Break Soul Contracts, Break The Game

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Souls make contracts throughout incarnations, and the effects of those contracts, the terms and conditions, and the bad karma your Soul may have accrued might be biting YOU in the butt. As a famous
NDE writer plainly wrote: "The human being and the Soul have nothing to do with one another," and "TWO beings compete for expression within the human form," we as human beings have suffered in the
body and brain for stuff our Souls have done in former lives and that is unfair. To get away with it, most people don't even know they are incarnated Souls in Form, and that deals are made all the
time, outside of Soul Contracts, that Sacred Contracts are supposed to be inviolate and EVERY Soul has a contract with the Being some Humans call Satan and also a Contract with God. Earth's ground
is loaded with the spent shells of Human Beings Who never knew they were carrying a Soul who was using them as an Avatar and recorded their entire life, to be shared with entire Soul Family Members
and ultimately, even rented out to ANY Soul who wants to learn lessons from your life or experiencing being YOU. This is horrific and it is true. Soul contracts can be broken in a number of ways.
One of the WORST are Love Troths or Blood Oaths, made during SOME life, in which a Soul promises an Earthbound, living off the energy of Others (preferably agreeable Souls, but they are parasites,
nevertheless) since those Souls have been engaging in Hideous Rites and Rituals for centuries in order to survive, their energy is dark and gnarly and is by no means going back to The Light EVER.
So, in a love affair, marriage arrangement, often done behind the back of human consciousness, some Loving Souls agree to give up some of their energy to one of those Beings, during certain
Incarnations, and sometimes, *all* of them. Break these darn contracts, folks - because typically the Contributing Soul will arrange to be sick, bed bound, weak, and thus hobbled, anchored in a
position to serve as a stable power source (all Souls are power sources) and a supply line for the Earthbound. "lover/friend." Get RID of all contracts, unless you consciously, as a human being,
made them.

Submitted: March 23, 2018

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Submitted: March 23, 2018



Breaking the Soul Contracts Which Bind YOU - New Information

Clear the Board Across All Space and Time, the Quantum Board. Break The Game. 

By Alexander Guinevere Kern

Copyright, 4-7-2016


Dear Readers, 

After a period of rest and review, and the studied compilation of additional research, I perused a number of books which contained what I believe is good information to share with you.

I will have to hunt my Bible for book, chapter and verse, when I have more time and far more energy. Or, you can look up some information on your own.

As you have read in this, my Chronicle of Not What *I* Ever Wanted - our Souls DO have to make contracts with other Souls before they incarnate. Otherwise, we Humans would be dashing about, doing whatever WE wanted.  And Goodness knows, they don't want that.

You, the HUman Being, are playing a Game, or starring in a School play or attending School, or whatever the current propaganda is coming out of The Source. You don't KNOW this, because your ignorance ensures the Soul will be able to control your awareness and consciousness and get the Life Experience and Adventures It WANTS. Contracts are arranged as part of Planning the "Life." It is called The Earth Game, The Game on the Limitation Game, the Polarity Integration Game.  Souls are allegedly Veiled before Incarnation in a Human Form. This is often not true. We are their Day Job and they go out at night quite often because Souls do not sleep. 

Mankind has been duped, and badly.  Much of what we suffer is NOT due to our "bad behavior" although there is certainly cause and effect at work.  We should NEVER have to pay for some Soul's Past Karmic Screw ups. 

I have researched this since 2006, when I had an NDE. I have had two in this life that I remember. Like some NDErs, I also remember Past Lives, my Future Life, Possible/Probably Timeline Options, Soul Life Plan Discussions (LBLs), Role Assignments, Rehearsals, Creating the life movie, Taste-testing the Life, jumping in and out of scenes, etc. They choose our Birth, Birthplace, Death Options (5), and have hidden clues Programmed all through their "Lives." We are unaware of ANY of this and it is to our detriment as a Species.

We are being USED as Avatars - living, breathing Human Beings.

Beyond all question - the Human Being is NOT a Soul. 

I will never be able to assume any Form I wish, simply by the desire to do so. Nor can I fly, from one point to another, in the blink of a thought, simply by wanting to. I will never be surrounded by Beings who have known me for centuries and love me, truly LOVE me, for who I really am. I don't even know what my Soul is really like, or what love feels like, no lie. I cannot associate with Beings from Other Worlds, see Spirits, or Aliens, or any other Entities. I cannot fly in a spacecraft, or even get a Grand Tour from some loving, friendly Spirits, while my poor, tired, ailing body sleeps, super-hypertension and all. I cannot know all there is to know, simply by desiring the knowledge. I have two friends in the world. I cannot, and will not, enjoy perfect health, perfect form, perfected Energy, be returned to Full On Brightness via the Restoration Shower of Love and Light. The only way I can get Light is to turn on my hand-painted antique Lamp.  

