Healers And Healing

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Chapter 22 (v.1) - Part Eight - Healers & Healing

Submitted: May 21, 2018

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Part 8 - Light And Darkness

About Light And Darkness

Rays Of Wisdom - Healers And Healing - Darkness And Light

Although I have been known to visit churches and taking part in their services, as well as enjoying them, I have every intention of remaining the free spirit I always have been. Not by any stretch of the imagination could anyone call me a bible thumper, but two of my most treasured possessions are Bibles. My favourite is Dr. George M. Lamsa’s translation of the Peshitta, the ancient original Aramaic texts; the second one is the New King James Version 1982. One of their most interesting aspects for me is that this creates opportunities for comparing different interpretations of the same text.

Let me give you an example: Lamsa’s translation from the Gospel of St. John 1:5 reads: ‘The Light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.’ The King James’ Version interprets the same to mean: ‘And the Light shines in the darkness, and the darkness did not comprehend it.’ Although that sounds contradictory, isn’t it delightful how at the same time both texts complement each other and how each one – in its own way – reflects a different part of our evolution? That in itself is not really surprising either because Lamsa lived 1892/1975, whereas the King James Bible dates much further back. It was not translated by one person but a team that consisted of many. The work began in 1604 by 47 scholars, who were organised into six companies; their completed work was issued in 1611.

A new biblical era began with the work of Martin Luther 1483-1546, a theologian, Augustinian monk and ecclesiastical reformer. His teachings inspired the Reformation and deeply influenced the doctrines and culture of the Lutheran and Protestant traditions. Luther translated the Bible into German from the Greek edition of Erasmus. Whilst working on his translation, he frequently visited the nearby towns and markets, so that he could hear the people speak and write in their language. His New Testament was published in Wittenberg in 1522. The Old Testament followed in successive parts; Luther translated them from the Brescia Hebrew Bible of 1494. Luther’s knowledge of Hebrew and Aramaic was limited and his rendering shows much influence of Rashi, the great 11th–12th-century French rabbinical scholar and commentator.

The complete Lutheran Bible emerged from the press in 1534 – printing had been invented by then. Luther was constantly revising his work with the assistance of other scholars, and between 1534 and his death in 1546, eleven editions were printed, the last posthumously. His Bible truly fulfilled Luther’s objective of serving the needs of the common man. It also formed the basis of the first translations into the languages of those lands to which Lutheranism soon spread. As well as proving to be a landmark in German prose literature, this Bible made an important contribution towards the development of the modern German language.

Luther’s English counterpart was William Tyndale, sometimes spelled Tindale. He was a priest and scholar, who lived ca. 1484-1536 and translated the Bible into the early modern English of his day. Although numerous partial and complete English translations had been made from the 7th century onward, Tyndale was the first to take advantage of the new medium of print, which allowed for its wide distribution. In October 1536, he was killed by strangulation and then burned at the stake. However, his efforts were rewarded, because much of his work eventually found its way into the King James Version, which – though the work of 47 independent scholars – is based primarily on his translations. Incidentally, although Luther had also been persecuted, he died of natural causes.

Tyndale was the Captain of an Army of Reformers, and their spiritual leader. He holds the distinction of being the first man to ever print the New Testament in the English language. Tyndale was a true scholar and a genius, so fluent in eight languages that it was said one would think any one of them to be his native tongue. He is frequently referred to as the ‘Architect of the English Language’, even more so than William Shakespeare, as many of the phrases Tyndale coined are still in our language today.

Martin Luther in Germany had a small head-start on Tyndale, who wanted to use the same 1516 Erasmus texts that were the basis of Luther’s work as the source for his translation and printing the New Testament in English for the first time in history. He showed up on Luther’s doorstep in Germany in 1525, and by the end of that year he had translated the New Testament into English. He had been forced to flee England, because of the wide-spread rumour that his English New Testament project was underway. This caused inquisitors and bounty hunters to be constantly on his trail, trying to arrest him and prevent his project. In spite of all this, 1525-1526 the Tyndale New Testament became the first printed edition of the Scriptures in the English language.

In case you have never translated anything yourself, you may not know – as I do, being a linguist – that a translation can only be good when one treats it like a work of art and a labour of love. To produce one takes a great deal more than merely exchanging words from one language into another. Also, one can only translate from one’s own point of consciousness and perception and needs a firm grasp of the subject in question.

By the way, fortunately we know that Luther was born 10th November 1483 in Eisleben. His time of birth is unknown, but I have estimated it, which is customary in cases like this one. If you did not know anything about astrology, you would be surprised how much this can reveal about anyone, especially those who are no longer in our midst. Luther was not only a Sun Scorpio; his Moon, Mercury, Venus and Saturn are also in this sign. Bearing that in mind, if you now read my interpretation of the Sun in Scorpio in ‘Astrological Writings’, you will have a much better understanding of the man’s motivation, his struggle and willingness to sacrifice himself and his life for a worthy course. Can you see why astrology is so endlessly fascinating to me? It can be applied just about everywhere, if one wishes to get an insight into someone’s pathway through that particular lifetime and their perception of our world.

I offer you my apologies for my digressions into the history of the Bible, as well as into Luther. It is a great pity that alas, Tynedale’s year of birth is unknown, never mind the date. To me, such asides are too interesting and enlightening to be missed out, when one is trying to find a better understanding, as we are doing here. Hoping that you may benefit from them and therefore agree, let us return to our theme of darkness and light.

