Babylon Baby

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Submitted: March 23, 2018

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Submitted: March 23, 2018





By Alexander Guinevere Kern

Copyright, A. Kern, 2007


For Alexander Phillip III, Macedonian

~A womb then sufficed her for whom the whole world would never be enough without her King.


Her oviduct abducted me,

Hexed particle of potential,

From the stew of the lunatic ova

Unchained within her bod.

Chased me down her contracting portal,

Red eye blinking carnal seizures,

The promise in gestation

'Twixt Creatrix and Creation.

Lady of Misrule, Zygotic Glyph.


My father's knot-head swimmers

Spunk slunk from his coward balls,

A second penetration and Conception,

And I, the Beserker Generation,

Thrust into ticking legend,

Sent on a Splendor mission,

From cum to viaticum,

Assumed the various stages

Of my fetal evolution:

Tadpole, reptile, bird, monster.

266 Days to 21 Grams.

From tears to bier,

From caul to pall.


With the King Genetic Devil

Unstringing swift my Limbics,

Rewiring me for song and story

Heros, Visions, Fame, Glory.

Alexandros, Lupanar Lord,

Donned his diadem ram-horned,

Cloven slippers, warrior art,

Sieged his steel into my dark,

Poet's fierce, intemperate heart.


Mad-Eaten Mere heard the Cuckoo sing

Jesu, Man's Desiring,

While the Demi-God of Siwah

Slashed bull throats in my honor,

Then bathed me in their thick

Hot-clotting blood.


Flesh, Life, honor, power,

Babies, blood, comrades, love

Abandoned for the son of Jove.

Aborted for War.

Sacrificed for Art.


Mother Most Unnatural

Bought teddy-bears and rattles,

Layettes, pink announcements.

Disney décor and a baby shower,

Nursery rhymes by Sears.


He swore me Grey-eyed Glory,

& a promising Pothos fire.

Flicking royal fly-swatters,

Lutes, flutes, gold platters,

Couches, silver, goblets, dine,

Homer quoted over wine.

A Grecian courtesan's caprice,

Revel dare and firebrands,

Komos banquet, palace plunder

Procession, torches, murder, thunder.

Warlord lead the drunken queue,

Up the steps for quid pro quo,

In Alexander's most hated town,

His army blazed it to the ground.


A flambeaux burst inside my brain,

As Thais takes her fem revenge.

Persepolis proud, my parents' hopes

Ignite in a burning heart unhinged.

Born in fury, vengeance, drink,

Victory, myth, insane slaughter,

I am your Babylon Baby,

Behold your Detonated Daughter.


Mom's thinking daffodil dresses,

Polly Flinders, hand-smocked Sweetie,

Patent leather shinies,

Lacey white boots,

Curly-cue bloomers,

So sweet, so cute,

Black velvet jumpers and

Clips for blonde curls,

Her long-desired Baby Girl.


But her agitated infant's

Already wearing Blue-faced Crazy,

White-chalked curls in a rebel frenzy,

Gumming through a sharp blade,

Retribution Maid,

Babylon Baby.


Berserker in Pigtails,

Darling in deer pelts,

Helvetian warriors

Rioting in my veins.

The Bow Men of Wales

Fling arrows from my eyes,

Those transmitters of dark pain.


The child she rocks in pleasure

Was born way off her rocker.

Still smelling wood smoke, animals orts

And hearing soldier chatter.

Chargers, archers, spears, war,

Mighty furor without mercy,

Pen and sword.


All the gloss of gas-assisted birth,

And sterile hospital smiles,

Baptismal whites, pristine cradle

Cannot conceal the portent of a

Child flushed bloody screaming,

Sent headfirst thigh-wise, scheming

To conquer the Word and

Bleed her soul on canvas.

His blade scored the cord and

My belly bears the cicatrix

Of the New Lore-bound Achilles.


This is Ms. Myth, already

Penning Legend, Death is no

Hindrance to those who kill to

Fast track Glory.

I am the Teller of my Tale.

I am the Sayer of my story.


Invincible and Accursed,

Oracle of Irregulars.

Gem of the Condemned.

From Mommy to Mummy,

Commerce with a god,

Spawn of a Blind Bitch

And a cock-eyed King

I am the Babylon Baby.

I'm going to tell everything.

Slashing in my winding

Sheet of words,

Born with an olive in my mouth,

But not the branch.

Papyrus Opus, vengeance writ,

Charon's coins replace my eyes,

Those still flesh-fixed, mesmerized,

Reeling in my havoc mind,

Hysteric lyrics, labyrinthine,

Grant them rubble, rot, rust,

Ashes, grief, misery, dust!

Pedant Fury from Quickening

To my life's Dead Reckoning,

No quarter, no terms,

Let my letters

Crook to worms.


Tortured torches,

Kindled pages!

No artifice, No tricks,

This is my justice

'til The River Styx.

Crowned Powers,

Glory Games,

Immortal avengers,

Twin Flames,

Persepolis razed,

Breath fades.

Alexander's brazen action

Like my words,

Refuse retraction.

Now Bury me in Babylon

Bury me in Babylon

Bury me in Babylon

With his Shade.

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