good eye for fashion and know how to design clothes, I mean look at her fan page you have, look them it and set some interviews up.”

After having our talk about the clothing store, we finish our food and headed out to look at some more houses. I didn't won't to go back home yet until I found the right house. Y'all must understand that I am very picky about where I stay and how my house look. Yes I have OCD but who give a fuck. Riding down the street looking at different houses that are for rent but only one house stand out to me, and I love this house. I park my car right in front of it and I was lucky cause they was during an open house for it, I just love the outside of this house, a gold gate blocking the house in with a long drive way, the house it's self was a dark gray. Gosh this front yard was beautiful I can just see it now with little kids running around out here....Yes for some who don't know I do want kids.

As we walk into the house me and Monica both mouth drop open at the sight of this house, you would think it was the white house it's self but all know the white house so much bigger and better. We took a walk through and seen a little bit of the house and I could help but smile and think about the look Elisa would have after seeing the house. This would be me and her first beginning of something new. Finally after looking around we ran into the owner of the house who was selling.

Hello, I hope you like the house.”

I smiled “ I love this house and the master bedroom is the best part so far.”

How much are you looking for, for this house?” Monica ask

Well this house cost over a million to build but I am looking for at least half of that.”

Before she was able to say another word I already had my check book out writing a check for 600,000, I know she only ask for half but I am not gone let her cheat herself out of some money I wouldn't won't someone doing it to me, what is the saying they say, treat someone the way you would like to be treated. I finally passed her the check.

This is more then what I ask for.” I heard her say

All I was able to do was just smile “ I know but this house is just so beautiful, I had to put more.”

She smiled at me before holding her hand out for my to shake it, I shook her hand and by my surprise she pulled me into a hug. I heard Monica laughing cause she know I don't do to good with people to close to my personal space but I forced my OCD down.


Few hours later

I had finally made it home after dropping Monica back off, I am sure her boyfriend went off on her because she never return his call, which is my fault and I will make it up to him later. I been gone all day so I don't know how long Elisa been back home back I know it had to be for a few hours cause when I went into the room she was already in bed sleep. I went into the bathroom and did my best to do everything quietly so I wouldn't wake her. After I finish showering I dried my body off and went back into the room with nothing on, I hate sleeping in clothes. To my surprise she was still asleep, I laid on the side of her and places a kissed to her forehead, she rolled over and put her hand over my hip pulling me close to her and a smile comes to her lips. It's like she know when I when I am here and when I am not. I love that feeling it's the feeling of a true soulmate.


I woke up an hour early then I was suppose to. Looking down seeing that Elisa was still asleep and looked so peaceful, I just stared at her for a few minutes before I started placing soft kisses on her face.

Good morning babe.” I heard her say.

Good morning my Queen.”

She smiled at that and pulled my face down and kissed my lips, I still can't believe how soft her lips are and how lucky I am to have her. I kissed her back with lust, love and passion. I finally pulled away and both of us trying to catch our breath. I haven't seen her all day yesterday so I had to make up for it. I was finally able to speak.

How was your visit with your parents?” I asked her

It was good, we talked about a lot of things, and I told them about you, and they can't wait to meet you.”

With that alone it made me smile, I didn't think she would tell her parents about us.

I can't wait to meet them either babe.” I said

And how was you day with Monica? Did you tell her you wanted to invest in her company.” she ask

Yes I did tell her and she was happy to know that I wanted to be apart of it.” I replied

I know, I know I didn't tell her about the house hunting we did but hey what are surprises for. I just hope she like the house just as much as I do and plus I already bought it.






Another long day running the cafe and being away from Elisa. I still haven't showed her the house yet only because I been busy trying to get it together while trying to run the cafe at the same time but it's worth all the time I am putting in it. Being stuck in my thoughts I didn't hear someone knocking on the door until my employee was shaking me a little to get my attention which only made my blush cause I was thinking about Elisa and our happiness.

Oh..I'm sorry I was lost in my thoughts,” I said.

It's okay, I was just bringing you this letter that was mailed to you.”

I reached for the letter and said a thank you and letting them take they leave. I was wondering when I was going to get another letter, even though I already know who it is. I open the letter and begin to read.

Hello my love, I was writing you this letting because I couldn't help but miss you even though I can not hear your voice at the moment or see your beautiful smile. I love when you smile cause it let's me know that you are happy and when you are happy I am happy. I am ready for you to see who I am even thought I am sure you have guessed by now but meet me at your favorite restaurant at 5:30.

Truly Yours.

I looked at the time and it is already 4:50 and it will take me almost an half hour to get there. I grab my things and left my office heading out of the door, before I left I let my employee's know I was leaving for day. I got in my car and drive off. The only thing on my mind is putting an end to this, that is why I am only going. I needed all of this to stop and plus I didn't see why she was doing this when she had so long to get me back when I was just sitting around waiting for her. She never took the time out to call or text to see if I was okay or to even say sorry. And now she acting like a mad man if you ask me cause only crazy people do some stuff like this.

I finally pulled up to the restaurant and parked. I liked at the clock I was four minutes late but I really didn't care. I sat there for a little trying to get my thoughts together before facing her. I didn't know how things was going to go but I know I needed to get this over and done with so I can get home to my love who I miss so much.

I got out of the car and walked into the restaurant and a waiter greeted me, I didn't even know what name she had put but before I was able to say something Sarah had walked up and told the waiter I was with her. I put on my best fake smile and walked passed the waiter with Sarah arm around my waist. Once we got to the table I pushed her arm away and sat down. The waiter brought us wine and I can tell it was one of my favorites. I waited until the waiter left before I said something.

What the hell is wrong with you Sarah?”

Nothing is wrong with me babe, I told you was going to get you back and I meant that,” she said with a smile that kind of scared me a little.

Sarah I told you I was done with you and I am with Elisa now nothing is going change that, I love her and I will not leave her,” I said.

Come on babe you can't tell me you don't love me after all them years we been together and I was your first remember.”

I know you was my first but did you think about that when you cheated on me and when you left me to be with whoever she was, huh did you think about that Sarah?” I whisper yelled.

Before she was able to say something the waiter came back and took our orders which I didn't have to tell because everyone knows me here and they know what I always order. She was gone I looked at Sarah with so much hate because she think she have some kind of claim on me which she do not she lost the right when she cheated.

Babe listen, I fucked up okay, I did wrong and I want to make it right with you, I know it was over a year that we haven't spoke but I couldn't bring myself to face yet, I was waiting for the right time and that is now,” she said.

Stop calling me that, my name is Maria and that is what you call me, only Elisa has the right to use that name for me.”

Okay Maria, I just want to have a nice dinner with you.”

I just wanted to get up and walk away but I needed to make a point here, I needed to make sure she understood her place. That she has no right to me no more and that I never want to see her again. Every time I look at her I just remember that night she broke my heart and it bring so much hate out of me. I didn't feel heart broken no more because Elisa made that go away.

Look Sarah after this I do not won't to see you no more, I do not won't you near my house, and I stop with these dam letters.” I said to her.

Maria! You are mine and you will always be mine no matter what you say, I had you first and I will have you back!” she yelled.