Souls have everything - all the health, fun, love, joy, beauty, and why ANY Being would want to be physical in THIS world is beyond my ken.  That's just nuts. Whack.  Looney Tunes. Crazy.  Ding dong. Wingnuts!

Many of my memories, pre-Life, Between Lives, other lives, alternate, parallel Lives, etc. have returned. I do not appreciate this enhanced awareness, and consider it anything BUT a spiritual awakening. I believe the process which activated such hyper-awareness to be demonic. I'm trying to LIVE - why would I need to access Timelines and other data from myriad information fields, hither and yon? I can't even balance my checkbook!

Nevertheless, my awareness of what this particular Timeline would have held, enabled me to avoid certain people and situations which would have, as usual, led me to depressing and upsetting events. Not to mention interactions with persons of an unkind and unpleasant - even dangerous - nature.

There's no avoiding the OTHER conclusions at which I arrived, after reading countless books, articles, Internet sites . . . regarding the mysterious, myth-saturated and wholly exciting (for many) alleged Interactions with, and alleged evolution of Mankind by, the "Anunnaki."

The name, Anunnaki, has various spellings.  I don't have time to create an essay on the history and mythology of these Beings, as I have a different objective this evening. That being said, no one seems to know if these were real, flesh and blood entities, Aliens, Extra-terrestrials, Inter-dimentionals, fantasy creatures, etc.

Wikipedia has a reasonable article for a quick, general read-through, however the truth is, no one is in possession of proof they existed, and if they did, what their origins might have been, what their relationship with Mankind was, what happened to them, and so forth. Frankly, I don't see any Anunnaki walking around today.  Except one, in the Astral.

Some people believe we are in "The Last Days" and the Anunnaki are returning on their planet, reputed to be "Nibiru," and there will be a disastrous collusion between their planet and ours, or they are coming to hammer the Global Elite, restore order on Earth, and/or rescue qualified human beings.  

Stewart Swerdlow, for what it's worth, claims Nibiru no longer exists.

What the hell, planets go Bloooey, all the time, I guess.

The reason I mention the Anunnaki (one explanation for the name is that it is a translation: "Those Who From Heaven To Earth Came Down.") is that my research, and my experience, suggest strongly these Beings not only existed, they DID live here on Earth, at some time, and furthermore, there is far too much evidence in ancient stories and sacred texts which support what David Icke maintains, We Humans knew them as "gods" - by different names, at different points in history, depending upon the culture and the time period.

Whatever they call themselves, I DO remember one of them. And that is part of my story.

Inside most of us is an Energy Being, from Who Knows Where, who has lived Who Knows How Long and has interacted with God Knows How Many Other Beings, in God Knows How Many Incarnations, or in Spiritual dimensions.  One Soul told Dr. Newton it took 800 years for him to conquer jealousy.

Slow Learner. What a bitch for the humans he occupied, without their permission or consent.

That's 800 disposable humans boxed, locked, vaulted and buried in the ground, or incinerated, or whatever means of burial was the practice.  Most of whom had no idea there was a Being of Advanced Knowledge and Experience and sometimes, even Wisdom, residing in their bodies and fusing THEIR thoughts with those of Its Host, sharing their body and competing for expression through their Forms.

Human life is a nasty, brutal, relatively short struggle. Period.  As Lynn Grabhorn postulates in her book, "Dear God! What's Happening To Us? Ending Eons of Manipulation," Souls have a tendency to plot out their Human "lives" with other classmates, Soulmates, alleged Guides, Teachers and Masters (for all my suffering, I've never met a one, nor did they ever help me, proving, Light or dark, these Entities don't give a rat's wazoo about me, the wankers), and carefully script, film, rehearse, discuss, revise, preview their upcoming "lives".  They choose a Life Movie and make it "This Is Your Life."

Except my life WASN'T my life. I know very well what I planned. Life Plans are supposed to be sacred contracts.  Souls state they do lives for many reasons, the prime reason being to show, share, be, do, learn LOVE.

Considering my experience as a Soul-possessed Human Being, that is an outrageous and unconscionable LIE.

Having an adventure is much more like it. At best.

During these "Lives" (Incarnations) they sometimes need some sideline help from known Discarnates - this is where Guides come in, but as I said, I was nearly tortured to death in my own home and NO one showed up to rescue me. (I recently found out the reason for this, which I shall append to this installment.)

