Healers And Healing

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Chapter 24 (v.1) - Part Ten - Healers & Healing

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Part 10

Flying On The Wings Of God’s Truth - Part A

The Truth About Truth

Rays of Wisdom - Healers And Healing - On The Wings Of God's Truth - The Truth About Truth

The psalms are so old that their origins are lost in the mists of time. Most of them are believed to have been written by King David and King Solomon, and that this probably took place in Jerusalem during the tenth century BC. King David lived from about 1037 to 967 BC. However, some of the psalms, if one looks carefully at the words, must have been written after the Jewish exile in Babylon when Cyrus, the King of Persia, invaded and took over the Babylonian empire.

He decreed that the Jews should be allowed back to rebuild their temple. This took place around 539BC and the years following. Therefore it is possible that the psalms were written over a period of well over 500 years. Because by the time the Jesus legend entered our world, the psalms were well established as devotional songs and poems, they were included in the New Testament. Even Jesus’ supposedly dying words on the cross ‘My God, My God. why have you forsaken me?’ were taken from Psalm 22.

Psalm 91:4 promises: ‘He will cover you with His feathers and under his wings you shall trust. His truth shall be your shield and buckler.’ Buckler is an old fashioned word for a small round shield. It is usually held by a handle or warn on the arm, as a means of protection and defence.

Telling us such things may have been good enough when the Psalms were written. But thanks be to God and the Angels, since then our perception of the spiritual background of life, of God and of ourselves has changed and increased dramatically. By now, we know that God’s truth cannot be found in books and that, no matter how high and holy they may be, it may only be partly revealed to us there. Time and again we all have been placed in this life, so that in the end each one of us in their own right should be guided to their own conclusion that this kind of truth can only be found within. 

The main purpose of our lifetimes on the Earth plane is to help us all to evolve into seekers of wisdom and truth. Irrespective of whether someone is as yet aware of this or not, time and again each one of us is placed here to do their share of finding an ever better understanding of God’s Divine truths. This is how, in the long course of our evolution that stretches over many thousands of years, the individual and collective consciousness of our world gradually grows and expands.  Because our knowledge of God, the Universe and ourselves will always continue to grow, in my view, a cautionary note may not come amiss at this point. Before God every soul stands alone, i.e. the perception of what this concept means is unique to each one of us and that is why everybody’s truth varies slightly from anyone else’s.

The human soul yearns for stability and security, yet, for as long as we expect to find them on the Earth plane, we shall look in vain and that for the simple reason that they are not meant to be found there. In our explorations into certainties and absolute truths we may turn to a host of sources in the hope of finding them. Yet, in the end each one of us has to discover for themselves that they do not exist anywhere. This is because all life – including ours and that of our world – is relentlessly moving forwards and upwards on an evolutionary spiral that constantly takes us and our world onto ever higher levels of consciousness. This process eventually returns each one of us into the oneness with our Creator.

As established in other parts of the jottings, the law of life is evolution. Universes and the worlds within them are born, evolve and grow. When they have outlived their usefulness, they are destroyed again, to make room for new ones to come into existence. In spite of the fact that our understanding of the meaning of God has vastly improved over the ages, the only constant in the whole of Creation will always be the spirit within, the eternal presence of the spirit of God and our own. As a spark of the Divine, like God we too are immortal and cannot die. The spirit of God and our own will be with us forever. Anything else we may require along our evolutionary pathway will eventually be surplus to requirement and has to be shed again.

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On The Wings Of God’s Truth - Part B

Who Or What Is God?

Rays of Wisdom - Healers And Healing - What Is God?For me God means the Divine Trinity of the Great Father/Mother of all life and their only born Son/Daughter, the spirit of the Universal Christ. It is the Universal intelligence and the source from which fresh pure creative ideas are constantly pouring forth in the form of thoughts. God’s spirit, the same as ours, is eternal, without beginning or end and has always been. Neither our spirit nor the Divine Trinity’s will ever stand still. Both are constantly evolving, expanding and growing through the knowledge that is gathered by beings in every part of Creation, including you and me. Ever deeper insights and fresh discoveries into this, that and the other will always continue to be made by someone somewhere. This is something every human being has to come to terms with and accept that there will probably never be such a thing as absolute truth.