Now everyone was looking at us because she was yelling and they wanted to know what was going on, I hated when people stared at me. I pushed my seat back and got up to leave before I left I turned around to her.

Leave me the hell alone and you over and done with and have been for while.”

You can't leave me Maria.....If I can't have you no one can,” she yelled.

I didn't even say nothing back, I left the restaurant and got in my car. I grab my phone getting ready to call Monica cause I needed someone to talk to. This mess with Sarah was starting to go a little far and I had bad feeling that wasn't done yet. Before I was able to deal Monica number a text came through from Elisa.

Text from Elisa: Hey baby, where are you? You was suppose to have been home by now and I am missing you. Come home and bring food.

I laughed at the last part because she's always hungry but never picking up any weight. No matter if she do pick up weight or if she don't I loved her with every part of me.

Text to Elisa: Hey my love, I just had to make some runs, I'm missing you too and I will bring your favorite home, see you soon.

I started my car and drove out of the restaurant parking lot, letting the anger I had leave me because I heard from my love and she always make me feel so much better just by being her. I let everything that went on between me and Sarah go to the back of my mind.

Before going home I stop off at this Chinese restaurant that Elisa love so much and grab us some food even though I just left a restaurant but I didn't eat there hell I didn't even pay for the food but I didn't care at the moment, all I wanted was to get home to the one I love.

I finally had made it home and pulled into the driveway, I will be so happy when we finally leave the house behind and start something new. I grab the food and my purse and got out of the car. I walked into the house and all the lights was off so that only mean that Elisa is in bed and trying to fight her sleep until I get in. That thought alone made me smile while I made my way upstairs. I walked into the room and she was half sleep until she heard me put the bags down. She got out of bed and jump into my arms and wrap her legs around my waist. I kissed her lips softly but with so much love in it. I finally pulled my lips away from hers.

How are you my love?” I asked her while walking over to the bed.

I am great now that you are home, I missed you,” she said.

I missed you too babe, and I brought food with me as you ask.”

I giggle because she jump out of my arms and run to grab the bag of food, I swear if she was able to replace me with food I think she would do it. Now I am wondering if I should be jealous because she might love food more then she love me.

We sat on the bed and ate our food together and talked about our day. I even told her about what happen between me and Sarah. She was a little upset that I even went to meet up with her but I told her that I had to because I wanted all this childish games to stop and of course she understood. By the time we was done eating Elisa was already yawning. I grab the food that was left and put it in our fridge that was in the room. Getting out of my clothes and claiming into bed. I knew Elisa was pass tired I but I missed her all day.

I got on top of her and kissed her lips, running my tongue along her bottom lip asking for entrance and she parted her lips slowly. I slid my tongue deep into her mouth and she begin to suck on it which cause my to let out a moan. I pulled my lips from hers and started kissing down her neck finding her spot, once I found it I started sucking and licking there leaving love mark behind. I felt her grind against me, and I smirk a little against her neck. I started kissing my way down her body until I got between her legs. I kissed both of her thighs and slid my tongue up until I reach her slit. I run my tongue over her slit and it cause her to let out a moan. I begin sucking on her clit, remembering how sweet she taste. She was moaning loud enough for me so I pushed two fingers inside her deep and started going fast. She held my head in place and pushing it deep into her sex, letting my know she was close to cumming. I pulled my fingers out and replace it with my tongue before she was able to protest, I fucked her with my tongue.

FUCK, Maria I'm cumming,” She moan loud.

Once those words left her mouth she was cumming all over my tongue. I licked her clean before moving back up her body. I kissed her lips against and laid on the side of her. She laid her head on my chest and pulled my closer to her, holding on to me tight. I smiled knowing that she need me just as much as I need her.

I love you Elisa.”

I love you too Maria.

Those was the last words that was spoken before we both let sleep take over. 






I woke up and the first words from my lips was Elisa name. It was like my body knew she wasn't next to it. I looked around the room and she wasn't there, I called her name louder and no answer. I finally looked at the bedside table and seen a note from her.

Hey babe, I had to leave early for work but I will try to take a break as soon as I can and bring you lunch. I wanted to wake you before I left for work but you looked so peaceful and beautiful so I just let you sleep and gave you kiss goodbye. I love you babe and see you later.

All I was able to do was smile and climb out of bed. Little things like this is what I will remember forever. I took my shower and got dressed for work. After getting dressed I looked at the time and it was 10am. I can't believe I slept that long, maybe I really did need the rest. I made myself a small breakfast and headed out the door.

By the time I got to work I was fully awaken and felt like I had a lot of energy. I walked passed my employee's and gave them a smile. It was early in the day and the place was already full. I love when they place get packed like this, it lets me know that I am doing something right and they will always come back for more. I am sure by now that I know almost everyone who comes through the of my cafe. I even became friends with some but no one can ever take my best friend place. Thinking of best friend I needed to call her to make sure she got the bedroom set that I asked for. I wanted me and Elisa bedroom to look like a royal bedroom so I did I lot of looking around and finally found the one that was right for us. I finally made it to the back office, even though I don't know how when I was so lost in my own thoughts, I am pretty sure that I had ran into someone and just didn't it. I closed my office door and called up Monica.

Hey Monica, are the movers on it?” I asked her once she picked up the phone.

Yes they just got the stuff you asked for and heading to the house now,” she replied.

Great I can't wait until everything is in place so I can finally show her our new home, is the living room all set up?”

Yes and it look so beautiful in there, I am starting to get a little jealous here,” she said.

I laugh a little “there is nothing to be jealous of, your welcome to come as you please and thinking of that why don't you look for you a bedroom set and pick a room for your and boyfriend, you have my card,” I said.

I can just hear how happy she and I can already see how this is going to go.

Okay I will get on it and thanks Maria, I can't wait to see everything in place,”

I hung up the phone with Monica after our talk about the house and left out of the office, I will take this time to do my walk through in the cafe and speak to some people. I seen my favorite couple setting in there same spoke the always sit at when they come in here, I love seeing them cause it lets me know how far love can go and it will never get old. I walked over to them and said my hello's and walked around some more trying to by time cause I don't know when Elisa will be coming by but I can't wait to see her since I didn't see her this morning.

By the time I got back to my office it was already after 2pm and I still haven't heard from Elisa, I was starting to get a little worried because she would text me during the time she is at work and I have yet to get another from her. I am missing her so much. I grab my phone and call her but all I got was her voicemail. Now I am really worried. A knock was at the door and I told the person on the other side of it come in. It was one of my employee's and she had the cafe phone in her hand.

Hey boss someone on the phone for you,” she said and passed me the phone.

Thank you, you may leave now,” I said.

Once she left I place the phone to my ear.

Hello, this is Maria.”

Hello Maria, this is a nurse from Good Samaritan Hospital.”

My heart started beating fast like I was running out of breath, why would they be calling me is something wrong someone I know “okay, how can I help you ma'am?” I asked.

I am calling because we have Elisa Costa, we did all we can for her right now but she has slid into a coma.” I heard her say.

I can just feel the tears coming down as my nightmare was coming to life, “wh-what happen?” I asked.

She was hit by car coming from work, I am sorry to be giving you this new but you was the one the people at her job told us to call.”

