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Best to say you can get the Good Blurb simply by reading the story...its short...sort of...

Submitted: March 22, 2018

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Submitted: March 22, 2018










Tozzy Tyler was blind. This was confirmed by four eye doctors. Tozzy on the other hand said he wasn’t blind. He could see just fine and one day he tried to describe what he saw and too late realized it was a mistake. Now, not only did everyone think he was blind but they took him to a child psychologist who diagnosed him as being Schizophrenic as well and that, after further testing and assessment landed Tozzy in the care of an institute for the mentally impaired because all those knowledgeable and wise adults decided he could be a danger to himself and others if not under the constant watch of professional care giver for the mentally handicapped, and this, by the way was a great relief to Mr. and Mrs. Tyler who had neither the time, inclination, nor patience to deal with a mentally ill, handicapped child.


Tozzy was not born blind. When he was nine he was running along the street when quite suddenly his toe caught a crack in the sidewalk and he fell face first, breaking his left wrist and smacking his head on the concrete.

The doctors fixed the broken wrist and diagnosed Tozzy with a mild concussion. There was of course a rather nasty bruise across his fore-head.

Two days later Tozzy awoke to darkness and never saw the real world again. Six months later he was locked away and all but forgotten in the modern day version of the locked attic for unwanted children.


In defense of the institution they did begin a new level of education, teaching Tozzy how to function as a blind person, to read Braille and navigate his way about with a cane. Dealing with the supposed mental illness was something else because, you must understand, Tozzy Tyler was not mentally ill. He was or should I say he had discovered a whole new state of existence in which he was not only sighted but….well….I shall leave that point up to you to decide. Suffice for me to say, it was his very own and very private world which he could explore in the safe confines of the institute.


At first Etherwhen was just a movie like vision that formed on the back of his eye lids and he would watch for hours as stories developed and played out to grand ends. Then one day as he walked along the corridor toward the library he step from his dark world of blindness crossing the threshold of imagination into the alternate reality of Etherwhen, as easily and simply as the sighted walk from one room to another.

He had seen Pavilion City before. He tried to summon the story that went with it but before he could two guardsmen bearing pikes accosted him. In raw authority they demanded to know who he was and where he came from.


Tozzy had to think quick. “I am Tozzy Tyler”, he used his real name because it was easiest to remember.

Before he could continue the two guards stepped back, lowered their pikes and bowed. Together they pleaded. Forgive me My Lord. Our eyes have never beheld you so we knew not who you are.”

“It’s all good soldiers. You have done well to challenge an intruder. Stand tall and take me to your Governor.”

The guards stood straight and led the way to the interior of the city. In the centre stood the largest and most brightly decorated Pavilion.”


One of the guards advanced on the entrance and spoke quietly to the door watch who ducked inside and was gone for but a minute returning with the Governor.

Tozzy quickly searched his memory for stories about Pavilion City and luckily came up with the name of it Governor before he was pressed to repeat it.

“Ah. Governor Tashnar. Well met we are at a time such meetings are needed.

“The Governor studied this intruder for only a few seconds then bowed obediently. “Welcome My Lord Tozzy Tyler. But why are you at large and alone?” he queried suspiciously.

Tozzy smiled warmly. “What makes you think I am alone Governor Tashnar?”

Tashnar glanced about anxiously. “Of course. You will have guards and spies lurking among us since our last encounter was less amiable.”


“The last time we met you were at my feet, defeated in your attempt to gain control of Etherwhen.”

“Yes My Lord but as you decreed yourself, I was not responsible since my mind was over powered by Mal Yssia your most cruel enemy.”

Tozzy nodded. All the stories he had witnessed on the back of his eye lids rushed into his memory and in them though not consciously aware, he was Lord Tozzy Tyler, Marquis of the Southern Desert and ever there was a struggle between he and the Sand Witches whose only desire was to rule the world in which they existed and could never leave.


“My Lord. You come unarmed at a time when another uprising is at hand.” Noted the Governor.

“I come unarmed to show you that I will trust you to hold to your pledge.” Tozzy Replied. “And I have come to request a task of you or should I say one of your best Sculkers. One that can be trusted at my back for I am venturing into an intrigue that will require my back be watched.”

“Indeed My Lord I would go myself for in my day I was the best, but now I am old and slow. I choose him her called Larqess for she is the best of the best and dearly loyal to My Lord.”


Tozzy did not question his knowledge concerning the lay of things in Etherwhen. He knew of the treacheries and that was all that mattered. Mal Yssia, Queen of the Sand Witches was rallying again to claim rule over Southern Desert.

Sometimes Tozzy felt that maybe she should take her place as ruler of the desert but it would not end there. She would rally hordes of soldiers and strive against all Etherwhen.

“But My Lord, is it wise for you to risk yourself when others are here at your command?” The Governor asked with a speck of sincerity.


Tozzy pondered the question for a moment then shrugged his shoulders but offered no spoken response. There were things he must do that he would trust to none other and the longest truth he held was that Governor Tashnar could still bend to the will of the Witch Queen for she could still bestow great powers on him should she rise victoriously to the Southern Desert Throne.

Tozzy took a step back and turned to the side. He had the whisper of secrecy creep into the tent. Few in the world would have heard it. He said softly. “Let me see you Larqess. I cannot trust anyone who will not show themselves before me.”

And Larqess was beautiful beyond words.


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