Trust me, those Upstairs knew *exactly* what was happening to me.  But a barely evolved Ape Human Host is of NO Concern to Source and Its Thoughtforms. Futhermore, I was considered a Failed, Damaged Form worthy only of Experimentation by Satantic Deep Black Ops Ex-Military jack-offs and their coterie of like-minded murderers, mind-controllers and programmers. I've got a story about my newly discovered Handler, you are going to LOVE.  That clown actually programmed HIMSELF into my life, so I would contact him for a psychic reading, which would be done over the phone, during which, I can safely assume he would have used valuable Trigger words, Prompts, cue words in order to reprogram me to do . . . whatever. You can bet the Farm, Nancy, it would not have been salutatory for my health.

Incidentally, this is a well known and curious character, who charges the Large for his services. In the Co-existing Timeline I can see perfectly well, and is an almost exact duplicate of THIS Timeline I am consciously living NOW, that he performed this service for me, and then informed me that four new "tune ups" would be necessary, one per day for four days, for about 15 minutes.  After the first tune-up, I thought I was going to pitch over.  I saw in the Other Timeline by the time he managed to perform the 3rd "tune up," I had DIED while listening to his CD!

Of all the Prompts and images I recognize and have experienced in my life, few are as pronounced and obvious as his. Since Monarch Mind-Controlled Slaves are a liability as we age and our mind-control programming wears off, killing us as discretely as possible is a satisfactory solution to that common occurrence.  I am a still living Monarch = and that is a BIG problem for the Cretins behind the sorrow saga of my so-called Life.  So in that Timeline, he cleverly terminated me, after programming me to contact him and pay for a long distance "energetic healing."  Kind of a Pay Before You Go Soul Arrangement, apparently.

For reasons unknown to me, I can see alternate and Co-Existing and Past, Present and Future Timeline Movies - and that is what saved my life, such as it is.

I also, for the sake of drama and Truth, MUST mention this fact: in one of his books, Mr. Stewart Swerdlow, a relatively kind and honest (I hope) gentleman, who has been ill-used by the deep government (or whatever you wish to call these bona fide sadists), insists he had been used in experiments in Mind Control, Time Travel and other detestable rituals and satanic rites, which I have no doubt believing. He worked with this other un-named Psychic described above, and poor Mr. Swerdlow, young, mind-controlled and totally under the power of the Dark Force Lowlives who perform these experiments, was sent out to seek out, target and con very young boys to be later abducted and USED as "battery packs" in the Montauk Chair Time Travel investigations.

Btw, I am not so sure Montauk and The Philadelphia Experiments ever occurred. The way things work, it could have in one Timeline and NOT in another.  I have my reservations.

These young boys were ABDUCTED, taken from their parents, or were orphans or were street snipes without a fixed address, and used for their psychic power, as mental energy boosters, if you will, until they DIED from strokes or heart attacks.  Other people CAN be used as back up power for your own mental, energetic intentions. Understand that this is TRUE.  Abducting, torturing and using up the human and Soul energy of young, innocent boys, pleading for their parents, frightened to death, just so some evil Psychic can have his own Psychic abilities enhanced tremendously is ILLEGAL, IMMORAL and he got away with it. ALL OF IT.

So, this is a claim which the Psychic in question has NEVER DENIED. Children died by the hundreds in these experiments.  BY THE HUNDREDS.  And these do not count the thousands abducted every year for the human slave trade, usually for porn and prostitution. YES. BELIEVE IT.

Mr. Swerdlow's books are out there for everyone, and anyone, to read. He's a Living Witness. Ask HIM. That includes the FBI, NSA, CIA, Police departments, Private Investigators.  WHY HASN'T THAT OTHER PSYCHIC BEEN ARRESTED FOR HIS CRIMES?? He has never once denied he was involved in that project = he's PROUD of it. In fact, he talked to ME about it.  Will you take my word for this? I don't wish to be sued, primarily because I have no money to defend myself.  The deaths (deaths!) of hundreds of little boys, usually between the ages of 9-12, has gone uninvestigated?  No parents have been apprised of what happened to their sons. Why hasn't some high Muckity Muck Official Anybody questioned Mr. Swerdlow about these monstrous acts? That man is honestly telling his story and exhibits and expresses his deep guilt and horror over what he was forced to do and to witness.  He was one of the programmers of these boys and has never denied it. The man is yet another victim of Mind Control Technologies, period.

I really liked Stewart when I spoke to him on the phone for an hour and a half. He tried to warn me about Ye Above Mentioned Psychic, who in the other Timeline not only murdered me, but told me he made up the readings he gave people just to make them happy. When I talked to him in THIS Timeline, and exchanged 63 emails with him, he repeatedly stated he did not remember me, even though I could see in that Timeline we had a Karmic Intersection set up and programmed by HIM.  Do you know WHY he did not recognize me (I believe him)?  Because THAT Timeline did NOT play out, this one DID.  And because  :::Drum Roll::: I am a BETTER psychic than HE is.

