Healers And Healing

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Chapter 19 (v.1) - Part Five - Healers & Healing

Submitted: May 18, 2018

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Submitted: May 18, 2018



Part 5

Natural And Human-Made Disasters - Part A

Healing Prayer For Disaster Victims

Healing Prayer For Disaster Victims - Rays of Wisdom - Healers & Healing

Great Spirit, Father/Mother of all life,
And Your only born Son/Daughter,
The Spirit of the Universal Christ,
May the Light of power, courage and strength
Flow freely into those affected by natural disasters
Like earthquakes, flooding and landslides,
And also of the human-made catastrophes
Of war and other acts of terrorism,
Wherever they may be taking place.

Grant us and our world also the gift of
Your infinite wisdom and love,
So that together with You and the Angels
We may lift the spirits and souls of those
Who under the influence of the powers of
Darkness and destruction have to return
To our true home, the spirit world,
Guided and protected by
The Angels of Rescue and Death.
May they not only find rest, peace and healing
In that world, but also a better understanding of the
Purpose and meaning of humankind’s earthly existence.

Meanwhile we give
Thanks and praise to You and the Angels
For ensuring that none of us will
Ever be lost in the vastness of space and time,
Left behind and forgotten,
And that all human beings,
Wherever they may find themselves,
Will forever be resting securely
In Your loving arms.

May our hearts and souls be filled with forgiveness
For those who are still taking part in the
Earliest parts of their earthly education.
And may the radiance of Your Light
Shine into their hearts and souls,
So that they too open and
The Divine spark within them
Stirs from its slumber.
And may the hearts of the older and
More experienced souls in our midst
Be filled with forgiveness for their younger siblings
In the great family of humankind.
Grant these people the gift of understanding that
The lessons the young ones are presently taking part in
Are similar to those they once that took them
Through the initial stages of their earthly education.

As payment for our karmic debts,
Help us older souls to patiently endure
What the youngsters are inflicting upon us,
In their ignorance of their true nature
And the existence of Your Universal laws,
Thus creating ever more
Difficult Karma for themselves.
Undoubtedly, for them too
The time will come,
In one or several of their future lifetimes,
When they have to make good
The debts they are incurring now.
It will then be their turn to suffer,
The same as we are doing now,
At the hands of the youngsters
Who are treading the evolutionary pathway
Behind them.

May this knowledge help
The Christ nature characteristics
Of compassion, forgiveness and love
Unfold and blossom in ever more human hearts.
And may Your Divine courage and strength
Flow into survivors of any kind and all who are
Lovingly attending to the sick and wounded
In mind and body, spirit and soul.
These things we are asking from You,
In the name of love,
Your name and ours,
For the blessing and healing
Of our world and all worlds.


Six pointed Star

Natural And Human-Made Disasters - Part B

The True Cause Of All Disasters

The True Cause Of All Disasters - Rays of Wisdom - Healers & Healing

What are we to make of natural events like the catastrophic earthquakes and tsunamis that every so often strike our world, the man-made disasters like those of New York 9/11 and London 7/7/2005, and more recently Paris, Brussels, Berlin and Manchester, as well as all other catastrophes of the past? I believe that each one of them, the natural ones and those caused by human intervention, can only be grasped with a better understanding of the destiny of our whole world, the existence of Universal laws and the law of Karma in particular.

My inner guidance tells me that natural disasters, wars and acts of terrorism alike are essential parts of the lessons we and our world have to learn. The wisdom and understanding gained from any kind of experience is the property not only of the individual soul consciousness of its participants but also of our race’s collective soul consciousness and that in turn is an integral part of the soul consciousness of the whole of Creation.

The White Eagle group of spirit guides teaches that there are five Universal laws.

2.Cause and Effect
5.Compensation (Equilibrium and Balance)

The law of cause and effect is the law of Karma. This law decrees that every cause has its effect and that every effect must have a cause, and that everything in due course has to return to its source. In accordance with this law, all things in the world around us is there for a specific reason and originates from someone’s inner or mental world. The essence of thought power is that every single thought, word and/or action sets something in motion, which in the fullness of time materialises in our environment.

Wise ones know that if we, individually and collectively, wish to become the masters of our destiny, every human soul eventually has to learn to take charge of their earthly minds. They accept that everything that exists and happens in this world is there for good purpose and appears for karmic reasons, i.e. at some stage it was created by one or all of us on the mental level. All wars, disasters and mishaps of any kind on the physical plane, no matter how great or small the events may be, are the result of human ignorance. Their only causes are the destructive thought patterns that over time establish themselves ever more powerfully on the mental level, for as long as the small earthly self still lacks an understanding of the higher and highest aspects of life that operate behind its outer shell, the world of appearances. Until the earthly self wakes up to its true reality and starts to consciously control its thought processes, there is nothing to protect any one of us against the destructiveness of feelings like hatred, greed, distrust and personal power-seeking.

Regardless of how uncomfortable many people to this day feel with this concept, the gruesome incidents taking place in the present are caused by the same thinking patterns, which the human race individually and collectively nurtured in its bosom, in this lifetime and all those of the past. Realising this, the wise ones in our midst refuse to think or speak of good or bad fortune, chances, accidents and coincidences. They are aware that such things do not exist on the physical plane of life and do their best to help others to grasp what truly is at stake for humankind and where the future for all of us lies.

Clearly then, the world around us is but a mirror of that which is happening on the inner levels of life and before anything can appear on the Earth plane, it has to be created on the inner mental plane. Knowing that, it stands to reason that at times of great disasters like the one, at the time when this article was written, in Japan, March 2011,  some gigantic shifts of consciousness are bound to have taken place on the inner level. As water relates to the emotional level, this particular shaking up of the inner consciousness of our race must have been followed by the sweeping away of huge amounts of the debris of false beliefs and prejudices, accumulated by our race in the course of almost certainly millions of lifetimes.

Bearing this in mind, all the disasters that ever befell our world are likely to have reflected upheavals and major changes on the inner levels of human consciousness and of all life. Now that we are becoming more aware of the spiritual aspects of life and the importance of taking charge of our thinking, events like the above mentioned one most powerfully drive the message home of the oneness of all life and how, on its inner level, we are all one and belong together. That undoubtedly is why such waves of compassion and love, as huge as the water masses of the Tsunamis themselves, go out to those afflicted by natural and man-made disasters, as soon as the news about them reaches the outside world. The heart-warming, overwhelming response from the rest of our world to those who are suffering reflects clearly our inner connection with each other and all life. Whether we are as yet aware of this or not, it is there and we all react to it in some way or another.

It is interesting in this context to reflect on the significance of the arrival of the Cassini Mission space probe on Saturn’s moon Titan, in the context of the 2004 Tsunami. To those who have eyes and see and ears to listen within and without, the probe going into the orbit of Titan at 2am on Christmas Day 2004, also had special meaning. Was the Universe, through our environment, trying to give us a message and draw the attention of our world to the titanic destructive forces of nature? These same forces are contained in each one of us, because we are part of God, as much as God is part of us. These forces have to be understood and mastered by us, individually and collectively, if peace is to come to us and our world, at long last.

