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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic

The only splendid thing a woman has as her defense in life, is a fragile heart

Submitted: March 22, 2018

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Submitted: March 22, 2018




He stole my prize possession

With no regards of feelings or hesitation

He knew that was my leverage for obsession

Return it, please give it back

How it was stolen, is enough to send the mind out of whack

Now I have no defense of attack while basking in pleasure on my back

This robbery has derailed me completely off track


My priceless jewel in life to admire 

My secret weapon for a mind to succumb under its fire and desire

Gemologists couldn’t place a price tag on the item to thoroughly acquire

Report has been filed

Given an inch, took a mile

To take what does not belong to you, it’s considered a crime

You will now do the time

It will be more than paying any hefty fine


I do have your number  

I will haunt your body while at rest and in slumber

It’s not over, as it would seem

 How does it feel to wake up each night from an unfulfilled wet dream

An endless volcanic pearly stream

 Euphoric in the aftermath as it freely flows

Silken sheets full of evidence when your eyes are tightly closed


Get him, that’s the man

Pulled me in with words, the heart did not quite understand

So, he stole it, did not advise me of the sensitive side effects

Now he may do with it as he pleases, I refuse to live with such a dreadful concept

Sir, is every word she says is true

She knew the risks, yet, she had me twisted first and fooled


I stole hers before she stole mine

In the beginning we made beautiful music, a muse to wine and dine

She chose to step down off her throne

Pleasure seeking in the jungle where the nature of a hungry beast roams

Mister, once again, where is this heart

She can have it back, although, it may need a jump start

Gasps of shock, one couldn’t ever believe

Snatched from within, only now to emotional bleed


All’s fair in love and war

You step into my monarch prepare for an army of feelings, emotions, sentiments and more

That ought to keep any thief of hearts away

Strike his heart first to make him say

I won’t climb through that window ever again

It did feel so good as he parted, and then deeply sank into my passionate soft skin


As a thief will thinketh, hum… the door is still unlocked

Who could afford in life to emotionally block

A thief to capture a spiraling heart, netting it in a mental tailspin

Isn’t this how a thief usually begins

A stolen bag of hearts, yours included somewhere within

© Copyright 2020 Kemy2U. All rights reserved.

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