‘Not knowing und understanding is darkness. Light comes when we make it our business to find out.’ It was Anon., the most famous author of all times, who told us that. This undoubtedly has also to be applied to the spiritual teachings that have been with humankind for a long time. What could it have been that God was trying to tell us all along through St. John’s 1:5? In spiritual terms, the ignorance of God’s eternal wisdom has been and still is the darkness that is in our world. The Light of our world, for my understanding, is God’s spiritual knowledge and truth that has always been poured into the slowly evolving consciousness of humankind, in accordance with what we could comprehend, at any given time. And all the knowledge that ever has been gathered, including everybody’s own, is the Light of wisdom and truth that already is in our world and illuminates it.

Each one of us always has been and still is a net contributor to this Light of experience; we are all constantly adding to it. To reward us for all our efforts, pains, troubles and tribulations during our gatherings, God’s Light has always been waiting to finally release us from the dungeon of the spiritual darkness of not knowing who and what we truly are. Light is life; it constantly brings new life forth from itself, through the creative ideas that flow from the great and loving heart of the Universe. All life emerges and is born from darkness into light. Through the struggles of learning from its own experiences, every soul gathers wisdom, which is added to the knowledge that already is in God. This continues until at long last, through its own efforts and guided and protected by God and the Angels, it finds its way back to its Source. As mentioned before, there are no shortcuts and no other way exists.

Six pointed Star

The Living Waters Of Consciousness

There is no doubt in my mind that the Age of Aquarius is now with us. We are here to find our way back home into our true nature, and to help us the Highest levels of life are now pouring ever more knowledge into the collective and individual consciousness of our world. The water-bearer is the symbol of Aquarius; its ruler is Uranus, the planet of revolution. Yet, to this day, there is a great deal of confusion about this sign; because of its name, many believe it to be a water sign. However, it is not water of the liquid kind the water bearer is pouring. He is bringing us the waters of spiritual knowledge and wisdom, to help us cleanse and heal our own consciousness and that of our world.

White Eagle, in one of his teachings indicates where the Master of the New Age will lead us in our quest for spiritual truth, namely inwards. It is the only place in the whole of Creation where we can find what we are looking for: ‘The [legend of the] Master Jesus made reference to the Aquarian Age before the celebration of the Last Supper, when he bade two of his disciples to follow the man bearing a water-pot on his shoulder. The man carrying the water-pot is the symbol of the astrological sign Aquarius. His water is a symbol of the living waters of the Spirit [spiritual knowledge, which the bearer pours into the minds of humankind, to cleanse its spirit from false beliefs and illusions]. The disciples did as they were told and were led by this man [the water-bearer] to an inn. This may be understood as a place of sanctuary for travellers. The man of the New Age, the man of the Spirit [our inner guide and Master], will lead you to the inn, the sanctuary [everybody’s own inner sacred space].’
From time to time, in all my writings I enjoy including someone else’s quote or wisdom, in the hope of shedding some more light onto a topic under discussion. Besides it is a mark of my respect for the one through whom that particular wisdom was given to our world. Words in square brackets are added to further clarify its meaning. Please note that it is never my intention to speak on behalf of any person or organisation.

All spiritual knowledge we find is meant to be used to free us and our world from all types of dominion, suppression, and slavery; this applies particularly to the worst ones, those of the spiritual kind. However, such knowledge should no longer be swallowed blindly, as was required from us during the outgoing Piscean Age, also known as the age of blind faith. Yet, let us not knock those experiences. They too have been of value to us and our world because they taught us the invaluable lessons of how much suffering blind faith can and does bring. Individually and collectively, this undoubtedly led to enormous soul growth, but thanks be to God and the Angels that the time for drawing the learning from those lessons of the past has come.

At our entry into the Aquarian Age, our race is ready for a very different one, namely searching within, to unearth God’s Divine and eternal truths that have forever been known within the depths of our own being, from where they are now waiting to rise into everybody’s own conscious awareness. But even the knowledge that comes to us from there needs to be treated with caution. To my mind, the best way of establishing whether any knowledge we see, hear or read is true is by trying and testing it in the real life situations of our own lives.

Quotes like ‘The Light shines in the darkness’ point in the direction that God’s Wisdom has always been with us, in some form or another. It is sure to have been available to us since well before the Scriptures were written, and certainly before John’s possibly most recent lifetime. The wisdom of God’s eternal knowledge and truth – The Light that brings forth all life – will never be defeated, but it will eventually be comprehended by all. When it has absorbed all remnants of the darkness of ignorance that has surrounded us and our world for so long, a great peace will reign on the Earth. We shall then no longer be the captives of any false beliefs, superstitions and illusions, but free to be and act in accordance with our true self once again. It looks to me that our race by now has learnt its lessons thoroughly enough. And in any case, the time is right that we should all gradually be released from the prison of all ignorance. And lo and behold, among the gems we are finding is the higher meaning of Light and darkness.

To get us to where we are now, everybody first had to develop a degree of their own inner light. That could only be accumulated by everybody working their way through their own experiences, until sufficient knowledge – Light – had been gathered, by us all. The promise that God’s Light will eventually lead us back home has always been with us, in spite of the fact that for a vast span of our evolution we had no idea what that meant and how this would come about. The recognition of God’s true nature and our own is part of the Great Light that is now coming into every heart and soul. Individually and as a race, this knowledge does provide us with the means of rising above the material plane. And that, my dear friend, is the long awaited, hoped and prayed for home-coming of humankind.

