Five Nights At Freddy's 5: The Blood Tracks

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They find themselves in Henry's old abandoned basement where he kept all his inventions. Do they know what else is lurking around those corners

Submitted: March 23, 2018

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Submitted: March 23, 2018



Five Nights At Freddy’s 5

The Blood Tracks

A Story By The Producers of the Five Nights At Freddy’s Series. Done by Denzel Delgado And Jacob Sly And Arial Amy

Circus Baby



Funtime Freddy

Funtime Foxy





Molten Freddy

Chapter 1: Ennard?

Years after the mysterious deaths at Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza, Cassie and Jeremy return to Henry’s house only to realize that the monsters that hid away for decades were always under a large compartment under Henry’s house. At discovery, Cassie found a brand new pack of animatronics that weren’t in use. Circus Baby, Ballora, Funtime Freddy and Foxy, Bidybabs, and Minireenas. “H-How in t-the…” She stuttered and pulled out her phone. “Jeremy we need to talk. Henry has been hiding another pack of animatronics in the compartment under his house.” Cassie spoke freely. “Oh my god, I'm coming home right now!”. Cassie started trembling. “No, no, no not this again…” She heard a clunk from Ballora’s Gallery. “Who’s there” Cassie screamed. It was silent for a second and then another clunk. She walked towards the Ballora Gallery and opened the hatch. Cassie shun her phone’s light through the hatch as it vibrated. Cassie’s phone was at 15%. “No no no not now”. She pulled out her portable charger and tried to connect it, but the battery had  expired. “NO!” Various clunks came from Ballora’s Gallery. Finally, she made it all the way through. It was obscure, but she couldn't waste the rest of her battery on light. She saw a faint light coming from the private room. Slowly, she walked towards it and peeked inside. “Are we doing this or not” Ballora spoke. “We need to wait until the right time Ballora” Circus Baby replied. Cassie stared in disbelief, knowing that sooner or later her family would be attacked. “So, what is the plan” Funtime Foxy spoke. Ballora nodded, not knowing what he had said. She was too busy thinking about what had happened to Funtime Freddy. “I'm right here guys. I’ve been here”. Nobody could hear him. Funtime Freddy was built out of Circus Baby’s Pizza World, which affects how he is seen. He doesn’t count as an actual animatronic just because he wasn't build here, but Ballora always thought about him. Any animatronic that isn’t built in CBPW(Circus Baby’s Pizza World) Cannot see others. Meaning that since Freddy wasn’t created there, Ballora and the others can't see him. “Cassie” Jeremy whispered. Cassie turned around to see Jeremy, holding a police flashlight. She slowly crawled towards him, but her footsteps were heard by the animatronics. “Someone’s here! We need to go NOW!” Jeremy covered Cassie’s mouth and crawled quickly to the ventilation shaft. It was a little clustered, but two people at the minimum could fit inside. She crawled slowly to not make any noise and alert the others. Her phone rang loudly. Henry was calling her. She hung up and turned off her phone because she didn’t want to alert the animatronics. Jeremy saw Ballora and Funtime Foxy walking outside with a piece of paper full of words that he couldn't make out. Circus Baby came right after them holding a body. “Who is that” Jeremy asked. Cassie shrugged and kept walking. They were heading towards Circus Baby Gallery. It was all dark and obscure in there. “Do you think they saw us”. “If they saw us, i'll send some of my Mini Reena's after them”.  “You still have those creepy, dancing things”. “Hey. Says the one who has a Tu-Tu and babies following her everywhere”. “Noted” They went into the private room where they keep all the security tools and cameras. Jeremy disconnected a camera that was inside the ventilation system. He watched where the animatronics were headed.


