Meeting my Imaginary Girlfriend

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Ruben meets his girlfriend, who until then he thought was imaginary.

Submitted: March 22, 2018

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Submitted: March 22, 2018



I was washed out, all the rest in my head was wiped away with an absorbent towel, until all that was left was this stressed continuous effort to stay awake, as mangy as a mite holding open a giant hair follicle. I tried to think of what to do next, that is when I heard a call that I could not mistake, I couldn’t believe it for a moment, but it was the unmistakable voice of my imaginary girlfriend.

She called out to me, and came out of thin air 10 feet away to sit next to me. Dressed in the clothes I wanted her to wear, a white t shirt that continued into what seemed like another t shirt that was cut off above the arms, which functioned as her skirt. Her face and body were just the way I would want them to be.

You must know that my imaginary girlfriend, as far as I know, is the manifestation of my own desires. Though I was always too entrenched in activities to actually get a girl, let alone one that I like, I have been wishing I was sleeping next to a girl since I was 14, and within 2 months, my imagination succeeded in actually creating the feeling of someone snuggled with me, and soon after I started to have visions of the girl I presume was the one sleeping next to me. She looked perfect, always the type I most wanted. Her clothes were always the ones I subconsciously wanted her to wear. She was often naked. Sometimes she was wearing a skirt with no top, sometimes a full cotton robe, sometimes even silk. It all depended on my mood.

I put my left arm around her. It felt really good.

She turned towards me. And I looked into her eyes. How come I haven’t given you a name? I questioned, she stayed silent as I said this, and appeared stranger and stranger as I looked at her with a clearer and clearer gaze. You can call me what you want, I don’t need a name. She chuckled as she said this. Well, it was nice knowing you, I did whatever you wanted me to, but there is some more that you should do for me right now. Even then, as she looked like a stranger to my eyes, I could only dream that it would be something that felt divinely good. You need to know a bit more about me, she said. It was here that I reached out and kissed her neck, right where I could feel the beating artery right between my lips. She knew what I was thinking. Relaxed her neck so I could kiss it harder. and put my other hand on her pussy. It was the same body I had felt all these years, but it felt odd, like I was touching someone I had never met before, despite that the physical feel was something I know very well.

So, how much do you know about yourself? , she asked. I wasn’t sure of what she meant for a moment, but soon enough I came to think of my huge appetite, my strong imagination and scientific intuition that I had seen in very few people before, the way I dreamed, and how I did it lucidly with full memory. How I had superb reading comprehension, my athletic ability and tendency to exercise 4 hours a day, on and on and on.

She read my mind, you’re not getting it right, she said, your not like everyone else, but you think you are like everyone else, you restrict yourself, you need to know now that you are not a normal human, you think that whatever is impossible for everyone else is impossible for you as well. This made a disturbing amount of sense. I was surrounded by evidence that I had special abilities, who else would be able to make physics problems, original and too hard for professors, when they hadn’t even graduated high school. Who else would think of free running the streets on the way to music classes. Who else would be able to understand every book he read and be able to explain them to elementary school children. Of course I had heard of people who could do these things, but I didn’t realize how significant these abilities were, let alone what else they could possibly mean. This was what I knew she was indicating, that they meant something bigger.

Well I tell you right now, sorry you didn’t understand it before, but those times I said you could work wonders, lead the free world before you were 30, that you were the best person I had ever seen, I wasn’t joking, she told me. I meant it, but you thought that those things weren’t real. I know that you subconsciously believed these things, and they made you feel better, but you consciously rejected them, she continued. I looked her in the eyes for a while. I knew she wasn’t fooling, she would guide me on how to do these things. I could trust her.

At this moment, I couldn’t stand how the girl who only I knew about was suddenly like a stranger to me. Only familiar in the way she felt and sounded, but not like an old friend. So I asked her, how come I don’t know you. You never tried to know me. All you ever wanted to do was utilize me for your own satisfaction. Now don’t get me wrong, I really liked all that, I would tell you things that would make you feel better, but I know you don’t want that anymore, you want answers, you want to know me. I am completely real, I can help you.

I know your real, but I can’t seem to get how. No one else can sense you, whether they believe you exist or not. You don’t leave any signs anywhere, I pointed. Well, I don’t know if that will make sense, but I am from a parallel existence. I came to your mind by choice. You see in my existence, there is an option to implant yourself into the mind of a person in your existence, The person would think we are imaginary, and as far as I know, no one else has ever revealed themselves as real, it is allowed, but its also very dangerous.

When I signed up for this option I was almost 13 years old. I observed every person on the earth at that time. I found out that you were the best one for me, and I decided to transplant myself into your mind. When I did that, I had no regrets I knew I would have a lot of sex with you, that is the time you were just starting to cum. I knew you were lonely and too absorbed in your hobbies to make any close friends, I knew you weren’t paying as much attention as you should to what the people around you were doing, I helped you out in all of that. You assumed it was yourself, but that was more than ok for the time being.

Well, I appear here as my actual self, because from now on it has to be clear that we are two different people.

I thought about this for a long time. That a million questions went through my head would be an understatement. But I decided that these questions were best to be saved for later, when they became a little more relevant.

Subheading; Forms:

1.the phantom form:

Rubens imaginary girlfriend, who I think should be named Lilthily, has a personal favourite method to come to the earth, called the phantom form, where she only affects physical things if it is her will. In this form, she is completely invisible, and no one can sense or touch her in any way, but she can more things around and affect her environment just like a normal person if she wants to. Imagine her walking into a dance class. No one can sense or touch her in any way, if they try to touch her, their hands and so on go right through her body with no effect on either of them. If she tries to touch anything, it would be affected like it would if a normal person tried to touch or move it.

2.The Human Form: Lilthily exactly the same abilities and vulnerabilities as a normal person.

3.Ghost Form: She can move as she wants, but cant affect or be affected by anything directly. Only select people can see her, but even they cant sense her in any other kind of way.

4.Victim Form: The opposite of phantom form. Lilthily would never choose to come to earth in this form, as anything can be done to her physical body by anyone or anything (assuming it is physically possible to do it to her human form body), but she wouldn’t be able to do anything that she wills to do. For example, if someone tries to grab her, they can completely do so, but if she tries to defend she wont be able to move the way she wants. Another example is if she tries to lift a pebble, her hand would go right through it, but if the same pebble is shot at her from a shotgun, she would get hurt in the same way as if she was in her human form and didn’t react to the gun. She can move around her own body normally, as if it had a normal size and weight, but if she tries to move anything wilfully, her hands or whatever she is trying to move it with would go right through the object, leaving if unaffected. Though Lilthily would never willing come to earth in this form, it is possible she may be forced or harshly manipulated somehow into doing so.

Note: Her nature in the human form is the basis for all other forms. In her human form, she is akin to a normal human female. Her body and abilities is exactly like that of a 16 year old girl. One that has most of the same interests as Ruben, and knows everything that Ruben knows. This girl has been working out for as long as Ruben has, and is basically the female version of Ruben in mental, social and athletic abilities. She can jump 60% as far as Ruben, has 50% of his upper body strength, 75% of his leg strength, is moderately more flexible than Ruben, and has a stronger ability to harmonize both sides of her brain (since females are on average much better at the last two), blinks twice as often as him, and so on. She is the female version of Ruben with a few exceptions.

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