Slowly but surely, everybody’s own inner comprehension of God’s Truth is helping us to rid ourselves and our world of all remnants of darkness. And as mentioned before, for as long as one has not yet learnt to act upon any knowledge one finds, it can do nothing for us and our world. It is only our willingness to act that can open the doors of true, i.e. inner understanding. Through everybody’s own efforts of listening to the wisdom of our inner Teacher and following its guidance, God, the Angels and the children of Earth are becoming one again. For the first time since – quite literally – God alone knows when, are we learning to consciously walk again in the shelter and protection of Divine wisdom and love. And please do not beat yourself up, if you seem to have struggled over-long in the prison of your darkness; it’s always impossible to grasp as infants that which we shall later, when we are adults, take for granted.

Six pointed Star

Let There Be Light

Part One

Rays Of Wisdom – Healers And Healing – Let There Be Light –

The light of all lights and the Sun of all Suns is the Universal Christ and the Christ Star is Its light. As the only born child of the Great Father/Mother of all life, the Christ light contains equal parts of masculine and feminine energies, the same as we do. The Christ light is eternal and from it all Creation is born. With its help the power and will of the Highest constantly creates, destroys and re-creates as well as sustains, supports and nurtures everything throughout the whole of Creation. In contrast to this light, darkness and evil are nothing but transient passing developmental phases.

That which to this day is dark and evil in our world is a manifestation of humankind’s individual and collective unevolved aspects. From the beginning of our race’s earthly existence things of this nature have been providing valuable learning experiences for us and our world. The more we strive to bring forth from within the very core of our own being that which is good, right and beautiful, the more evil and darkness is gradually absorbed into it. This will continue until the last bit of it has been removed from our world.

Good and evil are part of the polarities of God’s dual nature and therefore also our own. Young and inexperienced souls have always needed experiences of darkness so they could learn to distinguish between darkness and light, evil and good. The good of our own nature and others cannot be known without first having experienced the evil parts. The only reason why they are still manifesting themselves in our world is that we should learn from them and that in many different ways.

Earth and Water are the feminine, negative and receptive elements of our world. Fire and Air are their masculine, positive and outgoing counterparts. All aspects of the negative and receptive outer part of our material world have always been subject to the will of the positive and outgoing power of its indwelling spirit. The inner brings the outer one into being. Without the inner there would be no outer. Aware of its dual nature and wishing to get to know all aspects of its nature, the higher human spirit part creates itself a small earthly self. The Angels clothe the small self in a physical body that serves as its vehicle for getting around in earthly life to become familiar with itself.

This outer physical body acts like a black box that shields its inhabitant against prematurely finding out about its true nature. The earthly self has also been equipped with a soft and sensitive side, its soul. This is the storehouse for the memories of all our adventures and every bit of learning that helps us to grow in wisdom and understanding. The soul is part of our waterbody and is capable of feeling pain. Several lifetimes of being hurt and wounded teach the earthly self about the nature of pain. It learns to take better care of itself and acquires a knack for avoiding potentially painful situations.

So far the new earthly self has no conscience and is without any moral awareness. They are part of its higher nature and that has not yet stirred from its slumber. In this state of innocence – or rather ignorance – of its own nature and the purpose of its existence, young souls are let loose. Having been born into a physical form that evolved through the animal line of Earth life, its instincts and reactions are of an undiluted animal nature. At the slightest provocation it goes on the rampage and as soon as it gets its hands on some kind of instrument of destruction, it thinks nothing of shooting, killing and maiming people, the more the merrier.

So many things of this nature are experienced in our world at present because large quantities of new spirits are temporarily taking part in our world, so they too can get to know themselves. They are starting at the lowest point, the same as you and I once had to do. From the lowest to the highest all parts of our being have to be explored by all human souls and Mother Earth has always provided the drilling ground for young and experienced souls alike, as well as all stages between. Trapped in the darkness of their spiritual ignorance, the youngsters in our midst are destined to assist the evolution of the planet that is next in line for being developed into a higher and eventually etherealised state.

Spiritually, ignorance is darkness and knowledge is light. From the learning that is gleaned from everyone’s experiences new light is constantly enriching our individual soul and through it that of our world. Once a particular lesson has been learnt successfully, individually and collectively, the darkness and evil it once brought are gradually absorbed into that which is good and right and therefore filled with light. If we ask the Angels that with the help of the Christ Star’s light all dark and evil energies of our world should be uplifted and transmuted into blessing and healing ones for all life, that’s what they gladly do. They need our co-operation as much as we require theirs.

In the beginning was the word – the word was with God and the word was God, if that’s our preferred name for the Universal intelligence. God’s creative thinking will forever continue and no thought in the whole of Creation will ever be lost, and the same applies to us. See the link at the end of this chapter. The Divine is the only force who by the sheer power of its will and thinking can create and destroy matter, bring new worlds into manifestation and get rid of those that have outlived their usefulness. And because every one of God’s powers is also in us, in the fullness of time we too shall develop this ability.

Did I hear you say: ‘That’s all very well, but what happened in the beginning?’ Let’s see whether astrology and numerology can help us to find a better understanding. They reveal quite clearly how the creative processes actually work and why the feminine, passive and receptive elements of Creation are subject to their masculine positive and outgoing counterpart. It is for the following reasons. The first creative impulse is the masculine God, No. 1, astrologically represented by the Sun, planetary ruler of Leo. The second impulse is the feminine Goddess, No. 2, the Moon, planetary ruler of Cancer. The joint force of one and two becomes the three, under the influence of Jupiter, the benevolent and expansive ruler of Sagittarius. 1 + 2 = 3 = the light of the Christ Star. It consists of the masculine fire and the feminine physical manifestation of the Sun through which the Christ light pours its love and warmth into all earthly life. Through this light all life is given and all life consists of this light.

