Tu Me Manques Mon Ami.

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You know when you come across someone in life, and they just seem to be so perfect in every, single way? That person who changes your way of thinking? That person who you connect with, not just on
a physical level, but more importantly on a spiritual one? What a shame it is, when everything seems to change. When the messages become less and less. And as the days go by, calls become few and
far between and you seem to become strangers... I miss you my friend.

Submitted: March 23, 2018

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Submitted: March 23, 2018



Oh my beautiful where art thou,

Where have you got to,

Our talks were once like a religious practice,

But alas, they are now so far and few. 


I remember still that day my love,

The day you wanted to connect,

So happy I was that you reached out to become friends,

Two souls regardless of race, with a mutual warmth and respect.


First it began with e-mail,

Messages that may as well have been books,

Each filled with a genuine interest to know more,

And not once did we ever ask or question each other's looks.


Soon afterwards we were calling oneanother,

To hear your voice was like talking to an angel,

A voice that was so calming and so elegant,

Unaware of the heart and the memories that lay within you so painful.


Seeing you on the screen for the very first time,

A girl so divine, so alluring and so graceful,

Eyes so exquisite and so beauteous,

With a smile so dazzling and so playful.


Our eyes would gaze upon oneanothers',

We'd laugh, smile, joke and we'd cry,

We'd talk for hours until the early morning break,

Oh such sweet sorrow when we had to utter that word goodbye.


But little by little a darkness began to emerge,

Your beautiful smile turned to deep sadness,

Your tears could fill the deepest of rivers,

And your heart became affected by all this badness.


The past had come back to haunt you,

Oh my darling seeing you sad broke me,

Tears of pain rolling down your beautiful face,

Every single day, I pray that this torment ends and you are finally set free. 


I miss you so much sweetheart,

I miss your charming giggle and your shining smile,

I miss the conversations we had about anything,

Even the moments we'd share, where we'd simply gaze into each other's eyes for a while.


I miss hearing your sweet and delicate voice,

But I know you are trying to heal,

I respect that you need your time and your space,

To once again feel.


The feelings I have for you will never wither my darling,

For never a day goes by where you are not on my mind,

I hope you know I will always be here, if ever your heart feels heavy to bear,

And may the peace you so desperately seek, be something you soon find. 

© Copyright 2018 James William Cooper. All rights reserved.

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