Nobody in their right senses would expect humankind to be able to do this on its own. I hope I shall be forgiven for repeating myself, but it cannot be stressed too much that with the help and the will of God all things are possible. After all, the purpose of our finding ourselves in our present existence is that we should learn to ask for and then trust the co-operation of the Highest beings, gratefully accepting their guidance. They are in charge of everything in our world, including us and they know God’s will and plan so much better than we could ever hope to do. They alone can teach us how to uplift and transmute the dark and destructive forces within us and our world into blessing and healing energy to be used for the Highest good of the whole of Creation.

To paraphrase the Buddha, we are shaped by our thoughts and we become what we think. When we have cleansed our earthly minds of all destructive and negative thought patterns and we have become a channel of light and the willing servant of our Highest or God Self, the Christ within, Divine joy, happiness and laughter fill our soul. They follow us like a shadow that never leaves. Having evolved into a Master soul, the necessity for further lifetimes in physicality has drawn to its close.

Master souls are pure and beautiful. Their whole appearance radiates a love that is strong and eternal. Serving the highest good of the whole of humankind is its only aim, but it does this in wise and loving ways that know when to give and when to withhold. These souls radiate the tenderness and gentleness of the Great Mother, which is combined with the Great Father’s strength of will, power and courage. This duality of the Great Father/Mother watches over us, our world and all others. Each one of us has their being in Its tender loving care.

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Six pointed Star

Natural And Human-Made Disasters - Part C

All Things Are Possible

All Things Are Possible - Rays of Wisdom - Healers & Healing

With the help and the will of God and the Angels
All things are possible.
Any condition can be healed,
Crooked corners made straight
And mountains of false beliefs, prejudices and superstitions dissolved
Through a better understanding of our true nature.
If our minds can conceive that these things are possible
And we believe that this is so with all our hearts and souls,
It can and will be done.

Therefore, Father/Mother Creator,
Grant me the gift of Your wisdom,
So that I may learn to choose wisely
And work hand in hand with You and the Angels
For the Highest good and the greatest joy of all,
And never again merely for selfish purposes.

May Your will be my will,
Your inspiration guide me and flow through me
With Your sacred words and prayers,
So that all life unfolds in accordance with Your Great Plan.


Love is the nature of the Universe and also its law. This force wants all its creatures to grow and evolve through learning from their own experiences. The true nature of humankind also is love, as from love we once came and into the state of love all of us in the end return. Any unloving thought, word and/or action is a transgression of this law, which in due course returns to its sender. It has to be made good and redeemed by the offender in some form, at some stage in their evolutionary development. Any act of aggression, terrorism and war – irrespective under what name it may present itself to our world – is a breaking of the law and a crime against humankind, Mother Earth and the whole of Creation.

From the moment of its creation, the human race has been growing slowly but surely in wisdom and understanding of its own character, the nature of its world and its God. That’s how, in the natural course of our evolution, we also have moved forwards from the more profound understanding of these things that for example the Native Americans had. Thus, we know by now that everything that exists in our world in the final analysis has been created by us. Even the weather, the tsunamis and hurricanes are outer reflections of happenings on the inner plane of life. The Earth is a living and breathing spiritual being, the outer manifestation of all that takes place within. She is indeed Gaia Sagrada, the sacred Earth, as she is known by the natives of the high Andes. She too is only temporarily encased in matter, the same as we presently are. Even if Earth’s physical form has already existed for billions of years, it has always remained in a state of transition. As ever more of her human children become aware of their true nature as beings of love and light, she gradually transforms herself into a planet of Light.

In the final analysis, the true cause of all disasters is the temporary forgetting of our true nature and the reason why we are on the Earth plane. But, rejoice! Ever more are rising from their spiritual slumbers and the likes of you and I, the same as everybody else, are here to help them with this, as much as we can and with whatever gifts and talents the Universe has bestowed upon us. We need to help them become aware that every evil that still exists in our world is a test and a valuable opportunity for those aspiring to become healers and light workers in their own right. They need to know that our reactions to all situations reveal the degree of spiritual maturity a soul has reached at any given time. This is how those in charge of our race on the higher and highest levels of life are constantly testing every one of us, wherever we may find ourselves.

So, when disasters are caused by human intervention, a great deal is revealed by a person’s readiness to lift all concerned – and I mean everybody and especially the perpetrators – into the light of the Highest Star, the Sun above the Sun, who loves and cares for every one of its creations. Events of this nature present all of us with special openings for reaching out ever more for the helping hand of God and the Angels, so that through us our world and everything that shares it with us can be blessed and healed. That’s what learning to walk hand in hand with God and the Angels means.

Only through constant practice of anything can we hope to get better at something. This is also true when it comes to learning to live once more in total trust that we and our world and all it contains is safe in God’s hand. The Angels really do know the will of God and the way each one of us needs to walk, as well as the task that is uniquely ours. As healers we are required to rise above the clouds of our earthly existence, especially when the going gets tough. Earth life means to teach humankind how to fly on the wings of the nuggets of truth that are hiding behind the spiritual wisdom of works like the Bible, the Koran, the Torah and White Eagle’s teachings – to name a few. As there is no preference, they are listed in alphabetical order. Wise ones are aware that it is in the nature of spiritual wisdom that book knowledge on its own is of no use whatsoever. It will remain dead until we ourselves bring it alive by applying it to every aspect of our daily lives.  

In my view, nothing builds up human faith in the goodness of this life as regularly contemplating in our prayers and meditations the fact that in spite of all the nasty things that are happening occasionally, it is still a wonderful and beautiful world which God created so that all His/Her creatures should learn to co-exist peacefully and harmoniously, so that its life can be enjoyed by all. It is a great gift and a privilege to be allowed to take an active and conscious part in the spiritual rebirth of our race and our whole world. Our task as light workers is to focus on overcoming the temptation of indulging in negative thought patterns that dwell on the darkness of the ignorance that to this day is very strong in our world.

The darkness and sadness, fears and anxieties, suffering and pain of the past and present of all Mother Earth’s kingdoms are waiting to be lifted into and absorbed by the radiance of the Highest Star and the brightest light in the whole of Creation, the Christ Star. This is the only place in the whole of Creation where they can be uplifted and transmuted into beneficial energies that flow back into our world for the healing and redemption of all life. The symbol of this star on the Earth plane is the six-pointed star. The lower triangle represents to whole and healed human soul who has been reunited with its Highest Self, the upper triangle. This is achieved by constantly working together, so that the earthly and Divine energies ever more mix and mingle. Every individual soul has to ask for itself for the guidance and protection of the Great White Spirit, Father/Mother of all life and the Angels. They alone can show and teach us how this task should be carried out, in accordance with the will and wishes of the Highest, as well as our own. And that’s  how, in the fullness of time, every one of us will gradually grow into a saviour and redeemer of ourselves and our world.

