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Describing the walk of faith.

Submitted: March 22, 2018

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Submitted: March 22, 2018





Blind men often see more than we do,

Their sight is gone but still they believe.

A belief in a world they are unable to see,

Our world they can touch and feel,

But a world they are unable to see.


Faith is an invitation,

A call to experience the unknown.

To trust in that which we cannot always see,

Where we are called to taste and to see,

To experience and to believe.


Our journey is not always easy,

As there are moments of unbelief,

Where the path ahead is hidden

And all we may have is a simple promise.


God calls out to all,

The invitation needs only a reply.

For He Himself has gone all the way,

To pay the price for all mankind.


Our invitation calls us,

Just as we are.

To come and Know 

The God Who is King of it All.


We are born into royalty,

Paid for by a precious price,

The Son of the One True King,

Laid down His very Life,

So that all may live and none would have to die.


Faith is not dependent on what we do,

But rather what has been done for us,

For it is Jesus who writes and perfects our Faith,

Faith which is built upon His Life.


So if we are to ask the question,

To count the cost

And pursue the Life we have that was paid for on the cross,

Though our bodies may perish and die,

We would see that following Jesus is worth the cost.


For Faith is based upon what we cannot see

And the belief the what we hope for,

Is in the substance of our dreams.

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