HP3 - Alternate Climax Part 1

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Alternate Climax - What would have happened if Harry and Hermoine had stumbled upon their past selves when they traveled back in time? Let's see where it goes. Just getting started. This part of
the plot is same as original, with a few tweaks of course.

Submitted: March 22, 2018

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Submitted: March 22, 2018



.......Harry felt his feet lose contact with the hospital floor. His neck jerked so hard, for a moment he thought that Snape finally got hold of it. Harry saw things around him changing on their own. What sorcery was this? Hardly had he got the chance to analyze all of this, with a thud, they landed up in the entrance hall. "Hermoine, what did just...." But before Harry could complete the sentence, Hermoine grabbed him and rushed across the hall. She got near the broom cupboard, pushed Harry inside and closed the door behind after getting herself in.

Hermoine sensed the thoughts inside Harry's head. "We came back in time, Harry", she said. Harry dropped his jaw. He had never heard, let alone seen, anything of this sort.
Hermoine continued, taking the chain out of Harry's neck, "This is a time-turner. Professor McGonagall gave it to me at the start of this year so that I could attend multiple classes at the same time. I'll explain the details later Harry, we don't have much time now. Dumbledore wants us to change something and we need to figure out exactly what." 
Harry was trying hard to comprehend the sudden influx of information. All he could manage to do was give a nod.
"It is nearly sunset, I think we were heading to Hagrid's"
Soon they heard some footsteps coming down.
"It's us!" Hermoine whispered.
"Us? And which one's real?" Harry blabbered. 
"Both of us are Harry stop acting like Ron!" Hermoine replied, trying hard not to scream.

They could just hear the footsteps moving out of the entrance hall. Harry realized that they were under the cloak at this point of time, rushing towards Hagrid's cabin to talk about Buckbeak's execution. He seemed to be coming back to his senses.
"It's BUCKBEAK!" he screamed. "We can save Buckbeak! Dumbledore said we can save more than one life. One is Sirius' of course and other has to be Buckbeak's! We can use him to free Sirius from the tower!"

Hermoine seemed to not mind the sudden screaming. She knew Harry was right. Dumbledore wanted them to save Buckbeak.
"That's right, Harry! It all makes sense now! We need to hurry towards Hagrid's cabin before the people from ministry come to execute him!"
"Let's go around the greenhouses into the Forest. That way we can remain hidden. We don't have the cloak and I am not allowed to roam around after sunset... " Harry said. They got out of the cupboard as quietly as they could and started running out of the entrance hall, towards the greenhouses, bathing in the glittering sunlight from the top of the forest.

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