So, what of God’s truth? How do we know when we are finding some of it? Any knowledge one of us finds is meant to be shared with those around us and used for making our world a better place everything in it – not just humankind – to evolve and grow. But, because of the precious gift of freedom of choice each one of us is allowed to decide what we can and wish to take on board as our truth. Yet, every right also brings responsibilities with it and any newly found knowledge puts the onus on us for choosing wisely. That is why, whilst reading or listening to anything, it is advisable to make a habit of noticing the responses that come from your own heart and learn to follow them in all things. This is the voice of your inner guidance and teacher, your intuition; it will never let you down or lie to you.

Because there are numerous gullible people in our world and just as many who are all too happy to exploit this, be careful and refuse to take anything that comes to your attention at face-value. Know that everything we become aware of in some way enters into our consciousness; we ourselves are responsible for what we allow in. It is up to each one of us to test and try things for ourselves and to establish whether the information before us has any validity for us. You are always the bottom line and you alone can decide whether you are willing to accept or reject what someone tells you, whoever this may be. It goes without saying that this is also valid for all my writings. It has never been my nature to wish to prescribe for anyone what to believe and what not. In any case, knowing what is at stake here, who would still be foolish enough to dogmatically state this, that or the other is the ultimate truth that is valid for everybody?

Those who are familiar with other parts of my work know that I go to great lengths to point out the necessity for choosing carefully as to what we accept as our truth. My advice has always been never to follow anyone blindly or take their words for gospel, no matter how high and holy the person or institution may seem to be. The information you are receiving from them could be outdated and further insights could be waiting to be given, maybe through you. If something you hear or read does not feel right, pay attention and listen to what ideas may come to you. Consult with your inner self by meditating and/or reflecting on the points in question, then wait and see what further insights may come to you. When they do, do not forget to share them with those around you. In this way we shall eventually all become channels of Divine wisdom and truth and be capable of acting as light bringers to our world. This will continue until every last shred of the clouds of ignorance that still darken our world have been dispersed and peace has at last come to our world.

As new ideas and fresh insights are constantly flowing into my existing writings from my inner guru, they are living proof of how, as one learns to live ever more intuitively, there is little or no danger of getting stuck in outdated beliefs. One gradually learns to trust that this inner voice really does know the answers to all our questions and what is good and right for us in any given moment, as opportunities have been provided by the Universe for checking this out over and over again. The more this the higher part of us takes over, the less one feels inclined to look for information from other sources. There comes the moment when one realises that this need has faded away completely. And that, in my view, is the greatest advantage of being taught by the inner guru. As valuable tools as some books to this day are as communication tools and educational aids, it is not hard to see in the light of this that the time will arrive on the Earth plane when they will no longer be required, because we shall then all receive our education in this manner by the long awaited new World Teacher.

Shortly after finishing my reflections on ‘The Truth about Truth’, to my astonishment they were confirmed by the Lebanese/American mystic, poet and writer, Kahlil Gibran, 1883-1931. In ‘Kahlil the Heretic’ he wrote: ‘The true light is that which emanates from within humankind; it reveals the secrets of the heart to the soul, making it happy and contented with life. Truth is like the stars; it does not appear except from behind the obscurity of the night [of the darkness of ignorance]. Truth is like all beautiful things in the world; it does not disclose its desirability except to those who first feel [and suffer at the hands of] falsehood. Truth is a deep kindness that teaches us to be content in our everyday life and share with people the same kind of happiness [and share it with the people so that they may find it, too]… This is the truth I have learnt from the teachings of the Nazarene.’

The Greek philosopher Aristotle, 384-322 BC, saw the matter as follows: ‘To say of what is, that it is – and of what is not, that it is not. That [to me] is speaking the truth.

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On The Wings Of God’s Truth - Part C

Do Things Work Even If I Don't Believe In Them?