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Six pointed Star

Natural And Human-Made Disasters - Part D

The Power Of Prayer

The Power Of Prayer - Rays of Wisdom - Words & Prayers of Comfort & Healing - Prayer SectionThe Great Father/Mother of all life, who is omnipotent, omniscient and omnipresent, is the one who brought us into being. With the help and the will of this authority and the Angels all things are possible, any condition can be healed, crooked corners made straight and mountains of unfaith changed into mountains of faith. Our prayers have an important part to play in this. They are an extremely potent force and it is advisable that we proceed with great care when asking for something.

Why should this be so and how should we go about communicating safely? It is because God and the Angels are as much part of us as we are of them. Therefore, all our prayers are heard and replied to. It’s just that sometimes for our own good and protection the answer has to be: ‘No!’ But if we insist on asking for selfish and personal things, the Universe may wish to teach us a lesson or two by responding to our request in ways that are not at all to our liking.

Thought is the creative force of the Universe and the most powerful force in the whole of Creation. Thoughts are creative energy and prayers are form of using them that is supercharged with this energy. By learning to use its inherent power correctly, mountains really can be moved. This teaching was given in the Bible to remind humankind that the connection between those on the Earth plane and the Divine Universal Power never ceased to exist. We were to know that at all times it can be tapped into and asked for its help, even – or maybe especially – for the most difficult tasks which on the surface of things may appear well nigh impossible.

As children of the Highest, we are co-creators with God and young Gods in the making. Every characteristic and power that is in God is also in us. Becoming aware of these things opens our inner doors wide to taking charge of ourselves and our lives. This knowledge lays the tool in everybody’s hands for positively and constructively influencing the flow of our destiny. It can be done by praying for what we think we need or desire, be it for our own personal development and healing or that of the people around us. Ultimately this can be extended to the whole of the human race and our world.

The most effective prayers are based on the realisation that in order to create or change something, anything, the first step towards achieving our aim is putting it forward as a clear idea, a concept and/or a vision of that which we wish to bring into being. We need to have a clear and concise awareness of what we are going to ask for. And when we do, the receiver/transmitter station of our earthly mind should be fully focussed on connecting with the frequencies of the Source’s Universal intelligence.

All human beings without exception have been created so that during their earthly lifetimes they should keep growing in wisdom and understanding. As each one can do this only through their own experiences, no-one can live our lives for us. Through this, with the passing of time, spiritually we slowly but surely evolve into responsible adult beings who are capable of thinking for themselves, willing to practise self-discipline and self-mastery, and who know how to give and receive love wisely. Although this is often hard to believe, at all times we are walking the path we ourselves chose before entering into our present lifetime. It was done hand in hand with the wise ones in charge of us, for they are familiar with everyone’s past, present and future. Every part of it has been outlined in the great book of life at the moment of our conception in the womb of the Great Mother.

The wise ones know exactly where during our next lifetime we shall find further experiences of a consciousness expanding nature that help our spiritual development to progress. In the course of each subsequent earthly sojourn God’s sacred wisdom and truth is brought ever closer to the conscious awareness of our small earthly selves. And just like the accomplishments of our children delight us in earthly life, it pleases the Great Father/Mother when another one of Its children of the Earth at long last develops the ability to think and behave in responsible, positive and constructive ways in all situations and encounters.

When one finally learns about the Great White Spirit, the Source of our being, and begins to understand the way it works throughout the whole of Creation and the role it plays in every human life, it becomes easy to truly love and respect it as the highest authority in the whole of Creation. It is then no longer hard to see that we and our world have always rested safely in Its splendour with its loving care and protection for all Its creatures, and forever will do so. Knowing these things the will of our small earthly self has no problem with surrendering itself and its desires to the will of the Highest.

Now we can see for ourselves that it could never have been Jesus as the lamb of God who would one day wipe away our own and all of humankind’s sins of the world. We alone can play this part, everybody for themselves. We have to become the lamb God and the more we do this and surrender our whole being, the more the sins, i.e. the drives and urges of our small self fade into the background of our consciousness. They gradually lose their hold on us, dying and breathing their last until one fine day they have gone from us for good.

The image of the emaciated corps of Jesus on the cross is a symbolism for this lower part of our being. The cross is the oldest symbol for Earth life known to humankind. And for a long time all human beings remain nailed to this cross, but eventually our true nature and origin dawns on us. As the scales fall from our eyes, our hopes and aspirations begin to reach for higher ideals. We dream of a world that is at peace, where all live together in harmony and with goodwill for each other. When we do our best to make a contribution to such a world, our Christ nature grows and expands.

In the fullness of time each one of us will be able to lift ourselves and those around us above the vale of misery and tears of Earth life, with its safely boarded up horizons and its narrow field of vision. We are here to learn to fly on the wings of the spiritual wisdom and truth that is waiting to come to every heart and soul directly from the Source, through the intervention of everyone’s own inner guidance, the living God within. Each soul in its own right eventually reaches the point when we have been taught by our life’s experiences that every one of our true needs will always be met, without having to ask for anything. All we then want to do is to lift those around us and our whole world on the spiritual wings we have grown into the radiance of the Christ Star in the heartmind of God, to pray for forgiveness so that healing and peace may come to all of us at last.

The Lord’s Prayer of the Jesus legend is one of the finest examples of how we should ideally pray. Not just something to be said over and over again without thoughts or feelings, like some kind of a prayer mill, but focussed and with our minds fully focussed on the one we are communicating with. When the Jesus story was given to our world we were not yet to know that the figure of the man on the cross was but a legend and a symbolism for the many initiations each one of us has to undergo in the course of their earthly education.

For all awakened ones the time has come for praying with a deep inner conviction that our words are not only heard, but that they have the power to perform miracles, whenever one is genuinely required. Possibilities are opening for those who know the right way of projecting their thoughts and wishes into the Universe. Wise ones bear in mind that on the inner level of life all is one and there is no separation between anything, and that although each prayer comes from one of us personally, it is also part of and affects the collective consciousness of our race, as well as the whole of Creation.

As far as it is practicable and possible, the Universe has always allowed each one of us to manifest whatever our heart truly desires. But, now that we are growing into spiritual adulthood, we need to come to terms with the Universal laws – God’s laws. They decree that everything must return to its source, including every one of our thoughts, words and actions. Each one inevitably has to eventually find its way back to us. As touched upon earlier, that’s why we need to be extra careful when we desire something. Should we fail to choose wisely, there is every likelihood that the Universal Force decides to teach us the glorious lesson of being more cautious in future by manifesting the object(s) of our desire in unpleasant and unwanted ways.

Here are some suggestions about how to pray the right way:

1.Have a clear idea of what you are going to pray for. When you are ready, set aside a period of quiet time. Prepare your body by being still and making yourself comfortable.

2.Let go of all other thoughts and concerns and tell your conscious mind to give you a break. Ask your Highest Self, the living God within, for its guidance and protection and to show you how to make wise decisions and requests only. Then call upon the Angels to draw close and show you how to proceed.

3.Visualise the object, event, desire, healing, better relationship, whatever it is you truly want, clearly and picture it as if it already existed in the realities of Earth life. Let no negative thoughts go with this visualisation – you have to believe and accept that what you are asking for is really necessary for your spiritual development and that of our world.

4.When you have made the connection and put your request forward, go about your life as usual and rest safely in the knowledge that the necessary changes will soon appear in your life.

