Healers And Healing

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Chapter 16 (v.1) - Part Two - Healers & Healing

Submitted: May 15, 2018

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Submitted: May 15, 2018



Part 2

Light Up Our World

Rays Of Wisdom - Healers And Healing - Light Up Our World

Healers are beacons of light.
As still flames they hold our world in peace and light,
Lifting it into the heartmind of God.
Be that light.

Each time we pray for someone,
We light a candle within
And project our loving thoughts
Into the Universe.

We thus create seeds of light
That touch down somewhere and germinate.
These seeds have grown in our heart,
Our very own centre of light.

With every prayer and loving thought
That is sent anywhere
Our light grows more powerful,
Until eventually we have evolved into
A blazing Star in its own right.

Hand in hand with God and the Angels I am filling
Every cell and atom of our world with golden healing light.
In perfect and natural ways it restores, regenerates and heals
Everything that is in need of it,
Including all parts of my whole being.
Miracle now follows miracle
And wonderful happenings shall never cease.

We are told in the Jesus legend St. John 14:12: ‘Whoever believes in me, those works which I have done he will also do, and he will do greater works than these, because I am going to the presence of my Father.’ These words reveal to us how every one of us eventually has to do their share of healing our whole world. This process has been taking place for quite some time by now and that is the greatest miracle that has ever taken place on the Earth plane. When we behave in increasingly peaceful ways and make an effort to think kind and loving thoughts only, we are making a valuable contribution towards bringing our new and peaceful world into being.

With the help and will of God and the Angels all things are possible and mountains of false beliefs, prejudices and superstitions can and will be removed. In the course of our long evolution huge amounts of these things have accumulated in the consciousness of our race and our world. The best news of all is that through the spiritual knowledge that is now coming our way ever more powerfully, more and more of them are dissolving. And should anyone ask you: ‘By whom shall humankind’s most treasured and ancient dream of a harmonious and peaceful world be brought about?’ tell them: ‘By none other than the likes of you and me.’

The Angels and Masters on the highest levels of life are ever seeking channels through which they can pour their light in the form of advanced spiritual wisdom and knowledge into the consciousness of our race. Therefore, let’s not allow the more earthly vibrations to hold us in bondage, but make every effort to get in touch with the highest aspects of our own nature and project them into our world. Once we have connected with the power of the Angels and Masters, with the passing of time we will not only hear their spoken words, but also perceive the inner ones that are constantly traversing the ethers, trying to find openings for flowing into the individual and collective consciousness of our world.

Developing this skill requires regular daily practise through quiet reflections and meditations. It does not mean setting ourselves apart from the daily events of life around us. It’s more a case of gradually becoming conscious during our own earthly activities of an all-pervading spiritual force that is constantly growing more forceful into us and our life. Aspiring healers and lightbringers show their willingness to act as channels through which the blessing and healing energies of the Highest can flow into our world, by opening open their consciousness and tuning the receiver/transmitter station of their earthly minds into the frequencies of the higher and highest levels of life. Rays of light are immediately concentrated upon anyone who becomes available.

The wisdom of our inner teacher or intuition is our higher mind working at guiding us, its earthly counterpart, to the truth. Walking the path of intuition is the only reliable and safe way of conducting our existence in physicality, because it will never lead us astray. Even though many cosmic mysteries may for a long time remain inexplicable to our intellect. Only when the Great Mother’s ray of pure love and wisdom enters our being can we begin to comprehend these mysteries. But as we may still be a long way from understanding them completely, whenever thoughts of this nature enter our field of vision, it’s a good idea to store and keep them for future consideration.

The essence of a teaching of the White Eagle group of spirit guides that came to me through the Lodge in the year 2007: ‘In every one of your thoughts, words and actions do your share of blessing and healing our world by prayerfully striking the heavenly chord of love. Whenever you do this, you will be able to sense the closeness of the Angels and Masters, friends and helpers in the world of light, who are working with you. All healers are known to them and under God’s command you are being used as channels of healing. This means that the white ether, God’s white magic, is flowing through you and you are acting as one of God’s instruments. Always be true to your real nature and the I AM, the Christ Spirit or living God within you. Whenever you sound the true note of your spirit and soul, pure spirit rays and vibrations are released from your loving heart.’

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Thought – The Most Powerful Force Of All

Rays of Wisdom - Healers And Healing - Thought - The Most Powerful Force Of All

It is true that thought is the most powerful force in the whole of Creation, but do you know why? The creative idea required to set any act of creation in motion is the masculine power aspect of the Great Architect of life, which belongs to the abstract world of intellect. Astrologically this is represented by the elements Fire, creativity, and Air, intellect. Through the feminine elements of Earth and Water, God creates and destroys whole worlds at will, by the sheer power of thought. Created in the image of God, the same truly awesome force is also part of us. Because in God all is one and there is no separation between anything, our small earthly minds are a part of the intelligence of the Universe, God’s great mind.

