Healers And Healing

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Chapter 17 (v.1) - Part Three - Healers & Healing

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Part 3 - Calling For Help

God’s Covenant With Humankind

Rays of Wisdom - Healers And Healing - God's Covenant

Esoterically, ignorance stands for darkness and light for the expansion of God’s consciousness and our own through spiritual wisdom and knowledge. The Bible tells us in Genesis 9:13: ‘I set My bow in the clouds and it shall be for a sign of a covenant between Me and the Earth.’ To me, this is a reassurance that whenever the going gets rough, rainbows of light will in the end be reaching down from the Heavens, a metaphor for the highest levels of life, onto the Earth plane in the form of the new wisdom and understanding that has been found by humankind through these experiences. The Genesis quote is God’s signal that the wisdom and love of the Great Mother has never left any of us and that the Sun will surely break through the clouds again, each time some rain has to fall onto Earth’s inhabitants.

A rainbow is always a special blessing for us and everything that shares our world with us. It appears when the light of the Sun reflects itself in the moisture left behind in the air after a downpour and this light and its warmth once more reappears. The same principle applies spiritually to the Sun beyond or behind the Sun, the Great or Christ Light. And every rainbow contains all the healing rays of the Sun with each colour representing a different ray that is capable of healing one of the many ills of our world. In due course all of us will be ready to learn how to tap into these rays.

Let us return to the state of paradise for another moment. As discussed in the previous chapter, the word describes the state of consciousness we once left behind in order to become mortals. We descended from Heaven – a metaphor for the highest levels of life – into matter and an earthly existence, so that together with our planet we could evolve some more. To make this possible, it was essential that for some time we had to die to the knowledge of our true nature and of our oneness with each other and the Great White Spirit, Father/Mother of all life. God being infinitely merciful and wise, this awareness was never wiped from our consciousness altogether, but always remained part of us.

However, as in the course of many lifetimes we gathered ever more experiences, this memory sank into the deepest and most ancient recesses of our subconscious. That’s where it has remained and as layer upon layer of the soul memories of every passing lifetimes piles upon our most ancient recollection, it becomes  increasingly difficult to access. Yet, it has always stayed alive. This is how, from the very core of our being, the soul incessantly tries to point its earthly self in the direction of our true home. When the right moment for doing so has come, it is the soul’s longing and yearning that in the end reunites us with our Source.

Divine Wisdom has always taken great care that nothing and no-one would ever be able to destroy or take the memory of our true home and origin from us. Everybody’s birthright and God’s covenant with humankind is to be drawn back, consciously reunited and one again with all life, to be whole and holy, healed in mind, body, spirit and soul. Finding true happiness and fulfilment will be everybody’s reward and compensation for the willingness to leave the state of paradise and taking upon ourselves the suffering caused by our earthly self’s belief that we are separate from the source of our being, God.

I would go as far as saying that in that state of our existence and in the youthful enthusiasm and innocence as young spirits, we not only agreed with this, we even wanted it. We did so, because we understood that through fully partaking in Earth life alone we would ever be able to recognise ourselves and each other as individual spirits. From where I stand now, it is not difficult to see the necessity for the statement that those who eat from the tree of knowledge have to die. It was done because at the time of its appearance that was all our race could grasp and digest of the underlying esoteric truth of God’s wisdom.
Thanks be to the Universal Forces that ever more of us by now are ready to understand why the Bible had to speak to us and our world through myths and legends that abound with symbolisms and allegories. In truth, the snake in the Creation story stands for the wisdom aspect of the feminine aspect of the Divine, the Goddess with its powers of transformation and healing. From our present evolutionary level it can easily be recognised that in truth the serpent was by no means evil but wise and spoke the truth. Yet, at the time the Creation story first appeared in our world none of us could possibly have grasped the higher esoteric meaning of this tale. As we mature into spiritual adulthood, we once more become aware of the fact that the human spirit and soul are immortal and eternal, and because of this cannot die. This brings us the realisation that nothing but the outer shell of our physical bodies is returned to Mother Earth at the end of each lifetime, while the essence of our being moves on into the world of light, it’s true home.

Humankind once agreed to descend into matter to help expand God’s wisdom and knowledge of Itself, each through gathering their own real life experiences and learning from them. Having done so sufficiently, our next lesson is learning to live harmoniously and consciously in accordance with God’s cosmic laws. Knowing that all life abides by them, why shouldn’t we? When looked at in the right way, namely from the evolutionary angle, partaking in the tree of knowledge’s fruit could never have been as sin; it was very necessary and desirable.

