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Chapter 99 (v.5) - Witnessing Evolution

Submitted: November 13, 2018

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Submitted: November 13, 2018



Witnessing Evolution

Rays Of Wisdom - Astrology As A Lifehelp On The Healing Journey - Witnessing Evolution

The Japanese island of Koshima for a long time has been the home of a tribe of macaque monkeys. Their staple diet is sweet potatoes that grow particularly well in the island’s sandy soul. This possibly is the reason why the creatures established a colony there. In the early 1950s a group of scientists arrived to study their behaviour. One day they noticed how a young female macaque, they called her Imo, the Japanese word for potato, was starting to dip her sweet potatoes into a nearby river before eating them. She must have done this because chewing sandy potatoes felt very unpleasant for her teeth, so the Angels gave her the idea to look for some water to wash it off. It seemed strange that this had never occurred to any of the older and more experienced monkeys, who merely brushed most of the sand off with their hands.

Clearly Imo had been chosen to act as the race’s pioneer. Seeing how much more enjoyment she got out of her food, intelligent creatures that they are, it did not take long until other monkeys who had been watching her began to dip their potatoes into the river and enjoyed eating them clean. With the passing of years, the practice of potato washing spread through the entire colony and within a decade or so no sand eating members were left.

The story goes that washing her potatoes was not only the technique of the monkeys learned from Imo. Soon after her first discovery she found out that she could make her food even tastier by dipping it into the ocean instead of the river and seasoning them with the salty seawater. After each bite, she dipped the freshly exposed section of her potato into the ocean for flavour enhancement. This new habit also gradually spread through the whole macaque community. To this day, the practice of potato washing and dipping has been handed down through the generations. Although none of the first washers and dippers are still around, the monkeys of Koshima are still relishing their clean and flavour enhanced potatoes.

The instinctive behaviour of copying what other members of their tribe are doing is bred into all animal species. As an essential part of their survival instinct it is particularly noticeable in all primates, i.e. members of the most developed and intelligent group of mammals, including humans, monkeys, and apes. Our earthly self evolved through the animal kingdom and the instinctive behaviour patterns of our earliest ancestors are still strong in us. This can be observed during the early development years of infancy and childhood when all newcomers to earthly life predominantly learn from the humans in their environment, like parents, siblings and other relatives, friends and neighbours.

Everything in the whole of Creation is wheels within wheels and cycles within cycles. Every human soul’s earthly existence develops in keeping with this pattern. Astrology shows this better than anything else, especially in the progressions of the Sun and Moon of our birthcharts. On the inner level we are all one and without being aware of what we are doing we all influence each other. Each animal species, including the human one, has a group soul in which the memories of all experiences of its members and the learning gained from them are stored. Every individual soul during its time on the earthly plane belongs to the soul of the country it was born in. Those who make their home in another country become part of that nation’s soul and contribute to either its progress or they are holding it back.

Every country’s soul is part of the soul of our world, which in turn is part of the soul of the whole of Creation, the Great Mother of all life. She is the feminine aspect of the Divine and the wise one within each one of us. What we have just learnt about Her explains how it comes about that She, and the Angels around Her throne who are serving Her, know the answers to all our questions and the way of all things. Before taking actions of any kind we do well to remind ourselves that everything in the whole of Creation is energies and vibrations. On the inner level all life is one and whatever anyone does to someone else is done to and affects all of us. Find out more about this by following the link at the end of this chapter.

Nothing in earthly life or anywhere else in the whole of Creation happens without the agreement, intervention and supervision of the Highest forces. The Angels are part of the Great Mother’s wisdom and there is no doubt in my mind that it was the Angels who gave Imo her two ideas. They appeared at that particular time so that some of our scientists would be present to witness something of this nature happening. As seeing is believing, with their own eyes they would be watching the evolutionary process of earthly life taking two small steps forward for one single species and unfolding. This is how, together with the elementals, the Angels are constantly toiling in the background of earthly life to improve and enhance the living conditions for every one of the Great Father/Mother’s children of the Earth, human and animal alike.

When we are working with the Universe’s healing energies, hand in hand with God and the Angels, we are tapping into the white magical forces. Every time a new trend is introduced on our planet, the white or the black magic are called upon and worked with. As soon as sufficient numbers of us are following a way of thinking and behaving that is different from that of the past, the energies that are thus created grow increasingly powerful. This continues until at a certain point all latecomers are drawn into and pulled along with experiencing the lesson we and our world require for the unfoldment of one specific aspect of God’s great plan of life.

Under the influence of the higher powers who at any given time are working on behalf of us and our world, it does not take over-long in Universal terms until everybody who is taking part in one particular experience starts to walk down the path the pioneers and wayfinders have trodden for them. Naturally, this applies as much to lessons of a positive as a negative nature. But as soon as the thoughts and actions of sufficient numbers of us are working in positive and constructive ways with the forces of light on the inner level of life, ever increasing amounts of these energies are created. This continues until they have become powerful enough to absorb all remaining traces of the dark and destructive elements in us and our world. They are then transformed into blessing and healing energies for all life.

The Jesus legend depicts how every human soul eventually evolves into a Christed one in their own right, a healer, saviour and redeemer of themselves and our whole world. This brings us to the six-pointed star. It is not only the symbol of the perfected, i.e. whole human son/daughter of God on the Earth plane, but also of a whole and perfect world. The upper downwards pointing triangle of the star represents the forces of the Highest, who are ready to absorb the lower energies. The lower upwards pointing triangle stands for our small earthly self. Having had enough of Earth life’s trials and tribulations, we freely and willingly surrender ourselves to the forces of the Highest.

A perfect, whole or holy human being is an earthly self who has successfully integrated the higher and lower aspects of their nature, so they are now working peacefully and harmoniously together for the highest good of all. Before any of this can happen, the soul memory of our true self needs to awaken in our heart. When the Divine spark at last stirs from its slumbers, the Divine fire of love, a completely new experience for our earthly self, begins to fill its heart, which at first expresses itself merely as a small still flame.

However, with the help of the knowledge of God’s true nature and our own, the joy of our homecoming and release from earthly life, the tiny flame soon turns into a flickering and all-devouring fire. The awakening of the love and wisdom, truth, honesty and integrity of our higher nature gradually absorbs our negative character traces, which are shed once and for all. By bringing forth the characteristics of our higher nature until they have taken over our whole being, our Karmic debts are paid, the spiritual bankbook of our life has been balanced and we have redeemed ourselves.

Here is some advice from wise ones: ‘Do not go where the path may lead, instead go where there is no path and leave a trail,’ wrote an unknown author and Uncheedah, a Santee Sioux, said: ‘When you see a new trail or a footprint you do not know, follow it to the point of knowing.’

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