Healers And Healing

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Chapter 31 (v.1) - We Are Never Alone

Submitted: August 02, 2018

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We Are Never Alone

Rays Of Wisdom - Astrology As A Lifehelp On The Healing Journey - We Are never Alone

For many people times of serious illness open a gateway to becoming aware of the spiritual background of life and the true purpose of our earthly existence. Into the minds of those who are still closed off from these realms, questions are likely to rise like: ‘What if I don’t recover and this kills me? What will happen to me then?’ Thoughts of this nature leave us in a more fearful state than ever, which is not at all conducive to getting the healing process going. Yet, every major ailment that befalls us is invariably a wake-up call from our soul. Forcefully, it stops us from what we are doing to provide us with time to reflect on whether everything in our life is okay or whether something might be in need of changing.

Without being aware of it, we have started on a healing journey. Guided by the wise one within, of whose presence we are as yet unaware, it may dawn on us that all human beings, without exception, consist of an earthly and an eternal part. In our times of deepest distress, anguish and suffering the need to start praying awakens in us and we feel increasingly drawn to quiet contemplations and/or meditations that will help us to go within and get in touch with our Highest or God Self, the wise one or living God within.

When this connection has been re-established and grown strong enough, the time has come for humbly requesting to be shown how to heal all aspects of our nature. This can only be done through reconciling them, so that they work together instead of one part of our being fighting against the other. The healing process can only begin when our earthly mind has calmed down sufficiently for our spirit and soul, our higher nature, to take over at least at times. Therefore, it is important to make time available for this purpose on a regular basis and to create a quiet space in which our physical body is comfortable and can relax enough for its cells to open. Only then can the white healing magic of the Universal forces enter and do its work.

Having talked extensively with people from all walks of life about God, the Universe and the final destiny of humankind, I never came across anyone who did not feel that some kind of higher authority or power just has to be in charge of us and our world. Even those who initially insist that they do not believe in anything usually open up when I tell them that in my view they – the same as everybody else – is a beloved child of the Universe.

That’s an excellent starting point for anyone who is in need of healing and who is not? When someone’s interest begins to stir into life, I explain that the Universe can and does help every one of us, but that it will only do so when asked and that uninvited it does not intrude upon anyone. To avoid disappointment, it needs pointing out that it is unlikely that help will appear the very moment it is requested, although if someone’s need is particularly great, it may come straight away. No matter what happens, as long we ask for assistance it will always come, sooner or later, one way or another.

I find it a great relief to know that, whatever obstacles we have to overcome in earthly life, none of us is ever alone. The Angels and Masters of the spirit world as well as countless numbers of spirit friends and helpers are always with and around us. On the inner level they are part of us. And each one of us has one main spirit guide who, like a shining star above us, i.e. on the higher levels of life, is our direct connection with the mind of the Highest.

Whether someone is as yet aware of this or not, at all times each one of us is subject to the Universal laws of evolution and Karma. Nothing in our world or any other ever comes about per chance or is a coincidence. Everything always serves the wise higher purpose of teaching us – and our world maybe – a lesson. That’s why there really is no point in thinking that we could have avoided or changed anything that ever took place in our life.

I do believe that there is a great plan of life in which all of us have their allocated space. We have every reason to trust that the Great Architect of the Universe holds this plan and a smaller one for each individual life within it in His/Her loving hands. This ensures that everything is at all times working together for good and that things work out in the end. The only way we can influence how our life unfolds is through our reactions to that which happens to us. The more we do so positively by accepting that every experience is meant to teach us something and then making an effort to recognise the purpose of our lesson, the more we gain in strength and increasing amounts of spiritual light in the form of wisdom and understanding fill our whole being. The right to choose how we wish to react to the circumstances in our life is the only freedom any one of us has in our present existence.

This is the only thing that truly matters for as long as we find ourselves nailed to the cross of earthly life. In any moment our reactions reveal to the wise ones in charge of us which level of understanding our spiritual development has reached. By the way, Christianity by no means invented the cross. It was merely taken over from older civilisations and religions, who knew it as one of the most ancient symbols of humankind’s earthly existence. It represents the cross of matter to which each one of us is tied or nailed while in incarnation.

It’s worth reminding ourselves that originally the cross was surrounded by the circle of God’s love. The Celtic Cross to this day bears witness to this fact. When Christianity removed the circle around the cross, with the passing of time our race became ever more detached from the conscious awareness of God’s never changing presence. However, nothing will ever have the power to destroy what the circle had stood for. Now that the age of truth is with us, things of this nature are re-entering our individual and collective consciousness.

Our gradually increasing understanding of God’s true nature and our own enables us to consciously take possession of the knowledge that everything truly has always rested safely in the loving hands of the highest forces of life. We then realise that truly there is no need to be anxious and afraid about the things that still have to take place in our world and what the future may hold in store for us, individually and as a race.

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