Would you agree that we urgently need someone to teach us the control of such forces and how to use them wisely? That is why Saturn, the planet of Karma, is such a vital and invaluable part of the great picture of life, especially at the present time. Saturn is a symbolism for the stern and undeviating celestial schoolmaster who requires that every soul must eventually achieve control over its lower nature and complete mastery of all aspects of its being. It sounds daunting but we are not alone in this. God and the Angels are waiting to be called upon to help each one of us fulfil these requirements. Saturn is the great accountant of life whose ledgers are perfect and justice is wielded accordingly, under the supervision of the Lords of Karma. For this purpose the Universe keeps on the etheric level of life what is known as the Akashic Records.

This is the place where at any given moment everyone’s thoughts, words and deeds on their evolutionary pathway through life is noted. Because we are responsible for them, they are recorded and each ones leaves its mark behind in the great book of life, similar to writing in indelible ink on the earthly plane of life. These files can be likened to a vast library and a bookkeeping system that, like any other, consists of credit and a debit entries and ledgers. None of these entries in the Universe’s system can ever be wiped out. It is just that the ones on the debit side can and must eventually be redeemed and balanced by our good deeds on the credit side. This continues until perfect balance has been achieved and we have grown wise to stop creating difficult Karma for ourselves and our world.

That’s the only way all of us, each through their own efforts, can and must eventually release ourselves from the wheel of rebirth into Earth life and the redemption of its karmic debts there. The Akashic Records are shown to us on ‘judgement day’, i.e. when we are back in the world of spirit and stand before ourselves. Stripped of everything that mattered to us on the Earth plane and guided by the wise ones in charge of us, we ourselves then assess our performance of all lifetimes including the most recent one. Together we then discuss our options and finally decide about the experiences we shall require to ensure our future soul growth, whilst satisfying the requirements of the law of Karma. Knowing all that it’s not hard to see why it is of the utmost importance that we learn self-mastery and especially the control of our thought processes.

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The Akashic Records

Rays Of Wisdom - Healers And Healing - The Akashic RecordsSome things of great importance happen in connection with the Akashic Records at the time of our departure from this plane of life. As those we leave behind can benefit from knowing them, I am including them here. When we move into the world of spirit, it is essential that they make an effort at taking charge of their emotions. Should anyone who notices this call you hard or callous, let them. They do not understand, but you know better.  Whenever your feelings are in danger of giving way to grief and hysteria, remind yourself that for a while your loved one needs to be left in peace and as undisturbed as possible, because they are passing through a highly critical time. It is helpful to know that unrestrained grief has a bad effect on the newly arrived soul in the world of spirit, and that you are controlling your emotions for them and out of love for them.

When the soul is allowed to pass through the portal of its physical death into our other world, accompanied by love, light and trust that God and the Angels are taking good care of our loved one, we do our share of helping not only its new life in the beyond, but also when its time for returning to the Earth plane has come. At each moment of departure from our present existence, every soul passes through some vital experiences during its re-entry into the world of light. Over-intense grieving by those left behind can rob it of the right perception for this part of its journey. 

Almost immediately the soul is released from its physical body, but before its vision of the other world opens, it sees pictures of a chain of events from its past life. If the soul is receptive and undisturbed, they can bestow upon it a great power and strength for its future life in the spheres it now finds itself in. If we are to make wise decisions with regard to our future lifetimes, which eventually have to be made by all of us, it is essential that during the time of our departure we should be as undisturbed as possible.

When the distress of our loved ones does not get in the way of our perception of the pictures that are shown to us, we more easily absorb the memories, emotions and feelings they awake. This is important because during these precious moments, we encounter the souls of those we have hurt and wounded, and any pain we have inflicted upon them is actually felt by us. The law of Karma sees to it that as we sow, so we shall reap, and that any pain we once caused others must eventually also be experienced by us.

What a long time it has taken, until it is finally possible to grasp the message contained in Matthew 5:18: ‘For truly I say to you, until Heaven and Earth pass away, not even a yoth or a dash shall pass away from the law, until all of it is fulfilled.’ A yoth is the smallest letter in the Aramaic and Hebrew language. The Cosmic laws will be with us forever and until every last shred of the Karma we once created for ourselves in our ignorance of these laws, has been redeemed by us, we cannot release ourselves from the chains and shackles that tie us to life on the Earth plane.

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Guarding Our Tongues

Taking Charge Of Our Tongues - Guarding Our Tongues - Rays of Wisdom - Healers And HealingThe Bible in James 3:1-12 warns: ‘Not many of you should become teachers, my fellow believers, because you know that we who teach will be judged more strictly. We all stumble in many ways. Anyone who is never at fault in what they say is perfect, able to keep their whole body in check.

‘When we put bits into the mouths of horses to make them obey us, we can turn the whole animal. Or take ships as an example. Although they are so large and are driven by strong winds, they are steered by a very small rudder wherever the pilot wants to go. Likewise, the tongue is a small part of the body, but it makes great boasts. Consider what a great forest is set on fire by a small spark. The tongue also is a fire, a world of evil among the parts of the body. It corrupts the whole body, sets the whole course of one’s life on fire, and is itself set on fire by hell.

‘All kinds of animals, birds, reptiles and sea creatures are being tamed and have been tamed by mankind, but no human being can tame the tongue. It is a restless evil, full of deadly poison. With the tongue we praise our Lord and Father, and with it we curse human beings, who have been made in God’s likeness. Out of the same mouth come praise and cursing. My brothers and sisters, this should not be. Can both fresh water and salt water flow from the same spring? My brothers and sisters, can a fig tree bear olives, or a grapevine bear figs? Neither can a salt spring produce fresh water.’