Thank you for calling me, may you have it where I can be the only to visit her?”

Yes I am doing that now, once you come here all you have to do is give them your I.D and you are good to go.”

I said my thank you and hung up the phone and ran out my office not saying anything to anyone. I just had to get down there, I needed to be by her side. I pressed the button in my car to call Monica.

Mo-Monica I need you to meet me at Good Samaritan,” I said through my crack voiced.

Maria what's wrong?” she asked.

It's Elisa, she in a coma,” I said

I'm on my way.”

That was all she said and hung up the phone. I pressed my foot on the gas and did a little over the speed limit, I am just glad I didn't get pulled over. I made it to the hospital and parked my car and ran inside to the front desk. I gave them my I.D and let them know that someone was else was coming and gave them Monica name so she wouldn't have no trouble getting in. I made my way to the room they told me and the door was close, I stood there for a little not wanting to believe she was really behind this door but once I open the door and seen her laying there I knew this wasn't a dream. I rushed to her beside and stood there looking at her while the tears was just coming. Speaking to her knowing she can't speak back but it made me feel some what okay.

Hey baby, I need you to get better so you can come home to me.”

I can't be without you, your my happiness, my shine, my joy, your the reason I believed in love again.”

Pl-please be okay, I need you babe.” I said through the tears.

I ran my fingers through her hair and placed kisses on her check. I looked at the space that was on the bed and laid on the side of her, holding her hand.

I must of fell asleep because of crying so much that I didn't even hear the door open until I seen Monica standing in front of me. I tried my best to put on a smile but I didn't work, tears is what took it's place.

Hey love, lets go get you some fresh air,” she said. I nod my head and got up, I looked back at Elisa before leaving out of the room.

We walked out and seen a bench and sat down in front of the hospital. She was right the fresh air calm me a little but I still couldn't get myself to smile not until I hear Elisa voice and knowing that she will be okay. I needed her more then I needed to live. She is my other half, my soulmate. I laid my head on Monica shoulder and she run her fingers through my hair which caused me to close my eyes.

I'm sorry this is happening,” I heard her say.

Why did this happen to her? She was suppose to come see me at work, if she didn't leave work maybe this wouldn't have happen.” I said

I know where you are going with this and you can not blame yourself, no one knew this will happen and she will get better just stay strong cause she need you to be strong for her.”

I am trying Monica, its so hard seeing her laying there and knowing it's nothing I can do for her, I just want her to wake up, I just want to hear her voice.” I replied.

I know babe, I know and she will get up and you have to believe that okay.”

I nod my head and tried my best to fight the tears that was trying to come out. We got up and went back inside the hospital room. I laid back on the bed with Elisa and Monica sat in one of the chairs that was in the room. I was never going to leave her side and I was not going to give up hope, that was all I had right now.





Three Weeks Later

It's been over three weeks since Elisa been in a coma and I was starting to lose hope of her ever waking up, I miss her so much. I haven't left the hospital since I found out about Elisa, I been letting my head manger take over everything and Monica been getting the house ready still, she wanted to stop and be here with me but I needed the house done for when she wake up which I hope is soon. I can't tell you many tears I have cried during these pass three weeks. The doctor came in to check on Elisa and she seem to be doing fine, she breathing on her own, it's just up to her to wake up, which I hope she do soon. I know she can hear me cause eyes seem to try to always open when she hear my voice but they never do open. I miss the beautiful smile she always have, her laughter, I miss how she would pout when I tell her no to something but end up getting what she want anyways. Gosh I miss making love to her.

I went for walk to get some fresh air since I was force by the doctor to leave Elisa side and get some air. I was walking pass a park and seen some little kids their parents playing around and I just stood there and watch them. I wonder if Elisa would want kids, I know I do, I want to start a family with her. Some little kids wave at me and I wave back with a smile. I guess kids do make you smile. I was in my own thoughts when my phone started to go off.


Hello Maria, come quick, Elisa has finally woken up and asking for you.” I had the lady say.

I didn't even say bye, I just hung up the phone and started running back to the hospital. I'm glad I am fix because this was a nice little run I had to do but I need to see Elisa, I can just feel the back smile that coming to my face. I finally got to the hospital and ran toward Elisa room. When I got to her room the doctors was standing in front of her so I couldn't see her and she was talking so I wasn't sure she was really woke until the doctor looked over her shoulder and gave me a smile and move to the side so I can see Elisa and there she was sitting up and looking around, once she saw me she started to smile, oh how I miss that smile. I walked over to her and sat on the end of the bed.

Hey my love, I'm glad to see that you are up, I miss you,” I said.

I-I miss you too, I'm sorry I didn't make it to bring you lunch,” she said.

I chuckle a little “ It's okay babe I'm just glad that you are okay.” “Can you tell me who did this to you?” I asked her.

It was your ex, she told me that I needed to leave you alone and to give her back what was her first and I told her no and she can go to hell and leave us alone,” I heard her say.

I can feel that my body was starting to get really hot, that only happen when I get really mad and can't control my anger, my body started shaking. I can see that Elisa was saying something to me but I just couldn't hear her, all I heard was what she said and it kept playing over and over in my head.

'I-I'm okay babe, I'm gone call Monica so she can come sit with you for me,” I said with a smile

Where you going?” She asked with worry in her voice.

I just need to grab something from the cafe, I promise I'll be back soon,” I said and kissed her lips with passion and lust.

I love you Elisa and I promise to keep you safe from now on,” I left out the room calling Monica while I headed to my car.

Monica come sit with Elisa while I make a run, I have someone to take care of,” I said with so much hate in my voice.

Maria, I know that sound and I don't like it, what happen?”

Sarah is the one who hit Elisa with her car,” I said.

I know I don't like the sound of this hate in your voice but get her ass,” I heard Monica say and that brought my evil grin to my face. I hung up the phone and got in the car and turned on my tracking device I have on the car I let Sarah keep, lets just hope she never took it off. Once it popped on and I was able to see where she was at, I took off away from the hospital. I don't really know where she was at but I don't give a shit, she tried to kill the person who mean the world to me, and that I don't play with. Sarah have brought a side of me out that I tried to keep hidden but now hell about to break loose. I finally pulled up to a house and I seen that Sarah car was sitting outside of it, seem like no one else in there. I get out of the car and walked up to the house and banged on the door. My anger was out of control and I didn't care who heard or saw me. I wanted Sarah to pay for what she did. I banged on the door for about a good minute until someone open it.

Maria, you look very anger are you okay?”

Did she really just fucking ask me was I okay after trying to kill my girlfriend. I grabbed her by the neck and pushed her in the house and close the door. I tighten my hand around her neck making sure she can only breath so much, I wasn't going to kill her even though I know I can and get away with it.

YOU TRIED TO KILL ELISA AND THOUGHT YOU WAS GONE GET AWAY WITH IT.” I screamed. I tighten my hand up some more and seen she couldn't really breath and that was making me happy, I loosen up my grip so she can breath some.


She have you and I wanted you back, you was mine first, and I needed you back, I needed us back.”

I told you I didn't won't nothing to do with you anymore. You lucky I just don't kill you right here right now.” I said. The fear in her eyes made me hungry for more, it's like my anger was feeding off of it.