Rays of Wisdom - Healers And Healing - Do Things Work Even If I Don't Believe In Them?The eminent Swiss psychiatrist Carl Gustav Jung, 1875-1961 was a man who, in his time, deeply influenced the thinking of our world. He was the founder of analytical psychology, also known as Jungian psychology. Recently, I came across one of his poignant comments from ‘The Undiscovered Self’, Collected Works, published 1956. As far back as then, he held the view I have shared for a very long time myself that, if at long last statements like the one that the Christ rose from the dead is to be understood symbolically, instead of literally, the new interpretations we shall then find do not need to conflict with the knowledge of previous ages. In fact, understanding the biblical themes symbolically can and indeed does put an end to the speculations that the Christian hope of immortality is invalid. It merely interprets and presents it in a different way. After all, long before the coming of Christianity humankind believed in a life after the death of the physical body. We therefore had no need of the Easter events of the Master’s death on the cross and his subsequent alleged resurrection, as proof of and a guarantee of immortality.

Jung thought that the danger that a mythology that was understood too literally and the way it is taught by the Churches to this day, will suddenly be repudiated lock, stock and barrel was now greater than ever before. He too asked the question whether the time has come a long last hat the Christian mythology, instead of being wiped out, should be understood symbolically, as, in my view, it is meant to be. Equipped with the wisdom of hindsight, it is not hard to see that my jottings came into being to prevent just this. Although I had no idea that this was the intention behind them, when I first started writing about my insights into such matters, as time went by, almost of their own accord they grew into one of the – maybe many – contributions to ensure that this does not happen.

Jung’s words reminded me of how, from time to time, I have been asked: ‘Does Astrology really work?’ Having witnessed how unfailingly and with what astonishing accuracy it does, my answer has always been: ‘Oh yes, it does!’ Some go further: ‘And does it work, even if you don’t believe in it?’ In my view, when something is true and right and there is sufficient evidence to prove that it works, then anyone’s disbelief does not have the power to change this. And that applies to astrology as much as to all other aspects of life. Remember when we were children? No matter how fervently we believed in Father Christmas, we finally had to grow up into the realisation that there isn’t one.

The same is true for those who have not yet heard about the law of Karma or maybe people who know about it but do not believe that there is such a thing. Anyone’s ignorance or disbelief does not change that we, the same as the rest of the whole of Creation, are subject to Universal laws. They provide that every action causes a reaction and not knowing about this has never protected anyone against having to live by the consequences of their actions.

This principle also applies to all other spiritual concepts, including that of a personal saviour and redeemer, who will come to our rescue. Irrespective of what firm beliefs anyone may hold about this, every soul eventually has to learn from its own experiences that this is impossible. Through improving our character by changing our behaviour patterns and with the help of the contributions we are willing to make, not only towards the welfare of the human race, but of our whole world and all life that shares it with us, in the fullness of time each one of us has to grow into their own saviour and redeemer.

Only through bringing forth, every one from within the very core of their own being the Christ-like qualities, slumbering in seedform in every human soul, can the Christ, the Universal Christ and the living God eventually develop into the saviour and redeemer of us and our whole world. Its history demonstrates all too clearly that no-one can change an untruth into a truth merely by thinking of it as true. By believing in the former no-one can change it into the latter. No matter how hard anyone to this day may believe that Jesus Christ is going to be their saviour and redeemer, when this simply never happens even the simplest soul in the end must come to the conclusion that the life of Jesus is but a legend and no-one but each for themselves can save and redeem them.

The bold pioneers of those days lived dangerously, because violent clashes with the ecclesiastical authorities ensued over their findings. How fortunate for us that they bravely stood their ground; knowing that they were speaking the truth gave them the strength and determination to do so. God’s eternal truth is unchangeable. Grains of this truth – as much as humankind could safely deal with at the time – were contained within the knowledge given through the teachers who came to us. These grains remain valid to this day, no matter what most of us believed in days gone by and some of us still do, now.