Adam and Eve’s wish to eat the fruits is a symbolism for humankind’s craving for life and evolution, for growing through learning about life on all its levels, including physicality. This hunger will always be with us, wherever we may find ourselves, even when we have moved way beyond this world and onto the highest levels of consciousness, as every soul does in the end. Everybody’s own consciousness and that of our world can only continue to expand through the constant gathering of knowledge about ourselves, our world and life, which is the reason why we are here.

The most fundamental purpose of every human being’s earthly sojourns is that with the passing of time we should evolve into a seeker of God’s sacred wisdom and truth. It’s a great relief when one finds out that we shall need but one guru in this quest and that is our intuition, the living God within. Everybody has this inner teacher and guide, who is the only one in the whole of Creation who is entirely reliable and trustworthy. From long before human life on the Earth plane began, it has been part of us and with us, trying to guide us and keep us away from harm from the innermost part of our own being. If that isn’t proof enough that none of us ever left the paradise of being one with God and that, on the inner planes of our being, the connection with God has always remained intact, then please tell me what is.

Looking back on my life, it is easy to see how the Divine wisdom within has constantly been helping me. Regardless of the fact that for a very long time I had no idea of the source of all the helpful ideas that came to me whenever I needed them, my inner guru was always there for me, as it is for everybody. It never let me down and I could and did rely on it, even and maybe especially in my working life it clearly enjoyed supporting me and helping me to find solutions for any kind of problem, and I am glad to say it is still doing this. For example, when there was a lost file that no-one could find or something on my computer was puzzling me. This still happens from time to time. Having walked away from the scene, after a while out of the blue the thought comes: ‘Why don’t I try so and so?’ Lo and behold, it works almost every time and the solutions quite magically appear.

Aware that they are coming from my inner wisdom who shows me the way in all things, I do not forget to say: ‘Thank you! Is it any wonder I love you. Who wouldn’t? To know you is to love you.’ And other times, when I need yet another answer for a tricky situation, not without first trying to solve it on my own, I plead: ‘Please, help me!’ The response may take a while, but it always comes and each time it does, I am deeply grateful.

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Six pointed Star


Rays Of Wisdom - Healers And Healing - EnlightenmentThere is much talk about enlightenment. But what does it mean? Spiritually, ignorance is darkness and knowledge is light. Each time we learn something we did not know before, a ray of light enters the darkness of our ignorance and disperses another bit of it. This applies in particular to spiritual knowledge and what we are finding does not have to be something as profound and far reaching as when the knowledge of the Law of Karma first reached our world. God and Angels bestowed this gift upon our world through the legend of the Lord Buddha. Truly enlightened beings are all those who not only are aware of God’s true nature and their own, but who are acting upon their knowledge in every one of their daily encounters. This reveals that their relationship with our Creator * is in the process of healing.

As mentioned earlier, we are all in this life to evolve into seekers of wisdom and truth. Yet, the truth has as many facets as there are souls in the whole of Creation and that on many different levels. Each one of us can only see and understand things from their own perspective and perception of life, which was formed by everyone’s own evolutionary pathway that has been covered thus far. Our approach to life is also coloured by the Sun sign we were born into this time round. Cancerians work their way through life with the help of their feelings, unlike the Air signs who do it by thinking. The keyword for each of the four elements is a different one. Water says: ‘I feel’. Earth: ‘I serve’. Fire: ‘I create’ and Air: ‘I think’.

Those are the reasons why every human being’s truth varies slightly from all others and there is every likelihood that yours is quite unlike mine. I would like to illustrate this with one of the finest examples of this and that is the life of the French philosopher René Descartes, born 31 March 1596. His quote: ‘Cogito, ergo sum,’ ‘I think, therefore I am,’ to me sounds typical of someone in whose birthchart the Air signs are strongly represented, in spite of the fact that Descartes during that particular lifetime was a Sun Aries. With a stellium of six planets in this sign, it is not surprising that he was a pioneer and forward thinking man.

Descartes’ time of birth is unknown, so there is no way of telling where his Ascendant was. Never mind, his date of birth numerologically reveals a great deal about the man, his approach to life and his predestined pathway through it. The first vital clue is that he was born on the 31st March. That is always an indication that someone is strongly under the influence of Aquarius, an Air sign, and its ruler Uranus, i.e. 3 Jupiter + 1 the Sun = 4 Uranus. This also applies to those born on the 31st day of any month.

Let’s see what happens when one adds up the numbers of his date of birth: 3+1+3+1+5+9+6 = 28, which consists of 2 = the Moon and Cancer and 8 = Saturn and Capricorn. 2+8 = 1, the Sun and Leo, and that shows us his destiny number. As you can see, the components of the total are as important as the resulting sum itself. Small wonder that Descartes developed into a forward looking thinker and philosopher, a leader of people with a big ego as well as a teacher with a strong desire to let his light shine and who had much to say and give to us and our world!