5.Realise that if what you have prayed for is inappropriate for you or for those on whose behalf you are asking, it will be modified by the Angels into something that will benefit the recipient. In other words, you cannot place a curse or a bad wish onto someone when connecting with the Source of our being. Should anyone try to do it all the same, the request will be changed into something that is helpful for the recipient. Wise ones take great care not to do anything disparaging and hurtful to anyone because they know that this would inevitably rebound on them.

6.When praying for healing, instead of asking for it in selfish ways, wise ones ask that it should be for the highest good and the greatest joy of all, and for the blessing and healing of our whole world. This they do because they know that what is done for one is done for all. Therefore, when their world is healing, they are healing with it.

7.The Universe knows all our true needs and is ready to fulfil them at any given time. At the end of your prayer acknowledge the power and wisdom of the Highest with something like: ‘May my wish be granted only if it serves Thy great plan of life and my predestined pathway within it. Thy will, Great Spirit, not mine be done, on Earth as it is in Heaven.’

8.Thank our Creator, in whatever form you worship Him/Her, and the Angels who are serving around the throne of God, the Christ circle, for providing that which you need and that it may be forthcoming in ways that you cannot imagine with your limited earthly field of vision.

The Jesus legend tells us in St. John 14:6: ‘I am the way, the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.’ To this day many believe that he was a historical figure, who once walked in our midst and who one day will reappear in our world to save and redeem those who are following him, while according to the church’s creeds, all non-believers will go to hellfire and eternal damnation. Wise ones know that the esoteric meaning behind the surface words of above quote is NOT that the only ones who can get to the Father – whichever way the Bible interprets this concept – are those who believe in the existence of Jesus and flock to Christianity’s churches to declare their following for him.

The only way of getting in touch with and becoming one again with the Great Father/Mother of all life and their only born son, the Universal Christ, for all human souls on the Earth plane is by bringing forth and developing their own Christ consciousness. For a long time it slumbers in seed form in every heart, but eventually each one of us reaches the evolutionary point when we are ready for leaving literalism behind. The more we become aware of our true nature and origin, the easier it becomes to recognise the esoteric truths that are hiding behind the story of the Master’s life and death.

Believing that every word of this tale is true and should be understood literally never could assist anyone with progressing on the evolutionary spiral of life. Quite the opposite is true! Convictions of this nature have for a long provided a highly effective barrier against humankind’s conscious reunion with God. It has been the Piscean Age’s instrument for keeping us away from prematurely attempting to reconnect with our Source, as this has been predestined to take place during the Aquarian Age and that for ever increasing numbers of us.

In our communications with the highest levels of life there is no need to be afraid of anything. Our Creator and the Angels surrounding His/Her throne are all love. And because we are part of God, whether we are as yet aware of this or not, at all times each one of us has always been enfolded and nurtured by the love of God’s heart, from which our spirit once emerged. As soon as we start looking for God everywhere and especially in the people around us, in whom the God part is often difficult to see, with the right kind of approach by us it may be possible to kindle their inner light and love, so that the living God within them becomes more visible.

The following is the essence of ‘The Healing Power Of Love’ from the White Eagle book ‘The Still Voice’. This is an excellent little book that contains many ideas for attuning ourselves meditatively to the Highest: ‘There are many methods of healing but only one true source from which all healing flows and that is the Divine love, the foundation and origin of all life. At the head of the healing ray is the Christ Spirit in the form of the Christ Star. It is Greatest Light and the Highest Star of the whole of Creation, whose Light comes to all who truly call. No request for Its help goes unanswered, because true prayers set up a vibration in human souls that goes from their hearts straight to the Source of their being. if you are seeking healing, the ministering Angels take you where you need to be.

‘Pure and true prayer comes from anyone who kneels before their Creator on the highest levels of life. This needs to be done in total surrender of your will to the will of God. While asking for the guidance and protection of Its realms, pray: ‘Thy will be done on the Earth as it is in Heaven. Thy will be done in my physical body. Thy will be done in me.’ There is no need to hesitate, as God’s will is always for something good. It is God’s will is that the body of each one of His/Her children of the Earth should be healthy and holy, i.e. whole with all parts integrated and functioning harmoniously as one, so that the beauty and splendour of Earth life can be fully enjoyed.

‘We, your Masters and guides in the spirit world pray that your hearts and minds may be filled with the love and wisdom of the Great Mother, who is guiding you into this state of being.’

All Of Life Is Flowingness

Rays of Wisdom - Words Of Wisdom For Friendship Healing - All Of Life Is Flowingness

All of life is flowingness
And in this flowing
There is meaning and law.
I trust God’s great plan of life
And my own within it.
I cannot lose what is my own and
I need not seek what is my own,
For what belongs to me will come and
Whatever goes does not belong to me.

Only what I am has power
And everything that’s rightfully mine
Is constantly drawn to me and
Will appear at the right moment.
Knowing this, I give up
All personal struggle and ambition.
I let go and trust the inner guidance
Of my Highest Self and the Universal Forces
To show me the way and
Run my life for me.

Created by Anon.
Edited by Aquarius

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Six pointed Star

Natural And Human-Made Disasters - Part E

You Only See One Side Of The Picture

You only see one side of the story - Rays of Wisdom - Healers & HealingThe following is the essence of a teaching from the White Eagle group of spirit guides under the above heading, which appeared in Stella Polaris, the bi-monthly magazine of the White Eagle Lodge June/July 2011: ‘Because God is the designer of the great plan of life * and of every small plan within it, S/He sees all sides of any picture. This applies to individuals as much as groups and nations, and all manner of institutions and organisations. God is all loving, giving and forgiving and whatever your heart truly desires is given unto you, so that you may enjoy it and also learn something from it. If it’s violence, warfare and acts of terrorism your heart yearns for, you are allowed to get on with it – though only up to a certain point.

‘Your wish will be granted, but unknown to you at a price, because the law of cause and effect, also known as the law of Karma, in the fullness of time returns every one of your thoughts, words and actions in some way to you. For example, in one of your future lifetimes, maybe while you are still a small child, you could become the victim of an act of terrorism. The people around you would then be thinking and saying how terrible your death is. Whenever they see suffering, perhaps mangled bodies and death caused by mindless acts of violence, they are likely to ask: ‘Why should this kind of thing happen to innocent souls who have no idea why they have to suffer?’ Everything that takes place in your world is of a karmic nature. Good and bad events alike have their origin in that which was done by the people involved in their previous lifetimes.

‘For a long time the earthly mind of all human beings is ignorant of anything that does not relate to its present existence. Yet, as each one moves along the evolutionary spiral of life, their soul gradually develops some wisdom and understanding. And if you could watch the spiritual enlightenment that can be found in any kind of suffering, you would recognise that the misery in truth is a precious gift and that there is every reason for being grateful for it. Your heart would fill with even more gratitude if you could see how merciful God is and how the end of every catastrophe is invariably crowned with something beautiful. A just reward waits for everyone who is affected by them, not only when they arrive in the world of light, but also in their future lifetimes on the Earth, unless all their Karma has been cleared away and they will be allowed to move on to experiences of a higher nature.

