two different people

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sei is a 15 year old kid who has nothing to do with his life because all his life has been into games.he has been searching his whole life on what he can live for but nothing seems to please day he will meet someone who will make his life change

Submitted: March 22, 2018

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Submitted: March 22, 2018




"Whats the point of living in a world thats full of nothing"

"Is there anything worth fighting for in a world thats full of fighting"

"Do you live just to be alive"

A room...A room filled with plastic wrapper,chip bags and clothings on the floor.The odor of the used clothes are all inside one small room but the worse part is the person living in this room.Sei just Sei, Sei is a shut in and what every shut in does is stay in the chair and play games while eat.Sei does things in a manner where you dont even take 5 minutes to do things like homeworks and all that type of bullshit.He turned into this shut in who never takes 5 minutes to do something when he was 12 because his parents went to go out and visit his grandparents but on their way they were a victim of a landslide in the mountains, The bodies of Sei's parents coudnt be found but luckily his sister Pina was found but she suffered permanent paralysis.The grandparents took the sister in so that she can be looked after but they left Sei and they didnt took him in.He experienced a lot of horribile things when he was a kid but that one was the worst and since then he became a shutin and never opened up to others.When he was 12 he used to visit hes sister every month but he stopped when he turned 13 for some odd reason.Sei is probrably using games to distract him so that he may not face reality.

May 12 2018 the day when "it" happened."God dammit! im out of noodles again" Sei with a dissapointed look "its been so long since i went out,well propbrably because I just keep ordering online".Sei went out to the gloomy and lifeless streets to go buy some noodles.On his way back "Blood?" with a clueless face and he goes and investigate like a stupid moron.He went to check out what the blood led too but what he saw wasnt pretty at all."Are you an angel of hell?" Sei said to the girl with 4 horns on her head and the girl was eating the human.The girl looked back and bit the neck of Sei and everything ended there."Well this is the end huh? my life was so boring..atleast this one wasnt" whispers Sei.The girl release her fangs and asked "Tell me why do you not treasure your life? because all the people ive hunted were begging for their lives" Sei replies with "I dont know-- probrably because all the things i care about were taken away".The girl told Sei to follow him and they both went to a rich house and modern house.The inside was with modern looking chandaliers and a modern interior designing but when they entered the girls room, Sei saw hes so called "heaven". The room was clean and tidy but the desk of the girl was a beast because it had all the latest specs and it seemed that the girl is a hardcore gamer."Your rich but are you even good at gaming?" questioned by Sei, the girl smugged "Hehe I have another victim" after they played the game, it was a one sided match because the girl is a famous player but she just looks different because shes not wearing makeup.Her name is Alice and shes a shut in who goes out only to eat humans.


A girl..A brown haired girl..shes about 160cm and she plays games...pretty normal right?...well she eats humans for a living.A haired and with a headband...hes about 170cm and plays games...well hes normal but his background is pretty dark.Both are pretty similar but they are drasticaly different.July 26 2018, the 16th birthday of Sei and summer just started.Sei doesnt recieve nor gets greetings and he doesnt celebrate his birthday, all he does is play games like a normal day on his birthday.Alice is the first friend he had in real life for the past 3 years but I cant really say they are close close friends, they barely talk in real life.5 days laterthere was reports of series of other beings manifesting in human form and there were panic all over the city because since then a lot of muder cases were filed.Sei went outside not knowing what happened on the day where the anomalies started to show up.The skies were filled with greyness and the city was covered by the darkness of the clound and yet Sei didnt find anything off.Sei visited Alice house but she wasnt there so he waited in the polished wooden door."Huh?I feel I chill behind my spine, probrably its just cold." Sei says in a worried manner, He waited and waited but as soon as he knew it, it was already dawn.He went back to his house and on the way he met these group of thugs with fangs and a intimidating look and the group brought him to an alley where there was no exit but straight ahead but it was blocked by the group of thugs.Sei asked "May I help you?" , "Heh, you think your cool, well your gonna think twice about doing that" says the leader of the thugs.They pummeled and ganked Sei but he coudnt do anything because hes just a human.A girl...A brown haired girl...about 160cm and a prideful face--its Alice, She slaughtered the group of thugs cold heartedly in front of Sei but he didnt flinch or even react."Hey I know we met and all but this aint a game, this is reality kid and you shouldnt go out just because you think you can.If you wanna die then just kill yourself," says Alice "If you wanna die then just go kill yourself, dont dirty other peoples hands." "You and me are different. I kill, you hide" stated  Alice.The "Opening", the event that the unatural turns to the natural.