‘That’s all very well,’ I hear you say, ‘but what about telling a truth from a lie or a fake?’ I believe that the only way we earthlings can do this reliably is through paying attention to our inner guidance, the living God within, and that this is the true meaning of the Old Testament’s Proverbs 3:5-6: ‘Trust in the Lord with all your heart and rely not on your own wisdom. In all your ways acknowledge Him and He shall direct your paths.’

May the White Eagle group of spirit guides have the last word with a teaching that reached me as a Monday Thought from the White Eagle Lodge 29.05.2017. The following is its essence: ‘God is love and your heart contains a spark of it that dwells in the centre of your heart. The more you practise loving in every daily encounter, the more the quality of your soul consciousness improves. The main purpose of your earthly existence is that you would become aware of your Divine nature and learn how to love God’s way. This means not only loving other human beings, but your whole world in the beauty and wonder that is contained in everything, even the weather * – independent of what it may bring. Imagine that every drop of rain is a cleansing and benediction for Mother Earth and all her children, then that’s what happens. Everything is blessed and that includes you.

‘You will find that knowing that all events ultimately serve a wise higher purpose makes it easier to show kindness and understanding for everything and everybody, loving them and forgetting about hating altogether. Just think, each time you say: ‘I love’ beneficially influences your whole being, your glands and bloodstream, but most of all it raises your soul consciousness. Take it from us, that is the truth!’

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The Tree Of Life

Tree of Life - Rays of Wisdom - Healers & HealingLife’s wisdom is like a tree, a living and rapidly expanding organism. And the tree of life is an analogy for the invisible structure on which all the wisdom and knowledge that has ever been gathered by anyone has grown. This tree is a living organism that – like any other – needs continued sustenance and nurturing. Every religion and belief system that our world has ever known is one of its branches that has contributed towards its growth, some more successfully than others. By adding to the knowledge that is already there, every soul’s learning from its own experiences actively supports the growth of the tree and contributes towards its wellbeing.

For as long as the tree continues to thrive and expand, all is well. But, like with any tree, branches that are no longer productive and have ceased growing, die and are eventually chopped off by those in charge. In spiritual terms, ignorance is darkness and knowledge is light, and each one of us is in this life to grow into a seeker of truth and enlightenment. In my view, a sound knowledge of the law of Karma is what every human soul on the Earth plane requires most urgently. That, alas, is something that spiritual writings like the Bible, the Koran and the Talmud only contain in carefully hidden forms.

Revelations 22:2 of the Bible contains an interesting astrological reference: ‘On either side of the river the tree of life with its twelve kinds of fruit, yielding its fruit each month. And the leaves of the tree were for the healing of the nations.’ My interpretation of this is: the two sides of the river are an illustration of the two aspects of humankind’s existence, that on the Earth plane and that in the world of spirit, our true home. All souls, on both sides of the river, encounter the tree of life with its twelve different types of fruit.

The zodiac with its twelve signs and houses represents the various aspects of life’s experiences. In the course of many lifetimes each sign and house yields its fruits to us in many different ways, as one after the other, time and again we move through each sign and house. The leaves of the tree of life are the understanding and wisdom we glean from our experiences. They assist us with our learning and growing, and any knowledge that is gathered during our earthly sojourns is meant to be shared with those around us, so they in turn can use it for the healing of themselves, the people in their environment and also of our whole world. This will continue until all nations have been healed and every soul within them, too.

One day when I was in great discomfort, I prayed:
‘Please, save me from pain!’
The Christ responded with: ‘To help you bring forth
My Divine characteristics, so that you can grow ever closer to Me,
Each one of My children of the Earth
Must become familiar with pain.
Unless you have waded through painful experiences yourself,
How else can you hope to
Appreciate the depth of another’s suffering?

As you can see, your suffering and worldly cares
Are essential parts of your earthly education.
They are My teaching aids that with the passage of time
Slowly take you back home into the oneness with Me,
Until you are fully re-united with Me.
So rejoice! The more profound your struggles
And the deeper your pain,
The closer your spirit and soul can draw to Me.

This is how, for a very long time unbeknown to your earthly self,
Your consciousness expands and your soul grows.
Yet, it can only do so through each living their own lives,
Gathering their own experiences, and feeling their feelings,
Sadness as much as joy, and happiness as much as pain.
So, whenever something seems too hard or heavy for you to bear,
And wherever you may find yourself, never despair!
Just reach out for My hand, call for Me and I will be there.

I am the only one who can help you work your way through whatever comes your way,
And although you are but one tiny twig on the tree of life and knowledge,
Each one of you is a many-faceted jewel,
Priceless, precious and loved beyond compare and of immense value to Me.
You are one of the most beautiful flowers in My eternal garden and
I am the gardener, who prunes you constantly,
So that you may flower and mature and bear ever more fruit.’