Crystal balls, he may have, but Light shines more efficiently through my addled Third Orb, or so it seems.

The Deep Government really missed a good prospect with me. I loved this country and admired the Military no end - now I can't wait to inherit so I can claim Asylum in any country which will allow me to live there until my Return to my Soul's Source or Origin.

Meanwhile, we have a confessed murderer of little boys, walking around FREE and living off his steep inheritance, fabricating psychic "readings" for gullible people and not losing sleep over his involvement in Time Travel experiments which killed those young kids.  As if I were not already aghast and sickened at how the major government agencies did a convenient BLIP over their NSA trained Mentalist Murderer - (he admits they trained him - he is proud of it, and No, I don't mean Stewart, who was also trained by the NSA and is up front about his relationship with them), the Psychic Psycho Bozo got $500 from poor me, and did nothing but make me so weak I couldn't move, my energy completely and fatally drained from his "energetic healing."  God Damn Vampire!

I've got a CD and hand-written letters from him, mind you. I'll bet they are full of subliminal programming cues, prompts and commands. Anyone want to bet me? How is this man not in prison? How is this man NOT investigated, questioned, arrested? Huh?  Because the secret government trained him?  Come on, it's secret no more!

The excuse of "Karma" will NEVER do, as I, as a Human Being, have not done anything to warrant such a series of satanic and illegal atrocities. Yet, Dr. Newton and many others declare nothing down here is an accident.


So here is the deal - straight UP.

Dr. Newton and all the NDErs and all the Past Life Regression Hypnotherapists - almost without exception, state there is NO SATAN and our lives are carefully scripted and planned and not to be taken all that seriously, "we" are just here to learn and love and have fun . . . 

A safe and very okay place to play - right? RIGHT?

Ghastly, I tell you. Do they think we are stone age IDIOTS here on Earth? Who would ever fall for such a deliberate hoax/fallacy, except it is presented to us as coming from "God" (Source)?

They had me at HELL.?

There IS a Satan, and the entire planet is run by Illuminists, or Hermeticists or Secret Society Chumps (yes, it is) and their extraordinary knowledge of the occult power of Energy, which they use to further their own ends, and they don't give one fang about any of us. We are "useful" or we are not. IF we are no longer useful, we can still be used as experimental lab rats, which is what happened to me.

I just watched a video which showed hundreds of well-known, famous and wealthy, successful people giving the "horned hand" or il cornuto hand signal, a/k/a The Satanic Sign - and NO, I do not mean the Deaf Language hand sign for LOVE. The two are easily distinguished.

That's because those people had talents which could be exploited and used and there was money to be made, both for them, and for the investors and ultimately, the Elite Power Brokers behind the scenes. Yes, The Global Elites, for lack of the actual term.


Ever notice that gifted, talented artists, poets, composers, writers, sculptors, scientists, often die YOUNG, sometimes under mysterious circumstances?  Your oeuvre is worth MUCH more to the investors AFTER you're worm bait and cannot profit!  Your heirs only have copyright protection for 100 years after your demise.  But there is only ONE of every one of my paintings. I've only shown them ONCE. They can't be copied, printed out, photographed, turned into postcards, stationary, gift cards, posters, refrigerator door magnets, necklaces, T-shirts, replicated, EVER, because they are right here, in my house, with me. No one gets in, trust me.

I'm NOT a brand.  Copyrights may run out, but you've got to buy a painting in order to diversify and create merchandise spin-offs from it.  My children will OWN my stuff, and God Willing, won't show them in a public place nor ever sell them to someone outside the family line. I want my creative work to be handed down within my bloodline ONLY.  My Great-great Grandmother was a painter and a poet.  So am I.  Let's keep it all in the family, and not some art collector's Investment, kids.

Never mind them. There are conspiracy theories ad nauseum out there, just Google it.

The bottom line is Souls Make Contracts. Even Yahweh wanted "covenants" and He was very serious about them and hugely upset when the contractual arrangement and terms and conditions were not met.  By the way, Yahweh, I adore you, with all my heart, all my Soul and all my Mind. I'm not worthy of Your Love, but I love you just the same.

Now imagine all the contracts Souls make with the other "players" before they Incarnate for all those messy, energy-producing and depleting Karmic Intersections. Now imagine how many contracts into which they have entered over the looooong expanse of their nearly Immortal Lives.

With other Souls, none of whom give a damn about US, their "Host Bodies," whom they possess and manipulate without OUR permission, knowledge or consent.

Thousands. Literally. SACRED contracts. Contracts they have to - HAVE TO - satisfy. Terms and Conditions to which they have agreed and signed on the fiery dotted line with their little buggy hands.