The first impulse of Creation are the masculine forces of Fire, creative ideas, and Air, the thought processes that bring them into manifestation. Fire is positive and masculine. It represents the initial spark that is necessary to get the flow of the creative processes going. All creative ideas have their origin in the masculine aspect of Creation, the God, including those we like to think of as our own. Transmitted through the positive and masculine Air element, these ideas are either added to whatever is already evolving or still being created or maybe even un-created, as the case may be. That’s how God’s thoughts and ideas are constantly flowing into everything, including through the transmitter/receiver station of our human earthly minds into the consciousness of our world. Thought is the most powerful force in the whole of Creation. The thought processes, Air, transmit all of the creator’s ideas, Fire, to the feminine and receptive elements of Water and Earth, including our bodies of clay with its emotional body or soul, the storehouse all our memories.

These creative principles apply in equal measure to both genders. However, the spiritual concept of the feminine being subject to the masculine never meant that on the Earth plane women should be dominated by the men in their lives. The concept is an esoteric one that indicates that matter – feminine – is and always has been ruled by its indwelling spirit – masculine. It’s our higher spirit self that brings its counterpart, our earthly self, into being. And it’s our spirit, Fire and Air, its creative ideas and thought processes that is in charge of our physical bodies, Earth and matter, as well as our emotional bodies and world of feelings, Water. We have been granted the gift of another lifetime in physicality so that we may learn to take charge of all these parts of our being and master them.

Six pointed Star

Let There Be Light – Part Two

How Did Humankind Begin?

Rays Of Wisdom – Healers And Healing – How Did Earth Life Begin?Irrespective of which phase of their development anyone is presently experiencing, there is a yearning deep down in every human heart to love and be loved. This is because basically we are creatures of love. The law of life is love and the Great Father/Mother’s love once brought every one of us into being. Everybody carries the Divine spark within and also has inherited the Great Spirit’s longing for getting to know Itself.

Nothing in the whole of Creation ever stops or stands still. All life is constantly moving forwards and upwards on the evolutionary spiral of life. Without ever stopping our Creator is getting to know Him/Herself through ever more new creations and creatures whose experiences assist the continuing growth and expansion of the Universe. In order to get to know itself during one lifetime after another, our spirit self creates itself a new earthly counterpart, whose physical body serves as a vehicle for getting around and exploring itself and its environment.

Our soul contains the memories of every experience of our present lifetime as well as those of all previous ones. During each new one we enter these memories are stored in the very cells of our physical body. This way they remain accessible and we can draw from them, unconsciously, at all times. This continues until we have become sufficiently evolved to be released from the yoke of further earthly sojourns. Every soul’s oldest memory is the one of our true nature and our real home. It is this memory that at the end of our evolutionary odyssey draws us back home into the oneness with God, where we truly belong.

The whole of life is a circle that started when the creative ideas and the sheer willpower of the masculine aspect of the Divine began to bring whole worlds and everything in them into being. Every part of the created world is the Great Mother of life and therefore Divine. Through the element Air, thinking, the God transmits its ideas, Fire, and shapes them into matter with the help of feminine elements of Earth and Water. Thus it was, is and in all Eternity will be that God constantly creates and re-creates His Goddess. And all life that exists has been created from the light the Father created in the first place, when He said: ‘Let there be light!’ We shall return to this theme.

God and Goddess are two halves of a whole. They are totally equal partners who cannot be separated from each other. One cannot function without the other. Peacefully and harmoniously their love bond is constantly occupied with responding to each other. This is how their coo-operation ceaselessly creates new worlds and beings, as well as improving and enhancing existing ones and destroying old ones that have outlived their usefulness. The same creative drives and urges are also part of our nature. As co-creator with God, who has not felt the satisfaction that comes with clearing out something that no longer is of any use or value? The buzz and the relief one gets give an inkling of how our Creator feels each time something old is removed and makes room for something more beautiful and perfect to come into being.

The more we work with the light of the Christ Star by absorbing and assimilating Its knowledge into our consciousness, the more we recognise the necessity of destruction – de-creation, as someone called it. There even is beauty in acts of ‘de-creation’ as this is sometimes the only way of making space available for the manifestation of new ideas. This is how we too, in the fullness of time, shall learn how to rejoice rather than to weep and mourn the way our earthly selves tend to do over the loss of something that was old, outdated and ready to be removed.

Nothing in the whole of Creation is ever wasted. Everything is incessantly recycled and used over and over again. That, in a nutshell, is the evolutionary process. And when we have consciously become co-creators with God, we can share the joy and privilege of observing our Creator in the act of creation, as well as de-creation. Spiritually, the latter is never an act of senseless destruction, the way it would be if human beings were in charge. It is a disassembling of every cell and atom and recycling it. This opens the door for re-creating that which was destroyed in a form that comes closer to the idea of the archetype our Creator is holding in His/Her mind.

Everything in the whole of Creation is energies and vibrations and consists of dualities and the polarities of opposing forces. The words ‘Let there be light!’ have two different meanings, as befits the nature of the Divine. It was the pure thought on its own who created the first rays of light. By the power of its will the thought decreased the vibrations of the light until the first bit of matter began to form. Earth and Water appeared and together they became clay that could be shaped and moulded into the forms of the creative ideas conceived by the mind of the Highest. When the time for creating physical bodies for human spirits had come, the Divine breathed a spark of its own spirit into one of the animal forms that had already been created through the process of evolution on the Earth. Lo and behold! They came alive and started to move about.

