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Submitted: March 22, 2018

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Submitted: March 22, 2018



No Words

I was beaten into silence as a young
child by my father's brutalizing
rage and psychological torture.

When I was five yrs. old, an evil man
exposed himself to me, I ran fast
terrified, no words spoken.

When the ER doc urged me to tell the Police my
boyfriend fractured my cheekbone and blackened
my eyes, I had no words.

When riots broke out in high school, a large boy
shoved me against the wall, with his hands on my
throat, he yelled say something, I never spoke.

When several powerful lawyers I worked
with made sexual comments, I quit the
job instead of finding my words.

When a careless driver struck me down
altering my life, as I lay in the street,
a crowd around me, I had no words.

At a club, I drank soda, became dizzy; a guy put me
in his car, as I vomited; he threw me onto the street;
crawled to my car, never spoke of attempted rape.

When my ex-husband committed
emotional crimes against me,
I left without a word.

Even though, I continue to deal with some
level of emotional maltreatment, my fragility
in health leaves me unable to speak.

I’ve never found the words to express
my anguish for the vileness inflicted
upon me.

Only the sorrowful expression on my face
gave some insight into a life of
tormented silence.

Society has bullied me and others into
silence or else risk the harsh judgment
of punishing remarks on our character.

Today, my words are not eloquent,
but they contain hard truths, as
God is my witness.


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