In spite of all that was said before, I had the audacity to say:
‘Please, give me only the things of life I enjoy.’
And the Christ replied: ‘Beloved child,
Isn’t it blessing enough that I have created you and given you life?
From love you come and to love you return,
For love is My true nature and yours.
You are on the Earth plane,
So that one day you will find the truth that is in Me.
And when I grant you the gift of the wisdom to comprehend it,
You will be able to appreciate and recognise that
Everything that is in your life is a loving sacrifice from Me
And that things, people and every experience
That comes your way are included in this.

From ‘The Universal Christ Now Speaks To Us And Our World’

Six pointed Star

The Mythology Of The Tree Of Life

Tree of Life with Setting Sun - Rays of Wisdom - Healers & Healing - The Mythology of the Tree of Life

The concept of a tree of life as a many-branched tree is an illustration of the idea that all life on Earth is related. With the help of mythology and religions, philosophies and science, time and again throughout the ages, the Angels introduced our world to the idea of a tree of life as a symbol of evolution and growth. This mystical concept draws humankind’s attention to the interconnectedness of all life on our planet and a metaphor for the common descent of every lifeform from the Great White Spirit, Father/Mother of all life.

The tree’s part above the Earth represents humankind’s earthly existence and its roots are going simultaneously down into the spirit world, the inner level of life, that which is hidden from normal earthly view and knowledge. Individually and collectively, the more highly evolved we become, the higher our branches reach into the sky and the more our roots penetrate into the wisdom and knowledge of the spirit realm. Ultimately, this process reconnects us with the conscious awareness of our oneness with God, the source of our being.

To this day, among humankind’s best friends on the Earth plane from the cradle to the grave, quite literally, have been trees. Forever faithful and true, never complaining no matter how much humankind sins against them, these our most faithful and reliable companions of our earthly sojourns can be relied upon to be there for us. Their blessings have constantly reached through every aspect of our existence, from a shady resting place on hot days, to generously providing the materials for the manufacture of our first and last receptacles, the cradle and the coffin.

Trees have always held a great fascination for humankind. In times gone by, many cultures have honoured them as symbolisms and expressions of the love and devotion of the Great Mother of all life to all her earthly children. Life itself has been depicted as a tree and some of the myths and legends surrounding this tree must be as old as life on Earth itself. And so, it doesn’t come as a surprise that the Bible images mentioned in the previous chapter were by no means invented by Christianity. Adopted from the concepts of much older pagan traditions, they were re-written to make them suitable to be included in the teachings of the New Testament.

For example, the Greek Goddess Hera’s magical apple garden contained the Tree of Life and the sacred serpent. The Christmas tree is also one of the many symbols for the tree of life or tree of knowledge. The custom of cutting an evergreen and bringing it indoors goes back to ancient Norse Yule celebrations for the return of the Sun during the shortest and darkest days of winter. It was imported into the Christian teachings during the times when converting the so-called pagans to their new faith was high on the agenda.

Barbara Walker wrote in ‘The Woman’s Encyclopaedia Of Myths And Secrets’: ‘On the night before a holy day, Roman priests called Dendrophori or ‘tree-bearers’ cut one of the sacred pines, decorated it and carried it into the temple of the Great Mother of all life. Figures and fetishes attached to such trees in later centuries seem to have represented the whole pantheon of pagan deities on the World Tree.’ The modern Christmas tree followed this tradition in its own way.

The tree of life is also known as the World Tree. In ‘Man, Myth and Magic: The Illustrated Encyclopaedia of Mythology, Religion and the Unknown, edited by Richard Cavendish, explains: ‘An infinity of symbolic detail accompanies the different parts of the world-tree… The cosmic tree often bore fruits which the Gods ate to ensure their immortality: and so it became a tree of life.’

The idea of trees as symbolisms of the Universe goes back to Scandinavian mythology, where the Oden Ash or Yggdrasil was believed to possess this quality. In India it was the fig tree or Asvattha. In the Hindu religion the Banyan tree is the symbol of the tree of life. The Lord Buddha is said to have meditated under such a tree until he found his enlightenment. However, because the Buddha is as much a legendary figure as the Master Jesus, the tales about this vary considerably regarding the length of time this took and also the type of tree under which they sat. Christianity has adopted the apple tree form the pagan traditions and many other religions have similar ideas, including China and Russia.

