I just want to be lame

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On an ambulance

Submitted: March 22, 2018

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Submitted: March 22, 2018



I get messages and texts 

all the time 

But I don’t get it you know 

the point of it all.

This slept with that one 

and that one did this

I just want to be lame

and escape it all. 

Well this one posted on Facebook 

and that one is on Instagram 

I get it it’s important to you 

but I just want to be lame. 

I just write in a corner 

to get lost in my world. 

I could care less that guy 

kissed whatever girl. 

I just want to be lame 

and try more to help than hurt.

I don’t want to help spread 

your lies or help you cheat.

The in Crowd does’t impress me 

the outlaws don’t either. 

I impress me with my simple ability 

to accept my lame reality.

I don’t care if I’m ever famous 

and everyone knows me. 

Don't get me wrong a little change 

could help me move along.

But my legacy I leave won’t be lined in gold 

it will be simple and lame like me.


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