‘Compensation * is one of the five great laws of life and the greatest gift that arises from suffering is undoubtedly soul growth. But it also means paying the debts that are likely to have accumulated in your spiritual bankbook in the course of many lifetimes. Without redeeming yourself and balancing your spiritual account you cannot be released into lessons of a higher nature and exploring other levels of life. You are well on your way when you forgive those who have hurt and wounded you and your loved ones and place everything into the hands of your Christ Self, you are nailing the desires of your lower nature for revenge and retribution to the cross of earthly life *. When the only thing you want to do is send love and forgiveness to everybody, independent of what may still have to happen to you and your world, your higher nature has taken over. You are at one with God and for you the gates into the freedom of the Aquarian Age are opening wide.

‘Our Creator’s infinite love and mercy cannot be known for as long as human beings remain unaware of their true nature and the higher purpose of their existence. For as long as they look at things only with their worldly eyes, they can perceive but one side of any picture and so fail to recognise the tender loving care that provides for anyone who is suffering, lonely and afraid. If during the early part of their earthly education, people get involved in a catastrophe or maybe are just watching or assisting with removing dead bodies and clearing away the debris of destroyed dwellings, they will say: ‘Aren’t so much devastation and many deaths just awful and senseless?’ Their view of life changes profoundly when they become aware of the spiritual background of life and that the higher forces are taking care of the souls who have been released from their physical bodies in any kind of way, including violent ones.

‘Although the victims of such incidents may not realise what is happening to them, the most careful provisions are being made for each one. When these newcomers arrive on the other side of the veil of consciousness that separates your world from ours, the only thing they know at first is that they are alive and moving and breathing in a world that seems identical to the one they used to know. They may not even realise that they have left their physical body behind. With great tenderness and care the wise ones in charge help them to realise that they are no longer in a physical existence. They are under constant surveillance by us,  your spirit Masters and guides, until they have become fully aware of their present state. We delight in witnessing their intense joy and thankfulness for the ease of their move into our world. This is the usual first reaction of those who are finding out that it our realm is as solid and real as the physical world, but much more beautiful and easy to live in.

‘The most tender love watches over the whole of humankind at all times and this does not merely become visible when someone dies. This kind of care has always been with you and forever will be. God and the group of Angels known as the Lords of Karma *, as well as many lesser beings in our world are empowered to bring about the conditions that are beneficial for the development of those taking part in earthly life. Although our efforts cannot be perceived by earthly eyes and senses, we only work for that which is good. So, if in future you hear about or witness a disaster, do not wring your hands and say: ‘How terrible! How could God permit such a thing?’ Resist the temptation and remind yourself that you have no idea about the karmic background of anything.

‘To paraphrase words from the Jesus legend: ‘Let those among you who are free from sin, cast the first stone.’ As soon as any kind of situation is viewed from the Karmic angle, it would be most unwise for anyone to pick up a stone, never mind throwing it.  And would you dare to throw a stone of condemnation towards the young and inexperienced souls, who are committing such acts? After all, aren’t they your siblings in the family of humankind, your younger brothers and sisters? What they are doing is part of the early phases of humankind’s earthly curriculum, just the same as you had to experience in past lifetimes. Never forget that all of it is provided by God’s wisdom and love. There would be no point in asking God and the Angels to forgive any trespassers against the law of love, because they are standing by and know exactly what is happening.

‘It wouldn’t be your place to forgive those who sin, but you may utter to yourself the following words from the Jesus legend: ‘Father, forgive them, for they know not what they are doing’. Truly, they are completely unaware of what they are doing to themselves, the same you did not know when you had to deal with the same phase of your development. In those days you too would have asked: ‘Why, if God loves His/Her children, are volcanoes and earthquakes permitted? Why, if God loves humankind, are humans allowed to go to war and commit acts of terrorism?’

‘Human souls find peace when their earthly selves realise that they themselves are the ultimate cause of everything that has ever happened on the Earth and is doing so to this day. It could not be any other way because the Universal laws work in exact rhythms and with great precision. There is a great abundance of everything, but as only through the lack of something human beings can learn to appreciate that which they have, sometimes periods when rain is withheld are necessary in earthly life, to teach you the value of water. The same principle applies to war and peace, but even if the warmongering lasts six thousand years, it represents a mere batting of an eyelid in God’s time.

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Natural And Human-Made Disasters - Part F


The Mercy of God - Mercy - Rays of Wisdom - Healers & HealingThe ability to design plans like those for the whole of Creation, and the smaller plans within it for our world’s individual and collective spiritual development, in its magnitude and benevolence, foresight and wisdom that are based on nothing but love, reveals more than anything else our Creator’s incomparable genius. In all its magnificence the plan is so simple that everything is clearly visible and nothing is hidden from the view of those whose inner vision has opened sufficiently. At the same time the grand design is so fair and just that it is hard to imagine for earthly minds.

The Universal laws are the foundation of every one of God’s plan, great and small. The most important one is love, together with the power of thought they are the most influential forces of all. They are the focal point and driven by their energies everything radiates out with astonishing simplicity and accuracy, and above all fairness and justice. Something so mighty and wondrous could only have been thought of by the greatest genius * of all: the Universal force known to many as God or Allah, Jehovah, Lord Krishna or whatever else. ‘Call Me by any name and I shall be there!’

The great plan is based on our Creator’s love, which is of an immensity beyond human apprehension. It is all giving and forgiving and it is therefore safe to trust that everything will eventually come right with each one of us and our world, and that all things human hearts and souls truly desire shall be given in the fullness of time. If it’s peace we want, all we have to do is ask for it, act in keeping with our request by leading a peaceful life and being prepared to wait patiently, for it will come. But, until we have evolved into  perfect sons/daughters of God, whole and holy, i.e. every aspect of our nature integrated, we cannot have exactly what we request at any given time. First we have to prove by our behaviour that we have mastered the material plane and know how to handle responsibly that which is given into our care. Until then God and the Angels alone know what our true needs are and what we should have and what has to wait.

The Karma all of us created in the course of many lifetimes, individually and collectively, are the reason for the suffering and destruction that to this day have to be endured on the Earth. God’s laws demand equilibrium in all things and it’s the task of the Universal forces to bring it about. Understanding this, wise ones do not blame God when something in their lives or their world appears to be going wrong. Instead, they ensure that they are conducting their lives in keeping with God’s laws, especially the one of love. They are sending nothing but good and kind, loving and positive thoughts, words and actions into the world around them, safe in the knowledge that eventually but more of this will return to them.

Each time wars and acts of terrorism are trying to cast the shadows of their darkness into the souls of your world and its people, wise ones instead of giving such events of their energies by complaining and moaning about them, do their bests to restore the balance of your world by counteracting them with something good. They lift the victims as well as the perpetrators of every incident into the radiance of the Christ Star and pray that their darkness should be absorbed into Its light, to be uplifted and transmuted into blessing and healing energies for all lifeforms on the Earth and throughout the whole of Creation. If that’s what our hearts and souls truly desire, we can be sure that our wish will be granted – when the time is right.

