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Submitted: March 23, 2018

She stared at thr mirror,accepting her fate touching gently the wrinkles on her face.She was proud of every one of them.Each of them represented a part of her life,her joy,happines,sadness,pain her
love and dreams,her fears...

She smiled at herself,so many unspoken words came across her mind.

She learned to accept that some things are better when left alone,and that destiny has her oun ways.

She opened the drawer and under the silky scarf,that her mother bought for her on her eighteenth birthday,she found her old letter box and trembled.SHE opened the box and many memories came
out,days,mounts of her life were buried in that letter box.Every opening meant living her life over and over again.And now was the time that she was ready to let go,ready to tell the story of her
life.The day has come...

Forty years ago:

She burned with rage,tears were falling from her eyes,her face was swollen and read from all the crying,her long hair was a mess.She was running alone in the dark,as far as she could from that
place.It was a dark and rainy night.It was Sathurday night.The streets were full with young people,but she did not notice them,she did not care.She bumped in some pedastrians that were walking,but
she didnt apologize,she didn't even stop.Her final destination was her small rented room and the comfort and warmth of her bed.In her head the pain and image of what she saw pumped like a iron
hammer,whit every step she made.-'How could I be so stupid,'-She yelled inside her brain.

For the first time in her life she wore high heals, high heals that now were obstacle becouse it took so much effort to run. She also wore make up on her face, make up that was now leaking mixed up
with the rain and the countless tears that were running from her hazel eyes....

What she saw that night tore appart her dreams, her soul her trust in people.

She stoped running when she got near her apartment, she was so tired that she stumbled and fell on the stairs, not making it to the door. She just throw herself on the cold stairs. Memories loaded
her head, she remembered everything crystal clear. The first time she saw him, the way he looked at her, the manner she trembled and shake when he was close. His eyes ,the perfect color that hunted
her dreams.She even remembered the way he smelt,the smell of sunset in his hair.How perfect they were together ,their laughter ,their love,at least she thod it was love....And than....
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