Sophie Turner: Neighborhood Sleuth

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Young Adult  |  House: Booksie Classic

Sophie Turner was just an average everyday kid.

No sorry I'm wrong. She was the neighborhood sleuth. . ..or so she thought.

It had been a long weekend for little Sophie Turner. 

The rain had been so heavy, she could barely see past her light fixture on the front porch.

Sophie had grown so bored, she built a fort full of blankets and pillows in the middle of her room, pretending to be a pirate sailing the seven seas.

Her mother was in bed very ill. Her father hadn't left her side but for a moment to fetch a cup of tea. 

The days had dragged on so long, young Sophie entertained herself by counting the little edges on her bedroom ceiling, while twirling her long luscious golden brown locks repeatedly. If she wasn't attempting so, she would stare out her window, watching the neighborhood as she had grown quite fond of the "Encyclopedia Brown" detective books. She considered herself a sleuth as well. Solving crimes left and right. The missing sock of 2015. Or her biggest yet, who stole the last eggo? 

Still, it had been weeks since she had a case and she was starting to grow tired. Nothing exciting was happening. Ms. Melzer, her elderly neighbor across the street did the same thing everyday. Watered her lawn at 11:45 in the morning on the dot, and ate a piece of apple pie on her porch at sunset.

Like I said...nothing exciting.


One night, after everyone had gone to bed, Sophie stayed up past her bedtime, under the covers with a flashlight to read one of her favorite books.

A loud clash came! She could hear it clear as day.

Sophie's eyes lit up, as she sprung from under her blanket, dashing to the window to see where the noise had come.

She peered out her bedroom window to see where the noise has come, but could only make out a dim light coming from across the street from Mr. Melzer's house. The rain was too hard to see a clear image. 

Sophie grabbed her binoculars her father had bought her for her eleventh birthday, pressing the binoculars right up against the window hoping to make something out. But the rain proved too much, as Sophie could only make out a mere silhouette in the window.

But one thing was for sure! She could see what she only assumed was Ms. Melzer and another person. Someone was chasing Ms. Melzer.

A loud scream pierced Sophie's ears, causing her to drop the binoculars to cover the screeching sound as if coming from inside her bedroom. She dashed to her parents bedroom.

"Dad! Dad!" Sophie whispered, as to not wake up her sleeping mother.

Sophie's father grunted, not even as so much as an eye lift.

Sophie desperately continued shaking her father but it was no use.


There it was! Another scream!

Sophie ran to her bedroom, slipped on the rain boots from under her bed, threw on a rain coat and burst from her bedroom, dashed down the stairs, and leaped out of her front door. The rain had worsened. The wind was brutal, it felt like she was being punched in the face with rain drops.

That didn't matter.

Sophie ran across the street to the house. She vigiriously knocked on the front door.


But no one answered.

Sophie knocked again, this time the door creaked open as if someone opened it for her.

As the door opened, Sophie peaked her head inside, barely past the door-way. Darkness filled the space in-front of her. It sent chills down her spine. It didn't matter. Sophie knew she had to be brave.

She straightened herself up, tightened her pony-tail, and cautiously entered the home of Ms. Melzer.

"Hello?" she called out, her voice trembling as it echoed the halls. "Ms. Melzer are you there?" still no response.

Sophie shined her light around the room. It looked like the place had been empty for weeks but she knew that couldn't be. Sophie didn't recall seeing any moving trucks. 

That eerie feeling of being watched came over Sophie, something wasn't right. Her hand began to shake as a shadow from behind cast over her shoulder. Fear had come rushing over her but she would not run.

Oh no!

Instead she put on a brave face,clenching the handle of the flashlight as tight as she could, swinging with all her might around, bashing whoever dare come from behind her with the flashlight. 

"Ouch! Sophie!" her father shouted, holding his head where a bit of blood was now displayed. 

Her father grabbed her by the arm, hovering over her, rushing her back home as the rain began to pour harder.

After they got back, they dried off a bit. Sophie's father fixed them both a cup of hot cocoa. Her father blew on her's so she didn't burn her tongue. He then dropped a couple of tiny marshmallows on top just the way she liked.

"Sophie, what in the world were you doing over there?" her father asked, shivering still trying to get warm.

"I saw Ms. Melzer being chased by someone", Sophie replied, urgently leaning towards her father, letting him know how serious she was.

Her father didn't believe her. "You actually saw someone chasing her?" he asked, still unsure of his daughters's story.

Just as Sophie lunged to answer him back, a knock on the front door stopped her before she could.

"Wait here." her father warned her, casually making his way to the front door. 