Whether it hurts US, emotionally, physically, psychologically, mentally - OR NOT.

When they talk about Loooove, they ain't talking' about you and ME, baby!

Immersed in the research, I found reference after reference to The Anunnaki, and the people who left those records called them gods.  Also, Guardians. Also, Other Names. I will gather these together for you later. What is MOST IMPORTANT, is that they have or had contracts with Souls, TOO. And even, Human Beings. Human Beings who took their vows and oaths seriously, never realizing their Souls would be obligated to meet those contractual arrangements and promises - in OTHER LIVES.

The Anunnaki have been misrepresented. Badly.

The truth may never be completely known, but one truth stood out as nearly FACT to ME.  

They were here - how they got here, I do not know. There are plenty of references to what sound like Spacecraft and engravings, carvings, hieroglyphs, drawings, of said vehicles. Whether these craft flew, or even existed, I cannot tell you.

But the Anunnaki WERE here, at least until 100 B.C. They lived LONG - and I suspect Zachariah Sitchin's "Lost Book of Enki" contains a good slice of truth. I realize "experts" dislike him, discredit him and claim he was not an educated translator of Sumerian or Ancient Hebrew or any other written language.

Nevertheless, he is NOT the only human being telling that story.

Large and Loud, the Anunnaki are there, in the literature, if you search for them.

And here is what I feel truly went on - they probably played a part in evolving and educating us. They certainly bossed us around and used us to do their dirty work. And in return, they took care of us, and some folks call them our Parent Race.

They do not seem to have viewed themselves in that manner, if they thought about how to characterize our relationship with them at all.

Their men CERTAINLY must have married or slept with, human women and vice-versa. There were NOT Reptilians. Not Greys. They were MEN and WOMEN.

Yahweh's "Angels" could fit comfortably inside Lot's house, for instance, so they weren't 10 feet tall, and certainly the men of Sodom would not have been after them for promiscuous woohoo if they'd been big, green, baby-eating Reptilians. Read the Bible, the Sodom and Gomorrah part. Yahweh walked down to Sodom with two "men" after Abraham washed their feet and FED them.  Yahweh, whom I LOVE and is My God, ATE.  I always felt those animal sacrifices were being eaten - we discussed this in High School. We thought Yahweh was an E.T. and He was hungry.

What?  That does make sense, doesn't it? 

 He had to walk down to Sodom to see if the stories He had heard about their perversions and negative behaviors were true.

Hint: He was NOT clairvoyant!  (I am!)

The translation of "Angel" is "Messenger."

For a taste of Soul Cuteness - Jehu = Jehovah = Yahoo.  YES!

It is also true, that, in keeping with random stories about certain E.T., He and his Angel companions could pop in and out of reality. And they did - often. He also "unveiled" certain individuals so they could see what had previously been invisible to human eyes. (He popped open their Third Eyes.)

When He determined that the conduct of Sodom's and Gomorrah's residents was immoral and unseemly and offended Him, He made it plain He would destroy the city - and He did so.

"The Lost Book of Enki" a supposedly "fiction" book by Zachariah (<---sp?)Sitchin, depicts what happened to Sodom and Gomorrah in detail.

Don't piss off Yahweh - He WILL destroy. He also did what He said He would do - every time.

Considering the state of Earth affairs, I'm shocked He hasn't blown us ALL to squeaking particles.

The way the men of Sodom treated Lot -(and what was with HIM? - offering his virgin daughter to the crowd of  sex-crazed males??) - and their belligerent demand that Lot GIVE them Yahweh's Angels (Associates/Messengers) "so we can have sex with them" -  it does not surprise me that "God" fried the city.

Obviously a man of high moral principles and stern adherence to a code of ethics and decency.

But, a man.  

Who see for Himself what was going down in Sodom's down low.

A person posted online that he thought Yahweh was one of the Anunnaki.  This poster was ridiculed - mocked and provoked.

And yet - and yet - 

I recommend reading "The Lost Book of Enki" because I believe some of it is accurate. 

 Need I say more?

Here's almost certainly what occurred. They came here, from somewhere else, likely another dimension, and they were, at the very least, Humanoid. For all *I* know, they booked over to Sumeria from another locality on EARTH.

I've read too many accounts of how dearly loved they were - by the Human Beings who interacted with them. And that love was returned.

I think no one expected the Love.

Persons reading this ramble who admire and hope for the Anunnaki to arrive and be our E.T. Saviors - I have no clue, and do not dare speculate, but I CAN tell you, one of them IS still here, causing havoc and mayhem, as he always did.

