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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Mystery and Crime  |  House: Booksie Classic

The information has been disclosed to the public....

Submitted: March 21, 2018

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Submitted: March 21, 2018



“You’re crazy!”

“No.  I’m serious.  They took him to the farm, hit him over the head with a shovel and buried him alive.”

“I’m telling you, you’re nuts!  A shallow grave?  That would be too easy for the Feds to sniff out with bloodhounds.”

“Okay, then, what do you think happened?”

“It’s not a matter of thinking, I know.  He was to meet with a couple of made guys at the Machus Red Fox restaurant, right?  A high-class joint, coat and tie, but they never went inside, see.  He got in the car with the mobsters to go to a house on the outskirts of town.  It was an empty house - no lights on inside with the curtains drawn closed.  They let him walk in first, then BAM!  They let him have it!  Two shots with a .22 ACP at pointblank range, right in the back of the head.  He never knew what hit him.”

“You’re full of it!”

“That’s the way it went down, man.  I swear to you it’s the truth.  My cousin Guido told me.  His aunt’s brother was a capo for the East Coast outfit.”

“What happened to the corpse?”

“A pair of fashionably attired assistants stuffed his dead body down inside a 55 gallon metal drum to be transported out of town under cover of darkness, then buried in a Mob-owned toxic waste dump in Jersey.”

“You’re both wrong.”

“Oh brother, here we go.”

“Nah, let him tell his piece.  We both had our say, let twinkle-toes enlighten us with his big PhD brain.  I want to hear what he has to say on the subject.”

“We both know exactly what he’s gonna say.  The same retarded thing he says about every scandal that hits the dailies.  It’s a conspiracy.  It’s always a conspiracy with this guy.  I’ve had it up to my gills already with his wacko conspiracy theories!”

“C’mon, Huey, give the guy a break already.  Lighten up, will ya?  It’s almost midnight.  Go ahead, twinkle-toes, enlighten us dolts with your big brain.”

“There’s no riddle to it.  The matter is quite simple.  Jimmy Hoffa disappeared and to this very moment not a single scrap of genuinely verifiable evidence has been brought forward to prove foul play.  Just because someone disappears, doesn’t mean they’ve been killed.”

“Let me guess, he was abducted by aliens?”

“We should never guess.  It’s a shocking habit.  Destructive to the logical faculty.”

“Ha! Ha!  You tell him twinkle-toes!”

“Shut-up, Rico, or else!”

“Or else what, cream puff?  You gonna make me hold your dentures?”

“If you don’t shut your fat mouth, I’ll throw you such a beatin’!”

“Okay, Lorenzo, don’t get you’re panties in a wad.  Let twinkle-toes tell us what happened to Hoffa.  You can throw me a beatin’ later.  Go ahead, twinkle-toes.”

“Well, as I was saying, a person’s disappearance doesn’t prove foul play.  And you’re close to the truth, Lorenzo, with your suggestion of alien abduction, but Hoffa wasn’t abducted by aliens for the very simple reason that he is an alien, still very much alive and in power calling the shots for the Teamsters.  He brought nearly every truck driver in the entire nation under a single contract.  It’s all about shipping and transportation.”

“See what I told ya?  A conspiracy!”

“Oh that’s rich, twinkle-toes!  Ha! Ha!  It’s too much!  I can’t stop laffin’!”

“Don’t you realize that the same year as Hoffa’s mysterious unexplained disappearance, several significant events took place which cannot possibly be coincidence.”

“Such as?”

“Think about it, the much-admired popular-vote head of the Teamsters disappears, then, the oil embargo which had been driving up crude prices since ‘73 suddenly comes to a very abrupt end.  In addition to this economically important milestone, the president signed into law the ban on domestic oil exports along with a new rule instituting a national 55 mile-per-hour speed limit for highways.  Squeaky Fromme, infamous member of the notorious Manson Family, attempted to assassinate President Gerald Ford; and the biggest telltale evidence of all, Travis Walton, while working with a logging crew in the mountains of Arizona, really was abducted by an alien UFO.”

“Can you believe this guy?  He’s gone completely round the bend!”

“I warned you.  Let him talk, you said.”  

“That’s it, twinkle-toes, we’re takin’ you to the lollipop factory!”

“Gentlemen, please, I’m being serious….dead serious.  There are volumes of information available to the public, critical information of which surprisingly few people are aware.  Of those who are aware, the majority do not know what to look for - they don’t know when secrets of enormous power are presenting themselves right before their very eyes.

In a phone conversation between President Lyndon Baines Johnson and Senator Richard Russell of Georgia, recorded on September 18, 1964, there’s an obscure reference to the confusion of the commander of a US destroyer on patrol in an undisclosed bay somewhere along the coast of French Indochina, a/k/a, Vietnam.  The commander reported that three surface craft were moving toward his position at night.  He broadcast radio transmissions to order the craft away from his location.  The mysterious craft ignored the commander and kept moving closer, so the commander fired a warning shot, but radar indicated the vessels were still closing in on his position.  The commander reported to officials in Washington that he fired again and struck one of the three ships that radar indicated were threatening the battlecruiser, but he could not locate any debris nor were there any explosions or fires which would have resulted from the destruction of a ship.  

The three radar contacts disappeared from the screen.  Three big boats cannot instantaneously vanish from radar.  There was speculation that the commander of the US destroyer had overreacted and fired on whales.  This is impossible because the destroyer was equipped with sonar which would have indicated the presence of whales or enemy submarines, yet electronics surveillance data from communications and intercepts confirmed that torpedoes had been launched at the US battleship.  Experts were baffled as to exactly what transpired that fateful night in ‘64, yet the explanation is overtly obvious.  Highly technologically advanced craft capable of rendering themselves invisible to radar, that is to say alien craft of extraterrestrial origin, were used to incite fear and hostilities which triggered the start of the Vietnam War.  The question is not what happened that night that left the commander of the US destroyer frightened and confused, the question is, why did space aliens from elsewhere in the galaxy (or an alternate dimension) want to cause a major global conflict on planet Earth, the military engagements of which would take place in southeast Asia?  Answer this question, and you’ll understand the enigma of why Jimmy Hoffa, president of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters, disappeared in July of 1975.

© Copyright 2020 Sean Terrence Best. All rights reserved.

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