.Chapter 2: It Wasn’t Ennard


“The camera is off. Let's keep moving” Jeremy said. “Jeremy, where is Henry” Cassie asked. “Oh.. I’ve been wanting to tell you… He committed suicide”. “HOW DID HE CALL ME THEN!’ Cassie shouted. “He was calling you to let you know he was going to do this. You didn’t pick up and the nightmares got him” Jeremy explained. Cassie looked at him in shock and started crying. “I found him dead with a sticky-note on him saying ‘‘There is more. They are coming for me’. I still have it” Jeremy took the note out of his pocket and gave it to Cassie. She read it and crumpled the note and threw it away. They had finally gotten out of the ventilation system when they heard another clunk, but this time from Circus Baby Gallery. ‘STAY  QUIET! They can hear us” Cassie said. Jeremy nodded. Enthralled in the noise, Cassie clicked the Circus Baby Gallery light and nothing was there, but the private room door was open. “Now remember guys. Ennard is around here and he is not friendly to anybody”. Ballora nodded and smirked. She closed both left and right doors, along with the one right in front of them. “Okay, We are safe now. Ennard cannot get in”. Funtime Foxy grabbed a flashlight from the counter next to the fan. Ballora heard clunks from her own gallery. “Guys… If i'm not in my gallery and the humans are trying to escape… Ennard…”


Ennard is a forgotten figure that is neutral and kills anything. all he wants to do is kill. Ennard was made by all of the animatronics. It says so all over the news. Ennard wants to get out, but he needs a disguise. The 1st security guard got killed by “The Scooper” and the other survived but got fired for “materials they may be exposed to”. Ennard whole body is made by wires, unlike all of the other animatronics that have an endoskeleton. Jeremy was looking around for a button that was supposed to open up the elevator to leave the place. The place was the main basement for Henry’s house. He accidentally placed his hand on Cassie’s hand, but it went through it.  Jeremy shun the flashlight at Cassie’s face. The light went right through Cassie like if she wasn’t really there. Jeremy attempted to punch Cassie and again his hand went right through. “You’re not Cassie”. It was Ennard! He ran as fast as he could to Funtime Gallery, where they held Funtime animatronics. Jeremy heard muffles coming from the corner. He shone his flashlight at where he thought the sound was coming from. “CASSIE!” Cassie was tied up in a chair again. “Seriously? Who is doing this to you?” “No time for questions. Something that looked like a baby robot ballerina tied me up and we need to go right now” Cassie murmured. Jeremy nodded and grabbed the pocket knife from his pocket. He sliced through the rope, which seemed like it took forever. “Come on. I think I found the button to get out of this place. But the animatronics might be planning something so we can’t leave until we get rid of them”. Cassie’s eyes opened like she was standing in the middle of a forest with a psycho murderer wielding a knife right in front of her. She grabbed Jeremy’s hand and ran out of Funtime Gallery. “When will this end?” Cassie asked. Jeremy shrugged and Cassie had that shocked look on her face again. They had finally reached the end of funtime Gallery and let go of each other's hands. “So, where do you think they are hiding?” Jeremy asked. Cassie pointed to a rusted door that lead to the Private Room in Ballora’s Gallery. “No way i'm going in there” Jeremy muttered. Cassie turned to him and friendlily punched him in the chest. “Don't be a coward. I’ve seen you watch tons of horror movies by yourself at night” Cassie teased. Jeremy spoke loudly, but not loud enough for the animatronics to hear. “DO YOU THINK THIS IS A MOVIE” Jeremy replied. Cassie flinched and nodded in disagreement. She kept walking until stumbling upon the ventilation system for Ballora’s Gallery. “Let's go in. Don't worry i'll be right beside you” Cassie said. Jeremy smiled and crouched to go inside of the vent. It was dark and gloomy inside of the vent. You can't really see anything in there, just some drawing on the walls of the vent. She heard a strange noise coming from one of the rooms. It sounded like distorted talking. “Jeremy… I think there is no escape from here”...