Wes Penre has composed a lengthy series of intriguing articles about the Anunnaki, what he believes will commence, and I read it with consuming interest. He might be correct - who knows?

If you were one of the Anunnaki - and numerous of their people came here to mine gold, or so it is claimed - and you were accustomed to having Human Being People around, serving you, and loving you, and you felt paternal or maternal about these native Beings . . . suppose such oaths were required and even demanded - or even offered. Suppose those contracts were written at the Soul Level, where every Soul is aware of the entire scenario and knows what part It must play?  

If your Soul has done a number of Lives here on Earth, it IS entirely possible that, sooner or later, your Soul ran into one of these large, technologically savvy, attractive, intelligent and even, yes, loving Beings - and agreed to serve them - again . . . and again . . . and again.  

Love is love, after all.  Here, and everywhere else it is manifested.

Lynn Grabhorn opined that many Souls have unwittingly made agreements with Souls who were not 100% Pure Light, and then she gave us her White Light Affirmations which, when read out loud, with intention and attention, will effectively cancel ANY contract made with ANY Entity who was not 100% Light. Her Affirmations were and are a great gift from God, if you ask me. While her death may be a mystery, her spiritual courage and fine intelligence are not. Her Affirmations work to clear out Intelligent Entities, visible and invisible, who might be in your life, causing trouble, and demanding Karmic work-ups, or just harassing you in general Beings with whom there may have been a contract, oath, promise, in some other Life, with your Soul. in some other dimension, some other Reality, some other body, and have no business, nor relevance, nor right to be in your Human life NOW.

Especially Entities, including Guides, who switch hit for The Dark Side.  And they DO, dear Hearts. Some Souls call this Nightmare "The Polarity Integration Game."  Get to know your Dark Side! Play a Bad Guy! What FUN in the Cosmic Corral!  I'm still your Huckleberry!  Jesus CHRIST ALMIGHTY.  Stop the Gunfight at High Noon - I want to get OFF.

"Fire up that smoke wagon and see what happens."

I recently started having flashbacks of dying in THIS house, and I have now recognized the Prompts for an Exit . . . I dunno how long I have, but what I DO remember is the Being who came out of me was NOT my Soul, whom I know very, very well, thank ya very, very much, but a young Dark Entity, who first checked in with his little demon friends, then went on up to yadayada with Satan <Duncan> about his incarnation as (gulp) ME, and they discussed me, the character, while watching my life here on a TV set/screen. (Oh, BARF!) Then this negative polarity kid went and talked to a large man behind a desk about his incarnation as ME, and the gent behind the desk walked over to a large file cabinet, removed the file on his past lives and records, sat down again and talked to that Soul about his general Incarnational history. The large Being told him he was going to assign someone to help him and called up another Soul, a young man, who came and took the recently departed Soul to a separate room (may have been a classroom) and worked with him on his school issues.  I was indwelled by An Inept Problem Child of Darkness.

Only me.  Siiiiigh.

Mind you, what I "see" in my mind's eye may very well look entirely different, since it is processed through a human brain, or those guys are the routine military dudes who work with dark spirits. I have NO clue. The memories are accurate, though.

What this means is IMPORTANT.  I can see all Timelines for this life, pre-life, too. Not just Past, Present, Future, but understand that our Reality may have been created on a Quantum Computer, so NEW spin-off Alternate, Parallel, Possible/Probable Timelines happen all the "time."  That's not the first time a demon Being was placed in me.  I am NOT a demon.  Without my knowledge or consent, that Being was indwelling me, in this very life, in this very Timeline or a close copy of it. Think of Timelines as MOVIES.  There can never be a Past, Present or Future.  Souls are programmed. Your life is programmed.  If there's a Negative Polarity Being in your human body, you will get a SHITE LIFE so your human energy can be sucked up by Beings who really need your Light. Humans have power/energy!

What one Soul does in a copy of YOUR body in ANOTHER Plane, Game, Timeline, Program, Universe, Parallel Universe, Alternate Universe, Possible/Probable Timeline affects YOU, the human, in your current Timeline. Always. That is how BAD THINGS happen to GOOD PEOPLE.

We're not only going to help you clear the entire Earth Game board, I'm going to add stuff which will make sure every copy of YOUR Body, your human body, no matter where it is manifested, has ONLY Holy Spirit Light Energy in it, or vaporize it permanently. This will not hurt YOU. Where your Soul Consciousness IS, is where you are.

Satan is NOT supposed to be implanting his little buggers in copies of your character and scripting that character a SHITE LIFE just so he can have your energy.  But he is DOING IT, no matter what any Occult Master or Hypnotherapist or New Age Guru or anyone else is telling you. I am your Witness. I've died twice and what came out of "me" were Negative Polarity Beings AND my poor, benighted terrified, young, sweet, Light Being Soul.  She was picked up by one of those High Light Beings who are hard to look at, they are so brilliant white Light and likely fast-tracked to Triage in The City of the Sun (Son).