A birthday..turned into a nightmare.Alice and Sei parted ways after their reunion in the dark alley with a group of thugs.From that day on Sei worked out his skinny flimsy body  so that he can protect himself from the unatural but he felt something odd with himself, he felt that the world around him is against him.One fateful night he went out to take a look around his town and he found a kid around 13 years old with a red blooded shirt and Sei went over to the kid and asked him "Kid its dangerous out here and why are you covered in blood?" the kid looks at him straight in the eyes and said to him " I killed my family with a knife". Sei fell over and was terrified , so Seiy ran and ran but he coudnt get of his mind the face of the child that took the lives of his family but Sei ran into someone, a mysterious coated person with a box cutter.Sei was frozen and they were both staring at each other until these two "unatural" guys went over and pointed a knife at the hooded man saying "We know who you are and we know what you did to out boss!, now you have to pay". The hooded stranger removed his hood and there it was, A girl with stunning ginger hair and intimidating eyes, it was like a demon from heaven. She slices the box cutter cleanly pass the neck of the thug and she rushed passed by the second thug and stab him in the back like a action scene from a movie, she looks at Sei and says with a cute awkwarly look asking "How was it? did you enjoy the show?"there was a pause and Sei said "Umm..are you okay?",she tilted her head and replied "Yah, I think so", she introduced herself and her name is Piya Vex and so they both walked through the streets of the night and they came across a lot of thugs though Piya took care of them with ease.When they arrived at an abandoned grocery store Piya invited Sei to join the group that she has, The "Lumine Boat" and Sei was shocked because there were only 3 people that was part of the group excluding Piya. Sei went out to think about the offer because hes a gamer not a fighter and hes scared of dying and blood. He went back and said that he would join because he wants to see this small group grow and live.There were three members in the group, Dewy Isaac a male and the scout of the group, Tim Loui a male, he guards the fort and Jest Lodge a female, shes incharge of the weapons.This choice that Sei made will change the way he lives, he wont live with the unatural in his life, he will fight against them, even though he has to fight Alice, This is the fate and destiny of this small group and this is the path where young Sei will follow.


"Every story comes to an end"

"We cant coexist with monsters that feed on humans"

"We are just like them!"

In the dusky night with the moon glaring upon the empty city, In that city 5 people were the only ones that went in the open.They say only heroes save the day, but we aint heroes, were survivors.We hunted the night to look for resources but we saw the start of everything, A giant hole in the ground, We went down and we searched for resources but I Sei didnt go with them and joined their group to survive, I was with them because I wanted to find out what caused this terrible nightmare. I thought it would be some kind of portal or gate but when we looked in the hole we didnt find a portal nor a gate, We found a large tree with beast inside of it but they were not capture, they were offsprings.This tree makes offsprings of monsters and the tree feeds of human by using its roots to drag the humans under it and eats it and turns it into a living breathing monster.We went closer and tried smashing it with a bat and a crowbar but it wont budge but Tim tried to use his lighter to burn it and it turns out it worked and the tree withered away.We all thought it was over and all the unatural would disappear but we were wrong , we thought it would end like those in the comics but it didnt go like that.We were surrounded by a bunch of human like monsters and we ran but 3 were left behind and they were eaten. Me and Piya were the only one who survived , Piya was mourning for days because she knew them more than I do.I promised her that I will leave to kill the left over monsters here in this city but I will comeback once im done.2 years passed and Sei returned back to the grocery store , Piya saw Sei and they both looked at each other with no happy greetings. Piya went closer to Sei and kneeled and punching his chest she keeps on saying that he broke his promise. Sei smiled with sorry eyes "I wont comeback this time, I know I broke the promise and I will break it again but I have to say goodbye." Sei left while Piya was overflowing with tears and so Sei took off with his motor bike and his sliched pipe. In those 2 year Sei killed monsters one by one and he got stronger by doing this.The momment that Sei didnt want to come was already near, The last monster remains, Alice, the carnivorous beauty.Sei met at the same place he first met Alice, The alley. "Hi , Nice to see you again." Alice greets Sei with a serious smile and she says "So you finally have the balls to kill huh?, thats good but I wont go easy on you just because we were friends." Sei replies" I should have just killed you when we first met, I was foolish" so they both rushed at each other with full force and Alice got the first blow , she hitted the cheek but Sei landed a hit too in the right shoulder. Their left hands rose up and aimed for the heart but Alice got the strike first. "Sorry to say this old friend but your time is up" Sei smiles and says "I guess I coudnt make the promise I made to Piya but I wont die without finishing half of the promise!" He yelled and stabbed the heart of Alice.They both lie on the ground and with their final breaths they said their last words to each other.

"I remember when I first found you eating the human, I was so scared I coudnt move but I wasnt scared because your a monster , I was afraid of you eating me."

"Heh, I was surprised that I didnt ate you, you would have been the easiest meal"

"You know what Alice"

"I think we werent that different after all"

"Huh?! why would you think that."

"We humans do everthing to survive and so do you monsters."

"Oh I see"



Both: "We could have been a weird couple"


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