Chapter 3: Malfunctions


After 2 hours of searching for a way out, Cassie and Jeremy couldn’t find an exit. Maybe there actually isn’t an exit. But a thought came into her mind. If she got in by the elevator then that should be the way out. “JEREMY  THE ELEVATOR!” She found the elevator door shut very tightly. “We need something to open it up. Maybe a crowbar?” Cassie thought randomly. “Cassie where in the heck are we going to find a crowbar around this place” Jeremy replied to Cassie’s thought. She shrugged “I don't know it was just a random thought”. “Well we have to get out as soon as possible because Mia is 7 but she can't stay alone for too long. Nobody knows what a 7 year old will do when he/she is alone for so long am I right?” Jeremy spoke. “Why don't we split up?” Cassie asked. Jeremy’s mind said NO! But his gut was stronger and was saying YES, For the sake of Mia! “Yes we should. It’ll increase the chance of us finding the crowbar, but it is a great big risk because who knows what is out there”. Jeremy’s phone rang. “MIA IS CALLING FROM THE HOUSE TELEPHONE!” Jeremy screamed and picked up. “Daddy. I'm scared. There is a big shadow on my wall and it looks like it's coming towards me. It has sharp teeth and it's all broken. HELP ME…” all he heard was static, deep growling,  and screaming before it hung up. Both of them started crying because they knew that another animatronic was terrorizing Mia. “WE NEED TO GO NOW!” Both of them said as they skewed away in terror. Cassie ran to the left as Jeremy ran to the right. The animatronics heard footsteps from every part of their galleries. They were trying to catch up with them, with a twisted plan in mind. The animatronics were thinking of trapping them in suits and spring locking them, just like they were. As soon as Cassie entered the vent, Her phone shut off, making a really loud ringtone that lasted 10 seconds and she couldn’t turn off. “SWEET JESUS”! She screamed as she dropped her phone in fright. The animatronics have located her and were running towards her. Foxy and Ballora were after her while Baby and her Bidybabs were after Jeremy. Also the Minireenas were with Ballora too. Jeremy was in Ballora gallery. He heard a clunk coming from the corner. A spark of light was flashing. Jeremy walked towards it. The closer he got to the spark he could hear whispering getting louder and louder. He picked up the object and looked at it. “OH NO! THIS IS A PART OF ENNARD”! Ennard swung at him with an axe. He dodged and headed for the vent. Ennard crawled towards him, swinging as fast as he could. He was all broken up. Jeremy bashed his head in with a crowbar he picked up behind him. “Take that you piece of trash!” He realized that he had found the crowbar. “THE CROWBAR! I NEED TO FIND CASSIE!” He ran off, leaving Ennard on the floor. The other animatronics were still looking for Cassie. “Let’s be real, we can’t find them. They're too smart!” “Don’t give up hope. We will fulfill our dreams.” “CASSIE!” Jeremy screamed, trying to find her. “I hear something. Stay quiet!” “JEREMY! WHERE ARE YOU!” Cassie screamed, giving away her position. “I'M BY BALLORA GALLERY!” Jeremy screamed, giving his position away too. “Now’s our chance!” Cassie ran towards Jeremy in a hurry, frightened that the animatronics would be chasing her. They finally met up at CIrcus Baby’s Gallery. “This place is huge!” Jeremy said. Jeremy gave Cassie the crowbar. “Nice job. What did we need this for again?” Cassie asked. “The elevator.” Jeremy said. They both headed for the elevator. Sadly, every exit and entrance was guarded by a Mini Reena and a Bidybab. “SHIT! RETREAT” Cassie screamed as the MIni Reena’s alerted the others. “That sounds like a Mini Reena! GO TO THE ELEVATOR! SURROUND THEM!” “Jeremy ran as fast as possible, holding on tightly to Cassie’s hand. He hesitated to let go, but something is off with Cassie. “Wait… We should stay. Maybe they’re nice?” Cassie said. “WHAT TYPE OF CRAZY  TALK IS THAT! WE ARE GOING TO DIE IF WE STAY!” Jeremy screamed. “We got the girl. Now let's wait until the hoax tricks him”. “You’re really good in mechanics Foxy!” “Thanks”!