The Celts and Druids represented the World Tree as the sacred oak, which with its branches and roots connected the three worlds of the Upperworld, Middle-Earth, and Underworld. The concept of the axis mundi also is visualized as a world tree, for example in the Mayan culture as Wacah Chan. Wikipedia states: ‘It is a common shamanic concept, the healer traversing the axis mundi to bring back knowledge from the other world. The axis mundi both connects Heaven and Earth as well as providing a path between the two…’

When, in times long gone by, we walked the Earth as our own ancestors, we used the evergreen Holly with its thorny leaves and red berries in our winter celebrations. The Burning Bush of Moses’ vision was a holly. It was also important to the Druids; it represented death and regeneration to them. And it was the plant of Mother Holle or Hel, the Norse underworld Goddess. In Germany, witches used Holly for making wands. Barbara Walker writes: ‘Red holly berries showed the female blood-of-life colour, corresponding to white mistletoe berries associated with male elements of semen and death.’ At Yule tide, the winter festival of the Divine Marriage, these two plants were displayed together.

 The Dionysian cult of Roman times displayed the holly together with the ivy, as the symbol of feminine and masculine balance during times of the solstice festival. Because of its connection with sex it was renounced by the early Christian bishops, Tertullian and the Council of Bracara in particular. Although it was considered to be unfit for Christian celebrations, the practice of adorning doorways with holly and kissing under the mistletoe continued. The latter originally represented a blessing for the union between the master and the mistress of a house. When the Church realised that these ancient customs could not be suppressed altogether, the holly was eventually declared to be symbolic of the crown of thorns and the drops of blood on the Saviour’s head.

To this day, apples are significant in our culture, from sayings like ‘The apple of my eye’ or ‘an apple for the teacher,’ and ‘an apple a day keeps the doctor away’ to folk tales about Johnny Appleseed, and the always popular apple pie. From the pagan traditions, Christianity adopted the apple tree as the tree of knowledge in paradise. Its fruit was declared to be the key to original sin, the fall of grace from God. John Bradner’s writes: ‘By tradition the apple is the fruit of the Paradise Tree. It is used sometimes as a symbol of Christ, the new or second Adam.’ However the apple’s five-petalled blossoms, like the rose and pentagram, appeared in the much older Indo-European tradition. Here it represents the knowledge of sacred femininity, sexuality and immortality.

The Goddesses’ magical paradise took the form of apple groves in many traditions such as the Celtic ‘Apple Land’ of Avalon, the Norse Goddess Idun’s magical apples kept the Gods immortal. And here we also encounter the Greek Goddess Hera’s magical apple garden which contained the tree of life and the sacred serpent, mentioned earlier. A significant connection of the apple with witches and gypsies is the five-pointed ‘star’ that contains the apple seeds in the core of every apple when cut transversely. This relates to mythology about the Virgin Kore or Core within her the Earth Mother Demeter. Isn’t it astonishing that, in this instance, even the word ‘core’ has been preserved in the English language?

Barbara Walker explains: ‘The five-pointed star in a circle was the Egyptian hieroglyph for the underworld womb, where resurrection was brought about by the mother-heart of transformations.’ This is how it came about that in later gypsy and pagan traditions the apple symbolised the sacred union of the physical and the spiritual world.

I think that I shall never see
A poem as lovely as a tree.

A tree whose hungry roots are pressed
Into Mother Earth’s sweet loving breast.

A tree that looks at God all day
And lifts its many arms to pray.

A tree that may in summer wear
A nest of robins in its hair,

Upon whose blossoms snow has lain
And who loves every drop of rain.

Poems were made by fools like me,
But only God can make a tree.

Joyce Kilmer
Edited by Aquarius

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Six pointed Star

Absorbing Spiritual Wisdom And Truth

My writings have always been of an intuitive nature. The knowledge about any of the topics covered came to me through reading big books – or small ones for that matter. Every bit of the spiritual wisdom and truth I am sharing with you in my jottings has been and still is an integral part of my own healing journey of a thousand miles. The insights that are coming to me intuitively are accompanied by the learning I am gaining from my own experiences. Life itself has been, still is and forever will be my teacher. Therefore, one could say that my knowledge has quite literally grown organically on the tree of life.

If any of the spiritual wisdom and truth we find along the way is to become our permanent soul property, it is not enough to read about it or listen to it somewhere. It can only be absorbed by us when we allow sufficient time for practising and applying it whenever possible in our daily encounters. That is the only way spiritual knowledge can sink into the deepest recesses of our consciousness and become part of our spiritual property. Once we have made it our own, it will stay with us forever. We bring it with us into every one of our future lifetimes, where it supports us and eases our way through life. Acquiring gifts of this calibre may take not just one lifetime but many. Yet, they are so valuable that they are worth every small effort we make to obtain them.