That’s how the experience of Earth life started and to this day we are getting to know ourselves and the Earth, the world that was created for us. Through the knowledge that is constantly gathered in this way, our planet is no longer shrouded in darkness in both senses of the word. The wisdom and understanding that is constantly growing in each one of us is the spiritual light that will eventually disperse every last bit of Earth’s darkness. As all matter is of a transient nature, God’s will and the power of Divine thinking will continue to speed up the vibrations of the physical aspects of the whole of Creation. Thus the Universe will keep on expanding until every particle of it has converted itself back into light.

Although the material Universe will have disappeared, its spiritual background will go on forever. Instead of the darkness that once filled the void of the Universe before Creation was begun, it will then be filled with light. That which is now the spiritual background of life will be the only thing in existence and in this state the stars and planet will forever continue their Cosmic dance to the music of the spheres. Naturally, we shall be part of it because truly, truly we are eternal beings of light whose essence is pure spirit and who can never die.

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Six pointed Star

Let There Be Light – Part Three

Sharing The Christ Light

Rays Of Wisdom – Healers And Healing – Sharing The Christ LightTo assist with the healing of our world, the main task for aspiring healers and lightbringers is sharing the light of the spiritual knowledge we are receiving with as many as possible of those around us. The more we do this in a friendly and non-aggressive manner that equally embraces all belief systems of our world, the quicker all darkness will go from our world. All we have to do is speak our truth, without insisting that we are right. Truth speaks for itself and those who are ready to receive it will understand. The others are going to come to it later when the time is right for them. Naturally, talking alone is no good to anyone. It is necessary to walk our talk and live our truth, setting a good example that others may wish to follows. More about this later.

The early Christians, as well as their adversaries, were the pioneers of the outgoing Piscean Age. The symbol of Pisces is two fish that are tied together in the middle. One fish is swimming up the river of life and the other one down. Interestingly, the symbol of the early Christians was a fish and the same as they were in their time, all who are presently taking part in earthly life are the pioneers of the Aquarian Age. It is believed to have started around 1900 AD, but there are definite signs that even before that humankind was beginning to stir from its spiritual slumbers. There is a great deal of evidence all around that this process is relentlessly speeding up.

At any given time in the development of our race, the more highly evolved souls have been required to act as the leaven in the bread of humankind. The Age of Aquarius requires from all of us that we develop our latent healing abilities and intuitive faculties. The Angels can then use us as channels through which the Christ light and its healing energies can flow into the whole of our race, our planet and all its lifeforms. Every human soul carries the Divine spark within and is therefore potentially waiting to be roused from its spiritual slumber. Each one of them requires the assistance of friendly and kind-hearted human beings, as much as the help of spirit guides and helpers who are eagerly reaching out from the world of spirit to all of us on the Earth plane.

The main object of every healer’s pathway is making their contribution towards raising human consciousness. We are here to freely, willingly and unselfishly help others to rediscover and get in touch with the small still voice of living God within, the inner teacher and guru who knows the way of all things. We are here to play the role of seed spreaders, just like the birds are doing on the outer plane of life. Each time we share some of the wisdom we have picked up on our pathway through life, we are making another contribution towards thinning the clouds of the darkness of ignorance, false beliefs and superstitions that to this day abound in our world. Our friends and helpers in the world of light are teaching us in line with the instructions they receive from the Highest and Its messengers, the Angels. Hand in hand with all of them we shall be working until every last shred of the inner and outer gloom of our world has been dissolved.

Going about our work as seed spreaders, there’s no longer any need for proselytising or missionary work. The experiences of the past have taught humankind that efforts of that nature as often as not brought more misery and suffering than good into our world. We are here to conduct our lives as good examples to those around us. In my view this is best done by living modestly, responsibly and carefully, showing a high regard for Mother Earth’s wellbeing. In our prayers, meditations and contemplations our planet needs to be lifted into the healing radiance of the Christ Star. In submission to the Highest force of Creation, we can ask for Its healing prayers to flow through us into everything that is in our world, so God and the Angels can guide us into doing the right things to make our world into a more peaceful one.

Our race’s spiritual homecoming is not some kind of competition. There is no need for spiritual athletics and tightrope-walking – that’s not what we are here for. As healers of the Aquarian Age we have missionary work of a different kind to do. It consists of dropping an occasional pearl from the wisdom we have found into the cup of wine that is the consciousness of the people around us. Never overdo things and take special care not to destroy any ladders your sisters and brothers are still climbing on. That’s not what we are here for. I believe that much more can be achieved by kindly and lovingly trying to expand the other’s vision of life a bit – no more. Drop your pearl gently, then walk away and allow time to dissolve it. Trust that each time one of life’s pupils is ready to move forward and to find out more about its true nature, a teacher will always to be found. Do your bit and then step aside and let God and the Angels do the rest of the work for you.

Do not go in too heavy handed, but wait for an opportunity to arise and when it does, encourage people to talk about themselves. When you listen carefully, you will find that many quite happily tell you about their most difficult, traumatic and most intimate experiences. In this way you may find to your amazement that there is no such thing as a dull person. Everybody has a story to tell and underneath it all, in almost everybody there is a distressed soul, who is trying to make some sense of their earthly existence and calling out for help to find some.