I-I'm sorry Maria, I don't know what's been going on with me,” I heard her say.

Stay away from me and Elisa, I mean it Sarah, don't make me regret for not ending your life,” I said and pushed her to the floor and walked out of her house. I wanted to end her life so bad but I didn't won't Elisa to look at me a different way. I was trying to calm myself back down before I got back to the hospital.

I walked through the hospital with a smile on my face and headed to Elisa room, her door was half way open and I can hear her and Monica talking.

Tell me where Maria really went, I know she didn't go to the cafe?”

Elisa, Maria.....she went to take care of something,”

Monica stop beating around the bush and just tell me, the way she liked when I told her what happen, worried me,”

Okay fine...she went to take care of Sarah, Maria gets really angry when someone she love get hurt, I know cause my ex use to beat on me and know he can't even walk no more, but she have learned how to take better care of her anger, I'm sure she is not gone hurt Sarah, she just went to talk with her.”

I finally heard enough of what they was talking about and walked through the door. I didn't look at Elisa because I didn't won't to see the hate in her eyes for me now. I don't won't her to look at me different.

Maria come here,” I heard Elisa say.

I moved and sat on the end of the bed still not looking at her. I don't know if my heart can take it if I see hate in her eyes. I felt her hand on my chin and she left my head up for me to look her in the eyes. I didn't know tears was feeling down until she wiped them away.

Why can't you look at me?” she ask.

I don't won't to see hate in your eyes, I know Monica told you about my anger and how I get out of control with it.”

Maria, I don't hate you, this made me love you even more, knowing that you will keep me safe, I love you Maria.”

She lean in and kissed my lips, I kissed you back and licked her bottom lips asking for entrance, she parted her lips slowly and I slid my tongue deep into her mouth letting our tongue dance together, I deepen the kiss and she lot out a soft moan which only made me want her even more. I heard someone cough behind me and turned around to see Monica standing right there. I forgot that she was in the room, I take it that Elisa forgot to because her face is bright red, which only made my chuckle.

Thanks for sitting with her for me,” I said to Monica

It's not a problem, and I wanted to tell you everything is ready.”

That's great, I can't wait to see it,” I said with a smile.

What are you two up to?” we both turned and looked at Elisa and said nothing.

Monica took her leave and left me and Elisa and the room alone. I am so glad that she is no longer in a coma, I waited for this day for three weeks, the longest three weeks of my life. I smiled at her and laid on the side of her, she laid her head on my chest and held me tight. We just laid there for a while without saying a word. Until I heard her say something.

Maria, you know the whole time I was out, I was able to hear you, I was able to hear you talk to me, I was able to hear your cries, it broke my heart hearing you cry, I tried so hard to wake up but I just couldn't.”

I'm glad you was able to hear me, I really thought I had lost you for a while but I am glad that I was wrong.” I said, and the room back to silence, Elisa tighten her grip up on my hip. It was like she was trying to make sure I was here, I will always keep her safe. I started to hear light snores and I knew she was sleep. After she had falling asleep the doctors came in to check on her, I tried to move so they can do they work but her grip went back tight keeping me in place. The doctor told me to just stay there and they did the check up making sure everything is fine.

When will she be able to go home?” I asked.

In a few days and she will be all yours.”

The doctors took they leave and closed the door behind them. I rub her back and she loosen her grip, I guess she knows I'm here and not going anywhere. I kissed the top of her head and closed my eyes until the darkness took over me with a smile on my face.






It's been over a week since Elisa been back home and I haven't left her side since. I don't won't to leave her side because I am scared that once I do something else might happen to her and I just have that. I mean I never felt so scared in my life, this is how I know I truly love this woman because I know I can never live without her.

At the moment me and Elisa is sitting on the couch looking at some crazy movie on TV but I'm not really paying much attention to it. All my attention is on this beautiful woman who is laying in my lap right now, I can not get enough of staring at her. I run my fingers through her hair playing it since this is the only way she would know that want her attention. She looked at up at me with a smile on her face and bring my face closer to her and kiss my lips slow and soft. I kiss her back and lick her lips and she parted her lips letting my tongue slid into her mouth. Our tongue dance around with each other and I begin to suck on her bottom lip and she let out a soft moan. I slid my hand down to her button on her pants and undo them. Putting my hand inside her pants I begin to rub on her clit through her panties. I deepen the kiss while making my fingers go a little faster. I can feel her starting to get wetter by the second and that was my cue to give her more of what she is asking for. I put my hand inside her panties and put a finger inside her slow and deep. I started moving my finger in and out of her. I can see that she was enjoying the pleasure I was giving her. Move from her lips to her neck and started sucking on her sweet spot, I nibble on it leaving love bites behind. I push another finger inside and her moans became louder. I moved my fingers as fast as they go wanting her to cum all over my fingers. “Oh gosh Maria right there.” I can feel her wall tighten up around my fingers and I kept my fingers going. She screamed my name loud as she have her climax “MARIA.” I slowed my fingers down a little to bring her down some, once she has caught her breath I started up again going fast not giving her any warnings. Kiss her lips and she started sucking on my tongue which cause my let a soft moan out. I can tell that she was getting close to her second climax. “Maria you gone make me cum.” Her moans start turning into small screams and I know she wasn't just gone cum for me she was going to squirt. “Fuck Maria yeahhh.” She squirt all over my fingers and that right there alone made me get soaking wet but I didn't her to pleasure me. I pull my hand out of her pants and sucked on my fingers tasting her cum. I moan at the taste of her. I can tell her energy was low because she couldn't really get off my lap without falling, which cause me to chuckle. I picked her up bridal style and carried her to our room. She was laying her head against my chest as I carried her and I start hearing slight snores.

The next morning:

I woke up early so I can get ready and leave the house before Elisa woke up. I wanted to surprise her with a romantic dinner in our new house and that was going to be the night I ask her to marry me. I jump in the shower and took a quick shower and hurried and got dress. I text Monica letting her know I was on my way to pick her up. Once I got to Monica house she was coming out of the front door as if she knew I was already pulling up outside. After she got into the car I pulled off heading to the jewelry store.

Thanks for coming with Monica I am so scared at the moment. I never asked anyone to marry me before. Oh gosh what if she say no.” I was starting to freak out a little because this can go either way with her saying yes or with her saying no.

Maria, she is not going to say no. She love you to much to next won't to marry you, everything is going to be just fine.” I was glad my best friend was with me cause she always know how to calm me down and I have faith in her words.

We finally made it to the store and me and Monica walk heading straight to the engagement rings. They all looked so beautiful but I wanted one that will mean something more to me something that will stand out against all the other rings. That's when I saw a ring in the back, with big diamond shape like a heart and small diamonds going all around it. I knew that was the ring I wanted for her. I also picked out my ring. Once I was done I went to cashier and paid for the two rings. We leave the store and head over to my new house so I can things ready for the date I am having with Elisa and for me to change.

