Hide And Seek

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Submitted: March 23, 2018

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Submitted: March 23, 2018



Hide And Seek

By Denzel Delgado


I took a walk in the forest, and I heard footsteps. I came here alone, I know it! Wait, let's go back to the start. I was walking down the school hallway. I fixed my hair and adjusted my glasses. I was wearing a red plaid shirt and jeans that were worn out since my 7th birthday. I saw Charlie walking out the doors. Charlie is Henry’s sister.


“See ya tomorrow!” I exclaimed as I walked out the school doors with her. I go to Portland Middle School. Charlie waved back at me and went the opposite direction. Henry came up to me and had a mad expression on his face.


“Are you flirting with my sister Brady!” Henry accused.

“I wasn’t. We’re just friends bro!” I replied. He nodded at me in relief. We ran to a nearby casino by 4th street. Henry loved to bet because he always won. We walked inside and followed the purple tiles, which led to exactly the place we are headed to. The Betting Machine. We sat down on some shiny, 5-star stools on what seemed like a bar table with a money slot on it. “You go first!” I teased. Henry smirked and placed a $200 bet for roll the dice, which I thought was very wasteful of him.

“Aren’t we too young for this? Let's play Slotz or something else!” I bugged.

“We’re 18 dude. Plus, you're birthday was yesterday so now you’re 19!” Henry exclaimed.

“Fine!” I replied. IT WASN’T FINE! I’m not a gambler. What am I going to do. “Ding” an idea popped into my head. I was going to betray Henry and win the double, $400!


“I'm going to the restroom” I lied. I snuck behind the machine. Okay. I know how to do this. I unscrewed the rolling bolt and ran back to my seat like nothing happened.


“Whoever wins earns the double!” I whispered in Henry’s ear. The machine started malfunctioning. “Beep. Crank.” It set to “Bradey Wins!” I giggled. Henry glanced at me. His mouth opened and his eyebrows went down. Henry stormed out . I shrugged and walked out behind him.


My clock read “7:59!” Oh NO! Curfew is in 11 minutes! I’ll just take the shortcut. I didn’t know any shortcuts, but I just went with it. Behind the casino there is a forest. I walked into it and checked my phone. It was at 2%. Just great! I freely wandered into the woods, trying to find a way home. It was dark, all the trees look dead. The leaves crunched every step I took. I stopped for a moment. I heard crunched, even when I wasn’t walked. “Ding” My sister Sally texted me. My phone died seconds after. The crunching got louder.


I entered what looked like an abandoned hallway. Red rhombus tiles were spread around the floor. Broken lights came one after another on each wall, some still faintly lit. The blue color deteriorated on the wall. I heart the door open. “Crack!” I heard a gunshot behind me. I glanced and saw Henry and Charlie pointed a gun at me. It looked like a Glock. It was black and


“Get down!” Henry screamed. I kicked one of the light bulbs and threw a piece of the glass at Charlie. We both ran in opposite directions. Charlie ran out of the hallway.“Crack!” Henry shot at me again.


“Leave me alone!” I spat. He didn’t. He shot at me multiple times. He is trying to kill me! I ran towards him and knocked him down.


“What do you want?” I shouted

“Revenge” Henry spat as he shot my arm. “OW!” I screamed. It bled a lot, but I covered it with my other hand. I then stood up, but he pulled me back down. He went to check where the hallway led to. I stood up and ran at him with another piece of glass. I cut his arm.


“Ugh!” Henry groaned. He hit me with the back of his gun.


“Listen, if you forget about all of this and just leave, i’ll let you go,” He bribed.


“Okay! Deal! Just let me go already!” I lied. Obviously I was going to the police. I could tell that he recognized the sarcasm. Henry sighed. “Crack!” He shot at my leg on full force.


“WHAT WAS THAT FOR!” I screamed at him.

“That's for stealing my money!” Henry replied as he left the hallway. I crawled to the nearest bus stop.


3 hours later. It was 10:47pm. I was lying in bed, ready to go to sleep. I will never forget what Henry did. My mom came in the room. She tripped on a MegaBlock piece.


“Oh my! You have to clean your room first thing in the morning young man,” She concluded. I smiled at her. “I’ve gone through a lot today. I need some rest.” I said. She put a tray of cookies and milk on the sheets of the bed. She had treated my leg with Bandages my dad gave her. My dad is a doctor at Sennings Medical Center. I ate the last cookie and fell fast asleep.


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