The Crazy Howl

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Observing people.

Submitted: March 22, 2018

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Submitted: March 22, 2018



The Crazy Howl


There is a soccer field in Worcester,

I would walk it when I could not sleep at night.

Often I would see him,

A wild and broken character.


Sometimes he would be filled with laughter,

Often there would be tears,

But often there would be a sound,

The sound of an animal, the crazy howl.


It was something between a mad animal

And an injured hound.

The shouting and crying,

Howling and pain.


Everything outside for everyone to see,

Emotions and heart all on his sleeve.

He was not afraid of himself,

Bare emotions of anger and rage.


I asked him one night,

Why he cried like the wolf

And roared like the lion on the plains.

Simply he replied.


The roar is my anger,

And the crazy howl,

Is me letting go of my pain and hurt.

I cannot hold it in, so I let it out.


Words cannot describe,

The things I feel inside,

So I roar, I howl and I cry

And in the silence I know that I am found.

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