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Chapter 69 (v.1) - Religions Have No Power Of Their Own

Submitted: October 06, 2018

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Submitted: October 06, 2018



Religions Have No Power Of Their Own

Rays Of Wisdom - Astrology As A Lifehelp On The Healing Journey - Religions Have No Power Of Their Own

Now that the Aquarian Age is with us, we need to become aware that no religion that ever appeared in our world possessed any power of its own. To this day, none of them can exercise any power whatever over you or me, unless we allow them to do so. After all, what are religions? Organisations based on certain beliefs and people who are willing to listen to and follow their doctrines, regardless of whether they ever were valid or not.

Religions are not things in themselves, they most certainly have no power of their own and the same is true for astrology and numerology. I believe that all subjects of this nature were created so that one day they could be used as tools for helping us to understand and, through this, bringing us closer to the true meaning of the Great Power behind all life and of its role in our own. They are wonderful aids when one is trying to find an understanding of the processes of life, which lie hidden beneath and behind its surface. To my mind, there is nothing better for explaining in simple terms the highly complex workings, the why and how of the Universal energies, the Power and the Force that is constantly at work behind the scenes of all life and that on all its levels.

It would be wrong to say that I believe in astrology as such; I believe in the great wisdom and love of the One who created it and who, from the beginning of my studies, has been teaching me for a very long time, from the very depths of my own being, how it can be shaped into an instrument of healing. I wanted to work with astrology from the moment I recognised that astrology really works, because I realised that the way it was helping me to find a better understanding of myself, my world and the nature of the forces that make it do so, it could do the same for others. I do not to follow any of the belief systems of our world because my inner teacher showed me a long time ago that in truth each one of them is but a ladder for human souls to climb on.

All are different pathways that were created to lead us back into our true nature, into the awareness of our own Divine nature, immortality and the oneness with God. When this point has been reached, individually and collectively, we shall be walking hand in hand with God and the Angels again, the way we once did. Religions will then no longer be known in our world. This is the direction in which we are now heading ever more strongly. Paul McCartney’s poignant song at the beginning of this part of the jottings shows us the way. The old religions can no longer do this for us, for the simple reason that they came into being such a long time ago and are badly in need of a great overhaul.

Astrology is under the rulership of Aquarius. At our entry into this age, there is a renewed interest in it and with its help the Universe is revealing to us ever more of the fascinating facets of the Divine science. In times to come, when all traces of the religions that once existed in our world have long vanished, astrology will still be with us, of that I am sure. Ever since humankind walked the Earth, religions have served the Angels, teachers and guides from the highest levels of life as temporary educational tools. Astrology is also one of these, but it is something much more permanent and certainly more expansive. By now, it is increasingly inviting us to raise our vision above the Earth plane and expand our horizons into an awareness of our existence within the Cosmos.

Yet, even astrology is not going to be with us in all eternity. There will come a time, in millions and millions of years in Earth terms, when the will of God may decide to decreate the Universe, as we know it. There could then be a new big bang – if indeed our present Universe came into being that way – and a new created world will begin. Just think! You and I shall be there to witness it and take part in it. By that time we too shall be allowed to create and destroy new worlds, at our will and command. This illustrates the seriousness of what is at stake and puts things into perspective, because viewed from this angle, all our present struggles are like fleabites and very much worthwhile, would you agree?

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