This is how the darkness of all evil of our world will gradually be absorbed into the light of everything that is good, right and beautiful. As a contribution towards bringing this about, let’s focus our attention on the Great Light, the Sun above and beyond all Suns, which manifests itself as the Sun in the sky above us. Now visualise the spiritual Sun behind the Sun that is invisible to earthly eyes. With your inner vision see the spiritual rays descending upon humankind, how they are working in wonderful ways to penetrate humankind’s consciousness with the awareness of the glory of its Divine nature and origin. The rays of the spiritual Sun are blending, healing and harmonising things, so they become ever more perfect and beautiful.

Regardless of what disruptions may still be ahead of us on the Earth plane, the rays of the spiritual Sun are deeply penetrating every lifeform. They are drawing together the threads on the Great Weaver’s loom *, and weaving glorious rainbow colours and patterns of great beauty, not only on the Earth but throughout the whole of God’s Creation. In the end all of it transforms itself back again into the perfect light that is the essence of the White Spirit, the Great White Light, and the creative process starts all over again.

The following is the essence of a teaching from the White Eagle group of spirit guides that appeared in a letter to friends of the Lodge October 2005: ‘Never forget that there is no such thing as chance or accidents on your plane of life or anywhere else in the whole of Creation. Everything that happens is just right for that particular moment and place. It has come about because of the Universal laws and under the direction of the Great Ones at the head who are responsible for humankind’s evolutionary progress. Even in the case of any kind of catastrophe that arises in human life, when loved ones are snatched from each other or when as a result someone suffers from severe afflictions, wise ones remind themselves that God is merciful, as well as just, and that those participating in earthly life usually can only ever see one side of any picture.

‘You have no idea about the compensation that is waiting on our side of life for those who suffer and the great love that has always been flowing into every soul that had to wade through the depths of the earthly shadows. That’s how, each soul through its own experiences, gets to know the extent of the Great Father/Mother’s love for their children of the Earth. The law of cause and effect or Karma decrees that everything must return to its source. And because on the inner level all life is one and there is no separation between anything, none of us will ever be forgotten or left behind.

For those who have lost their way in their earthly existence, i.e. the knowledge of their true nature and the purpose of their being, everything possible is done by the Angels and us, your spirit helpers, to help them become aware again and so nudge them back onto the track of going home. The Jesus legend’s parable of the Master going in search of every last lost sheep * and on his shoulders carrying it safely home is a depiction of this. Therefore, whenever you witness human suffering, remind yourself of God’s mercy and the compensation that awaits every human being in the end. The ministering Angels attend to anyone who is in pain and suffering. Even before they arrive in our world, it is part of their compensation that they are lovingly cared for.’

In ‘Stars Of The North’ January 2013, a further item of White Eagle’s wisdom on this theme appeared. This is its essence: ‘God mercy is unlimited. It freely drops like gentle rain from the highest levels onto everything in earthly life. It refreshes, comforts and heals individual souls as well as the soul of your race and world. But before any of this can happen, every soul has to take part in Earth’s lessons. The greatest turning point is reached when another one of you discovers that all life, including that of your planet, is ruled by spiritual laws that for a long time remain invisible to earthly perceptions.

‘Yet, because every human being is part of God, comforting mercy constantly flows from the Divine heart into each individual human counterpart. The Universal laws ensure that the mercy of God reaches you in equal measure with the mercy and forgiveness you feel towards your siblings in the human family. This applies especially to younger and less experienced ones, who are bound to sin a great deal more than you do. Maybe this will help you to understand the reasoning behind Matthew 7:1-3: ‘Judge not, that ye be not judged. For with what judgment ye judge, ye shall be judged, and with what measure ye mete, it shall be measured to you again. And why beholdest thou the mote that is in thy brother’s eye, but considerest not the beam that is in thine own eye?’

Aware of these things, wise ones in all their daily encounters focus on practising forgiveness and love. Aware of their siblinghood with all lifeforms, they act like one of them towards every human being, without exceptions, and all other lifeforms.  Divine love fills their whole being and that empowers them to disperse sins. But even though they have let go of all traces of bitterness or resentment towards anyone and are forgiving freely, this does not wipe out their Karma. They still have to suffer to repay for any transgressions against the law of love, during the earlier stages of their earthly development. Knowing that no-one gets past the Universal laws, wise ones accept that no authority between Heaven and Earth can save anyone from getting their just desserts and having to pay their dues, and that only when even the last debt has been attended to, can anyone in earthly life find the true and lasting peace everybody is trying to find.

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Natural And Human-Made Disasters - Part G

Reflections On Hope

What Is Hope? Rays of Wisdom - Healers & Healing

The Aquarian Age is presenting us
With the gift of a new kind of hope, faith and trust,
As they have never been known in earthly life before.
They are realistic and justified because they are built on
A solid foundation of understanding and the knowledge
That there really is a great evolutionary plan of life,
Which has always been unfolding as it should,
Showing clearly that everything has always been well
With us and our world, in spite of the fact that
To this day it frequently doesn’t look that way.

The plan’s unfolding of past ages
Is the evidence we need to show us
That the reins of our world have always been
Resting securely in God’s loving hands,
And that our race has always been steered safely
Through Earth life’s many diverse lessons.
Supervised and protected by the Highest Forces
We have constantly moved forwards and upwards
On the evolutionary spiral of life.
That leaves no shadow of a doubt
In my mind that this will forever continue.

The renewal of hope in our world
Is the most important aspect of the Aquarian gifts.
But what is hope?
It’s an inner knowingness that regardless
Of the things that are still happening in our world
The life we have been given has always,
Individually and collectively,
Been part of the Great Architect’s evolutionary plan.

Hope grows from trusting that the wisdom and love
Of the Great Father/Mother of all life
Has been guiding and protecting each one of us
In the course of many lifetimes
And that when looked at from the right perspective,
Our existence is indeed a very good one.

Hope springs eternally from
The inner guidance every human being receives.
No matter how closed off some may still be
With regard to matters of the spirit,
They still contain the Christ Spirit,
Though so far merely in seed form.
Their Highest or God Self has never left them.
It is always there to protect and guide each soul
Through all experiences of its earthly life.

Coaxed onwards and upwards
On the evolutionary spiral of life by
The living God within who encourages us
To try, try again – many times against all the odds,
The small earthly self in the end succeeds
To overcome its self-imposed limitations.
In spite of itself it has grown in
Understanding and wisdom, which can
And indeed are meant to be found in even
The most traumatic and harrowing experiences.

There is a higher aspect to everyone’s nature.
Independent of how low and depraved
The earthly self has become,
Known as the living God within.
It endows us with the hope and strength,
Courage and determination we need to endure
What cannot be changed and start again,
If need be many times over.

This is especially true after total
Personal and collective breakdowns.
It’s hope that helps us to reconstruct
Our whole being and the world around us.
Hope makes us go in search of healing
Whenever we are hurt and wounded.
With hope we know intuitively
That better things will come our way,
If we but persevere.

