my mother ghost

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a story of a woman who got killed and left two kids her ghost come to revenge for her kids

Submitted: March 23, 2018

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Submitted: March 23, 2018



alot of people those days don't believe in ghosts well my story must be a prove that we don't live alone in this world 

my name is allerena my mother passed away when i was 7 years old i wasn't alone i had my brother his name is jhon no one knew how mom died we didn't even find her body we just found her car anyway my dad got married again in a month and left us alone but my best friend lidia parents took care of us . i studied so hard and i became a super famouse lawyer i was 21 when i started to see nightmares . my brother was 16 i didn't really care about love and guys even thought i had alot of guys who likes me but i just couldn't trust any of them exept my brother and my best friend lidia . one day i came from work late i found a car upside down there was an old man in it and he was dead and i woman was standing in front of the car smiling in a creepy way i was sure that i saw her before but i wasn't sure i went to ask her if she is okey but she left without answering me i called the ambellance the old man was already dead and he had no familly after that i wen home after such a crazy night and i got a call from a weird woman she said that she will take revenge and then she said i love you elle and ended up the call i could't believe my ears because my mom was the only one who calls me in that name (elle) i couldn't sleep all that night thinking about how are those two accidents related to each other after alot of thinking i could get some sleep when i woke up i found 10 missed calls from's been 3 years since he called us i called hem and he started crying like a baby and he kept saying that he is sorry it was so strange what happend to my dad who didn't care at all about us suddenly i couldn't forgive hem so i just hanged up the phone he kept screaming i'm sorry my daughter my brother woke up and i took hem to school then i went to my office in the way i saw the same woman from that accident i acted like i didn't see her but i weirdly kept seeing her for a whole month in the same place like she was waiting for someone my brother forced me to go on a blind date and i met such an awsome guy but i was always afraid that he will leave me so ididn't deppend on hem but he made me know the real meaning of love that month was full of weird accidents in the end i got a call from my stepmother she told me that dad died after that he was run away from home but she wasn't sad actually she was as always cold and rude i fought with her and she hanged up the phone first because she couldn't stand talking to me as always i didn't tell jhon at all about dad  i kept having the same dream for another month it was my stepmother calling for my help after a week i finally decided to call her and a cop answered me that she just had an accident and died i was so scared and i told jack about it later i saw that woman again but that time we talked and she told me that she is a ghost of mom i was so scared so i screamed my brother came runing to my room but my mom went and i fainted after that i woke up i got another call from her she asked me to look in her death i went to our old home but i didn't find anything then i went tomy dad's new house and i found a letter :


how can you do that to me cheating on me anyway i'm leaving for a while please take care of elle and jhon for me and i won't tell anyone about your afair so please i'm begging you 

your wife

i couldn't believe what i'm reading my dad wasn't even alive so that i can ask hem about it i had alll kinds of thoughts at that moment is it possible that my mom killed her self or dad killed her i just went home and i found jack there jhon went for a date that was the day when jack proposed to me and i said yes because i really was happy with hem but the day which i should be so happy in wasn't that perfect all my weeding day i kept seeing my mom in every step i take my mom cries harder jack stand by me when i really needed someone 

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