Young and inexperienced souls behave in the manner described in the first part of the above quote, while wise and more highly evolved ones make an effort to take good care of their tongues. This they do because they are aware that the Universal law of cause and effect, also known as the law of Karma, decrees that everything has to return to its source. They appreciate that every thought, word and deed any one of us sends out into our world in some way must find its way back to its sender. That is why wise ones, when they have nothing good to say about someone or something, prefer to shut up and keep quiet.

Because human beings basically are sociable and talkative creatures by nature, learning to watch the words we speak and thereby take charge of our tongues is one of the most difficult things we have to tackle on the evolutionary pathway of life. That undoubtedly is why as early as the Bible’s Old Testament told us in Proverbs 18:21: ‘Death and life are in the power of the tongue. And those who love it shall eat the fruits thereof.’ In ‘Spiritual Unfoldment 2’ White Eagle adds to this: ‘Keep control of your tongue, so that it says no unkind and hurtful thing. Bear in mind the feelings of those to whom you speak and do so gently and thoughtfully, without anger and haste. When you do this, my dear children of the Earth, difficulties fall away, sorrow recedes into the background and you cannot help but become aware of the gentle presence of the Master within you.

‘We ask you to render a service to yourself and that is holding your tongue. It is one of the hardest tasks that can be asked of you. You ought to see the mists that surround you and your world that is caused by idle chatter. When there is so much of it on the Earth, even the Angels can to nothing but bow their heads, because they are then unable to minister to you. Whenever you are tempted to say: ‘I think or believe so and so. I like this person, but I don’t like that one,’ instead of speaking, be silent and wait and see. If you can also restrain yourself from expressing any foolish opinions about the affairs and the state of your world you will greatly assist the Angels in  their work.’

And then there was the philosopher Socrates, in ancient Greece 469 – 399 BC. He was  famous for his great wisdom and therefore only too aware of what kind of damage careless gossiping can do. One day an acquaintance came running up to him excitedly and said: ‘Socrates, do you know what I just heard about one of your students?’

‘Wait a moment,’ Socrates replied. ‘Before you tell me I’d like you to pass a little test. It’s called the Triple Filter Test.’

‘Triple filter? What does that mean?’

‘Before you talk to me about my student let’s take a moment to run what you’re going to say through some filters. The first one is truth. Are you sure that what you are about to tell me is true?’

‘No, I just heard about it.’

‘All right,’ replied Socrates. ‘As you don’t really know whether what you have to say is true or not, let’s try the second filter, the one of goodness. Is what you are about to tell me about my student something good?’

‘No, quite the opposite!’

‘Ah! So you want to tell me something bad about someone, even though you’re not certain it’s true?’

The man shrugged, a little embarrassed.

Socrates continued: ‘Well, if what you have to say is meant to be of some use to me, you may still pass the test, because the third filter is usefulness. Is what you want to tell me about my student going to be useful to me?’

‘No, not really!’ came the reply.

‘If what you want to tell me is neither true nor good and not even useful, why tell it to me at all?’ asked the sage.

Deeply ashamed of himself, the man walked away.

This is but one example of the wisdom for which Socrates was held in such high esteem by his contemporaries. His message is as poignant and valid for us as it was in his time.

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Spiritual Knowledge Belongs To Everybody

Since time immemorial God and the Angels on the Highest levels of life have been pouring parts of their wisdom into the pool of human consciousness and this will forever continue. Every human being, independent of where we presently dwell in this world and the world of spirit, is an integral part of this reservoir of knowledge that has been accumulated over the ages. From time to time, teachers of spiritual wisdom are reincarnating into our world in different cultures and during various ages, to share the gift of their understanding of the true meaning and purpose of our existence with the earthly part of humankind.

To my mind, the knowledge that came to our world in this way was never intended for just the privileged few. Anyone who comprehends the incoming wisdom is ready to receive it and is meant to share it with those around them. It has ever been true that when the pupil is ready, the teacher will be found. Everyone of us in their own sweet time eventually reaches the level of awareness when we are ready to be guided towards the right sources of information that can help us move forwards and upwards on our personal evolutionary journey of life. Whatever insights are given to us intuitively by our inner teacher, the wise one within, should also be shared with those around us. And because the knowledge comes to us free of charge, I feel that it is good and right – for me, in any case – to give it away.

I have always aimed to give of my best, so God and the Angels can do the rest. After all, that is the purpose of our earthly existence. The special gifts and talents the Universe has bestowed upon each one of us in such rich measure are intended to be used eventually for the highest good and the greatest joy of all. For the bringing in of the New Age we all have a special role to play and function to fulfil, in whatever capacity this may be. How can we recognise ours? Through intuitions, hunches and gut feelings that come to us through the world of our feelings our Highest or God Self is constantly trying to communicate with us, its earthly counterpart. If listen to it and follow its directions, it unerringly guides us towards the people and experiences that are right for us, at any given moment.