Hope is the Great Spirit’s eternal gift to humankind.
It’s the driving force of the power of love
That through famines and wars,
Disasters and all other types of destruction
Has always moved humankind and its world
Inexorably onwards and upwards
To evolve into ever more beautiful
Manifestations of the Divine,
Who will eventually be capable of
Exploring life on ever higher levels.

Hope enables us earthlings to trust that, in truth,
The moment of physical death is not an ending,
Merely a transformation into a different lifestate,
A new beginning and a release into
The greater freedom of our true home,
The world of light, where those
Who have gone before us
Are waiting to welcome us.

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Natural And Human-Made Disasters - Part H

The Laws Of Compensation And Balance

Rays Of Wisdom - Healers And Healing - The Laws Of Compensation And BalanceIn God all aspects and their energies are perfectly balanced and the whole of Creation bears witness to and reflects this. The Universal law of Karma *, with its subdivisions of the laws of balance and compensation, ensures that anything in the whole of Creation that becomes unbalanced at some stage has to become right again. The laws ensure that when someone has been working their way through difficult times, patiently enduring whatever came their way that eventually restore the balance of their spiritual bankbook, some generous compensation and reward in the end comes way.

During the times when we have to walk through the dark night of the soul, there comes the moment when we seem to have no strength left to go any further. It is then our birthright to reach out for the helping hands of God and the Angels, so they can come to the rescue. When we have recovered sufficiently from the trauma of such experiences, when asked the Divine forces will show us how to lift the darkness within us and our world into the light of the Christ Star, to be absorbed by it and then uplifted and transmuted into blessing and healing energies for all life.

This is how, with the help and will of God and the Angels, the greatest evils in our world can be changed into something that serves the highest good of all life, therefore also for us. They are waiting to teach us how to transmute all sorrow, pain and suffering of our world into joy and happiness. We do well never to forget that in God all things are possible and that – if we but ask and trust:

•All crooked corners can be made straight.
•Out of apparent evil there can eventually come much good.
•And all conditions can be healed.

The Universal laws of balance and compensation ensure that everything always turns out well in the end, no matter how dire things sometimes may look on the surface of things. I believe that from the evils of our world’s collective and individual Karma of all lifetimes huge amounts of good will eventually come to us and or planet. Naturally, this can only be brought about with the help and will of God and the Angels. To paraphrase a quote from the Jesus legend: ‘On my own I am nothing and I can do nothing. The Father/Mother doeth all the work.’  

Whenever any kind of catastrophe has to be coped with and when particularly traumatic situations arise in our lives, we need to remind ourselves that our Creator is merciful and that His/Her laws are utterly fair and just. Never forget that in every life these laws are constantly at work and that God’s mercy intensifies in difficult and traumatic conditions, for example at times of natural and human-made disasters, when loved ones are tragically snatched from us through other accidents or when someone has to endure a particularly severe affliction. There is no way for any of us to know someone else’s Karma * and what kind of lessons they have chosen, together with the wise ones in charge of them long before entering into their present lifetime. Rest assured that the law of compensation sees to it that in the end everybody is rewarded for the suffering we ourselves in our ignorance once inflicted upon ourselves on Mother Earth’s training grounds.

There is nothing for it but patiently waiting until our rewards arrive. Individually and collectively it will do so in the form of the new golden age that is in the process of preparing itself. Yet, just about everybody’s most urgent requirement in earthly life is patience. The following is the essence what the White Eagle group of spirit guides has to say about this theme: ‘Saturn is the planetary ruler of Capricorn* and the tenth house, and also the traditional co-ruler of Aquarius *. This planet is sometimes presented as old Father Time and when looked at from the right perspective, time * is one of humankind’s best teachers. In earthly life it will always be your master and it can be an unpleasant one. But this only applies for as long as you perceive life with the limited vision of your small earthly self.

The likelihood is that you are taking part in Saturn’s wisdom at this very moment. The influence of its energies causes delays and frustrations that may test you to the utmost, as Saturn is very strict with his students in the school of earthly life. Under his supervision hurried lessons, hasty sums and superficial essays are not allowed. Saturn insists that the right time is given for every lesson. That’s why time is one of the most irksome forms of discipline that has to be endured for as long as you dwell on the Earth plane.

But on the upside, the Saturnian energies provide you with the determination to work your way one small step after another towards a distant goal. They equip you with the desire to try and try again. Through this your endeavours get better and more perfect all the time and when they are ready to be presented and shared with your world, they are likely to be crowned with success. Saturn’s rewards * can be great, when they come. And they surely will – for those who patiently plod on. So muster yourself with patience and remind yourself that you are taking part in one of the most essential lessons for every soul on their pathway of spiritual development.

That’s how Saturn in the end brings true, i.e. spiritual wealth to every human soul. Think of this beneficence and refuse to see anything malefic. Instead remind yourself frequently that all of you have a great deal to thank Saturn for and that at any given time. True, the influence of this planet’s energies makes people come across as somewhat cold and too earth-bound. This serves the wise higher purpose of holding things up and delaying the actions of those who in previous lifetimes hot-headedly rushed into things prematurely without due foresight and caution. This behaviour pattern is typical for the Fire signs, Aries of the head, Leo of the heart and Sagittarius of the spirit.

People who have been affected by this in one or several of their past lifetimes, hand in hand with the wise ones in charge of us in the spirit world, choose a pathway in which Saturn is prominent, for example with the Sun or Moon in conjunction, opposition or square to Saturn. This forces people to move through life with great caution. Whenever they are tempted to rush into things, Saturn says: ‘No! You are here to learn how to proceed slowly and patiently, if need be trying time and again before you can succeed! If you persevere, you will.’

Anyone who sees this as unpleasant and resents it needs to be reminded that it is unwise to ignore the lessons of a venerable, gracious and wise teacher. And as co-ruler of Aquarius the Saturnian energies will be providing your world and ours the necessary strength and stamina, determination and perseverance for bringing Mother Earth’s new golden age into being. Saturn’s main task during your earthly sojourns consists of teaching the self-mastery that is needed to control the urges and desires of humankind’s lower animal nature.

After the Aquarian Age, from approx. 1900 AD – 4,100 AD, we shall be moving into the Age of Capricorn, which will last until about 6,300 AD. Capricorn is Saturn’s own sign where it’s energies are particularly strong and in the right hands can express themselves in the most positive and constructive ways. This will be helpful for the unfoldment of the new golden age in all its splendour. How great Thou art, o Great White Spirit, and how wise! We thank Thee and bless Thee.

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Natural And Human-Made Disasters - Part I

The Christ Light Is Breaking Through The Clouds

Rays Of Wisdom - Healers And Healing - Natural And Human-Made Disasters - The Christ Light Is Breaking Through The Clouds

The light of the Christ Star is now breaking ever more forcefully through the mists of consciousness that for so long have clouded the vision of God’s children of the Earth. Pouring its blessings into the heart and soul of all humankind, it also heals every other lifeform it touches. The Christ light is an essential part of every human soul, which at present is conveying its message of renewal of hope, faith and trust for us and our world. The more we worship the Christ light, the more powerfully it fills our whole being and shines from us to beautify everything we come into contact with. This energy can be called upon when we feel down and weary. All we have to do is ask that its Divine strength and courage should fill our whole being, so that every last bit of our deepest and darkest fears and anxieties are absorbed into it.