We pull up to the house and goes inside and I can see that my maids had did everything for me and it looked so beautiful. There was rose petals in the middle of the floor shaped into a big heart marking enough room for use to slow dance, the table had two candles going on each side with two glasses sitting there and a bottle of wine, the light was dim and the house smelt like honey and cherries. The chef was working on the dinner for me which left me with nothing to do but get dress. After Monica left the house to go get Elisa, I went upstairs and took a fresh shower and pulled out my red dress and black heels. I pin my hair up into a bun and did my make-up. After I was finish I went downstairs to place the ring on the fireplace near the rose petals and went into the dinning room and waited for Elisa.

After ten minutes of waiting Elisa walking into the house. I stood up and waited for her to come into the dinning room. Once she walked in I can see the shook on her face and her eyes started to get teary. I walked over to her and pulled her in for a hug. “You look beautiful love,” I said to her and wiped her tears away. We sit down and I poured us a glass of wine.

I can't believe you went through all of this just for me.”

I'll do anything for you to see you happy my dear,” I said.

Maria just being with you makes me happy, I never had anyone do something like this for me before, I love it.”

I'm glad you do.”

We talked for a while before the chef brought out our food. This food smelt so good and I couldn't wait to taste it. The first bite of the steak melted into my mouth and I lot out a happy moan. My way of giving the chef a thank you. I can see Elisa loving it just as much as I was. I knew I did the right thing by picking the right chef for this.

So babe what do you think of the house?”I asked her.

I love this house, it's so beautiful.”

I'm glad you like it, it's our to keep.” I said.

Your kicking right Maria, this big house is our,”

I nod my head and finishing eating the rest of my food. Once was done eating I got up and walked over to her helping her get out of her chair. I walked us to the loving room and step inside the heart, pulling her closer to me so that our bodies was against each other. We dance to the music that was playing, and at this moment I knew me life might change for the better or worst.

Elisa, I know we have been together for a short period of time but nothing in this world can make me as happy as you do. If it wasn't for me walking into the club alone or at all I would have never met you and I am glad that I walked into the club. You brought light to my darkness, you made the rain turn into a sunny day, you gave me hope when I was ready to give up. You made me have faith in love again. You showed me that no matter what you go through there is always someone out there to make things better just by being them. You love me when I thought no one else will. You are the reason I believe in love at first sight cause when I laid eyes on you I had already felt in love. I want to spend my life with you.” I grab the ring and got down one knee and open the box. “Elisa will you marry me?” I can feel my heart beating fast like it's trying to come out of my chest. I stare into her teary eyes while I wait for her answer, her tears fall while she nod her head yes and the biggest smile came to my face as I place the ring on her finger. I got up and pulled her into a deep kiss. I love this woman and nothing is not going to get in my way from marrying her. As we kiss I can hear the maids and Monica clapping. This is one of the best night of my life, and I wouldn't change it for the world.





Six months later

It's been six months since me and Elisa been engage and everything been going great, I love waking up knowing that my life is almost full the only thing that is missing is having a child to complete our family. I don't know when is the right moment to speak to Elisa about that but I do plan on doing it before the wedding day.

After walking in the house after work I find Elisa laying on the couch and looking at some movie. She seem to be really into cause she haven't notice that I came through the door. I walked over to her and kiss her lips, she looked up and smiled at me. Every time I see that beautiful smile it makes me heart beat a little faster.

I turn off the TV and sit on the couch next to her. “Babe I wanted to talk to you about something,” I said. I wasn't for sure how I was gone ask her about her but if I wanted to get the adoption done before the wedding this was the week to get it done. I wanted to adopt a little girl who is so beautiful. I realize that I haven't said anything else to Elisa. “Baby haven't you ever thought about having kids?” I asked her. All she do is nod her head waiting for me to go on. “I want to adopt and I been spending a little of time with this little girl at this adoption place a visit before I come home after work.” I said fast hoping that she heard me so I don't have to repeat myself. “Baby if that what will make you happy then we can do that, I would love to meet her,” I heard Elisa say and that put a big smile on my face. I kissed her lips and she moan into the kiss. “Babe this will make me very much happy, I will feel like our family is completed.” I told her. I grab my phone and text the lady I been talking whenever I go visit Emily, to let her know tomorrow I will be there but in the morning and that my fiance was coming with me. She know that I am a lesbian so I know that won't be a problem and I told Emily about Elisa and she been wanting to meet her and now that will happen tomorrow.

The next morning

Waking up to the sound of my alarm going off has never made me happy but today is different, today is the day Elisa meets Emily. I turned my alarm off and got out of bed letting Elisa sleep a little more. Turning on the shower and little the water run while I brush my teeth, once I was done I got into the shower letting the hot water hit my back. I love taking hot shower it was one of the things that calm me was nervous. I had my eyes close and I felt hands wrap around my waist. I turn to face Elisa and she that she was still some what sleepy. “Hey my love, couldn't stay sleep?” she shook her head and pressed her body against mine. This is something she do every morning, it's like she go into kid mood in the morning until she is fully woke and it is so cute. Kissed her forehead and turned washing her hair since she haven't washed it since last week. I took the shower head down so I can rinse the shampoo out and to make sure it didn't get into her eyes. Once I was done I was her back and she finish the rest. I was myself and my hair, and we both got out of the shower. I grab us both a dress from the closet, our bra and panties. Once we was done dress I went downstairs and put on some coffee. I thought about making us breakfast but I'm just gone pick up something so I can get Emily breakfast as well. She's just like Elisa love when I bring food home from work. I poured us a cup of coffee in our to go cup and Elisa was walking into the kitchen. “You forgot your keys and here are the shoes that goes with that dress,” she said. I grab my keys and shoes from her and passed her a cup of coffee. Once she took a sip I knew she was good to go for the day now. “Ready to go,” I asked and she nodded her head.

Skip to the adoption center

I pulled into the parking lot and turned off the car. I grab my phone and purse and Elisa grab the food from IHOP. We walked into the adoption and Ms. Jones greeted us at the door. “Good morning Maria good to see you again” “Good morning to you too Ms. Jones, this is my fiance Elisa,” I said. She smiled big and shook Elisa hand, “so this is the amazing beautiful Elisa I been hearing about” Elisa blushed and stood behind me and put her head on my shoulder, I kissed her forehead and smile. “Awe will you look at that true love, I'm always happy to see to people in love with each other,” Ms. Jones say. I blush a little and started looking around for Emily. “Where is Emily? I don't won't her food to get cold, we brought her breakfast.” “She is getting dress and will be right out, she was so happy when I told her that you was bringing your fiance this morning.” Emily is only six and been through a lot, and want to change that and give her a family. We walk to the sitting area and wait for Emily to come out. I started taking the food out and place Emily food in front of the seat she will sit at. I pass Elisa her food and her stomach start to growl. She started eating while I just sat there with my hand in her back rubbing circles cause I know she was a little nervous. I looked around at the place and seen that there was toys all over the place and that made me think about what kind of toys does Emily like and what would she want her room to be.