When the other one has told their tale, try to explain to them how you view things. It is not really necessary to mention that you do this from a spiritual standpoint; some people are put off by this. Be gentle, possibly starting with something like: ‘I don’t know what you believe, but to me the concept of Karma and reincarnation makes a lot of sense, nothing else does. That’s why I believe in it. For example, I cannot – for the life of me – share the Christian view that life is just a one-off thing. To me, life is too precious and important for that. When I look around, I see that some are rich, while others are poor, some are lucky and others downright unlucky, some are always ill and others never seem to ail anything. If all that happened by accident and at random, life would be nothing but a very ugly, unjust and unfair joke. But I believe that there is a great plan of life, that all life is subject to Universal laws and that life is so good and beautiful, fair and just that it’s hard to grasp by human minds.’

Should the other person want to find out more, you might like to add: ‘I do believe in God, a loving and benevolent Creator, who created all this, including you and me. And I do believe that this life is a good one. It’s just quite different from what most people have believed in the past and many still believe to this day. When one understands the processes of life and its spiritual background a bit better, one can easily recognise that there never was a man by the name of Jesus who walked in our midst. The story of his life was but a legend that all along has been trying to bring us the message that our God is love and light. And I know in here – point to your heart – that this is true!’

Let the other one explain what they believe in. And at whatever stage you end your dialogue, give them time so that what you shared with them can sink into their consciousness. Know that truth always speaks for itself, so do not try to convince anyone. Just provide food for thought – no more. And always stress that those are your beliefs that support and sustain you, and that they help you to trust life, but that they do not necessarily have to be shared by anyone. Use your intuition and walk away. You have given them something to think about, maybe no more than a different slant on things and a chink of light that will be trying to find its way into the darkness of their soul consciousness. You have done your best, step back and let God and the Angels do the rest.

When the Angels inspired the writing of the Jesus legend, they were well aware that healers and lightbringers on the spiritual pathway require the help of the Great Father/Mother much more than unawakened souls. Through the esoteric truths that are hidden behind the surface words of the Jesus legend the Universal Christ speaks to the awakened ones. The Angels know about and sympathise with the many tests and trials, struggles and failures we encounter on the healing journey back into the conscious awareness of our oneness with God and all life. They are empowered to provide us with all the help we shall ever require on our way forwards and upwards on the evolutionary spiral of life.

Here is some advice from the Mexican poet, A. Nervo: ‘About sublime and essential things do not talk to all, but seek the level of those you converse with, so as not to humble or distress anyone. When with the frivolous, be as frivolous as they are, gently dropping a petal from the flower of your dreams into their cup of frivolity. If they are not ready for it, be on your way smilingly, because you know that they will come to what you have found in their own time. Should someone pick up your petal, examine it and inhale its fragrance, carefully and discreetly allow them a few more glimpses of what grows in your magic inner garden. Tell them of the invisible Divinity that surrounds and penetrates everything. Maybe thoughts and feelings of love will enter their minds, to act as a key and an ‘open Sesame’ of the door to the only true freedom there is for humankind: spiritual freedom!’

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Let There Be Light – Part Four

Christ – The Light Of Our World

Rays of Wisdom - Healers And Healing - Light Of Our World

The Age of Aquarius is bringing us the answers to some of humankind’s oldest questions and many by now have spiritually matured sufficiently to be willing to surrender their small earthly self to the forces of the Highest. Through those who are unselfishly serving as Its channel for the highest good and the greatest joy of the whole, we are constantly gaining a better understanding of some of the vastest concepts of Creation. This is bringing us an ever increasing awareness that everything in our world is a physical manifestation of the One.

For a long time, we have been told about the Light of our world without having any idea of what this truly means, namely that each one of us is a spark of the Divine, the Universal Christ, which dwells in every human heart. This spark is the Light of our world, though at first only by potential. The birth of the child of God and the coming of the light in our world describes the awakening of this spark, not merely in a few chosen ones but in every heart and soul. The Universal Christ is not one particular person but the light of all lights, the Sun of all Suns, which in each one of us exists – though initially only in seed form – as a state of consciousness.

The Great Father/Mother of all life and their only born Son/Daughter is the source of our being. All His/Her characteristics are also in us, the highest as well as the lowest. In earthly life we first have to experience the lowest, but slowly and surely we have to make our way to the highest, at all times guided and protected by our Highest or God Self. The spark represents the highest part of our being, our Christ nature, which has been waiting to come alive in all human hearts and souls for a long, long time. 

Each one of us is a spark of the Christ light and it does not make one bit of difference whether someone believes in and follows the Christian teachings or not, nor for that matter any of the others or even none at all. Christianity has been but one of many attempts at trying to explain and bring the spiritual concepts of our own Christ nature closer to us and our world. When the various religions and belief systems were given to our world by the Angels around the throne of God, the Christ Circle, it would have been impossible for us to grasp the truth. Revelations of this nature had to wait until we had moved a fair distance into the Age of Aquarius, the age of truth and knowledge directly from the heartmind of God.

From the evolutionary level we and our world have reached by now, it can clearly be seen that by the arrival of this age, all of the old belief systems have become more of a hindrance than a help to our race’s spiritual progress. In keeping with the energies of the great plan of life they were specifically designed to keep us from bringing forth our innate spirituality and goodness, individually and collectively, too early.  If these qualities are to manifest themselves in our world – as indeed they are now doing everywhere – we ourselves have to bring the Christ characteristics of our nature forth from deep within the core of our own being. If we want to be saved and redeemed and our world turn into a peaceful one, each one of us had to do their share of making it so. No-one will wave a magic wand to do the work this involves for us and that for the simple reason that the desired result can only be achieved through everyone’s individual efforts.