Chapter 4: Nothing Is What It Seems…


Cassie was tied up, again, in the private room, where the animatronics will experiment on her. She struggled to break free, but failed. Foxy returned to the private room while the others hunted Jeremy. Cassie remembered the crowbar she had. She broke the rope and hid behind the door. “Alrighty, time to…” In a blink of an eye, Cassie whacked Foxy down and destroyed him. “One down… 2 to go” she said. She walked down the dark hall until she saw one eye. “ hehehehe, you think you can get out.. Well, i'm sorry to say but you both won’t, i will make sure of that” the voice said. Cassie standed there in shock, wondering who this figure in the dark might be. “ and why not?” she said.

you will see” the voice said. The figure disappeared, cassie then slowly walked in the hallway. “ what the hell was that” cassie whispered to herself. “Well, well, well, another visitor. I’ve heard that the others are trying to get you and that boy. Too bad they can’t see me, they would miss all the action” funtime freddy said. Cassie jumped when she saw this figure. “ why can they not see you, not that i care” cassie said. Funtime freddy’s face split open for a second, then it turned back to normal. “ it's complicated for your puny mind, now..where were we?” funtime freddy said. Cassie looked mad, then looked at the crowbar in her hand. Then looked at the axe on the wall. “ of course this crowbar is not going to take down this beast” Cassie thought to herself. She put the crowbar on her waistband, hanging down her legs. She grabbed the axe with two hands and looked at Funtime Freddy. “Come at me”. “ARE YOU READY  TO RUMBLE!” Cassie said as she swung at Freddy. Freddy dodged it and his face split open, all the way where you can see his exoskeleton face. He grabbed Cassie by throat but she swung at his arm so he’d let go. Cassie smacked the crowbar into Freddy’s leg and he fell down. She ran away and tried to find Jeremy.  “How are we going to find them now. We have one. Where is the other?” Circus Baby and Ballora held Jeremy captive while the rest looked for Cassie. Jeremy kicked Circus Baby’s shin and tried to run off. “GET BACK HERE!” Ballora grabbed Jeremy’s hand and pulled him back. Cassie found tracks of blood, leading to an unknown area. A door stood in her way. She tried her best to pry it open with her hands. “Now I have to go back for the crowbar!” She thought in her mind. She speedwalked back to where Ennard was sprawled across the floor, but instead he was gone. Cassie turned around. “BAM!” Ennard whacked Cassie in the head with the crowbar. She was lying unconscious on the floor. “Now let's see if you want to fight!” Ennard ran off with the crowbar. Ennard was neither on the humans or animatronics side. All he wanted to do was escape the place. A strange figure appeared next to Ballora.  “You guys are really good at distracting people, but not good enough.” “YENNDO!” “What are you doing here” “I assumed you needed my help. But it seems you do not.” “W..w..w..wait. Yes we do! We need you to track down Cassie.” “Already taken care of.” “You. YOU TRAITOR!” “Nobody likes you Ennard” “That's why I brought this” Ennard ran at Circus Baby with the crowbar. He whacked her across the face, making her fall to the floor. “I KNEW HE WAS UP TO SOMETHING! GET HIM.” “Will do.” Yenndo strapped his bolted hands around Ennard. Ennard tried to break free, but failed. “I do have to mention i'm not the only one who came back…” “Sup!” Lolbit headbutted Ennard, knocking him to the floor unconscious. “Ya think I don't have friends too?” While everyone was distracted, Jeremy was trying to wake Cassie up. “Come on wake up!” Jeremy pleaded. He tried everything. Slapping her multiple times, CPR, and even electrocution with a wire he found from Ennard. “What happened” Cassie said as she stood up. “They’re all fighting. WE NEED TO FLEE LIKE NOW!” Jeremy said, pulling her hand. “You’re Not Going Anywhere!”


