Healers And Healing

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Chapter 3 (v.1) - A Journey Of Discovery And Healing

Submitted: March 24, 2018

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Submitted: March 24, 2018



A Journey Of Discovery And Healing

Rays of Wisdom - Healers And Healing - A Journey Of Discovery And Healing

For some time the Age of Aquarius has been with us. It is the age of truth when God’s sacred wisdom and truth will be flowing every more powerfully from the heartmind of the Highest Forces of life directly into our hearts and that of our world. The Piscean Age has been the age of deceptions, lying and cheating, the bigger the better. During this age humankind for wise higher reasons, which we shall go into as we move along, was presented with spiritual knowledge that had to be believed blindly and at face value, without any explanations whatever for anything. The keepers of the sacred texts were allowed to tell people: ‘That’s the way it is! You better believe what we say or we shall kill you!’

Having reached the age of truth, it is everybody’s birthright to find out why things are they way they are, and why things happened in the past and are doing so to this day. If the chapters that will be coming your way throughout my jottings may at times seem to be a bit on the long side to you, it is for the following reason. We shall be looking closely into the spiritual background of our earthly existence and attempt to unravel its mysteries, and that’s a process that simply cannot be told in a few words like a business report.

And so I thank you for joining me on an exciting journey of exploring the distant horizons of the spiritual background of life and its higher and highest dimensions. First let’s take a long and honest look at our world. Having done so, can you please tell me whether you can honestly say – from the very depths of your heart and soul – that you think and feel our world is a good place to live in? Can you whole-heartedly and sincerely give thanks and praise to our Creator for this life, without feeling at least a bit of a hypocrite? Do you know many who can?

As life is something quite different, certainly from the way I used to perceive it, there are nonetheless sound reasons for being grateful for the gift of life – ours and everyone else’s. There’s no need to take my word for it. Make yourself comfortable and see for yourself. All I ask from you is that you don’t walk in front of me, as I may not wish to follow. But, don’t walk behind me either, because I may not want to lead. Just walk beside me, hold my hand for a little while and be my friend.

We live in difficult and tumultuous times – only a fool would deny that. Don’t you think it’s the highest time for some almighty changes? Take heart, dear Friend, there is no need to be depressed about anything in our world. To change our perception of things all we need to do is lift our inner eyes above the clouds that to this day surround our world. Lo and behold! What an exciting and stimulating place with endless opportunities for learning and growing it actually is! The only thing this requires is a willingness to peer beyond the ends of our noses and in our minds reaching out towards the distant horizons of the highest levels of life, where everything that is in this world and all others – including you and me – has its origin.

Over many years, I have been developing my own philosophy of life that nourishes and sustains me, as I move through my daily experiences. The insights I am constantly gaining into life’s processes, I am sharing with you in all my writings. Be careful though and refuse to take anything that comes to your attention at face-value. Whatever we hear or read is asking to enter into our consciousness and we are responsible for what we allow in. It is up to each one of us to pay attention to our inner guidance to tell us whether something has any validity for us and only then to go ahead with testing and trying it for ourselves. We are always the bottom line and we alone can decide whether we are willing to take on board what is said anywhere, including in all my writings.

We have many friends and helpers in the world of light to whom we can turn in times of distress, so they can come and help us work our way through them. All of us have one particular spiritual teacher who may be attached to us through a number of earthly lifetimes. This being contacts us from a much higher level than the other friends and helpers. Its guidance comes to us through our conscience and is known as the voice of our Highest Self or of the living God within. From the highest levels of life it contacts us and its voice can become very strong. In this manner it speaks to our earthly consciousness when we have reached the highest level that can be attained in earthly life. Everything that is beautiful, pure and true comes through us from our Highest Self, the level on which our spiritual teacher lives and works.

Wise ones, whenever someone brings a new item of spiritual wisdom and truth to their attention, listen carefully to what their inner guidance has to say about it. If something does not fit into their present belief system, they refuse to stick their heads into the sand in ostrich fashion and pretend that what they are hearing is untrue and a load of nonsense. They know that this does not make any item of information disappear and appreciate that it is in the nature of spiritual awakening that any existing store of beliefs is relentlessly in need of updating and expanding. And so, in their search for spiritual growth in wisdom and understanding, they are willing to let go of some – maybe all – of their long held and often cherished perceptions of what truth is.

In contrast to this young and inexperienced souls frequently stick their heads into the sand. They are doing this for the simple reason that they are as yet unable to recognise when a part of God’s wisdom and truth that is new to them comes their way. When such youngsters have matured into spiritual adulthood, they too will be able to comprehend and accept the ground rules for human life on the Earth plane. They too will then know that: we are all responsible for ourselves and also our world. Whatever befalls us in our present existence was brought about by the Karma that was created by our very own thoughts, words and actions of previous lifetimes. In this way everything that is in our world now was brought about by all of us together. We are all accountable for its present state and therefore expected to do our share of putting things right again and doing our best to make Mother Earth a more peaceful and harmonious place for all lifeforms she holds in her loving embrace.

Every right brings with it a duty and for every lifetime we are allowed to spend here we are under the moral obligation of looking after and caring for our planet. This enables us to make amends for all kinds of damage we have done to it, in this lifetime and all previous ones. Each small effort we make is an expression of gratitude towards Mother Earth for enduring our presence, for sharing her abundance with us and for her sheer endless patience and hospitality she has always shown to us.

Changing The World
Do not try to change the world,
For you would fail.
Try to love it instead
And lo, you will see that
The world is changed
And that forever.

Sri Chinmoy

Six pointed Star

If we try to change our world
Without first changing ourselves, we are sure to fail.
But when we come to terms with its true purpose
And perceive it in a new light, we learn to love it and
For us, quite magically, the world changes forever.

As our inner eyes open, we begin to recognise
The good in all people and situations.
Our heart and soul then fills with compassion and love
For those who, trapped in the darkness of
Their ignorance and greed, still insist on creating suffering,
Maybe for millions, and therefore negative Karma for themselves.
We no longer sit in judgement over anyone
And that helps us to create ever more positive Karma
For ourselves and our world.


Six pointed Star

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