We live in special times, for we and our world are now ready for the re-awakening of the core knowledge within us of who and what we truly are, and always have been. Well then, what are we? Each one of us is a spark of the Divine, of the Great One, one of whose many names is God. We are always one with our Creator, the Universal force that freely flows through all creatures and beings, and is also an integral part of all inanimate objects. No life exists outside of or without God. There is a Great Universal Plan, in which everything and everyone has their place and their role to play. And there is no power in the whole of Creation that can separate anyone or anything from God, but one and that is our earthly minds.

I believe that each one of us has been through many lifetimes, not just one or two, and that there is a very special purpose of coming into this one. We are all offered the potential for consciously re-connecting and becoming one again with our Creator, whilst living in physicality. In this process we become whole and holy – that is what healing truly means. And that is why presently fresh opportunities are constantly available from the Universe for every human soul. But, as humankind has been granted the gift of free will, it is up to us as individuals to decide whether we wish to take advantage of what is on offer or ignore it.

As the two parts of our being, the human and the Divine, merge into each other, slowly but surely we are becoming ever more whole, holy and healed – the way we once were. Our sense of separateness and of being lost disappears and we shall again be one with our Source, each other and all life, healed in mind, body, spirit and soul. This is the birthright of every soul, whether we are as yet consciously aware of this or not. And every tiny effort that is made by anyone to achieve this state is worthwhile and noted by God and the Angels. Because in God all is one, when one of us heals our world and everything in it does the same. When this healing process is at last complete, there will be peace within us and our world.

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Six pointed Star

The Truth Will Set You Free

In spite of all the things that are still taking place on the Earth, my inner guidance tells me and I therefore know with absolute certainty that the vision of a world where all creatures live together in peace and harmony is now coming into much clearer focus in the consciousness of our world. However, such a world is not going to happen on its own. I believe that all of us – without exception – are sparks of the Divine and therefore children of God. In fact, we are young Gods in the making and because we have always been co-creators with God, all along and as far as possible, the Universe helps each one of us to manifest whatever our hearts truly desire.

As Christianity grew from Judaism, it is not surprising that the two religions have some parts of the Scriptures in common. In the Bible, this section is known as the Old Testament. Here Psalm 82:5-6 already announced to our world: ‘They know not, neither will they understand; they walk on in darkness; all the foundations of the Earth are shaken. I have said: ‘You are Gods; all of you are children of the most High.’ The New Testament confirms this in St. John 11:34:  ‘Jesus said to them: ‘Is it not written in your law, I said, you are Gods?’ What a very long time it has been known that we are all of Divine origin!

As far back as the times of the Old Testament the Universal Christ told us through the Bible in Isaiah 45:11: ‘Ask Me of things to come concerning My children; and concerning the work of My hands. Command Me.’ Until fairly recently, humankind was spiritually too inexperienced to recognise the intention behind these words, namely that it is the will of the Highest that each one of us must learn something from the consequences of every single one of their desires and actions. And that is the reason why, if we wish for a peaceful world, we ourselves have to first desire it and then bring it into being. This can only be done by each making their own contribution by conducting their lives in ever more loving and peaceful ways.

Humankind’s rebirth is progressing rapidly because the Divine spark in ever more human hearts and souls is waking up from its slumbering state. A renewed understanding of our own true nature and God, the Great Father/Mother of all life, is bringing ever more of us the healing that our world has been in need of for a long, long time. Through the knowledge that the roots of every human being are forever resting deeply in the heartmind of these our true Divine parents on the highest levels of life, our relationship with our Creator slowly begins to renew itself and heals. This is a process is constantly bringing us, individually and collectively, more healing for the wounds that were inevitable on the evolutionary pathway that has taken us and our world countless numbers of lifetimes. In the course of this development our own inner latent healing abilities are rising into our earthly self’s consciousness. By using them, first for ourselves and then also for others, under the guidance and protection of God and the Angels, this gift begins to flower and gradually develop to its highest potential.

Life is a journey and we are in it to gather first hand experiences that help us to grow in spiritual wisdom and understanding. Each one of us is potentially a healer in their own right and never has ‘First healer heal thyself!’ been a more vital issue than at present. It is the birthright of every child of God to find healing of mind, body, spirit and soul, through reconnecting and becoming fully one with the living God within, the Highest or God Self. The greatest potential of our race is to gradually evolve into one of healers, saviours and redeemers of ourselves, each other and our whole world.

God is life and life is God and, as always, life itself shall be our teacher. Nothing else is good enough now, as this particular lifetime is a healing journey and therefore an extra special one. To enable us individually and collectively to work each on their own healing, as well as that of our world, we are all here together. Each is required to make their contribution towards bringing a new and peaceful world into being. To this end, any wisdom we glean from the experiences of our personal healing journey needs to be share with those around us, to encourage them and to show them how to do the same for themselves.

Through the legend of the Master Jesus the Universal Christ told our world: ‘Ye shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free.’ This was a reminder of God’s promise that a time would come on the Earth plane when once again humankind would know its true nature and understand the higher purpose and meaning of its earthly existence. That time is now and this is the reason why increasing numbers are guided to search for and find the spiritual knowledge that sets us and our world free from the shackles of all kinds of oppression of the past.

