The Mouse and the Lion

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Mouse in danger, lion in danger

Submitted: March 22, 2018

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Submitted: March 22, 2018



The Mouse and the Lion.


One day the rain forest king was trying to sleep, when suddenly a little mouse stumbled across a Lion, the angry Lion caught it and the small mouse begged to the rain forest king that its life was spared by the Lion.


The mouse called Mow promised to the lion called Leo that it would save Leo´s life if Leo forgave the life of Mow, when Leo heard this, he started laughing about what Mow was telling him.


Leo asked Mow how it could be possible if the the lion and all animals knew who the rain forest king was, a strong animal and maybe never would need the help of a small animal like an insignificant mouse. Leo was in a good mood and wasn´t hungry so shortly afterwards he let the mouse go away.


A few months later, one terrible day Leo was walking across the rain forest and fell in a trap, nobody could help him, but the brave Mow ran immediately to help him and could save the lion´s life

After this great event the lion learned that everyone can help him, and it is not important how big or small somebody can be.

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