The awareness that all life, including ours, is subject to God’s laws, also known as the Universal laws, is the first and most fundamental piece of equipment everyone needs in their kitbag for the travels that eventually take each one of us back into the oneness with our Creator. The first law is love. It is followed by the law of evolution and the law of cause and effect, also known as the law of Karma. All subsequent laws radiate out from the first one. To my mind, without the awareness of their existence nothing on the Earth plane makes any sense at all. But as soon as the full significance of their meaning and the effects they have on our lives and that of our whole world dawns upon us, our perception of life changes completely.

For us the pieces of the great jigsaw puzzle of life start to fall into place and suddenly everything makes a great deal of sense. And it does not take long until one grasps that everything in the whole of Creation takes place as a natural consequence of this law and that the events in our own life – as well as everybody else’s – have always been caused by our own and their desire nature. We can see for ourselves that each one of us once set the wheels in motion for anything that happened and still is taking place in our world. I believe that the grasp of this concept is the most essential key for unlocking our inner doors of understanding. Equipped with it, the whole of life begins to make sense and every single event reveals itself as being loaded special meaning and an underlying higher, wise and significant evolutionary purpose.

In the ordinary course of events though, true enlightenment consists of a slow and steady growth of understanding, which human souls can only gain through applying their learning to their own daily lives. But there are exceptions and in any case, reaching the degree of comprehension mentioned in the previous paragraph is illumination in the truest sense of the word. Frequently more of it is found after prolonged periods of suffering and/or extreme tests of endurance. When the events lie behind us it is not unusual that our Highest Self rewards us, its small earthly counterpart, with an increased clarity of vision and understanding. In totally unexpected moments sudden flashes of insight may come to lighten our darkness and are helping us to gain a deeper understanding of the purpose and meaning of earthly life and its concerns. We may then be able see for ourselves that there really is a place for each and every one of us in the grand scheme of things and that the life that has been given to us is a good one, after all.

There can be no doubt about it that we human souls are intrepid climbers. Guided and protected by our Highest or God Self and the Angels, including our Guardian Angel, in the course of many lifetimes every one of us slowly ascends the spiritual mountain. Many different pathways lead up this mountain, consisting of the multitude of belief systems and religions that have ever existed on the Earth plane. Although it has not always looked like it on the surface of earthly life, the ultimate aim of each one of them has always been to lead humankind back into the conscious awareness of God’s true nature and its own. In spite of the fact that friends and helpers in the world of light are constantly with us and are making sure that adequate progress is made by all of us.

Only through the absence of something or someone can we learn to appreciate its value. That is why for a long time the small self is left to think of itself as being alone in its present existence. Thus, when sad and difficult times have to be endured by us, we believe ourselves unprotected and largely unloved by life. In our terrified state it is a great relief when we discover that, though unbeknown to us for a long time, we have always been and forever will be surrounded by groups of spirit guides. Each one of them is headed by one of the Masters of that world and the angelic hierarchy are above them, for they are in charge of all life. Altogether these beings ensure that every human soul constantly learns from its own experiences. They are seeing to it that each one of us bravely gets on with the tough job of growing from spiritual infancy into the maturity of adulthood, undeterred by the many considerable obstacles that have to be overcome on the way.

None of us is ever forgotten or excluded from the care of these wise ones and the evolutionary plan for your race and world. To help us to develop our individuality and so that we may grow in wisdom and understanding, every human soul, before it can move on to experiencing the higher levels of life, first has to descend into matter and become familiar with the conditions of life in physicality. As we slowly evolve, the matter surrounding us does the same. Only when this part of our earthly education has been attended to sufficiently, can the long haul of our ascent out of earthly life begin. For this purpose each one of us has to move round and around the zodiac in vast cycles of experiences. Every stop in one of its signs and houses presents us with plentiful opportunities for integrating ever more of the highest qualities of that particular sign and house.

Battered and bruised, on and on we thus march through a great many lifetimes. And at the end of each one we return to our base, the world of spirit, to rest and be restored, an then to take stock and review the progress we have made up to the present. Being part of God and as a co-creator with God, human spirits are creative and enterprising. On the whole we like excitement and soon become restless. And when we have rested long enough in our other world, a great yearning overcomes us for the splendour of returning into the loving union with God and all life. This is the goal that waits for every one of us when we reach the top of the evolutionary spiral of life. As that can only be achieved through ever more learning and growing, we venture forth, apply for another lifetime on the Earth and wait for the right moment to be born into yet another physical body that has been prepared for us by God and the Angels.

‘Every knee shall bow and every tongue confess that Christ is our Lord!’ is quite literally true. All human beings who at any given time are dwelling on the Earth plane are basically on their road back into the oneness with our Creator. That is everyone’s highest potential and birthright, regardless of how high or low our standing on the social scale may presently be. The task before each one of us is an identical one. As soon as our spiritual awakening has taken place, we start on the pathway of an aspiring healer and lightbringer, first for ourselves and then also for those around us. This road takes us ever higher up the spiritual mountain of life until we have grown into a saviour and redeemer, again first of ourselves and then also for our whole world.