The store of wisdom we are, individually and collectively, slowly gaining access to is gradually expanding. With this the Universe is putting the power into everybody’s own hands for lifting ourselves, each other and our world into the light of our true being, away from the darkness of the prison of ignorance that has held us and our world in captivity for an incredibly long time. This is the awareness that brings peace and healing not only to our own heart and soul, but also to that of our world and, by extension, to the soul of the whole of Creation.

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Six pointed Star

Created In God’s Image

Rays Of Wisdom - Healers And Healing - Created In God's Image

‘God created human beings and because He made them like himself, He created them to be woman and man.’ That is my interpretation of one of the teachings that was given to our world from the Ancient Wisdom through the Old Testament’s Book of Genesis. Bearing in mind the constant moving forwards of our race’s understanding of the true nature  and the duality of God and ourselves, since the Book of Genesis came into being, and the above quote in particular, I find it astonishing that to this day many seriously believe that every word of the Bible is true and should be taken literally.

Naturally, I can speak only for myself, but I would not wish to treat any kind of spiritual teachings, including those of the Bible, as if they were unchangeable and chiselled in stone. I am unwilling to do this because in that case I would be in severe danger of missing the esoteric meanings that are hidden behind the surface words of all the spiritual teachings our world has ever seen. They can only start to reveal themselves when our inner eyes are opening and we are ready to dig for the nuggets of the pure gold of God’s eternal wisdom and truth that have always been hidden behind the surface worlds of all sacred texts.

The old teachings taken literally were valid enough when they first appeared, because that was all we as a race and individually could comprehend at that particular stage of our development. For as long as they were understood literally these teachings could not grown, unlike the tree of knowledge where they have their origin. This tree is a living, ever developing and expanding organism, the same as we are and every one of us is constantly adding the fruits of their learning to that which is already in existence.

Since our entry into the Age of Aquarius our world already has changed dramatically and the only thing that can keep us moving forwards and upwards on the evolutionary spiral of life is the fresh spiritual knowledge that is now pouring ever more powerfully from the highest levels of life into our world’s consciousness.

 The Age of Aquarius is an Air sign. Its domain is the development of humankind’s mental and intellectual faculties, whereas the outgoing age has been that of Pisces, a Water sign. The Water signs serve the development of the world of our feelings, the emotions and the soul. The Piscean Age was one of deceptions and false beliefs and following the religions of our world blindly without understanding them. Because of its symbol, the Waterbearer, many think of Aquarius as a Water sign, but in truth it is the Air sign in which our capabilities of communication with each other, the highest levels of life and ultimately God are going to be developed to perfection.

Our entry into the Aquarian age signals our race’s readiness for spiritual experiences of a very different kind from those of the past. There is every reason why we should celebrate it as the age of knowledge and truth that will continue to flow with ever increasing strength into the individual and collective consciousness of our world directly from the Angels of the Christ circle, the Divine heart of wisdom and truth, into all human hearts and souls who are tuning the receiver/transmitter station of their earthly mind in that of the Universal intelligence, known as God.

Finding new interpretations for age-old themes for some time has been providing us with an ever expanding understanding of God’s sacred wisdom and truth. This will continue and in the process of decoding the underlying esoteric meanings of many of the old myths and legends of our world one finds to one’s amazement that to this day they have always been trying to point the way forward for God’s children of the Earth, each in its own different way.

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The Days Of Miracles And Wonders

Rays Of Wisdom - Healers And Healing - The Days Of Miracles And Wonders

From the evolutionary level many have reached by now, it is not difficult to see that it was quite intentional that for a long period in the history of humankind we had to live in a one-dimensional world that was filled with inexplicable dualities and false beliefs that were created through not understanding our true nature. Part of this was that we should believe that we are either a woman or a man, and that this earthly life is all there is to our existence. Such beliefs were good enough for the lifetimes of our spiritual infancy and childhood.

By now ever more of us are maturing into spiritual adulthood and ready to find out that life is an ever ongoing process, that the essence of everyone’s being is spirit and soul, and because they are part of God, they are immortal and eternal, the same as our Creator, the Great Father/Mother of all life. The law of life is evolution and we ourselves are responsible for everything that is in our lives, good, band and indifferent alike. The world of spirit is our true home. That’s where we come from at the beginning of each new lifetime and return to at the end of it. And together with the wise ones of the spirit realm who are in charge of the spiritual development of us and our world, when we are good and ready for another earthly lifetime, we ourselves choose what special lessons our next one should consist of.

An important part of our evolution has been that we should become aware that each one of us in their own right is an individual and independent being who, at first only in seed form, contains everyone of the qualities and powers that are in God. This means that we are both feminine and masculine. To assist our character with developing into a well balanced one, before entering into yet another lifetime as earthlings we choose whether this time round we would like to appear in the outer physical shell of a woman or a man. This ensures in the course of many lifetimes, everybody gathers first hand experiences of both aspects of life.

The way I understand this life is that we once willingly gave up our immortality – oh, perish the thought! We did it because that is what the infinite love and wisdom of our Creator wanted us to do. To ensure that everybody’s needs would always be met, it was decided that Angels and Masters as well as other spirit guides and helpers should always accompany us. It’s their responsibility to see to it that all earthly lessons are learnt thoroughly and that none of us throws their earthly existence away too easily, when the going gets rough.