I will add my enhancements to Lynn Grabhorn's already excellent Affirmations. Because I know my Soul contracted with one of the Anunnaki, and the fact that she did so, nearly caused MY death.  Trust me, this IS the truth. Those Soul Contracts die hard.  Sometimes, Souls, like human beings, fall in love with the wrong Souls, have allegiances with Bad Souls, hang out with myriad Souls of various loyalties, whatever.   Those contracts are a big pain in the tuchas for MAN.

This is my Offering to the General Data regarding how to cut ties and cords and contracts and other connections which cause "bad things to happen to good people," whilst meanwhile, the Souls of those people wanted something worked out, some energy issue resolved, some Shite which has NOTHING to do with us Human Beings and should have been examined and dealt with at Home, unveiled and under the supervision of those Entities who stood back and let me and all the other Targeted Individuals be tortured.

This will cancel, permanently, and irrevocably, ALL contracts you OR your Soul, or any indwelling Entity, or Attached Entity, have ever made or will make in the Past, Present and Future, across the Board. You MUST clear the board, m'Friends. Contracts are taken seriously, but we Human Beings should not have to accommodate the desires and needs of Alien or E.T. Bug Entities or any OTHER Entities, for that matter.

You can void these contracts, and you have that right. The ONLY contracts I will honor are those made with Yahweh, in the name of Jesus Christ, and the name of the Light of God I KNOW I am, and the rest got jettisoned, con brio.  I don't owe any Soul anything. I can barely get out of bed in the morning. I have the highest blood pressure on record and I ain't taking 9 pills a day until I am a Zombie with no life. I wait on Yahweh to call me Home.

I never HAD a  life, no free will, no say-so, just Hell On The Rack - and my Soul's lovey contract with Rotten Marduk is part of the reason. Yes, I love Marduk, too, but he has tricked far too many Human Beings and Souls into serving him, in this life, in past lives and in as many lives in the future as he can get.  And yes, he was Anunnaki and is still god of Earth.  Do you think he can go up to Heaven and get his Restoration Shower and have his Soul Energy cleaned and his thinking cap re-arranged? Nyet!

He will never do that. He LIKES ruling the Earth Game.  He did heinous things to me, you cannot even imagine - because he needs clean energy, any energy. I'm sure it was a condition of my Soul being allowed to incarnate on Earth. Also because he expected to trick ME into becoming a Human Energy Gas Station for all of his starving minions.

That does NOT suggest we are in The End Times.  He's been doing this for centuries. Usually the human being goes crazy or commits suicide and . . . problem solved. 

I'm just the problem he never could solve. Not yet, anyway.

The Past, Present and Future are ALL going on - right now - they are just Itty Bitty DVDs in the Holo-Video Selection Room in a place of No Time. A Soul can play YOU in this Timeline and when you hit the skids It can go Home, take a Honeysuckle swig and create a New Plan, grab a Civil War DVD and "play" whatever part in THAT movie It wants to experience. Yeah! There is NO "Time" as we define it! Just MOVIES!

The ones I See, but no one else on Earth seems to - dag it. Ask Near Death Experiencers  - THEY saw them!

You don't know what crap your Soul will pull on you. You've GOT to cancel all those contracts. Let your Soul make those agreements in some OTHER life, in some OTHER Body, in some OTHER Dimension, that will NOT impact YOUR life and YOUR health, YOUR mental health and YOUR experience of human life.

This is how you do it - change what you please, I realize you may have another religion, no religion, whatever - just get the gist correctly:

In the Name of Yahweh, my Maker, and in the Name of Jesus Christ, His Son, my Savior, and in the Name of the Light of God I truly am, I, <Name here> hereby declare, that ANY contracts, oaths, agreements, vows, promises or covenants, including sacred blood oaths, secret society oaths, private agreements, Life Scripts, Life Plans, Life Movies, Back Up Plans, Back Up Back Up Plans, or any other agreements of ANY KIND, made by me (state name) and by, or with, ANY Being indwelling, or ANY Being attached, in ANY and all Planes, Games, Timelines, Programs, Dimensions, Universes, Alternate/Parallel Universes or Realities, who was NOT of the 100% Pure Light and Pure Love of the Kingdom of God in Christ, and are also in my best interests as a human being, here and everywhere else I am manifested, are cancelled, right NOW, in the Past, and in the Present and in the Future. The Cancellation of all such contracts, oaths, agreements, vows, promises and covenants, known and unknown, is irrevocable and PERMANENT IN ALL TIMELINES, Past, Present and Future, in which I, the human life, appear, and in which other entities NOT of the Light are indwelling my body, other than the body I occupy right NOW, are terminated, at the discretion of God in Christ.  All of the terms and conditions in all contracts, written anywhere, any place, any time that do not serve my best as a human being or The Kingdom of God, or were written or made with Beings NOT of the Light of God, are all cancelled, right now, permanently, in the Past, Present and Future. All is accomplished NOW. All is accomplished NOW. All is accomplished NOW, in the Name of Jesus Christ.