That astrology works I can tell you from first hand experience, otherwise I would never have bothered with it. For a very long time now, astrology has provided me with a key for unlocking and understanding the deepest mysteries of life, not only of my own but of all life. In all my writings I endeavour to share my findings with you. With any teacher we find we need to bear in mind that no matter how high and holy a person the one before us is and however deep and profound their own grasp of spiritual concepts may be, their insights can only take us to the entrance of our own perception.

‘Seek and ye shall find; knock and the door shall be opened onto thee.’ Whenever we wish to find out more about something, all we need to do is knock at our inner door and turn towards the wise one, the living God within, to whom access will never be denied to any genuine seeker of wisdom and truth. Walking over the threshold may take a bit of perseverance but the promise is that, at the right moment, we shall be guided through the gateway of our own understanding and find the entrance into all the mysteries that had to remain hidden from us in the past.

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Climbing The Spiritual Mountain & Living Intuitively

Hand In Hand With God And The Angels

Rays Of Wisdom - Healers And Healing - Climbing The Spiritual Mountain Hand In Hand With God And The Angels

The German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche, 1844-1900, wrote: ‘If you wish your life to be easy, always stay with the herd!’ All too many in our world to this day prefer following that advice and running with the crowd to living creatively and intuitively. That is exactly what we do when we insist on following the old fashioned and outdated doctrines and beliefs of the past. As always in life, we do have a choice. If that is the one we are making, we have to be content with no evolutionary progress and never getting any further than the crowd does. Our own evolutionary progress and that of our world can only be ensured when sufficient numbers of us query and question that which has been handed down to us by previous generations.

Those who willingly live intuitively by listening to and following the instructions of their inner guidance, unafraid of where it may wish to take them, shall be taught by God and the Angels how to take to their spiritual wings. Hand in hand with them all human souls are eventually meant to become capable of scaling the heights of human achievements. Those who aim to work for the highest good and the greatest joy of all humankind and our whole world, will be shown by the Highest how to tap into the most elevated channels of creativity, to help us bring the Sacred wisdom and truth of the Divine onto the Earth plane. All together we are walking up the spiritual mountain of finding an ever deeper and more profound understanding of God’s nature and our own. Anyone who is presently walking behind us and getting the benefit of the trials and errors we encountered on our learning curve, will in due course be required to take us and our world another bit further up the mountain. The same will happen to the ones who are following them, and so on and so forth, ad infinitum.

The early Christians at the beginning of the Piscean Age were its pioneers and we are presently here to lead the way into the Aquarian Age. Ever more opportunities will arise for discovering and exploring new concepts and dimensions. At times we may have to cover fresh grounds where no-one has walked before. All who in evolutionary terms are ready for this kind of spiritual adventuring shall in due course be guided intuitively into acting as scouts and pathfinders for our whole race, as it eternally surges forwards and upwards in its quest of seeking an ever deeper and more profound inner comprehension of the wisdom and truth of the Highest dimensions of life.

We are creative beings, co-creators with God. And we all have a specific role to play and task to fulfil in the process of conquering the highest peaks of the sacred mountain and scaling the heights of human spiritual advancements and achievements. It is a journey that is going to take all parts of us, individually and collectively, home into the fully conscious awareness of our oneness with our Creator and all life. To equip us for this mission each has been provided with their own unique set of special gifts in some line of creative endeavour that could have taken many lifetimes to develop. Everybody’s gifts and talents have to be applied and dedicated to fulfilling the gargantuan task before us and we all have to search for ourselves what our specific role may be. It’s not hard to find and is done by following our natural inclinations and listening within to the responses we receive from the world of our innermost feelings. If something feels right, it is right – even though it may not be for anyone else.

To return to the herd, could staying with it and running with the crowd really amount to an easy life? In my view, it does not, certainly not in the long run and least of all spiritually. All that living in this manner can hope to achieve is a constant denial of seizing all available opportunities for evolving and expanding our own consciousness and that of our world, each one of us in their own right through their daily experiences. Ours is a world that day by day is growing spiritually more exciting and interesting. All who are presently here and partaking in it are required to learn how to gradually conduct their lives little by little more creatively. As there are many in our midst who have not yet woken up from the illusion of Earth life and who are still unaware of this, it is every healer’s task to assist others in their awakening and help them to find their own healing. 