It takes a certain degree of spiritual maturity to grasp the higher esoteric meanings that are hidden behind the surface words of all spiritual teachings that have ever graced our world. That’s how it comes about that to this day there are leaders in our world who are still in pursuit of what they consider to be their personal ‘power’. The only true power each one of us has on this plane of life is that of creating something good, sacred and beautiful in our lives and for those who share it with us. The alternative is bringing ever more suffering into our world by demanding from others to bring forth – again from within themselves – and act out the evil every human being is capable of.

We are magnetic beings and we draw towards us that which we are ourselves, consciously as well as unconsciously. And those who are still involved in the practice of evil are aligning themselves to the forces of evil. They attract others into their orbit who are also still in need of this kind of lesson, as each and every one of us has to do in some of their lifetimes. At the end of their present lifetime,  the souls who are presently involved in the lessons of evil, at the handing out end of these experiences, return to the world of light. After resting for a while and recuperating from the stresses and strains of their earthly existence, there will come the moment when, hand in hand with the wise ones in charge of them, they will be reviewing what they have learnt from their most recent lifetime and all others, the way we all do.

That’s when they will realise that the most important lesson of their most recent earthly sojourn has been that the actions they carried out cannot get anyone to Heaven, i.e. being released into learning from experiencing the higher and highest levels of life. First hand they will know that:

•No matter what anyone on the Earth plane may ever promise, evil gets no-one to Heaven.

•Spiritually, nobody ever ‘gets away’ with anything.

•Missions that hurt and harm those around us make us accessories to evil. All they can hope to achieve is creating a living hell on the Earth. They will most certainly not get us to Heaven, if there ever had been such a place.

•There is no point in committing suicide at the end of an evil deed. The only thing that happens is that we have to come back to make good and create balance, for whatever harm we did to anyone.

Spiritual teachings have always been imparted to humankind from the highest levels of life to gradually assist us with conducting out lives with increasing spiritual awareness and more in harmony with the Universal laws, God’s laws. To my mind, the most important one is the law of Karma. It ensures that nothing in the vastness of God’s Creation can ever get lost, as everything eventually returns to its source. This law applies to all life, therefore also to us and our world and that’s the reason why every one of our thoughts, words and actions in some form. Like a boomerang it finds its way back to us and if this does not happen in our present lifetime, we can be sure that it will do so in another.

Awareness is the key for resolving all problems that arise on the earthly plane of life and the knowledge of the law of Karma at least potentially puts every one of us in charge of their own destiny. If we wish to ensure that from this very moment on nothing but good things should be drawn into our lives, we need to train ourselves to carefully watch over every thought, word and action, until in the end it has become something quite natural to us.

Each one of us is an integral part of the soul of the human race and that of our whole world and on the inner level of life we are all one. Therefore, every thought, word and action inevitably affects everything in the whole of Creation. That’s why taking charge of ourselves is of the greatest importance, not only for us personally but for all life and lifeforms. And what about those who still know no better than going through their lives hurting others? Take heart, they too will eventually wake up to their true nature and become aware that when we are causing pain to another, in truth we are hurting ourselves. But even that is by no means the end of the story, because every physical/emotional/spiritual pain has to be redeemed and made good, by none other than us.

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Let There Be Light – Part Five

Knowledge – The Light Of Our World

Rays Of Wisdom - Healers And Healing - Knowledge - The Light Of Our World

Everything in the whole of Creation is energies and vibrations and consists of the dualities and polarities of opposing forces. God’s words in the Creation story: ‘Let there be light!’ have two different meanings, as befits the dual nature of the Divine. It was the Great Father’s pure thought on its own that created the first rays of light. By the power of its will the thought decreased the vibrations of the light until the first bit of matter began to form. Earth and Water appeared and together they became clay that could be shaped and moulded into the forms of the creative ideas conceived by the mind of the Highest.

This is how the masculine aspect of the Divine created itself a feminine counterpart, the Great Mother through whom all life is given. When the time for creating physical bodies for human spirits had come, the Divine breathed a spark of its own light, the Christ Spirit, only born Son/Daughter of the Great Father/Mother, into one of the animal forms that had already been created through the process of evolution on the Earth. Lo and behold! They came alive and started to move about.

In the long course of their evolution, the Angels from time to time provided them with myths and legends to assist them with becoming aware of the spiritual background of life. That’s where they are at work and from the moment of the creation of our race have been taking care of each one of us. When the energies of the Aquarian age were slowly beginning to seep into the consciousness of our world, the legend of the Lord Buddha’s life was given to bring new light, i.e. increased spiritual understanding to Asia. The Jesus legend served this purpose for the Western World. It was designed as a channel through which the love, wisdom and healing power of the true Christ, the Cosmic Universal Christ, could slowly start to enter our race’s individual and collective consciousness. Now that we have actually reached the new age, it is becoming ever clearer that the Universal Christ, the only bon Son/Daughter of the Great Father/Mother of all life is the true light of our world. His/Her Church is the Universal Church of the whole of Creation and its ancient wisdom and truth is that of the Cosmic forces.