To help us descended ever deeper into our role as earthlings, it was necessary to create the illusion that we are separate from our Creator, even though nothing could be further from the truth. As we left the state of conscious oneness with God, known as paradise, we started to believe that we are separate from Him/Her. In the course of many lifetimes, we eventually wound up unaware that this belief is a false one that we ourselves created. Alas, many to this day are still holding onto it.

If we knew what we have been up to in past lifetimes, it would frequently be impossible to live with ourselves. That’s why the Universe in its great wisdom protects us by hiding these memories behind something that is known as the veil of consciousness from our conscious knowledge. They are stored in our soul, the memory bank of our spirit. Our reactions to every one of our daily encounters are mostly unconscious responses that are based on the learning we brought with us from previous lifetimes. For a long time, the only way of gaining access to these memories has been through our subconscious, but this too is changing.

For good and wise purposes a veil also has been shielding us against the knowledge that we regularly spend periods after each earthly lifetime in the world of spirit, where we rest and recuperate from strains and stresses of our earthly existence. The good news is that for some time this veil has been in the process of lifting and dissolving. Having fulfilled its intended purpose, it will soon be gone for good, as decreed by God’s great plan of life.

 ‘These are the days of miracles and wonders. These are the days of the long distance call,’ Paul Simon told us in his album ‘Under African Sky’. Prophetic words, especially when one applies them to the changes that are presently taking place in us and our world. Don’t you think it is miraculous that humankind’s long distance call should be turning out to be a surprisingly short one, namely everybody’s own inner reconnection with the living God Self within? Even though I always have been and will remain highly sceptical when claims of miracles and wonders are made, I do believe with all my heart and soul they are happening in our world at all times, regardless of the fact that most of the time we are too blind to recognise them.

To give me a taste of what can and indeed does happen, there have been incidents in my life that have shown me the nature of miracles from a different perspective. I can tell you from my own experiences that some amazing things can and do happen on the healing journey. And I am convinced that on your healing travels you will witness miracles of your own that will change your views about this aspect of life, too. Because with the help and will of God and the Angels all things are possible, start looking forward to them. The closer we work together with them, the more likely it is that miracles shall be worked through and for us and our world, similar to those of the Jesus legend.

The words ‘Greater miracles you shall see!’ gave us the promise of the greatest miracle of all that, in the fullness of time, would take place in us and our world, namely humankind’s spiritual rebirth that for quite some time has been taking place in us and our world. Humankind’s long quest for returning into the conscious awareness of God’s true nature and its own is at last drawing to its natural conclusion. God and the Angels, the Masters and other spirit guides and helpers have always been working exceedingly hard to help us find our way back into the realisation of our true and eternal home. The ever increasing popularity of the spiritualist movement – from which organisations like the White Eagle Lodge grew – is sufficient proof that this is so. We shall return to the theme of White Eagle in the appendix.

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Chiron – The Wounded Healer

Rays Of Wisdom - Healers And Healing - Chiron, The Wounded Healer

Knowledge about the healer’s path has been with our world for a very long time. For example, in Greek mythology, the Centaur Chiron was the wounded healer. Half horse and half God, he got involved in a row and received a wound that would not heal. Eventually, he gave up his immortality and his identity of a God; in his search for healing he decided to share the lot of humankind on the Earth. Chiron is a symbolism for humankind’s past, present and its future. Like him, we are Gods and our parting from God wounded our soul deeply. Bravely we went to do battle with the Earth environment, where in the course of many lifetimes our soul received numerous wounds. The deeper we descended into physicality, the further we moved away from our Source, until we seriously started to believe that we and our Creator were separate beings. We had forgotten our immortality and for a very long time believed that our earthly self was all there was to us. It seemed that we had lost our immortality forever, but fortunately that is impossible.

Rejoice, for the time has come for each one of us to seek healing for all our wounds, mental, spiritual and physical ones. Because they were received in physicality, they can only be healed in this state. As pointed out in volume one of my jottings, potentially we are all healers, but to become one we first have to seek our own healing. By forgetting our oneness with God and the whole of Creation, we gave up our immortality, just like Chiron. We too, for a certain period of our individual and collective evolution, lost the conscious awareness, the memory of the fact that in truth we are sparks of the Divine and therefore young Gods in the making. This lifetime is an extra special one in which many are offered the opportunity of re-awakening to their true nature and finding healing through re-uniting the human and Divine parts of their being.

Being spirit and soul temporarily encased in matter, all this was necessary for wise evolutionary reasons. But, spiritual knowledge and wisdom has always come to us and our world directly from the Source, to enable us to make some sense of our present existence and to – slowly, slowly over many ages – show us the way back home into our true reality. For this reason since time immemorial the mythology of our race has contained legends of heroes who gave up their immortality to become earthlings. As we gradually emerged from a state of total ignorance, we started to grasp more of the underlying esoteric meanings of the tales and stories that were given to us and they became ever more sophisticated, shall we say?

