The Soothsayer

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

Fine spring day at Kale International school, Hanna finds herself in trouble with the meanest school bully, the Joker. Hanna and her friends try to help themselves out by seeking help from where
they can.She never imagines, however, what awaits her behind the Mulberry Woods when she askes for her sister for help...

Table of Contents

Chapter 1

Submitted: March 22, 2018

Hanna had to remind herself to breathe. Air tightened around her in waves. She dug her nails into the hollow of her palm as she tried to ... Read Chapter

Chapter 2

Submitted: March 26, 2018

Sudden rain drowned the city’s snores in soft patters. It wet the ground and cleaned the dusty panels of worn windows, pitter-pattering... Read Chapter

Chapter 3

Submitted: April 01, 2018

The eerie silence that followed Jamie’s disappearance was an unmanly one for Hanna. She screamed and kicked to pull her friend out ... Read Chapter

Chapter 4

Submitted: May 20, 2018

When the lights blinked, Nora waved her sister away in laziness. Throwing away her hairbrush and mirror petulantly on the cushions, Veren... Read Chapter

Chapter 5

Submitted: May 22, 2018

Aeree was speechless for a long time. Seeing her sister in a tantrum caused no effect on her nerves, as it had become a sort of hourly ri... Read Chapter