After a while..."Sophie, would you come here for a moment?" her father sternly asked her.

Sophie worried for a moment, set her cup down and walked towards the front door. 

Police car lights illuminated the room, fear rushed over Sophie's face as she approached her disappointed father and two oddly put officers, staring her down like she just robbed a bank.

The officer's tipped their soaked wet hats to Sophie, her father grasped her shoulder bringing her closer to his side.

"Sophie, this is officer Haskins and officer Spillman. They'd like to have a word with you." her father informed her, holding her closely by his side.

Officer Haskins was in his late 40's, older African-American man, with an old scar under his left eye. Officer Spillman was a couple decades younger then Haskins, with a thin mustache and looked like he hadn't been doing the job long.

"Good evening young lady. Your father tells us you think you witnessed someone in distress at the house across the street?" Officer Spillman asked, giving Sophie a confident glare.

Sophie took a big gulp, she felt uneasy but she wouldn't let her nerves get the best of her. She took a deep breath and responded.

"I saw it! I saw the attack!"

Officer Haskins looked over at the other officer with a seemingly concerned look. Sophie noticed and checked out the response Officer Spillman returned. The two of them were acting funny. They looked as if she said something wrong.

"Did you see anything...anything at all?" Officer Spillman asked Sophie, his lips trembling as he adjusted his hat.

Sophie took a longer look at the two officers before answering. She glanced down at their shoes. Something wasn't right. Their shoes were too fancy. Like Richie Rich fancy. Shoes no ordinary cop could afford.

" nothing. I didn't see nothing." she replied, the clear notion that she was lying but she didn't want to tell these policemen the truth. She got the feeling that something was different about these two.

Sophie faked a yawn.

"I'm beat dad, I'm going to go back to bed" she told her father, still locked on the two police officers,staring back at her with suspicion in their eyes.

Sophie ran upstairs as quick as she could, immediately going to her window to watch as the officers got back into their vehicle. 

She grabbed her binoculars and spied on the officers. It appeared they were having a discussion, causing them both to end up frustrated. Officer Spillman stared straight at Sophie's room, making her jump and back away from the window, believing she hadn't been caught.

The cop car pulled away.


Young Sophie once again spied on the house across the street. 

This time the day was bright, but still, she lied on her couch, wondering, what had she saw? Did she see anything?

Her mom came down the stairs, still reeling from the flu she suffered from, but seeming to feel better on this day.

Sophie just stared at the house. As if waiting for something to happen. Her mom sat beside her, running her fingers through Sophie's curly locks of hair. 

"You should be outside, it's a beautiful day." her mother insisted, still combing her hair as she gazed at Sophie.

Sophie turned and looked at her mother, eyes filled with worry. "Mama someone's watching us." 

Her mother leaned against the couch cushion, taking a look across the street, then looking at Sophie longingly, curious of her daughter's comment.



The sound of a glass window breaking had awoken Sophie from a deep sleep.

She sprung from her bed, landing on the tip of her toes before grabbing her binoculars and sprinting to her window.

She scoured the entire area. Nothing. No activity at the house across the street. The street was quiet. Where had the noise come from? There was no sign of anything anywhere.

Then in that moment, Sophie realized, as a shadowy figure approached from behind that alluded her, the noise had come from inside her house.


Someone grabbed Sophie from behind, covering her mouth immediately rendering her unable to call for help. Whoever this was, their strength had proven too much for our young sleuth. Another figure who was too hard to make out in the darkness of the house, threw a bag over Sophie's head to impair her vision.

Although Sophie could not see, she recognized the sound of the creaky stairs from her basement. 

A rustling near by grabbed her attention. She could only make out bits and pieces through tiny holes in the sack. She could hear the the two men arguing back and forth. 

"Their voices...I've heard them before" she thought to herself, as she was still unable to get loose. 

Sophie  was finally set down on the cold cement floor of the basement, causing goosebumps to over flow her skin.

The sack was ripped off her head.

She couldn't believe it!

"You!" Sophie shouted, surprised by the reveal of her captors. It was the two police men from earlier. Officer Haskins and Officer Spillman, only this time they were dressed as street thugs.

She looked over and saw both her mom and dad tied up side by side with gags to keep them from screaming.

"MOM! DAD!" Sophie shouted worriedly. "What did you do to them?" she relayed back to the two men.

"Relax. They're fine" Haskins said, pacing back and forth scratching his head.

"And they'll be fine as long as you cooperate little lady" Spillman chimed in, standing over Sophie.

Footsteps came from beyond the two men, deep in the shadows. Sophie tried to make out who it was but the dimly lit basement made it impossible. 