Learning to work hand in hand with the Angels and our Highest Self, the living God within, is our most urgent requirement for attending to this task. This we do by frequently asking for their guidance and protection. Remember that without asking for help from the highest it cannot reach us. Our requests however enable them to come to our assistance and show us how to go about this highly sophisticated and specialised project. The further we move along this highway, the more we discover that we no longer have any need for the teachings of those who came before us, whether they have their supposed origin in legendary figures or people who really once walked the Earth. From first hand experience we are learning that our Highest Self truly does know the answers to all our questions and that it gives them to us intuitively. In-tuition = the inner teacher. When this part of our being has become our tutor, we no longer require any others.

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The Higher Purpose Of Illnesses

During its long journey back home into the awareness of its true nature the soul gets deeply wounded over and over again. But, eventually it reaches the evolutionary phase when its education as a healer begins and wounds of all lifetimes demand to be looked at and healed. Ever more of us are now ready for this experience, in the course of which we are meant to discover and develop our own latent healing abilities. Yet, even when this is the case, we still have to wait for the right moment when our energies have aligned themselves to the Universal ones in the required manner. Then the Father – the Universal energies – starts to draw us into a unique and intimate healing experience. An illness of a particularly trying kind is frequently the entry into this. Should this happen to you, take care not to be unduly alarmed. Instead, turn towards God and the Angels to show you the way through this difficult time in your life, so that through it you may grow in spiritual wisdom and understanding.

To me, the only kind of spiritual knowledge that is truly worth having is that which has been tried and tested by us in our own lives; that way alone can it become our soul’s permanent property. Being spirit and soul, we are consciousness, and in Earth life any knowledge is non-existent unless the earthly self is using it and acting upon it in positive ways. That is why book knowledge, no matter how elevated it may be, on its own is of no value. It remains dead until we make it come alive by applying it to our daily life situations, testing and trying it time and again until, in this way, it has been integrated by us.

This is a very important lesson and only when we have fully grasped it, can our spiritual development seriously take to its wings, because the wisdom we are then gaining can be used to lift us above our present level of existence into the higher and highest realms, our true home. In this context the most helpful tool of all is the already mentioned knowledge of the Universal law of Karma, so let us take a closer look at it. In its simplest terms this law means that every action in all worlds, not merely on the Earth, causes a re-action, and that everything has to return to its source. Because of the law everything you and I are sending out into life, the same as everybody else, must always come back to us. This is the Universe’s way of ensuring that:

• We all get what we have deserved because of that which we have sown, at some stage in our evolution.

• Every soul at some time must take part in all lessons the Earth plane has to offer, because it must learn from its own experiences how to differentiate between good and evil, light and darkness and so forth. That is why every soul at certain times has to find itself at the giving end of such experiences, and at other times at their receiving end.

• As everything in the whole of Creation must eventually return to its source, no soul can ever get truly lost and in the end, having learnt all its lessons, each one is allowed to return to its true home, into the oneness with God.

Alas, it takes many lifetimes for the earthly personality to evolve sufficiently, until it is ready to come to terms with the laws of the Universe and capable of consciously conducting its life by these laws and their consequences. Having reached this point, it is interesting to watch the effect they have on one’s own life and everybody else’s. Clearly, any knowledge can only be acted upon after one has found it. But when one does, right thoughts that lead into right actions become a must, not only for the sake of our own evolution but of the whole race and of our planet.

The ignorance of God’s laws never protected any soul against the consequences of its actions. Every deed of all previous lifetimes – good, bad or indifferent – has always caught up with us later on. That’s what they are doing to this day and that will never change. But having learnt to act upon the knowledge we have found and we are therefore sending nothing but the best into our world and the Universe, we shall reach the point when nothing but that can return to us. From this it is easy to see that we ourselves are the only ones who can redeem ourselves and release ourselves and our world from the destructive and negative experience which we created, whilst tied to the wheel of the Karma, in previous lifetimes.

Opportunities for doing just that are now presented to each one of us. Souls who willingly take up this challenge and do their share of blessing and healing our world, will in that way consciously work on releasing it and themselves from the prisons and shackles that have been entirely of humankind’s own making. The emotions and feelings towards ourselves and others that are generally considered as negative are the Karmic chains that have kept us in bondage with Earth life. Among them are, to name but a few:

• Selfishness and too materialistic an outlook on life.
• Too high or too low self-esteem.
• Aggression,  destructiveness and violence; intolerance towards those who do not share our views and beliefs, as well as towards people from a different cultural background.
• Hatred and fear, and so forth.

