Mindi is experiencing her last year of high school and is desperately looking forward to her wedding with her supernatural boyfriend, Perry. However, depression is taking her under as she
continually fights off her constant thoughts of suicide. She believes finishing her senior year will bring an end to her bad thoughts. Her greatest nemesis is not a supernatural foe, but instead
herself. Only time will tell, as Mindi attempts to escape her own prison, her very own mind.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1

Part 1 of the first draft There’s no way that I can survive the first day of school feeling like this. I feel awful. Every thought ... Read Chapter

Chapter 2

Part 2 Of The First Draft What started out as an ordinary evening was quickly shaping up to be a magnificent one. My parents were gla... Read Chapter

Chapter 3

Part 3 Of The First Draft The morning came sooner than I would have liked. When I rose from bed, I noticed that Lana was still slumbe... Read Chapter

Chapter 4

Part 4 Of The First Draft Becky hid her face as she answered me, “Her ex. She frightens me.” I asked Becky, trying to rea... Read Chapter

Chapter 5

Part 5 Of The First Draft Is this some sort of joke? I didn't understand the dream one bit. After I had gotten out of bed, I went int... Read Chapter

Chapter 6

Part 6 Of The First Draft Everything seems to have come to a halt. As I sat there in class, I kept thinking about him...and her. I ha... Read Chapter

Chapter 7

Part 7 Of The First Draft Not but two rings passed before she picked up, “Renee? Renee!” She knew the urgency, mostly pre... Read Chapter

Chapter 8

Part 8 Of The First Draft We picked up Jackie’s body, and something strange happened. Even though she wasn't breathing, her eyes op... Read Chapter

Chapter 9

Part 9 of the first draft We had warned Grace, and all of us were stumped. They had talked about keeping Jackie somewhere alone, lock... Read Chapter

Chapter 10

Part 10 of the first draft Perry wasn't around. Becky came up to me, and asked, “You want to get out of here?” I thought ... Read Chapter

Chapter 11

Part 11 of the first draft Sunday, Sunday, Sunday, what a day. A day in which I can pretend that yesterday never happened. As I climb... Read Chapter

Chapter 12

Part 12 of the first draft When Becky returned, she smiled at me and sat down. She was obviously attempting to make us stop kissing. ... Read Chapter

Chapter 13

Part 13 of the first draft The rest of the night passed without incident, and before you knew it, I was thrusted back into the school... Read Chapter

Chapter 14

Part 14 of the first draft I’m glad that my mom isn't upset with me anymore. Of course, I didn't tell her the whole truth, but what... Read Chapter

Chapter 15

Part 15 of the first draft Becky stared at the picture, and she asked, her voice full of despair, “How can we fight such a man?... Read Chapter

Chapter 16

Part 16 of the first draft While I was in my room, waiting for my tired body to fall to sleep, I pondered my life. Not in a bad way, ... Read Chapter

Chapter 17

Part 17 of the first draft My love for Perry had originally been forbidden, it developing during my sophomore year. After some radica... Read Chapter

Chapter 18

Part 18 of the first draft Lana reclined in her bed, and yawned. She said, her voice not sounding the least bit worried, “We do... Read Chapter

Chapter 19

Part 19 of the first draft There were several creatures down here, all of which were zombies. I don't know if it's like in the movies... Read Chapter

Chapter 20

Part 20 of the first draft When I finally woke up, I found that we were back at Perry's house. I must have fallen asleep on the long ... Read Chapter

Chapter 21

Part 21 of the first draft The Eisens know something I don't. I can't worry about that now, though. My mom will freak if I'm not home... Read Chapter

Chapter 22

Part 22 of the first draft Perry kept looking at me, his eyes full of what seemed like pain. It's hard to believe that he's not invin... Read Chapter

Chapter 23

Part 23 of the first draft Our date had really drained me. I know I've only been up for a few hours, but I really want to lay down. A... Read Chapter

Chapter 24

Part 24 of the first draft Renee didn't waste a moment. She replied to my text within minutes, sending me the message, “Penelop... Read Chapter