"Tell us what we need to hear little girl, or else" a voice called out from the shadows, making their way to the light. 

It was old lady Ms. Melzer! 

Sophie's eyes were wide eyed with surprise. 

"Ms. Melzer! It was you?!" Sophie asked, staring longingly as though she had seen a ghost.

"Please.. that old bat can barely remember what day of the week it was, call me Marilyn" she said, lighting a cigarette seconds later.

Sophie was confused. This woman looked just like her neighbor but claimed to be someone else. Something else seemed to odd about this woman, she had a tattoo that read, "Marilyn + Evelyn sisters 4ever". 

"Marilyn?" Sophie uttered under her breath, clearly confused about the appearance of this woman in-front of her.

The woman who claimed to be Marilyn, stood there, puffing her cigarette, gazing at Sophie with a very non amused expression on her face. She then walked to Sophie, kneeled down in-front of her, took a long drag of the cigarette and blew it obnoxiously in Sophie's face, making Sophie cough harshly. 

"Where is it?" Marilyn asked, staring right at Sophie. 

"Where's what?" Sophie replied, still trying to clear her throat of the smoke.

"The locket you little brat!" Marilyn screamed at Sophie, now nose to nose with Sophie.

Sophie was riddled with fear but stood her ground so that it didn't show.

Sophie had no clue what locket Marilyn was speaking of, but she knew it was only a matter of time before her clock was punched. So she had to think fast.

"Oh..yeah that locket" Sophie boasted, thinking quick on her feet in order to buy herself some time. "It's in my room. I can take you to it."

Marilyn leered at Sophie. Unsure of her sudden cooperation. "Go with her" she demanded, signaling to Spillman.

Spillman grabbed Sophie and nudged her to head up the stairs.

"Oh and if you try anything funny, mommy and daddy get it." Marilyn warned Sophie, smirking maniacally.

Sophie was scared. She had lied about the locket. But she had to do something or it was the end for her and her parents. This bought her some time.

As Sophie and Spillman made their way up the basement stairs, Sophie shot her parent's, who's faces were covered in dirt and tears an assuring wink even though she wasn't so sure at that moment.

Her parents looked at each other with slight hope but more confusion in their eyes.


As Sophie and Spillman entered her room, she looked around her room as casual as possible like she was searching for the locket. This was to allude her captor any hint she was going to try anything. She scoured the room and had almost given up hope until...

"The walkie talkie!" she mumbled under her breath. "Of course!"

Sophie tripped herself right in front of the device. Landing on her hands and knees. Acting like she didn't intend to, she let out a large grunt.

Spillman, feeling some sympathy sighed and extended his hand to help her up.

"Here...get up." Spillman said, with his hand extended for her to grab onto.

Before she reached back to take his hand, she casually turned the knob to power up the walkie talkie, the frequency was linked back to the other walkie that her best-friend Johnny Woo had on his nightstand next to his bed.

Sophie spoke obviously loud in the direction of the walkie, hoping it would alert Johnny. Spillman paid it no attention.

Johnny barely raised an eyebrow from the static sound. Instead, he just turned over.

Sophie continued to scramble around the room trying to stall, repeatedly making loud noises and assuring him that she "knew it was somewhere there". Spillman started to pick up on her intentions. He had grown tired of her games.

"You don't have the locket, do you?" Spillman asked, giving her a stern look, stretching his arms.

"No I do, I swear. I just forgot where I put it." Sophie answered, her voice began to tremble as she worried maybe Johnny didn't hear her.

Spillman made his way towards her, cracking his knuckles, obviously making sure she knew she was in trouble.

"Wanna know what I think?" Spillman stated, rolling up his sleeves, walking towards her.

Sophie began to sweat, trying to inch her away from him.

"I think you said you had the locket, just so you could buy yourself some time." Spillman expressed, hands clenched into a fist.

"I swear I..I didn't" Sophie trailed off, too scared to think of another lie.

Spillman had grown angrier, he was now pratically toppling over Sophie.

"Hey Bozo!" a voice from behind called out, immediately making Spillman turn to see who it was.

Johnny Woo, heroically standing there wearing footie pj's, armed with a rock loaded in his trusty slingshot aimed directly at Spillman.

While distracted by Johnny, Sophie stomped on Spillman's foot with all her strength. Giving just enough time for Johnny to fire the rock at Spillman, hitting him straight in the head. Spillman fell backwards in Sophie's bed-frame, knocking him unconscious.

Sophie grinned ear to ear. She was ecstatic at his timing.

"Right on time." Sophie said, letting out a deep breath of relief.