Being a pioneer and living creatively is not without its trials and tribulations. For example, one often has to walk alone and finds oneself in places and situations no-one else has ventured into before. As a wise one said: ‘The impossible is something that nobody can do, until someone does it!’ And because all things are possible with the help and the will of God, why not give it a try? But watch out, as  those who dare to be different frequently provoke negative reactions from the people around them.

The best thing about being a pioneer is that, as soon as those around us catch up with our perception of our world and realise that we were right all along, everybody starts thinking and doing things the way we have been thinking, speaking and acting, for many a moon. And the most infuriating thing is that some folks will have the gall to say it was all quite obvious anyway, conveniently forgetting that although this is the case now, things were different when we first walked that particular road. Love these people anyway, leave them to their own devices and move on to your next spiritual adventuring and explorations.

At all times, life offers us options from which – one way or another – we have to decide to choose. Making no choice is a decision, too. And it is up to us whether we wish to dissolve into the mainstream or muster the courage to be different by being true to our real and higher nature and act in accordance with it. Those who willingly follow their inner guidance and walk their own way are sure to be offered many chances for moving forwards and upwards on their evolutionary path.

We are spirit and soul, sparks of the Divine, temporarily encased in matter. Each one of us is a many-faceted jewel, special and unique in its own right. It is everybody’s own business to make an effort at becoming aware of this, enabling us to live and express our greatest truths and utmost aspirations in our daily lives. Walking our talk and living by our own highest standards needs to become a matter of course, so that others may wish to follow the examples we are setting. And whatever the nature of our strivings may be, above all else it takes courage to be true to our real and higher nature and to be what no one else can ever be: us.

Apart from everything else, living creatively and remaining creatively actively in some way, as well as involved and interested in the wellbeing of the human race and its world keeps us young. By keeping our brain cells occupied they stay alive and protect us against the symptoms of senility and dementia. Who knows? In due course, we may discover that our special task consists of being called upon by the Highest to act as channels of Its wisdom and pathfinders for those around us. Being guided by the wise one, the living God within, through whom the Angels are constantly communicating with us, that’s the true meaning of walking hand in hand with God and the Angels.

The most heart-warming part of our world is that nobody has to make a splash to change and make a difference in it. Everything begins and ends with us. And for the healing of our race and our whole world it is essential not to overlook that the only really great changes in our world are rarely brought about by those up front. As yet oblivious of the higher purpose of their existence on this plane, many are only interested in the glorification of the self and getting their hands on as much money as quickly as they possibly can, rather than serving the good of the whole. The greatest revolutions are brought about quietly in the background of life through the minute daily efforts of millions and millions of people, who are seriously working on making our world into a more harmonious, peaceful and beautiful world, simply by conducting their lives in this manner. Every small efforts counts!

Take care and God bless.
Happily searching for our special task,
May God and the Angels guide and protect us
And show us the way up the spiritual mountain.

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Six pointed Star

Follow Your Dreams

Rays Of Wisdom - Healers And Healing - Follow Your Dreams

If, while pursuing distant dreams,
Your bright hopes turn to grey,
Don’t wait for reassuring words
Or hands to lead the way.

For seldom will you find a soul
With dreams the same as yours.
Not often will another help you
Pass through untried doors.

If inner forces urge you
To take a course unknown,
Be ready to go all the way,
Yes, all the way –
If need be, on your own.

That’s not to say we shouldn’t
Learn our lessons from the best.
Just don’t wait for lauding words,
To spur you on your quest.

Find confidence in your own heart
And let it be your guide.
Strive ever harder towards your dreams –
And they will never be denied.

To find the way to yours,
Follow the Highest Star and the brightest light,
Pursue your highest aspirations, give of your best
And trust that God and the Angels will do the rest.
As surely they will.

Bruce B. Wilmer
Edited by Aquarius

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