Losing the Dream

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When we dare to dream and face disappointment.

Submitted: March 22, 2018

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Submitted: March 22, 2018



Losing the Dream


They say our dreams die with us when we die,

Some dreams we lay down for better ones,

But what do we do when we lose to disappointment?

When things pile up and we lose our drive?


Out in the world there are people who thrive,

During the struggle and disappointment,

That is where they find the will to survive,

It is how they are wired,

The struggle is how they know they are alive.


Some lose faith,

They lose hope,

Lose themselves in what they are not,

Whether it is people or circumstance,

They forget their purpose and finally lose their lives.


If disappointment and hardship,

Are things some people only know.

What happens when they succeed,

Or do they succumb to the effort of losing the dream?


Do we take courage in the fight?

When we realise that we could win or lose,

That we can decide,

Choosing to say that we are not finished yet.


So don't give up,

Take courage and find Hope.

Believe against belief,

Persevere and endure until you achieve.


It is within you,

To find the place where courage is breathed.

So take the leap and step into the unknown,

For Adventure is calling you by Name.


Will you answer the call,

Or are you willing to allow yourself,

To lose the dream?

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