End of story. Veiled people will still try to play out pre-recorded scenarios (all of which were rehearsed, all pre-filmed, all pre-viewed - and not by YOU), but just blow love at them and go on with your life. Don't get in a clinch with people; they're simply living out their programming. Most Human Beings have NO IDEA they have a Soul. They know nada about Sacred Contracts. They don't believe in God or Satan or Earth Games or any other essential stuff.

Or they have their own interpretation of their reality, which will NOT spare them the effects of Karma or the forcing of Contractual/Karmic Agreements upon them.

Clear the Board Across All Space and Time, the Quantum Board. Break The Game. Don't come back until Yahweh takes over. Marduk and Company cannot, or will not, go Home. They will steal energy in any and every way possible. They will claim they have the Ruling Right to put restrictions on your Soul Script. They can, and DO, rewrite your script to suit their Energy Needs. They have their nasty digits on Timeline Movies they control, which they toss up to Source to offer to Its Duped Souls and then plonk Demon Beings into myriads of open characters of YOU, in Timelines you don't know anything ABOUT. What those beings DO in those Timelines, affects YOU, in your very life.  You exist in MANY Timelines as a character. You only want a Holy Spirit Being in YOU, here and everywhere else you are manifested. Try to trust me, I lost my life to this garbage.  The Devil CAN rewire you, he can alter your DNA and re-write your script. The Devil has a PLAN for your life.

Yes! The incredible, disappearing Devil!

Google how to cancel Satan's Plan for your life - all your lives, retroactively even, and DO IT!

Yet, I read The Source has total control, is EVERYONE, and all EVERYTHING, and Earth is a well Organized School, etc.  !  Is The Source on CRACK?

The Source, who takes you back no matter WHAT YOU DO, no matter WHAT you do!  Who is all forgiving, all loving - yeah, I'm sure . . . IT never takes a body! It has NO BODY! How easy is it to forgive, when nothing bad ever happens to you? How hard can it be to LOVE, when you sit your Buggy Arse in the Love Frequency for Eternity, jerking off to an endless supply of DVDs?

Marduk and others like him will never go back to The Source or any other God -  their skeevy Energies jump their Souls into bodies in carefully bred Bloodlines which will accommodate their Soul Energy (dark, nasty, lower Astral vibrations) and when that body dies, they go up to the Lowest of the Lowest Vibrational Frequency Band, or hang out down HERE, waiting for a tasty, clueless, unprotected Human Being to possess, or even murder, in order to have the Form. Mostly, they just wait for an opportune baby, born into a desirable bloodline, and indwell the poor child. There is a very real possibility that Marduk and others simply LIKE it here. He has multitudinous spacecraft. But to go to another Planet, Plane, Dimension, he needs an appropriate FORM. And all we have here - is humans.

And they can't make healthy humans for shit. Example: Yours Truly.

Human Beings were created by Yahweh.  You are Children of God. Ask for a New Spirit, a Righteous Spirit, talk to God, tell him your problems, your fears, your hopes, dreams and desires. TALK to Him, for crying out loud! He is there. I promise.

I wish He'd come back. Soonest.

Cancel those damned contracts. Screw The Source. It didn't even have the gonads to apologize to ME, a victim of Its inability to keep things "Well Organized" down here!

The Source, whose Near Death Experiencers swear told them there is NO Christ, NO Satan . . . yeah, that "Source of All That Is."

Sounds like It had a major memory lapse! How could It forget It made Satan?

Did I mention what he did to my BODY?

Marduk, Dunky, you broke my heart, hurt my feelings, sucked up and tore apart my energy, and you did NOT give a damn. Give me my money back.  Not kidding.  You gonad-less wonder boy. Give me my money back, since you cannot give back to me, my Life, the Life my Soul contracted to have.

The Source. What a lame name for a Creator Gamer god.

Who states there is no right or wrong, but only experiences. Source likes to have experiences off OUR consciousness! Off our bodies, off our lives.

He and Satan should get together and play Video Games . . .

Don't forget to add the NSA trained Mentalist.  I'm sure he's an expert at these Games.

Hey ! A true Cosmic Stand Off!


All my love,


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