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What happens when the clock hits the last digit.

Submitted: March 22, 2018

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Submitted: March 22, 2018





What happens when our time runs out?

The last second ticks down to zero

And suddenly for many they find that they have left so much undone.

What then? What will people do for one more day under the sun?


Have you made those precious seconds, minutes and hours count.

Said the things you should have said.

Or are you living a Life of regret,

Dreading the final day when your clock hits zero.


They zero a rifles scope,

Making sure it's aim is true.

But what about you,

What are you aiming for?


Is Love the last debt left unpaid?

For what do you take with you,

Surely not the money you made,

Or the many achievements under your belt,

Do you know what awaits you in eternity?


Some dread their Zero,

I look forward to mine,

For that is the day when my Saviour and my family,

Welcome me home.

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