Crow Poem (Eat Me Alive)

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CROW POEM (A/K/A "Eat Me Alive")

By Alexander Guinevere Kern

Copyright, A. Kern - 2001



Oh, I love eating crow,

The caw sticks in my craw,

And those oily-dark feathers

Wing-beating my ego!

Only spare me the eyes,

Glinting and delirious,

Its mocking reproaches.

Swallow slow, swallow slow.


Oh, I love eating crow.

I surely must. Thank you

Our Avian Father for my just

And daily crow. Crow soup,

Crow Salad, Crow a la mode,

Crow on the half-shell and

The ever delectable

T-bone Crow.


Bon Appetit, Bird Master

Black and visible Defeat.

I'm gaggin' you down,

While you're eating me alive. Eat, 

Eat: Every loss, insult, failure,

Humiliated Love, abandoned hope,

You choked into your unholy throat

Grovels in my guts like a Slave. 


Affixed upon the high, craggy

Peak of my jagged agony,

You plant your nest, Corvus.

Out, out, out, and out

Of that twig and bramble church,

Your birth-wet offspring turn

And lurch, offering to feed me.

The Second Generation Crow.


Raucous caller, Claw-server,

I'm caged and eating bird food.

Rancid river mice and

Slug, snail, snake, car-kill.

Between Crater and Virgo

The pit and the unattainable Pride, 

Your shrieks are aural stars,

I lick their brilliant shame, ergo --


I will be damned by Crow.

I will glutton Crow.

I will absorb Crow.

I will emerge Crow.

I will screaming flock with Crow.

Beat air and consequence like Crow.

Deep Know Crow.

Kill stealth like Crow.


And I will perch upon your beak,

And peck your tricky tongue.

I'll bite your heart, Bird, for your evil truth.

Make you eat my Crow.

Submitted: March 21, 2018

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