The myth of Chiron, the wounded healer, illustrates this better than anything else. Ever since this tale came into our world, it has been trying to tell us about none other than you and me. When a soul leaves the state of oneness with its Source, to begin its long journey of developing its consciousness of an individual being, it receives a deep wound that resists all healing attempts. Each one of us is in this state; we are all healers who first have to find their own healing, to enable us to later teach others to do the same for themselves. We are waiting to be released from the evolutionary phase of separation and are heading back home into the loving re-union with our Creator. It is the birthright of every human soul to eventually find healing and peace through this process.

This procedure gets going with ever increasing strength, as soon as an earthly self re-awakens to the knowledge of its true nature. It gathers even more momentum through the earthly self’s steadily growing awareness that its physical body is but an outer shell and a vehicle for its God Self. The spirit of the living God dwells within every cell and atom of everybody’s physical body. Equipped with this knowledge and its prayers and devotions, every earthly self with the help of its indwelling soul and spirit in the fullness of time slowly but surely converts its vehicle for this lifetime into a temple for the living God. The lower self rejoices as it becomes aware that it is never alone, because God – in the form of our Highest Self – is always with us. God has never left us and experiences everything with us. When we suffer, God suffers with us; when we enjoy ourselves, God does the same; and when we are healing, God is healing us and with us. Best of all, because of the inner oneness of all life, when we are healing, everything in the whole of Creation does the same.

To seek this healing is the very reason why there is a wound deep within every soul’s consciousness that for a very long time refuses to heal. It is for sound evolutionary reasons that every soul must descend ever deeper into matter, as this is the only way we can become aware that we are a single and unique being. From the moment of its separation from its Source and true home every soul experiences and has to learn to live with its pain. The memory of the blessed state of oneness has always remained buried deep inside every soul. Throughout all our meanderings – especially in troubled times – through space and time, the great yearning and longing for our true home has never left us.

By now, many souls have become sufficiently evolved to be guided back to their roots, so they can be re-united with the Source of all life. Each one of these souls in its own right is potentially a seed carrier, a bringer of light and a healer. In spiritual terms, light means wisdom and knowledge. Healers can help others in many ways. We can help someone to see their way forward in life more clearly by showing them who they truly are and why they are here, why people and things come into our lives and leave us again. Most helpful of all, to my mind, is the knowledge that there is no death.

Healers willingly offer others a shoulder to lean or cry on and they are by no means unhappy to hold someone’s hand for a while. They bring renewed hope to souls in distress by empathising with them and helping them to view difficult situations from more positive perspectives. Such things they do not because someone tells them to, but because that is what they truly want to do. Aware that their true nature is love, they follow their inner light and the urge to be true to themselves by acting in kind and loving ways at all times. When they have found a measure of enlightenment, they willingly share their knowledge with those around them, so that they can do the same when their time for doing so has come.

Every healer must learn from their own first hand experiences that there is no death and that it is only the outer shell that dies at the end of each lifetime. Only when this has been grasped on a deep inner level, the acceptance and deep inner appreciation can rise into their conscious awareness that the knowledge they have found is true. By that time, the healer appreciates that the myth of giving up their immortality was necessary for a time, and that all feelings of being separated from God were merely part of the illusion that the existence in physicality creates. This realisation re-unites their earthly and Divine part; as they heal together, immortality is regained.

Yes, it was necessary for every soul to forget that nothing can ever separate us from God, but only for a time. That was the leaving of the state of paradise. No-one chased us away. We went of our own free will and must have done so quite happily, because in that blessed part of our existence we still knew that the Universal laws of Karma and reincarnation would ensure the safe return of every soul into the oneness with God. We departed willingly because we knew that our consciousness would be vastly enriched by all the experiences that lay ahead of us and that we would thus be helping not only our individual evolution, but also that of our whole world and the whole of Creation. Could there ever be a worthier enterprise than that?

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The Beginning Of Wisdom

As long ago as in the days of the Old Testament, the Bible told us in Proverbs 1:7 ‘The reverence of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge; but fools despise knowledge and instruction.’ If one replaces the word Lord with ‘law’, a different picture emerges straight away. The St. James Bible translated this into ‘The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom’. What life requires from us, however, is that we should respect and revere, to use the word of the Lamsa translation, the Universal laws and conduct our lives in accordance with them, the way the Lord Buddha taught his disciples: through right thought, word and action. This alone can bring us the beginning of the much yearned for freedom from further self-created unhappiness.

By taking responsibility for ourselves and changing our character, we influence the flow of our destiny in positive ways. In this case knowledge really is power, because it is the tool the Universe places into everyone’s own hands to free ourselves from the shackles of the past and from going round and round the wheel of life or of fortune, whose symbol is the zodiac. We alone can free ourselves from endlessly having to repeat our experiences of the Earth and from requiring further lessons on this level of life. It can only be done through expanding our conscious awareness and wisely applying the knowledge we are finding to all life situations. Only when all karmic debts have been paid, every bad thought, word and deed redeemed and every earthly lesson learnt, is any soul free to move on to education of a higher nature.

