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Eli had made a mistake. Now he has been captured.

Submitted: March 23, 2018

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Submitted: March 23, 2018



Eli sat on his knees, on that cold and wet concrete floor. His head was spining and his nose was probably bleeding too. Eli's hands were tied behind his back with zip ties, by now they were already bruising. The fear of never getting out, took over his body making him gasp for air and almost feel completely powerless. He closed his eyes.


And he pictured that bright blue ocean with a light summer breeze. He felt the sand between his bare feet, his bare toes playing with the soft ground. He heard seagulls talk an those ocean waves hit each other and the beach. He could almost taste the saltness of the water in his tongue. He felt safe. A total bliss. It was his safe place, his own haven. He felt safe feeling that hot sun hit his body. He saw palm trees swing peacefully, talking to each other and communicate with nature.


The fantasy was interrupted with a door slamming against the hard wall. Eli jumped out of his imagination with the realization he was still kidnapped, still hurt and on his knees, still captured.


He saw the man he was most petrified of. Panù.


With the short life span, only seventeen years, Panù had incredible power and influence. He was had been following his father's foot steps after the old man had passed away, and now there was no one stopping Panù. He stood there front of Eli with a gun in his hand.


"Where are they?" the young powerful leader asked.

"I lost them. I swear to god it was an accident" Eli almost cried.

"I don't have time for accidents" Panù said, with a deep breath, "nor do I have room for them"


Without any burden or a murder, Panù raised his gun and pulled the trigger.

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