The tale of the little one's curiosity

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Very short fantasy story about a curious little fairy.

Even in the early morning when the snow is thick. In the middle of the winter. Something is playing out in those rough winter days when all are indoors. It is at this time when the winter fairies decide to dance around. Gathering ice crystals for the snow queen of the south. 
These little angelic people that hover around are shy and timid things not unlike a young child at their mothers side. Soft spoken creatures as these like to gather in small groups among themselfs like small clusters of bees they gather there crystals as quickly and effeciantly as the bee's gather there nectar.
One such evening in one paticular pack of flying angels their was a new little fairy this one was quite a little explorer. She had no fear of wandering off by herself looking for new things to see and places to be.
On  a day like today though one could easily get oneself lost from her pack if one isn't very carefull. and sure enough this little fairy while merrily wandering away from the pack wandered just a tad too far. 
Soon she had realised just how far she had wandered and lost her ability to explore. Calling out for the pack she had inadvertantly given the slip. Poor little angel. Flying around all alone. The merry jingle she once heard no longer being sung. 
Hey! She called. Where are you? She asked. I'm lost! She excliamed. but no reply ever came to her ears. Now frightened she didn't know where to turn. Speckles of tears started to freeze below her eyes. 
Then quite by chance an Elf appeared. Strange she thought that an Elf be out in winter but she didn't think about that for long as soon she came to decision. She would ask the Elf for help. Excuse me! Have you seen a pack of fairies around? She asked in a hopeful tone. No lass I have not said the Elf. 
Disheartened by his responce another sob came from the young fairy. But if you want lass you can come with me till you find them said the Elf. Oh yes please she said. and then happily the pair walked away in the snow never seen nor heard from again. 
Great bells are sometimes heard in those snowy days. No one knows where they come from but legend says that it is the little fairies pack calling out for her. Others think it is the fairy herself crying out. But those are legend and have never been proven otherwise.

Submitted: March 22, 2018

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