Emily finally came out and ran up to me with a big smile and gave me a hug. “How are you princess.” “I'm good glad that you came back to see me again.” “I told you yesterday that I'll be back didn't I,” I asked her and she nodded her head. I looked over at Elisa and she was smiling. “ Emily this is my fiance Elisa, the one I told you about.” I said to her. Her eyes grow wide and she jump into Elisa arms. I can tell that it caught Elisa by surprise but it didn't last long, she started to smile and hold Emily. Since I now know that Emily is not going to be sitting on her chair, I pulled her food in front of her and she started eating. Her and Elisa is going to get alone just fine, they both love food, the color purple, and the zoo.

So Emily tell me what kind of room do you wish to have.” Elisa asked her. I can see that she really thinking about what room she really want. “I want a princess room, mommy say I'm a princess,” and she points at me. “Awe she calls you mommy already.” “Yes she asked me if she can and I told her yes.” I said.

The whole time I been coming to see Emily she just been calling me mommy and that there alone makes my feel so much happiness. It's like falling in love all over again but in a different way. I want to be there for her, I want to keep her safe, be there when she have nightmares, I want to give her a mothers love.

After we had spend some time with Emily it was time for her to go, and this was our time to talk to Ms. Jones about the adoption. We said our goodbyes to Emily, and Elisa look sad after letting her go. I pulled Elisa to me and kissed her lips. “Don't worry babe she'll be home with us soon.”

We walked over to Ms. Jones and sat by her desk. “We want to adopt Emily.” I say with a lot of happiness in my voice. Ms. Jones smile at us, “I knew you would want to but wanted to wait for your fiance to meet her but I knew she would agree with you, so I had the papers filled out already, y'all just have to sign and it will take a few days for everything to go through, and once that is done you is free to take her home with y'all.” I wanted to jump for joy so bad but I stayed calm and sign the papers and passed it along to Elisa. When she was done signing I realize that she use my last name and not hers. I kissed her cheek and she blush.

Well ladies everything is done and all you have to do is wait for my call to come get Emily.” “Thanks Ms. Jones, we'll be waiting.” I say with a smile and me and Elisa take our leave and head home.





After getting home yesterday from the adoption center I been looking online all night and morning for a princess bedroom set and right now it is 7:30 in the morning and Elisa is sound asleep while I am still doing some searching online for the right bedroom set. Going through the next 30 pages of princess set's I finally came across the right one for Emily. Once I found what I was looking for I made a call to the store that had it to order it. I place my computer on the night stand. I lean down and kiss Elisa on the lips, she stirred in her sleep and wrapped her arm around my waist and went back to snoring. I chuckle a little and tried to get out of bed but she started whining and made her grip on my waist tighter. I sighed and slid down to lay in the bed right and hold her. Before I knew it I was off to sleep.

I woke up looking at the time and seeing that it was 5 in the evening. I called out to Elisa cause she wasn't in bed with me. “Babe,” I said with a small whine in my voice. After a minute or so she came into the room smiling. “Finally my lover is awake,”she say. I held my arms wanting her to come in them. The only reason I woke is because I didn't feel her next to me and I was missing her while I was asleep. She climb into bed and laid on top of me and I held her tight. “Where were you babe?” I asked. “I was putting Emily's room together, the stuff you order had came and you needed the sleep since you was up all night and morning.” “Love you should have woken me I could have help,” I say and kissed her forehead. I cough a little and it hurt my chest but I didn't pay no mind to it. I was feeling so cold and I never get that cold in here. “Babe did you turn the air up?” “No the air is where it's always at, let me feel you,” she said and place her hand on my forehead. “Gosh babe your burning up.” “I can't get sick we have to have the house ready for Emily,” I say through coughing. I really hate getting sick because it makes me feel weak and I don't like no one doing for me when I can get up and do it myself. “I will have Monica come over here and help me but you my dear is staying in bed until you are feeling better.” I just nod my head and hold her closer to me and begin feeling myself fall back to sleep. Elisa got up and I whine from the lost of her touch. Then I feel the bed go down some and she wrap her arms around me pulling me closer to her chest and I begin listening to the sound of her heart beat and finally falling off to sleep.

Few days later

I am so happy that I am done being sick cause I don't know how much more soup I can take and I can finally eat some real food but I have to say I loved all the attention Elisa gave me. Right now I am sitting in the living room watching a movie and eating pizza and then my phone want to start ringing. “Hello this is Maria,” I say to the caller.

Hey Maria this is Ms. Jones, I am calling to tell you that everything has gone through and you can come and get Emily.” I heard a lot of joy in her voice, and all I was able to do for a minute is smile.

That's great, I'm on my way now.” I say and hang up the phone.

I didn't won't Elisa to know I was going to go get Emily, I wanted to surprise her cause she been worried that something has gone wrong cause of how long it was taking. I run upstairs and freshen myself up and head out the door.

Before going to the adoption center had to go to the store and grab a booster seat since I had forgot to tell Elisa to get one while she was out shopping for Emily for some new clothes. I got to the store and went right to the booster seats. I grabbed a pink one with princess on it and it also had a cup holder to go with it, thank god cause I don't won't her to make a mess. I paid for it and headed back out the store.

I finally arrived at the center and parked. I got out of the car and put the booster seat in the backseat. I walked into the center to find Ms. Jones waiting for me by the door. She must of seen my car pull in. “Good evening Ms. Jones,” I say with a big smile on my face. I was just to happy to finally be taking Emily home with me. “Good evening to you too Maria.” “Do Emily know I'm here?” I ask, cause I didn't see her out playing with the other kids. “No I didn't tell her you was coming, I wanted to surprise her, she don't even know that she is going home with you, I want you to be the one to tell her.”

We walk through the adoption center and to the rooms where the kids sleep and I seen that Emily was taking a nap. I sat on the side of her and shook her a little while calling her name. She turned a little and open her eyes, then closed them back. Her eyes then pop back open and she jump into my arms “Mommy!” she scream. I giggle and hug her tight. I haven't been here to see her since the last time I brought Elisa to see her because I ended up sick. I finally pulled out of her tight grip around me. “How would you like to come home with mommy today?” I asked her. She looked from me to Ms. Jones and Ms. Jones nodded her head to Emily. “I'll really like to come an stay with you mommy.” “Okay, go get your stuff.” She jumped off my lap and ran and got her stuff.

I never seen someone move as fast as she did. It was funny but cute at the same time. Me and Ms. Jones started walking back to the front so I can get the paper work for the adoption and then me and Emily can finally go home together. As we was walking my phone started to ring.

Hey love are you home,” I asked Elisa after answering the phone.

Yes I am but your not, where are you?”

I'll be home within the hour, I love you,” I say and hang up the phone.

After hanging up the phone I turn around to see Emily running toward me with her things. I bent down and picked her up and kissed the side of her head. “Ready to go baby girl,” I ask her and she nod her head. We say are goodbyes to Ms. Jones and head out to the car. Once I have gotten her into the car, her stomach start to growl, “someone hungry.” And she giggles and nod her head. I get into the car and pull off heading toward home.

I stop off at a store to grab Emily some snacks until dinner was ready, I'm not even sure what she eat and what she don't eat but hey that's what the time we will have together is for. Once we got back into the car, we had 5 minutes until we got to the house.