IIt seems to me that for thousands of years our Creator has suffered from an appallingly poor press. First in line responsible for this has to be the quote from ‘The Song of Moses’ in Deuteronomy, one of the most ancient books of the Old Testament, 32: 35 ‘To me belongs vengeance and I will recompense them at the time when their foot shall slip, for the day of their destruction is at hand and the misfortune that shall come upon them makes haste.’ We shall return to this teaching later. It, probably like no other one, has presented our world with a highly negative, jaundiced and unfair picture of the Lord and Master of all life. Yet, exchange the word Lord for Law, the law of Karma, and the vision changes instantly into one of utmost justice, kindness, goodness and love. Even though the legend of the Master Jesus brought us the message that this is what our God in truth is like, could not alter the fact that to this day many of his followers insist that every word of the Bible is true. 

The popular hymn ‘Turn to Me!’ tells us:

‘Listen to Me, My people;
Give ear to Me, My nation.
A law will go forth from Me
And My justice for a light, to the people.’

John Foley

Ah yes, the knowledge is there but without understanding what kind of law is meant, no real progress can be made. For as long as any of the religions of our world that to this day fail to accept the law of Karma as part of their teachings, their followers will officially remain deprived of knowing what kind of a law it is that is designed to provide the light for God’s children of the Earth.  Because it is God’s Universal and eternal law, which all life throughout the whole of Creation on all its levels must obey, its denial will never make the law go away.

Viewed from where we are now in our evolutionary cycle, it is no longer difficult to recognise that this kind of ignorance once was necessary. Included in this was the illusion of a limited existence, the state we, individually and as a race, had to live in for many thousands of years. If we had known all along that there is a world of spirit, to which each one of us safely returns to find rest and healing, at the end of every lifetime, when the going got ever rougher on the Earth plane, the temptation to opt out would have been too great for our earthly selves.

Had we still remembered that we ourselves chose this earthly existence, so that we should grow and evolve, the likelihood is that we and our world would not have achieved anything like the spiritual growth and advances that our ignorance made possible. Therefore, let us not begrudge this part of our development, but rejoice and give thanks for it to the great wisdom and love of the Highest for providing us with it, and also for the fact that this chapter in the history of our world is now closing.

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The Positive Aspects Of Karma

There probably is more talk of the law at present than there has ever been before, but for my liking there is altogether too much focus on the negative aspects of Karma. Considering that the law has been designed to create opportunities for learning and growing, as well as redeeming ourselves and paying our spiritual debts, in my view, its positive side outweighs the negative one by far, because without fulfilling these requirements we would never be allowed to move on to higher and highest lessons. They are definitely in store for each one of us, but only after we have meticulously attended to our karmic duties, fulfilled our obligations to all involved and through this balanced the ledgers of our spiritual bank book. 

The following is an extract from ‘The Universal Christ Speaks To Us And Our World’ that explains better than anything else the infinite love and thoughtfulness that goes into the whole of God’s Creation:

‘One of the most important things you need to become aware of in your present state of existence is that all life is ruled by Universal laws, My laws, in particular the law of Karma. The wise ones among you, who have already woken up to their true nature, pay particular attention to it. Before I ever brought any part of the created world into being, a loving thought from My heart provided for all My creatures and creations through this law. In simplest terms, it decrees that everything has to return to its source. It ensures that every one of you will eventually be able to return to the true state of your being and to come home into your real nature, which is love. My will has decreed that this should only be possible after each spirit has been ensouled and its memory bank, which is the soul, contains so much learning that its consciousness has sufficiently matured and expanded. You are in your present existence so that you may constantly grow in wisdom and understanding and that you can only do by living through every single one of the experiences that may ever come your way.

‘My justice is perfect and the life I give to you and all others creatures is perfectly balanced. You will be able grasp this better when you come to terms with the workings of My law, as it reveals itself to you in the course of many lifetimes. I am the one who, through this law, makes sure that everything returns to its source and that everything in the whole of Creation balances. The knowledge of this shall be My light for My people, when the right moment has come for them. Through the teachers I have sent to you and your world from time to time, I have always given you exactly the right amount of spiritual knowledge that your individual and collection consciousness could digest. Thus My wisdom has slowly flowed into you over the ages, just about enough for you to cope with at any given time.

Such knowledge is the light that in the fullness of time guides each one of the tired wanderers, their spirit and soul, back home into the full awareness of their true nature. The law of Karma is part of My law of life and that is love. I am love and so are you; from love you have come and to love you are now returning. My Covenant with you, My earthly children, from the very beginning, long before your sojourns onto the Earth plane began, decreed that every soul will eventually be safely guided back home into the oneness with Me. That none gets lost or left behind, I have appointed Angels and Masters, guides and helpers who tenderly watch over every step that each child of Mine shall ever do, in all worlds and all levels of existence it will eventually have to explore and learn about.

‘As you, My children of the Earth, descended ever deeper into matter, each one of you over many lifetimes built your own prison of eventually total ignorance of your true nature. Yet, from time to time I sent you teachers who brought you, bit by bit, more of the light of My eternal wisdom. With the help of the light they conveyed to you, you slowly started to release yourself and each other from the darkness of your self-made earthly dungeons. No matter how long this may take for any individual soul, each one in the end is safely guided back into the light of the full knowledge of your true being. From Me you have come, to Me you are returning; My law of Karma sees to it. And when you have learnt to love again, when your only motive and desire has become to love and serve, to give of yourself and share with all that is in your world – the same as I am doing –  you will know that you have come home.’

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