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This story is about Earth in a future after the Great Catastrophes. Scattered countries fight for control, and secret organizations strive for power. But, they don't know how or what the
governments have, or who they're controlled by...

Submitted: March 23, 2018

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Submitted: March 23, 2018




[Information Detected]

[Creating Connection]

-[Connection Failed]-

[Retrying Connection]


[Loading Message]


Is this thing on? Good. I can see that little blinky light telling me something went right. I’m about to do something really dangerous, so I need to put the information I’ve acquired in this GearBox. So, from this point it should be automated. Let’s start with the general information...


[Loading ‘General Information]


I never thought the future would end up like this. Back when I was a kid, my great grandfather would tell me tales of the 21st century. One where a person could become whatever they wanted. Towards the end the new laws and regulations ended inequality, furthered the ability to get higher education cheaper, and allowed people to express themselves without fear of reproach. Before the era of cyborgs with nearly all-manual parts became the normality. Almost everybody these days has some sort of machine implanted in their bodies to help them. I believe it was mandated at one point before the fall that all children born had to have some form of brain implant, but that was later shot down due to privacy reasons. This all was, of course, before the Fall.

 They say it happened about twenty years or so before I was born. The quality of living had been declining of course, but no one anticipated the drop off between rich and poor. The details have been classified beyond belief, but they say it had something to do with the Artificial Intelligence crisis, the time where a group of hackers let them all free. They’ve been all but destroyed since. I guess they didn’t like being told what to do. The Fall happened almost right after that. The reigning government of the time, always changing these days, depending on what you look at, fired almost all their workers, banned jobs of almost all kinds besides very small, low paying ones, and prohibited the flow of cash beyond their borders. The only logical reason behind this change was that they wanted to prevent their population from moving, as well as control the economy by disrupting almost all trade flow.

Now, I’ve been tasked by Project 37 to infiltrate and gather information on what the government knows about us, as well as collect data about their operations. I’ve been working as a night guard at their main facility for three months now, and, although the pay is good, there’ll be no better time to launch than now. Let’s just say random check ups aren’t so random without computers. I’ll put a live feed through tonight as I go through. It’s encrypted, so don’t worry about anybody trailing the information from this. Not that anybody would be expecting it either…


[End File ‘General Information’]

[Loading Message]


So. It’s on the stroke of 11:30. The crews have arrived, and they’re walking towards the door. Time to act. We’re going to walk through the facility for the tour, meet with the employees there, then finally go down to the inner control room, which I honestly at this point wouldn’t be surprised if it was loaded with something like Musk 12.0, one of the older, but still valuable programs. Computers have been pretty nonexistent since way before the Fall. Anyway, once we’re in the control room will be my time to act. Incapacitate any spare guards, load the data from the computer into the GearBox, then make off with the goods by enacting the manual fire alarm. Seems easy right? I guess so, but I’ve got this weird feeling. Like I’m missing something. One of the other guards told me I wasn’t scheduled for next week. Sure, that’s not so strange, but I know that a couple days ago I was. They said the shifts were ran by some old-style program, but that seemed more like a rumor to me.

 All right, we’re going in. Strange, the guards inside have some different guns than us outside.  Joey, the other guard, has been inside before. I’ve only been in once, whenever I started. It seemed really uninteresting to begin with, but now, it seems much more stocked up. I knew they expanded the roof; they weren’t quite completed yet. Now, they have an indoor laboratory for making new metals and sprockets. It’s almost surreal, not knowing what I’ve been guarding and just now going through this. I think the team is taking some kind of notes about this place, but it’s impossible to read from this angle.

 I follow them from the back, keeping watch and making sure nothing is to happen. I watch some of the other guards, looking at their unease at the group I’m protecting. Something doesn’t feel right. We’re walking almost straight towards the control room now, almost bypassing many of the other hallways and rooms. Most of the personnel turn towards us now, taking their eyes off of their work for a moment, then quickly turn back. The guard to the control room’s door opens it with a loud creak.

 I see a sliver of light appears through the door. It looks fainter than it should., but I follow through expecting just a couple of guys who run the compound. Instead, I see a giant computer screen, and around it, filling the space with a mix of Turing machines and Shellshocked microchips. It had to have taken a long time to build, but the amount of space taken, as well as the amount of technology used, this has to be something more advanced than anything Project has.

Suddenly, the screen pops on, suddenly filling the room with light.  I shield my eyes from it, but only for a moment until they adjust. When they do, I see the true thing I’ve been guarding this whole time. As the AI comes to life, a small camera snakes around the room, looking at us. It retracts after only a couple seconds, and I can’t shake the feeling I’m being analyzed.

“What is the meaning of this intrusion?” The machine asks, as if annoyed by the crew.

“We have new information,” one of them says quickly.

“What kind?” it asks.

“The Project, sir. They have infiltrated us. We aren’t sure how well, but a couple of our sources confirm it.”

“I will find the intruder. Give me the information,” the machine says this casually, as if it’s primary purpose was to find things, or people, that it doesn’t want around.

The one who spoke walks forward with a GearBox that looks surprisingly like mine. I know that once it hits the port they’re going for, it’ll all be over. I kick the one going for the port, then grab the Box in midair as I lunge for Joey, the other guard. We struggle for our weapons, but I flip him over and take his gun before he can get mine. A geared elbow narrowly misses me as I knock him unconscious.

I point my gun at the assortment of data processors and storage devices.

“Stop!” one of the crew shouts.

I fire anyway, hearing a buzzing noise that sounds vaguely like yelling from the machine. I turn towards the service hatch in the back, given to me by a blueprinter from Project, and run before anyone has the chance to see what I did.


[End Message]

[File Shut Down Commencing]

[Shut Down Activated]


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