We finally pulled up to the house and I can hear Emily in the back as she look at the house while we pull into the drive way. I got out the car and went to the back and grab Emily. We walked into the front door and I can hear Elisa from upstairs.”Finally you made it home come up and see what I have done.” I grab Em's hand and we walk upstairs to her bedroom. I can see Elisa in the closet putting away some dresses she had got. I let Emily walk in front. “Mama!” She runs over to Elisa and hug her leg. I can see the Elisa shock that our daughter was here. She bends down and hug her tight. “Your finally here.” I stand by the door and leans against it while watching them together.

Why didn't you tell me you was going to get her? I could have met you there.” “I wanted to surprise you which I did.” I replied.

After watching Elisa and Em spending time together, I went downstairs to get dinner started. It's been a little minute since I been in the kitchen and I miss cooking.

In the middle of cooking Em runs up to me and holds onto my leg trying to hide. “Mommy hide me, mama going to get me.” I chuckle and let her stand in front of me so Elisa couldn't find her. I went back to cutting the vegetables and Elisa walks up and steal a carrot I was cutting on. “Now where is that daughter of ours.” Em giggled a little giving herself away and Elisa grab her from in front of me. I laughed at them and went back to getting dinner ready. “ Go clean up you two dinner is almost ready.”

After dinner we sat in the living room watching Frozen, since that is the movie Emily picked out to watch. She yawns a little and get into my lap sucking on her thumb. By the time the movie is over Em is fast asleep which is a blessing cause she have way to much energy for me. I carry her up the stairs to her room and Elisa gets her changed into her pj's. We kissed her goodnight and went into our own room.

After getting ready for bed I lay down and Elisa climbs on top of me. “I missed you today,” she say with lust in her eyes. I pulled her down and kissed her lips soft. “I missed you more.” I kissed her lips again but with more hunger in her. I bit her lip causing her to moan. I rub my hands up and down her side feeling that she don't have anything under her gown. I slide my hand in between her legs, I begin rubbing on clit slow. Knowing how wet she is for me is turning me on to the max. I pushed two fingers into her making her moan louder. I gosh I miss the sound of her moans singing in my ear. I picked my pace up moving faster. “oh gosh, Maria.” she moan out. After I pushed my fingers in her deeper and faster her moans had turn into smalls screams. “Maria I'm cum-” before she was able to finish she was cumming over my fingers but I didn't stop, I kept going faster knowing that she gone end up squirting. I slide my body under her so that she was able to sit on my face. I slide my tongue inside and started exploring her inside. I used my free hand and rubbed on her clit fast. “Fuck right there don't stop.” After a few seconds of tongue fucking her, her juice was squirting in mouth. I swallow every drop of her and sucked on her clit once more before letting her go. I hear her trying to catch her breath and get it back even. I had a grin on my face knowing that I was satisfied with my work. I laid on the side of her and kissed her cheek. “Goodnight love.” I said and pulled her closer to me before falling into deep sleep.





Waking up in the middle of the night was something I always did for some reason. I walked into the bathroom and washed my face and brushed my teeth. As I was going back into the room there was a small knock at our bedroom door. I walked over and open it, and seeing Emily standing there with the teddy I put in bed with her. “what's wrong sweetie? Can't sleep?” I asked her. She shook her head no while pouting. “Want to sleep in here with me and mama?” “yes” was all she said before running over to the bed and trying to climb in it. I closed the door and walked about over to the bed and put her in the bed in front of me, so that I was laying in the middle. As soon as I laid my head down Elisa snuggle closer to me and Em does the same thing and fall back to sleep.

Next morning

Waking up to an empty bed is not something I like very much. Emily and Elisa was both out of bed. “BABE” I called out to Elisa. I knew she would come running like something was wrong, which is funny some times. “Yes love is everything okay?” “You wasn't here when I woke up.” I whine. She walked over to the end of the bed and kissed my lips and all I was able to do was smile. “ better now?” she asked and I nod my head, getting out of bed.

We both walk downstairs to the kitchen and I seen Em eating breakfast with my best friend. I run up to Monica and jump in her arms. I don't care how long it be since I seen her I will always act this way. She is my best friend, my little sister, my all. “When did you get here? And why didn't anyone wake me?” “I got here about an hour ago, I had to come see my godbaby, and Elisa said you needed the rest so I didn't come up and wake you.” I guess that is a good reason seeing that I haven't really been sleeping much and when I do I sleep for so long. I walked over and gave Emily a kiss.

After eating breakfast with them, I went up to my office to make a call to the restaurant, since I haven't been in for while but I know it's doing good cause my manger text me every night after the restaurant is close letting me know how the day is going. I really have to do something nice for her. Pulling myself out of my thought and called the restaurant. “Hey this is Maria, can I speak with Ashley.” After a few seconds Ashley came to the phone. “Hey boss, is everything okay.” “Yes everything is fine, I'm just calling to check on everything and to make sure your not over working yourself and I will be back to work next week.” I told her. “I'm not over working mys-” “How much sleep have you been getting?” I question. “Well lately I been getting no more then 5 hours of sleep.” “I knew you was trying to lie to me. Being a manger don't mean you have to take on all the work, that's what your employee's are for, but I'm not going to get on you this time. But I do have a surprise for you, I'm gone text you an address and I want you to meet me there within a hour.” I said to her and hang up the phone. I know that she been doing a lot of working because she have twin girls to take care of and a house she really can't pay for. So I been looking at a house that is a three bedroom for them, I mean this is the least I can do for all she have done for me since I been out of work. Being stuck in my thought I didn't hear Elisa come into the office. “What's on your mind love?” I heard her say which cause me to jump a little. “Just one of my employee's, she been working hard for the restaurant and plus trying to take care of twins. So I bought her a house.” I said with a smile. Elisa kiss my lips and pulled away with a smile on her face “I love how you care for others.”

After spending some times with Elisa and Em, it was time for me to meet up with Ash. I leave the house heading toward the house that was a mile away from my home. I wanted her to be closer to me because I love her girls and they the same age as Emily and I really think they would become good friends. I pull up to the house seeing Ashley there with her girls. I got out and they run up to me. “Ms. Maria we missed you,” they say together. I hug them then walk over to the door and open it.

I would you two like to look around this beautiful house.” I asked them, and they smile and run off into the house, screaming with joy. That's is all that I need to put a smile on my face. “So how are you really Ash?” “Maria it's hard, I'm trying so hard, and they father not trying to help with them. I'm close to loosing the house but I'm sure things will get better soon.” All I was able to do was pull her into a hug. I really hating seeing people work so hard and it never seem like it's paying off but little did she know that's about to change. “Come let's go look at the rooms in here.” I pulled her to the master room. Which had a big walk-in closet, a bathroom that had a huge mirror, the tub and shower was separated. The window in the room had a beautiful view to the outside where she can watch the kids. I heard the girls running into the room. “So girls what do you think about the house.” “We love it, can we stay here forever.” They say together. “Yes you can.” I look over to Ash who had a confused look on her face. “This house is yours to keep,” and I place the keys in her hand. “Maria, I don't know if I can-” “Yes you can and you will.”