All those feelings once had their place in our evolution. They were right in their time, because through them humankind learnt many important lessons. But now that the time has come for rebirthing ourselves, individually and as a race, they are surplus to requirement. It is everybody’s highest potential and birthright to re-discover the true meaning of their existence and to consciously re-connect with the Source of their being, which is love, and – through it – with all life. But, only through returning to our true nature and gradually becoming more loving and giving can anyone ever reach this goal. It is none other than the likes of you and me, who have to bring about this profound change in their consciousness and their general approach to life.

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Judge Not And Ye Shall Not Be Judged

A clear reference to the law of Karma is contained in the legend of the Master Jesus in the Sermon of the Mount: ‘Judge not, and ye shall not be judged; condemn not, and ye shall not be condemned. Forgive, and ye shall be forgiven.’ It is because of this law that it is unwise to sit in judgement over anyone,. This is not because the Bible decrees this, because words in themselves never had any power of their own, unless they are backed up by Universal laws, which certainly is the case here. The law of life alone, not the words, can ensure that, for as long as we indulge in judging our siblings in the human family, the same will unerringly find its way back to us in the form of judgemental assessments we receive from others. Everything that has its origin in us must return, even every single one of our thoughts, positive and negative ones alike. This does not necessarily happen through the people we sent them out to, but come back they must.

The transformation that is presently expected from every human soul is a change of consciousness of a Scorpionic nature, as explained in the following extract from ‘The Sun in Scorpio’:  ‘The Sun in the sky above us and in our birthcharts is a symbolism for the great Light of the Universal Christ, the Sun above and behind the Sun, the most powerful force in the whole of Creation. This is the only or first born Son of the Great Father/Mother. As it moves through the zodiac, it pours its love and light through one sign after the other. When it reaches Scorpio, it combines its creative strength with that of Mars and Pluto, who represent the creative and regenerative healing power of God’s creative/sexual/spiritual energies that are a vital part of every human soul’s power supply. These awesome energies are waiting to be tapped into by each one of us, and it is not hard to see that with its help all things really are possible and it will be possible to remove the remaining inner mountains of a general lack of faith and trust in the collective consciousness of our race.  

‘All who come with good intentions and willingly submit themselves to the protection and guidance of their inner teacher can thus align themselves to the forces of the Universal Christ and Its healing power. We are in this life to take possession of it and learn how to use it wisely, with great reverence and respect, and never for selfish purposes. That alone can empower any soul to do its share of blessing and healing, regenerating and restoring its inner self and its outer life. And as both change, the world around does the same – alleluia!’

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Heaven And Hell

Rays of Wisdom - Healers and Healing - Heaven And Hell

What about Heaven and Hell – are they really places anyone goes to? To me, they represent the various states of consciousness, which we create for ourselves and each other, in the here and now. Because we have freedom of choice, it always has been up to each individual whether to create a living hell for ourselves and those around us or to bring our own ideas of Heaven down to Earth in our daily lives.

All human souls throughout every one of their many lifetimes in physicality are in constant search of consciousness expanding experiences that increase their understanding of God’s true nature and their own, and of the wisdom and truth of their Creator as it expresses itself on the Earth plane. For every soul there eventually comes the moment of awakening into the realisation of who and what they truly are and always have been, namely sparks of the Divine and eternal and immortal beings of light, who can and will never die. This quest continues until the soul has fully come home into the conscious awareness of its oneness with God and all life.

The experiences of my present lifetime have taught me that Hell on Earth is living without spirituality and without the conscious knowledge of the purpose and meaning of our present existence. However, with the help of the understanding that God is something quite different from what anyone could ever have thought of in past ages, namely that God is in you and me and in everything, I am succeeding in bringing my own small piece of Heaven down to the Earth. And that is something I am willing to happily share with anyone who wishes to enter into my Heaven with me, the way I am doing with you here.

In my view, only through becoming aware of what is at stake, can anyone hope to begin to play their own active part in establishing God’s Kingdom on the Earth. And I rest safely in the knowledge that when we do our best, God and the Angels will do the rest. Because the Universe dreams and acts through human consciousness, to achieve Its highest hopes and ideals, when we seek to bring healing and peace to our world, it will always provide us with everything we shall ever require to do so.

That is the only way it can come about that each one of us in their own right will fulfil their highest potential; all together we shall do so for humankind and the whole of our world and all worlds. Those who are here now and whose inner eyes have opened to their true reality are witnessing its beginnings. It is happening because that is what the Universe wants for us, its beloved children of Earth. Each one is God’s daughter and son, all wrapped into one, and the homecoming of the prodigal son of the Bible is the homecoming of all humankind into the full awareness of the true nature of God and our own.

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