Comfort Zone

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“She left her comfort zone long ago, as she was ready to learn, experience and grow. There was no looking back for her, as she was unstoppable, and all set to flow”.

Submitted: March 22, 2018

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Submitted: March 22, 2018



The Comfort Zone (Personal narrative essay)




As I sit back relaxed on my cushy king sized bed with my laptop resting on my chestnut brown blanket which covers three fourth of my body. I sink my teeth on a slice of red and juicy gala apple, while giving a brief pensive look outside my bedroom window. It is the fourth Nor'easter of this month, that has brought few inches of snow along with a little wind. Technically, it's a storm but unlike the previous ones, this one seems to be shying away from showing it's true potential.


I glanced at my bedside table clock and the time reminded me of my swimming practice, which I may have been doing if not confined to writing today. Two years from now, I could've never imagined as to what my life would look like. I had become indifferent towards any sorts of geographical change or relocations. I had seen plenty already after getting married to a software engineer who otherwise proved to be a very loving husband. Having said that, this transfer was the boss of all, as it made us move to an entirely a new continent.


Coming from a country which was ruled by the British for around 190 years, English language was never a barrier. However, an unknown fear of being accepted and fit in was ruling my mind. This new place despite of seemingly lucrative and welcoming had be wondering, that what if I do not understand it's societal norms? But ofcourse, the lover of life as I am, I decided to give this opportunity a try. Positively believing, that this may turn out to be another blessing in disguise.



It was time to challenge my comfort zone, to try new things in life which perhaps, looked quite intriguing from the other side of the continent. Being on dependent Visa, since I could'nt take up a job, I took the plunge to learn Swimming, Yoga, Zumba, Tabata and TRX. I joined my daughter's school PTO and became an active Parent Volunteer, doing school library and helping out in various school events. Not to mention, made some amazing friends on the way.


After two years of constant battle with keeping myself busy and productive, when I look back, I see a new and a transformed me, a fitter and a more confident person. We tried new adventure sports, as they give you a sense of achievement. We travelled far and wide, we tried adopting the new culture without giving our own culture a miss. 


So, sometimes life throws us a curve ball, and leaves it upto to us to make the most out of a situation. The key to face such challenges is to come out of our "Comfort Zone", try new things in life and we will never be left regreting our decisions. This is pretty much applicable to any field and to life in general.



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