I invited them over for dinner and so that, Ava and Abigail can meet Emily. When we got into the house Em runs up to me and jump in my arms. “Mommy!” “Hey princess, did you have fun with mama.” She nod her head and I notice she was cover in makeup. “did you play in mommy makeup.” “mama did it.” was all she said. Elisa walks into the living with a smile on her face and kisses my lips. She think she is slick like her daughter didn't just tell on her but little did she know, she is replacing my makeup. I put Emily down and turn toward Ash and her girls. “Emily this is Ava and Abigail and their mom Ashley.” Em holds on to my leg for dear life. I had to tell her they was the same age as her and they wanted to play. “Do you wanna play in my room with me,” she ask the twin and they nod they head and follow Emily to her room. I took that as the time to finally relax and have a glass of wine.

Elisa and Ash was sitting at the table while I was cooking. They was getting along really well and that made me happy. I mean our daughter did need someone to play with her age and we most get along with they mother. I sent Elisa up to get the girls and clean them up cause dinner was ready. I put the plates on the table and set some juices out for the girls and poured some more wine for us. I can get use to something like this.

After everyone had ate the kids got sleepy, so I gave them a bath and put up Em's princess tent for all them, since they asked to sleep in it. I had Elisa make up the guest room for Ash. Once I laid the girls down I went into my room and went to take a shower. Feeling the heat from the shower hit my body I sigh in release needing to feel that heat. I felt Elisa wrap her arms around my body pushing her body closer to mine. “You know our wedding will be here before we know it.” I turn in her arms facing her and I bring my face closer to hers pushing my lips softly against hers. “I know and I can't wait to marry you.”

After we both washed up and got out of the shower, we dressed and got into bed together. Most nights I would just want to make love to her all night long but tonight I just want to cuddle into her and feel her soft skin against mine. I wrap my arms around her tight and place my head on her chest and just listen to her heart beat as I slowly drift off to sleep.





Three Months Later


Gosh I can't believe it's here and I can't believe I am getting nervous out of no where. What if I do something wrong? What if I forgot my vows? What if she change her mind at the last minute? I was snapped out of my thought by Monica “Maria nothing is going to go wrong.” “How did you know I was thinking that?” I asked. “You was thinking out loud, now come on you have a few minutes left and need to be ready.” I take in a few deep breathes and let Monica help me put my wedding dress on. I went simple with my dress. It fell to my feet and showed all my curves, it showed my bare back that felled into a “V” shape. The front part of it showed a small part of my chest and the best part about it that is was black. My hair was pin to the side while the rest of it fell to my side.

After we was done getting me dress it was time for me to walk down the aisle. Since my parents didn't approve of my life style and didn't think of me as they child, I didn't invite them and I didn't ask my so call father to walk me down, but I had the best choice of all, my baby girl. She asked to walk down with me and I was the must beautiful thing I can ever hear her say.


(Small flash back.)

I was sitting in the living room with Elisa, Monica, and Ashley, talking about who was going to walk me down, everyone kept saying I should reach out to my parents. Which I will never do, they haven't been apart of my life since I was 18 and I wasn't going to have it now. They don't even know I have a daughter. “Babe you really try to talk with them.” I hear Elisa say. “No and that's the end of that.” Before I was able to walk out of the living room Emily ran up to me and hug me. “Mommy don't be mad, I can walk you down.” She say with a smile. With just those words all I was able to do was smile.

(End of flash back)


Once the music started to play Emily grabbed my hand and looked up at me and smiled. We walked down the aisle hand and hand and with the biggest smile on our face. Once we reach the front of the aisle Emily took her spot while I did the same. I gave my flowers to Monica and stood there waiting on Elisa. I had no idea of what her dress looked like which drove me crazy cause she kept teasing me about it knowing I wanted to know so bad. Being in my own thought I didn't know the music started playing until I seen everyone stand up. Ava and Abigail was in front of Elisa throwing flowers everywhere. I smiled at them and then locked eyes with Elisa. Gosh she was so beautiful just like the queen she is. She had on a long red dress, that had the “V” shape in front of it that showed her chest. It was a split on the side that showed part of her leg. Her hair was pulled up into a bun with little curls falling on the side of her face. When she reach the front aisle I held my hand out and walked her the rest of the way.

I wasn't really paying any attention to the priest that was talking. I was to busy staring at Elisa and taking in how beautiful she looked. She always looked beautiful but today was different, today was our wedding day. The day that we finally become one. I finally had let my thoughts go back to the priest and his words.

Do you both pledge to share your lives openly with one another, and to speak the truth in love? Do you promise to honor and tenderly care for one another, cherish and encourage each other, stand together, through sorrows and joys, hardship and triumphs for all the days of your lives?” “We do!” We say together.

Do you pledge to share your love and the joys of your marriage with all those around you, so that they may learn from your love and be encouraged to grow in their own lives?” “We do!” we say again.

I hear that the couple have written their own vows. Maria you may begin.” I hear the priest say.

Elisa, from the first time I laid my eyes on you I knew you was the woman I was meant to spend my life with. The way you look at me with that amazing smile melts my heart every time. The sound of your laugh is like music to my ears because it's the sound of your happiness. That time you got hurt I never been so scared in my life of losing someone. I never thought you can love a person more then you can love yourself. I vow that I will always put your happiness before my own. To always be there for you. To be your shoulder to cry on. To love you through sickness and in health. To put your life before mine.” I finish my vows with sliding the ring on her finger.

Maria, I can't say that from the front time our eyes met I knew we was suppose to be together, I have to say that it was when we had our first dance together, when are bodies first communicated. From that one night, that one dance I knew I couldn't be without you. I knew I had to have you as my one and only, as my other half, as my life line cause without you I don't think I can breath. I love you Maria, and I vow to you that I will always love you through sickness and in health. Through thick and than, for better and worse.” With that she slide the ring on my finger.

Go now in peace and live in love, sharing the most precious gifts you have- the gifts of your lives untied. And may your days be long on the earth. I now pronounce you wife and wife. You may kiss the bride.” And with them words I pull Elisa closer to me mashing my lips on hers. Kissing her with passion and love. When I finally pull away I can see that she was blushing. “Ladies and gentlemen I pronounce you Mrs and Mrs Carter.” The priest say. I grab Elisa hand and walk down the aisle with her while everyone is throwing flowers everywhere.

We finally made it out of the church and I had the biggest smile on my face, I was pretty sure that my face was turning red. I pulled Elisa in for another kiss while we stand in front of the church. With this one kiss I can feel every ounce of love that she have for me. We was so into the kiss that we didn't even hear everyone come out until I felt someone pulling on my dress. I pulled away from Elisa lips and looked down to see Em standing there. I lean down and picked her up. “Hey big girl, you did amazing today and you look just like a princess.” I say to her and kisses the side of her head.

After the wedding there was a big party, I didn't have no family here, but I did have everyone I work with, I had Monica's family who always thought of me as being one of their own. Elisa family was all over the place having the time of there lives. I love seeing other people smile.

It was time for me and Elisa to have our first dance as a married couple. I place my hands behind her neck and she wrapped hers around my waist. Pulling our bodied closer together and closing my eyes as our body move with the music. From this moment I knew that everything in my life was changing for the better. I can not ask for anything better cause everything I want is right here with me. I whisper in her ear “I love you my queen and together forever we will be.”

The End

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