Keeping our inner vision firmly focussed on the Christ Star ensures that we are in constant conscious contact with our Highest or God Self, the living Christ within. This is our eternal and immortal self who has been waiting for a long time to protect us and guide every one of our words, thoughts and actions in the right direction, so that the blessings of the highest levels of life can pour into us and our world without hindrance. To attune our own superconscious faculties to the Universal ones, we need to train the mind of our small earthly self in the art of thinking positive, constructive and loving thoughts only.


• The light of the Universal Christ, whose symbol is the Christ Star, fills my whole being.
• From my loving heart Its energies are flowing into the farthest and remotest corners of Creation. Wherever it is needed, that’s where they go.
• The Christ light surrounds and protects me.
• I will forever be safe in the loving hands of God and the Angels.

The Christ Star has six points and each one is bringing us its message:

1. Be patient, steady and calm. Don’t be disappointed when things go wrong, the way they sometimes do. Know that everything will come right in the end, in God’s time and not ours.
2. Whenever problems arise, remind yourself that they serve the wise higher purpose of building up your spirit and character strength.
3. Look up to the light of the Christ Star and envisage the spiritual mountain we are all climbing together on our way back home into the conscious awareness of our oneness with God and all life.
4. Do not hurry. The power of the spirit, God’s spirit, works slowly and steadily.  It never rushes or hurries.
5. Shake off the small things that can be so irksome for earthly minds, so your heart can open for joy and love, healing and peace.
6. We are in this world to find everlasting joy and happiness through the knowledge of our true nature and the high and holy destiny that awaits all human beings, without exception. So let’s do our best to enjoy life, whatever it may bring us. Even the most difficult situations contain something that can be enjoyed when one understands the learning and growth they are meant to bring.

With our inner vision let’s visualise the whole of humankind as one big family in the radiance of the Christ Star and all together we pray: ‘O Great Father/Mother of all life, please show us ever better ways of dealing with all disasters, natural as much as the human-made ones that are caused by the darkness of ignorance of Your true nature and ours that to this day has a hold on many human hearts. Hand in hand with the Angels we lift this gloom into the temple of healing in the heart of the Christ Star, so that its energies can be uplifted and transmuted into golden swords of Your sacred wisdom and truth. May they freely flow into every human heart and open it wide to be filled with nothing but the peaceful and harmonious vibrations of Your love. In the name of love we ask this. Amen’

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Six pointed Star

Natural And Human-Made Disasters - Part J

Bridges Between Heaven And Earth

We are bridges between Heaven & Earth - Rays of Wisdom - Healers & HealingWe are bridges between Heaven and Earth. Like those of the trees, our roots need to go deep down into the Earth, to draw from her all the nourishment and strength she is capable of giving. Our hands and arms are like branches for reaching high up into the Heavens, to bring down the blessing and healing rays of the Highest Sun and the brightest light in the whole of Creation, the Christ Star. Through the visible Sun in our sky it shines in every heart and soul. We are here to illuminate and warm, bless and heal everything that shares our world with us. Our loving respect and devotion for Mother Earth and Father Sun can do more than anything to enable the wise ones in the world of light to heal – through us – all parts of Creation back into the oneness they once came from.

Those who are here now, are allowed the rare privilege of welcoming and celebrating the conscious return to humankind of the gentle and infinite wisdom of the feminine, the Great Mother, the nurturer, through whom all life is given. No longer do we need to be orphans or semi-orphans, who only have a Father in Heaven, a metaphor for the highest levels of life. Both our Divine Parents are returning into the conscious awareness of our race. Ever more of us are beginning to understand that they are in us and with us, and that they will never leave us in all Eternity.

Our Mother, The Earth
Praise be to You, O Great White Spirit,
Father/Mother of all life.
Mother Earth is our sister, who carries us in kindness
And supports us with her strength.
Her beauty is a reflection of Your love
And we thank you for allowing us to share
In the abundance of her many gifts,
Like the trees, fruits, flowers and meadows.

Thank You, O Father/Mother,
For giving us firm ground to walk on,
Fruit that grows for us,
Flowers to please us,
And the shade of trees for resting beneath.

The Earth is Yours.
She is our home but for a time.
You have given her to us,
So that we should ‘build on her and care for her’.
(1 Moses 2, 15)
Thank You, beloved Father/Mother.

St. Francis of Assisi
Edited by Aquarius

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Natural And Human-Made Disasters - Part K
What Can I Do About The State Of Our World?

Rays Of Wisdom - Healers And Healing - What Can I Do About The State Of Our World?

If you are feeling helpless about many of the things that are happening in our world and are frequently asking yourself: ‘What can I do about the state of our world?’ I would reply: ‘More than you might think!’ Bearing in mind that all powers that are in God are also in us and each one of being a co-creator with God, we are powerful beyond compare. Read more about this by following the links at the end of this chapter.

This is our opportunity for learning how to employ the powers within us wisely and unselfishly for the highest good of all. As aspiring healers and lightbringers we can make a valuable contribution towards our planet’s sacred marriage with and spiritualisation by the highest levels of life, which for some time has been taking place. For this purpose we need to tune not only the transmitter/receiver station of our earthly mind but our whole being into the frequency of the Christ Star and project its radiance into the distressed areas of our world. This is how everybody can do their share of helping Mother Earth.

If that’s what you wish to do, please join me in your prayers, meditations and quite reflections by thinking and projecting nothing but light and love, hope and faith into the troubled spots of our world. Do not allow your mind to batter you with questions about any of the events that still have to take place because they are part of God’s great evolutionary plan. If they were not, there would be no need for them.

Never despair but develop an ever increasing faith and trust in the basic goodness of the life we have been granted. When our mind is calm and steadfast and our heart filled with the love of God and for all our siblings in the family of humankind, the white magic of the Universal Christ’s blessing and healing energies fills our whole being and from there flows quite naturally into our whole world.

May the Archangel Michael’s golden sword of wisdom and truth touch the heart and soul of humankind to awaken the Divine spark in every heart and turn it into a small still flame of love. As ever more of us grow in wisdom and understanding, may the blazing fire of God’s sacred truth burn away every last remnant of earthly life’s ignorance.

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Natural And Human-Made Disasters - Part L

Searching For God

Rays Of Wisdom – War And Peace Between Nations – The Patriarchy And Warfare Through The Ages – Searching For God

  I searched, but I could not find Thee.
I called Thee aloud, standing on the minaret.
I rang the temple bell with the rising and setting of the Sun.
I looked for Thee on the Earth.
I searched for Thee in the Heavens, my Beloved.
And at last I have found Thee –
Thou art the pearl of true love that for so long had to
Remain hidden in human hearts.

Freely and willingly I surrender my whole being to Thee.
Thee I serve in all my daily encounters by
Thinking, speaking and acting with
Compassion and tolerance, patience and love,
And simple human kindness.

Hazrat Inayat Khan, Gayan, Vadan, Nirtan
Edited by Aquarius

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