These Bones Could Dance

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By A. Guinevere Kern

Copyright, 1987


Cherish these bones you found a-lyin' here!

When muscle-clad, tissue-covered,

And my veins were shovin' blood with

A rhythmic beat to my heart's accordion

Squeeze and release, then . . . yeah!

These here bones could dance!

When my legs were obedient, but hey, 

The grave's made them lazy.

Can you read these bones, sir?

Like a mountain woman decodes

The raven's spilt entrails for portent?

Can ya see the tap . . . tap . . . twirl,

The turbulence these femurs and tibia supported?

Man, I was the Supreme Best Shindigger

This burg ever boasted. Spun ladies

At the County Dance Contest 'til

They fainted like collapsed pavilions

In their opulent dresses. Uh-huh! My tuxedo tails

Jabbin' like two black fingers, snappin'

With the tunes. Yeah! Boom . . . boom . . . she bop!

Kick/Slide/Spring! Strain

Syncopation . . . Mince-step, mince-step

Minuet! Conga, Rumba, Charleston, Cha-cha!

Sayyyy, Mister Archaeologist, afore you dig me up,

Could ya do a quick two-step (shimmy-shimmy)

Just for me?

Who's gonna see ya?

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