The angelic hierarchy has been bringing parts of the ancient wisdom to us and our world with the help of the many myths and legends that have been appearing throughout the ages. None of the religions and belief systems that developed around any one of them possessed a monopoly of Divine wisdom and truth, but each has always contained small nuggets of it. It’s just that for a long time they had to remain carefully hidden behind the surface words of the various tales. But now at last, we are ready to dig for gold and extract more and more of these gems. My writings are part of this process, so they can be joined together like precious pearls on a string that provide us and our world with a new understanding and a fresh outlook on life. This is done in the hope of bringing a much needed renewal of hope, faith and trust in the goodness of life and the One who created it.

Earthly human minds are logical and analytical, tending to separate us from things and each other. And because the old religions of our world were of the mind, each new one that appeared separated us even further from each other. Every new legend about a great teacher or prophet that was presented to our world presented humankind with a fine tool for creating ever more divisions. This reached new heights – or depths, depending which way one looks at it – with the appearance of a tale that there once had been as great spiritual Master by the name of Jesus, who had walked among us.

The esoteric truth behind the surface words of the Jesus story is trying to explain to us in simple words the many initiations which every human soul on the Earth plane in the fullness of time has to experience. The Jesus legend was a way of introducing some of the Great Cosmic truths to our race’s evolving consciousness. When looked at from the right angle, it can provide us with many pointers as to how we are meant to develop the higher and highest aspects of our nature and evolve into a Christed one in our own right. This is required from each one of us eventually because that is the only way of returning into the oneness with God.

We are in this world to learn how to become a healer of ourselves, each other and our world. And the wonders and miracles depicted in the Jesus legend are demonstrations of what the Universe will eventually be able to work through each and every one of us. But take not of what St. John 5:30 tells us: ‘I can do nothing on my own. I judge as God tells me. Therefore, my judgment is just, because I carry out the will of the one who sent me, not my own will.’ That should leave no-one in doubt that even Master spirits and souls have no power to perform miracles on their own and that they need the help of God and the Angels, just the same as all of us lesser mortals do.

John 14: 11-12 tells us: ‘Believe Me that I am in the Father and the Father is in Me or at least believe because of the works themselves. Truly, truly, I tell you, whoever believes in Me will also do the works that I am doing. He will do even greater things than these, because I am going to the Father.’ The Universal Christ has been communicating with us through all the myths and legends our world has ever seen. S/He now is now revealing the esoteric meaning behind the above teaching as follows: ‘If you develop your higher nature by walking in my footsteps and following my example, you will be come a Christ and a light of your world, in your own right. God and the Angels can then work through you and perform similar wonders and even greater miracles than those depicted in the legend of my life.

‘The time has come for humankind to wake up to the fact that nobody can be saved by merely going to church on Sundays and saying that they believe I really once existed and walked the Earth among human beings, because I never did. I hate to disappoint those who think that’s all they have to do for me to save and redeem themselves, whilst continuing to their heart’s contents with their dishonesty and deceptions, for example handing out and accepting bribes, lying and cheating, stabbing people in the back and killing them, if that fits into the plans of someone’s earthly desire nature.

‘The law of life is love and no matter which religion anyone uses as an excuse for committing crimes of any kind against humankind, each one is a trespass against this law, the law of the Great Father/Mother of all life. And because God is part of you, the scales of Divine justice are exceedingly accurate – they know no error. And it makes no difference whether you believe the things you are hearing here or not. The truth is that every one of your transgressions of past lifetimes and this one has been written in the great book of life, the Akashic Records. Every event of all your lifetimes is recorded there, good, bad and indifferent all alike. The Angels known as the Lords of Karma are in charge of these records and it is their responsibility to make sure that even the last shred of anyone’s transgressions and sins is made good by the perpetrator sometime, if not in this lifetime then in future ones. They will then find themselves at the receiving end of crimes that are similar to those that were once committed by them. Without the spiritual knowledge that can be found here, they may have no idea of what is happening to them and why.

‘Young and inexperienced souls conveniently overlook and skip over the most basic tenets of their religion, for example ‘Thou Shalt Not Kill!’ That way no-one ever got to Heaven, the highest levels of life, to live with me. However, wise and more mature souls no longer need things like the ten commandments because their souls have learnt through the first hand experiences of their earthly selves what happens each time one of God’s laws is transgressed and a sin committed. Being aware that knowledge is power, whenever they are hearing and reading something that is new to them, wise ones pay attention to their inner guidance to show them whether that which is before them is true.

‘This enables them to react to the events in their lives in the spiritually right way. And that’s how the Universal Forces are now laying the tool for saving and redeeming yourself into the hands of those who are ready to receive it. The outcome of everything depends on the way you react to the things that are happening to you at any given moment. It is entirely up to you whether or not you use the power of the knowledge you now possess to make into an instrument for saving and redeeming yourself. As ever, the choice is yours.’

The faith of the New Age is going to be of the heart. It is an intuitive way of knowing, feeling and experiencing our world with a love that unites and draws together that which became divided. Fortunately it could never do this in our true spiritual reality, only in our earthly minds. There could be no better tool for explaining the energies of this loving process than astrology. In the zodiac Aquarius and Leo are in polar opposition to each other. Aquarius is an Air sign, therefore intellectual and of the mind, though in this case not of the earthly mind on its own, but in collaboration with the Universal intelligence of the Highest. Leo, the Fire sign, rules the heart. Living completely in the extremes of either sign leaves us lopsided and out of balance. The same as in all aspects of life, the point of equilibrium is halfway between the two. Striving to find it develops what is known as the mind in our heart and that’s the only place in the whole of Creation where truth really is known.

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