league of stones ep 1:the reckoning

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this will be a series with any special guest you guys ask for. every episode.

Submitted: March 22, 2018

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Submitted: March 22, 2018



Q my Chase music, I mean I should have it right now. These jock’s just won't get off my tail. I mean why is this guy chasing a famous track runner. Which is me, I don't mean to brag. well, I kind of do. but what do you expect? I'm not just going to let you bully some nerd. especially if he's my friend. All I can see and smell is dirt and grass but at least he hasn't caught me yet.But what’s a jock to a hero? absolutely nothing! but I’d feel even more proud if I wasn't about to get stuffed. I'm almost at my house I just need to get past this hill. Ouch, son of a gun. I'm actually literally tripping. I can already see my tombstone, Rip Samuel the greatest track runner to live. And I really wish I was paying attention because if I was I wouldn't be falling on my face right now. And as soon as I thought Easy Does It something so sharp stung my foot. And I'm about ready to grab that thing and throw it at his face. and I would have done so if it hadn't started glowing. And I couldn't take my eyes off of it but as I stared they got closer, too close. So I grabbed the thing and stand up, but suddenly I feel as light as air and I ran like it too. I must have broken some records or something cuz I was so fast you could have mistaken me for flash. And I wouldn't blame you but I would outrun you. Wait who am I talking to?But what was I doing running away at this time, I should be going to teach those guys lesson. I toppled the two lackey's and wrecked John the quote on quote king of the jocks. but what can’t I do?

Where's my team? yoga's in an hour and they're not even here yet. We have to be loose if we want to be good at football. being bulky isn't good enough. Or at least to beat the better teams. “boy, this is our turf,” crackled one tall guy wearing a blue belt “ yeah Bucco,” crackle the second. But the last one was bigger than all of them and wore a black belt. “ yeah get out,” he said. “I guess I finally did get to meet tweedle dee, Tweedle Dum, and Tweedle Dumber,” I couldn't have thought of a better come back. Too bad they didn't appreciate it as much as I did. the short and the shorter one put their fist up and the tall one stared with confidence.I could take those two on no problem but the one wearing the black belt, I wasn't so sure about. The closest I've ever been to a fight was watching my friends pick on some nerds but I wouldn't really call that a fight. I would call it lamb to slaughter and that's what this was about to be. Or at least I thought so. I decided to not even start the fight and went the other way. And out the door I went with my record-breaking football sprint. Nothing was in my way and nothing could stop me because when I did a football sprint I was practically a bulldozer. I mean what could they do to a kid who is roughly the size of a barge. Practically nothing and that's how I want to keep it.I just need to catch up with my team before they catch me. As I took my next step I felt as if I was just lifted up and started tumbling down the hill and the thing I stepped on was tumbling down too. everything was tumbling down except for those guys. And that's when it hits me, practice is tomorrow and now I'm screwed. I was surrounded by those guys, most notably the tall bulky one with the black belt. And I don't know much about karate but I'm pretty sure black belt is pretty high, or at least I think so. If this Stone made me trip I bet It can make them trip too. but I feel like I wasn't supposed to, maybe it was the fact that it was shining a bright glowing red color. Maybe was because red was my favorite color but I grab the thing and I knew I wouldn't be able to escape without the fight so I step up and I charge at the tallest one, the black belt. He grappled me and flip me over with ease but I managed to land.I felt like I lost but for some reason, the lackeys were staring at me weird, with fear in their eyes they run away. I look down at myself and my muscles look more defined than ever, I practically look like a superhero or a Power Ranger at least. the last one left with anger in his eyes as he said “I'll get you next time.”

I can feel a stone and it feels like it's connected to another one. But with my speed, I should be able to find out of the stone in no time and then I'll have double the power. I just need to let the stone guide me.

I know jocks aren't that bright and all but it’s like I can feel the stone. It’s like it’s trying to send me somewhere.I just need to let the stone guide me.


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