the temptation of iccabab crane"

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iccabab crane was asked by his loving wife who has stage four cancer as one final act of love to unplug her machine since doctors have told her there is no cure and they were just waiting.

Submitted: March 21, 2018

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Submitted: March 21, 2018



"The temptation of Iccabob Crane" 

It was a dark summer night the year was 2015 Iccabab crane had just went to bed, he had one of the worst days of his life as his loving partner of thirty-six years passed away. She had stage four cancer and it nothing was working. 
Her last words were "Please I want out of this misery, I want you...I want you to pull the plug" Iccabab dropped his coffee cup as it exploded into many pieces from the impact as it made contact with the emergency room. 
Iccabab with tears in his eyes said "I I can't" "please you have too, no amount of chemo is going to save me and if you don't the doctors will and if anyone is going to end my life I want it to be my loving husband, please you have to do this for me!" Iccabab crane still crying says "ok ok right I understand I understand." He bends down next to his loving wife gives her one final kiss and says "I will always love you." "Please don't make this any harder I love you too but I'm in pain, these past thirty - six years were nothing more than incredible! I will always love you know that I want you to be happy the rest of your life, thank you for the memories we shared. Iccabab's wife says. She offers her hand out. Iccabab places his hand on hers. "Please unplug the machine Now and walk out the door.
 "But." "No Iccabab you promised please do this one final act for me." Iccabab stands to his feet and walks towards the machine. He stares at the machine and back at his wife. She shakes her head. Iccabab takes a few deep breaths, he grabs ahold of the cord and unplugs it. "Thank you" his wife manages to say. He looks over to her as she slips away into her sleep. Iccabab kisses her forehead one more time and walks out of the hospital door.

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