Fear to friendship

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Very short story revolving around the idea of a fantasy battle between a dragon and a warrior that is also trying to represent the battle to acquire new friends in real life.

Submitted: March 22, 2018

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Submitted: March 22, 2018



Struck down by the dragons flames but shielded by his armour the brave warrior fought gallently showing no fear for death as he struck the dragons neck serveral times.
The dragons purple hued eyes light up as his flame sac recharged for another flash. The warrior knowing this could take cover before the dragon could incinarate him. 
Less obvios was the swipe of the dragons claws, his massive talons were razor sharp and deadly if hit directly. The warrior used his strength and agility in those times where the dragon swiped at him.
The blood flowed out of the dragons wounds as the mighty warrior began to triumph, his sword skills and manovuerabillity getting the better of the dragon. In fustration and retalliation the dragon poured his best efforts into his claws and tail slashing and swinging as fiercely as it could. 
But finaly the dragons energy was spent and the warrior took his chance jumping up and swinging his sword down, as the dragon winced the blade stopped short of the beasts neck, sensing the same fear he had himself the swordsman warrior drew the blade back to its scabbard. 
The dragon rose at once and looking at his foe he now saw that the foe had in the heat of the moment gave him a chance of life, bowing before the swordsman warrior a freindship was forged that night. 
Some say that in the mountain where the great battle was fought and people dare not tread anymore the song of the dragons can be heard on the anniversary of that event to this very day.

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