Chapter 5: Reuniting With Old Friends


Jeremy tried his best not to run into any animatronics, but he failed. Bonnet and Bon Bon dragged Jeremy over to the Funtime Gallery. “We get him all to ourselves!” “Perfect. But what will we do with him?” Bon Bon and Bonnet were coming up with a plan. Like Ennard, they were both on their own side. Bon Bon and Bonnet are have an unbreakable bond. If they had to choose one or another, they would choose the other. “I have the perfect plan” “What is it?” “Since we aren’t really in any sides, let's take them to Ennard.” “That is perfect!” They walked away, holding each others hands. Jeremy’s hands were tied to a rope. The rope was burning him every time he tried to break out. Cassie tried to help, but she couldn’t. She found a nearby swiss knife. “This’ll do” She said as she cut the rope. Jeremy spread his arms in relief to having them untied. “Ennard let us go!” “I WANT ANSWERS!” Circus Baby and Ballora were tied to chairs in the private office. “ANSWERS TO WHAT!” “Okay, we’ll do this the hard way…” “Yes...Master..” “What DID YOU DO TO HIM!” “I just did some rewiring in his program. He’ll listen to anything I say now.” “Lolbit snap out of it!” “Lolbit. Go grab the screwdriver. Seems like we are going to have to rewire you both.” “What are we going to do…” Ballora’s sharp nails were cutting on the rope. Nobody noticed, not even Circus Baby. She slowly laid the rope down, stood up from her chair, and untied Baby. Ennard was specifically telling Lolbit what to do. “That’ll buy us some time. Let's make it look like someone else broke us free.” “Who would do that?” “Do you see that!” They saw a snout sticking out of the wall. “Lolbit?” “FOXY!” “I’ve been trying to find you guys. Where were you?” “You have a lot of catching up to do.” Foxy, Ballora, and Baby tiptoed out of the private room. “WHERE ARE THEY! LOLBIT! FORGET ALL I JUST SAID AND GO FIND THEM! WHEN YOU DO, KILL...THEM..” “Will do.” Lolbit ran off with a crowbar in search of Ballora and Circus Baby. Cassie hugged Jeremy in relief that he was alive. They stumbled upon Ballora and Circus Baby. “CRAP!” “No...No…” Cassie murmured “Just leave them be. Run!” “What are you running from?” Jeremy questioned. “Ennard” “We are running from you guys, but we’ll help you if you help us too.” Cassie bribed. “DEAL! JUST GET US AWAY FROM THAT ROBOTIC FREAK!” “You’re a robot…” Cassie said. Ballora let out a chuckle. “Yeah very funny. Let's get moving. Lolbit is probably out to find us.” “Too late” “HE HAS A CROWBAR!” Jeremy screamed as he grabbed Cassie’s arm. Ballora and Circus Baby ran with them too. Lolbit threw the crowbar at Ballora. “ARGH” She collapsed. Circus Baby stopped and tried to help her. “I'm informed to kill you. Not Cassie you know that right.” A raging anger rushed throughout Circus Baby’s body. Ennard walked up to baby. “Elizabeth.. I knew i’d be seeing you here…”


Chapter 6: Family First


“Father. You have done too much to hurt people already. You kill children, become an animatronic to continue doing it, and now killing more people. I'm here to stop that” Elizabeth said. “I only stuffed you in that suit so you could be loved. How did you get out.” “Ennard has a daughter…” Cassie whispered to Jeremy. “I heard that” Elizabeth said, “but his real name is William Vincent Afton. He goes by many names. Purple guy, Cassette man, phone guy, ENNARD!” Elizabeth spoke as she lunged at Ennard. “Get off me you brat!” Ennard started showing purple in his suit. A strong purple glow went off in his suit. “You’re back dad” Elizabeth cheered. “It was fun while it lasted. I was in that suit just to protect myself, but it took over. It has a mind of it's own.” William spoke. “So you aren’t the bad guy after all.” Cassie said. “Oh it isn’t over yet.” William said. Faint footsteps could be heard. They got louder and louder and.. “It’s Me!”


The End

Credit: Scott Cawthon, Jacob Sly, Arial Amy.


There will be part 6 but that will take some time since it’s the last part and all.


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