Expose Yourself

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Just something I decided to talk about amid the controversy surrounding EVERYTHING.

Submitted: March 21, 2018

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Submitted: March 21, 2018



This ain't about going around showing people your junk,
Although if you did, it would make you more of a punk,
Nah, this is about confessing your transgressions and sin,
Whether to your folks, your pastor, even your best friend,
October 5, 2017 was the day the world you once knew died,
The day when victims spoke up and fans of idols cried,
Society today no longer tolerates scum or pigs in suits,
A person who abuses their power is as bad as a shooter who shoots,
You're probably thinking "I ain't done nothin' wrong,"
Stop lying, if you're really innocent, speak strong,
Otherwise, everything you do/say is forever on the record,
When the bad gets out, it's the most shocking thing people have heard,
You want to keep your dark secrets to yourself? That's cool,
It'll get out eventually, that's kinda the golden rule,
It can be avoided if you confess right here and now,
I'll go first, then Imma call it and take a bow,
Saw Elaisha as the demon when she could've been a saint,
Insulted Lily with naive homophobia, looking back makes me faint,
Cursed Jordan and Dalton, for being class clowns,
Then harassed Brandon all because he had a frown,
Searched the DarkWeb, stumbled on hard candy,
Looked so disgusting, I thank God the power button came in handy,
The sea of comments I left where I threaten and curse,
If I could take it all back, I would, for what it's worth,
I recall snatching my ID at the DMV because we bought cereal,
I thought we didn't need it, that's not a joke this is for real,
There was also the time I showered Kelsey with gifts and treasures,
Most embarrassing time of my life, that's for sure,
I'll admit ragging on Kyle, Ziggy, Brooke, Taylor, and Dalay over petty things,
Looking back, they could've been some of my best friends, had I ignored the stings,
I most importantly regret telling Alicia I'd pray for her when I found out she was gay,
That was none of my business, I'm done for now, have a nice day.

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