Chapter 25

Part 25 of the first draft It’s funny. Both my adopted sister and my mom are telling me how much they like Perry. He's always been ... Read Chapter

Chapter 26

Part 26 of the draft There’s one thing more that I had to say to Becky. I texted her, “Keep an eye on Perry.” She repli... Read Chapter

Chapter 27

Part 27 of the first draft As the lunch period ended, Perry asked me, “Why don't you come over later?” I nodded, and smil... Read Chapter

Chapter 28

Part 28 of the first draft What he had said left me breathless. No person has ever captured my heart like him. I know that many peopl... Read Chapter

Chapter 29

Part 29 of the first draft There’s so many things I want to do that I can't do with my parents around. I love them and all, but I g... Read Chapter

Chapter 30

Part 30 of the first draft There was a few more days left in the school week, and I hated it. It was agonizing. Not only does school ... Read Chapter

Chapter 31

Part 31 of the first draft Lunch break was something I so needed, as my previous class had been talking about preparing for the futur... Read Chapter

Chapter 32

Part 32 of the first draft Let’s just hope that I’ll be in one piece by the time my wedding rolls around. To think, what a rocky ... Read Chapter

Chapter 33

Part 33 of the first draft It wasn't long until I found myself waking up, and I rejoiced, as it was Friday. Sure, we are being hunted... Read Chapter

Chapter 34

Part 34 of the first draft Why does life have to be so crazy? Why does everything bad happen when things are going just fine? I thoug... Read Chapter

Chapter 35

Part 35 of the first draft Saturday, Saturday, Saturday. I woke up, and found a reply from Carlie on my phone. It read, “Just t... Read Chapter

Chapter 36

Part 36 of the first draft Unexpectedly, the night passed without incident, and I was thrusted into the tail end of my weekend. I rol... Read Chapter

Chapter 37

Part 37 of the first draft Okay, so I know I sound like a psycho, but I want to take out Penelope so bad. Sure, everyone says I'm not... Read Chapter

Chapter 38

Part 38 of the first draft I’m walking a wire today. My mind isn't on school work. It's on the future. Everything I think about lea... Read Chapter

Chapter 39

Part 39 of the first draft They kept looking at the pictures. I glanced over Perry's shoulder, wondering what Penelope might look lik... Read Chapter

Chapter 40

Part 40 of the first draft As we all sat there, seemingly hypnotized by the soap, I felt my mind wander, wondering if my whole life i... Read Chapter

Chapter 41

Part 41 of the first draft What a day. My mom and dad just got here and, for some reason, they didn’t seem upset at all. Grace brou... Read Chapter

Chapter 42

Part 42 of the first draft There was no way I could stay in here. My parents need some time to talk to Grace. There's things I feel t... Read Chapter

Chapter 43

Part 43 of the first draft It was good that I have Lana here with me. She had pushed in a chair with the help of Perry and was now sl... Read Chapter

Chapter 44

Part 44 of the first draft School turned out to be stupid, but do I really need to tell you that? I'm starting to find out that most ... Read Chapter

Chapter 45

Part 45 of the first draft I asked Perry, “We should really lock this place down.” Before he could answer, something unex... Read Chapter

Chapter 46

Part 46 of the first draft It’s too late to care about Penelope. I'm tired and mentally drained, wishing that this night would just... Read Chapter

Chapter 47

Part 47 of the first draft As we all sat there in the lunch hall, each of us seemed utterly relieved. I'm just so glad that Penelope ... Read Chapter

Chapter 48

Part 48 of the first draft Hidden Outside-Exodus It's my birthday! I've waited so long for this! It seems like it's taken centuri... Read Chapter

Chapter 49

Part 49 of the first draft Hidden Outside Exodus Chapter II-I It's almost over. Thank goodness! I've waited four long years for t... Read Chapter

Chapter 50

Part 50 of the first draft Hidden Outside Exodus Chapter II-II Here we are, and, I'm nervous, oh so nervous. We are all waiting t... Read Chapter

Chapter 51

Part 51 of the first draft Hidden Outside Exodus Chapter III-II This is so intense. Here we are, at my wedding, and I'm waiting f... Read Chapter

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