The Highway Man

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One girl. One night. One man. One death. Read to find out who dies in, The Highway Man.

Submitted: March 22, 2018

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Submitted: March 22, 2018



"I'm on my way home right now." Jess informed her mom. "I'm on the highway. It's foggy out. But I can see."

"Be careful, Jessy." Her mom said.

Jess dropped her phone. She bent down and picked up. As she looked up, a sign was right infront of her. She hit it, and banged into the gard rail. 

The car started smoking. Jess was unconsious. Her hed was bleeding. A few minutes later, she woke. Still dizzy, she looked in her review mirror, and wiped away the blood. 

"Ow." She cried in pain. Jess smelt it before she sw it. Smoke. From a fire. From her car. 

She quickly tried unbuckling her seatbelt. But it was stuck. "Help!" She screamed. "Help! Someone help me! Help!"

No one came. Then she remebered. She had a knife in her glove box. She turned as far as she could and reached for the handle. It popped oen with a touch. Her hand roamed around in there until she found the knife. She pulled it out, and started to cut the belf. 

When it broke, she started banging on the window. It wsn't breaking. The smoke started filling in the car. Jess choked. It was getting harder to breathe. And the longer she sat there i her car, the more scared she became. And the more scared she became, the more determined she was to get out.

So, with all her fource, she lifted her feet up and kicked the window. She did it again, harder. And again. And again. Until it finall broke. 

She crawled out and sucked in long breathes of air. Choking o the smoke.

Slowly, she got up and turned around. Her eyes widened. Her whole car was on fire. She ran. Ran far away and never looked bck.

When she was a mile away, she heard it. A boom. A thunderous noise that made her jump. Her car had exploded. 

The smoke drifted towards her, eyes watering. She coughed and choked. 

Then, she began to run. Running faster and faster. "Help! Help! Help!" She coughed. Her voice rough.

Jess was in the middle of nowhere. Not a car for miles. At least, as far as she can see. 

She laid down on the grass, shivering, still coughing. 

A few hours later, she saw it. A blinding light. The sun? Already? No. It was a car light.

Jess quickly stood up, the knife still in her hand. She placed in her pant pocket, and started walking.

Then, she started waving her hands screaming, "Help me! Pull over! I need to get home! Help me!" 

The carstopped. The driver rolled down the glass window. It was a man.

"What are you doing out this late at night, miss?" He asked.

Jess hesitated, then she spoke. "I crashed my car, trying to pick my phone off the floor. When I got out, it was on fire. It just exploded a few minutes ago." She was now weezing. "Can you help me?"

The man shook his head. "You sure you weren't drunk. You're not walking straight. And her head keeps shaking."

Suddenly, she snapped. "I'm not drunk! I'm stunned. Shocked! My car just exploded! And you're expecting me to just act normal? To be calm? Maybe you're drunk!" She took in a deep breath, still weezing. "Now let me in. Please."

The car door unlocked, and Jess opened it. "Thank you." 

After an hour of driving through the fog, the car started swirving. The man screamed. Jess laughed.

When the car stopped in the middle of the road, she pulled the knife out of his neck. 

"No one calls me a drunk." She reached for his wallet, and stuffed it in her pocket. "Thank you, mister."

Jess got out of the car and walked towards the driver's side, opening the door. She grabbed the man's arms, and dragged him towards the trunk. Then, she started driving home. With a man in the trunk, and more money in her pocket. She felt amazing. Alive. Free! 

This was fun. she thought. I should do it again. 



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