"You know me. Better late then never. But in this case...I guess it's a good thing that I didn't not show up." Johnny replied, awkwardly trying to be cool in the moment.

"You were almost cool. By this much" Sophie stated, squishing her thumb and finger together showing Johnny how dorky his response was.

Sophie and Johnny dashed out of the room.

The loud clash from upstairs worried Marilyn. She nudged Haskins to see what's going on, pulling out a small pistol from her belt, aiming it at Sophie's parents.

Haskins entered the kitchen, he called Spillman's name multiple times, expecting him to respond. No answer. Haskins quietly snuck through the kitchen.

"What's going on up there?" Marilyn shouted.

"I don't see anything. Spillman isn't.." Haskins trailed off.

Marilyn listened closely but Haskins never finished.

"What?" Marilyn shouted, but heard nothing back. She turned to Sophie's parents..

"Don't go anywhere."

Marilyn made her way up the stairs, holding her gun firmly and pointing ahead. She made it to the kitchen just on top of the stairs. As she made her way a little further into the kitchen, the basement door slammed shut, making Marilyn jump.

"Okay....very funny. You kids are messing with the wrong lady right now." Marilyn shouted.

Marilyn started to slip, nearly fall to the ground. She looked closer, dipped her finger in the gook on the ground and tasted it.

"Is that cocoa?" Marilyn whispered to herself, confused.

The lights flickered on. Sophie ran into the room with a nerf gun.

"Coconut tree sap!" Sophie shouted, holding the nerf gun pointed straight at Marilyn.

Sophie fired tiny red balls repeatedly at Marilyn's face, making her fall to the ground and her gun fly across the room.

Marilyn growled at Sophie. She was now sticking to the floor.

Johnny sprinted in, carrying a bag of flower. Johnny threw the bag of flour at Marilyn, almost making it impossible for her to see.

Johnny resumed by Sophie's side. The two of them looking on as Marilyn looked like a snowman covered in flour and tree sap.

Sophie and Johnny high fived each other.

"Nice move with the flour" Sophie said to Johnny, nudging him to let him know she liked his action.

"Like I always say, no matter how sour, just add a little flour" Johnny replied, winking at Sophie thinking he nailed it.

"God I hate kids!" Marilyn exhausted blowing flour off her lips.


The police had arrived to arrest the assailants.

Sophie, Johnny and Sophie's parent's were all speaking to an officer, as they watched Spillman, Haskins and Marilyn being placed in police cars.

Ms. Melzer exited her home, a blanket placed over her to keep her warm. The officers informed Sophie and the other's that she had been taken captive the other night.

After checking to make sure everyone was alright, Sophie and Johnny went to check on Ms. Melzer. 

"Are you okay Ms. Melzer?" Sophie asked insistently, making sure the captors didn't hurt her?

"Oh I'm fine dear. Just a little bruised that's all." Ms. Melzer replied, smiling as reassured Sophie. 

"That woman Marilyn, I could have sworn she looked just like you." Sophie implied.

"That's because she does. That's my twin sister Marilyn." Ms. Melzer replied assuredly, placing her hand on Sophie's arm to comfort her.

Ms. Melzer continued to inform Sophie and Johnny about her twin sister Marilyn. She had told them that Marilyn and her were very close when they were growing up. Best friends actually. But, as they grew older, they began to grow apart. That is until their father passed away and split his fortune between them. Marilyn got their families home, and part of the land that belonged to their family. Ms. Melzer or Evelyn, got the other half of the land and...a locket. 

"Ya know, that woman Marilyn was after a locket. She seemed to think I had it. Any idea why?" Sophie asked Ms. Melzer strongly.

A tiny smile came over Ms. Melzer as she looked up at Sophie. Sophie was a little off put about Ms. Melzer's reaction. Ms. Melzer ushered Sophie and Johnny to come closer to her, as it appeared she had something to tell  them in secret.

"That's because my do." Ms. Melzer whispered to Sophie, pointing to her pajama pocket.

Sophie gazed down at her pocket, where a light glowed brightly. Sophie reached into her pocket and pulled out a golden locket that glowed brightly like it was something out of The Hobbit. Sophie and Johnny stared at the locket, completely frozen. They couldn't believe their eyes.

"The locket is part of your destiny Sophie." Ms. Melzer whispered to them.

Sophie and Johnny looked at one another. Their eyes widened as the light grew brighter.

"My destiny?" Sophie asked, her mouth almost laying on the floor.

"Your true destiny!" Ms. Melzer assured her once again, smiling with pride.


Submitted: March 22, 2018

© Copyright 2020 Griff D. Con. All rights reserved.

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