The New Project

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Its always very exciting starting a new project. How about one that is bigger than life?

Once upon a time, in a meeting somewhere:

- Howdy, citizen?! Come here, pal!
- Hiya, all gooding here?

- Not bad indeed! How 'bout you, bro?
- Smooth.

- So, chum, the big news is: New Project!
- Nicest!

- Well, we have been testing this agile development thingy around.
- Like scrum?

- Yeah, exactly like that, do you know?
- I have my share.

- Great, we divide the tasks in rounds of sprints and then, get it?
- Kind a weekly cycles, right?

- Exactly. Then, from time to time we choose a different master to push the project.
- Right.

- Right! And this time the tribe chief will be you.
- Woa, but I landed here just now.

- Unruffle there, your teammates will be in your support.
- Cool then. So, what's this project?

- Like, create a new Universe.
- Say what? Is it serious, dude?

- Very serious. The current version in the production is very buggy, so they decided to create another one.
- Crazy, man. It is the shit! From ground up, really?

- Yeah. You know, we already have some cool features running, but they're all hard-binded to the core. I don't think we could refactor anything out.
- The fucks, man... Do we have any backlog or these memorial things for the latest release?

- Well, we got some scafolding manifests, but the truth is that the previous dev didn't left much documentation...
- Wait, you're saying just one guy coded the um current version alone? Just by himself?

- Yes. And as far as I know, he did in a single week sprint.
- Really?! How was that?

- It was like, one thing per day: Setup the space, lightning the env, added a custom physics engine...
- Wow, neat. So what gone wrong?

- Well, at the last story, he decided to put some random agents on stage, and they started to bug themselves. All conflicts and leaking everywhere. I think he was tired.
- I see. Man, so bizar! How'd you all let him do this alone?

- He was really "the guy" kind, you know? Like, these guru guys that knows everything, and think can do everything...
- Fine, so can we talk to him, then?

- Well, problem is, after the deploy, he said he will rest, and then he's gone.
- How come? Don't you have any contact from him anymore?

- So, we tried messaging him a couple of times, but we never got any answer yet.
- Dude, what a messy guy. So irresponsible of him to abandon the product like this!

- Hey, easy there. We could't talk with him directly, but we can see some tickets solved, so I think he still check the issues list sometimes, like remote lurking thing. 
- Very bizar, indeed...

- Anyway, enough talking, yeh? Can we release the dogs and go save the world already?
- Aww, fuck yeah! Lets lie the flesh in the plate and see if it will fry or cry!


PS.: Well, this conversation was a couple of time ago, however we are still running on Universe 1.0, created by an unknown dev.

Original written in May/2017

Submitted: March 23, 2018

© Copyright 2023 Miguel do Lucari. All rights reserved.

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