As An Evil Draws Near

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A robbery gone wrong. A strange encounter in an alleyway. A man waits in horror as an evil draws near...

Submitted: March 23, 2018

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Submitted: March 23, 2018



As I lay here on my bed, I stare at the ceiling unable to move... unable to react. I am paralyzed by the absolute horror which awaits me. The clawing against my apartment door grows louder, and I can only imagine what is in that lonely hallway at this hour.

It was three years ago... three god damned years ago that it happened... I had ran into an alleyway after the robbery had gone bad. I could hear my two friends continue running down the adjacent street, and then more gunshots. Sirens were screaming in the distance and I knew I had to find somewhere better to hide. It was supposed to be an easy job. Three guys walking into a gas station with guns, and walking out with a whole lotta cash. We had been watching the store for a month, and this was the night the safe would be opened. It was all supposed to have been real smooth. Just as we walked out of the store with suitcases of cash.... The co“s were already outside. It's amazing how fast you can run when youre getting shot at...its a real adrenaline rush... Anyhow... I had stumbled down the alley looking for an open door or at least one flimsy enough for me to kick open when I heard a voice. “Get in! This way!“ I turned around to one of the wooden doors I had just tried opening, to see this short old man motioning me in. “Fuck it“, I thought to myself... Maybe I could give him some of the money I had made off with to keep“ him quiet. As soon as I had walked inside I “dropped to my knees... I was bleeding to death. The old man looked down on me and said in a hushed and almost demonic tone. “If you want to live, you have to do exactly what I tell you“. He dragged me into a dark room filled with candles and the most hideous statue I have ever seen. It was about 6 feet tall, and had the face of a lion. It had horns, the feet of a goat, snakes which wra““ed around its body, and it was covered in strange symbols.

“What....what the fuck is that ?“, I told the man. He gave me a very strange smile and said “There are gods much older than the ones most “people know of“.

Then he gave me a small knife and laced a bowl by my side and said “Time is running out, you must give your sacrifice and your life will be spared from death this night.

I took the knife and carved a rugged line across my hand, watching the crimson blood fall into the bowl, the blurry candlelight glowing in the distance. And then I woke up.

I was lying on the floor of my apartment holding my blood covered suitcase. I opened it and saw that it was still full of stacks of money. I pulled my shirt up and saw that I had no bullet wound, and then I looked at my hand and found no scar.

On the local news that night I saw that both of my friends had been shot down in the street. Whoever that old man was… somehow he had saved my life...  or so I thought.

I had continued life as usual. I went to my shitty construction job, gave up on robbing stores as I had no crew, and after a while I forgot about the whole event ever happening…. Until one day… It had started out as little things…. I walked into a bus one day and sat down next to some lady who seemed to be minding her own business. As the bus took off she looked over at me and said, “You belong to him now“. “Belong to who?“, I replied. She looked out of the window and didn't reply to me after that. I left the bus and the next sto“.

The following weeks I ke“t seeing “eo“les faces morph into horrible figures such as cor“ses and devils. It was nightmarish and I had started to wonder if I was losing my mind.

A soft clawing started at my door the other night, and with each “passing day it has grown louder and more “persistent almost. What happened yesterday however has made me sure that after tonight, I may not see tomorrow.

When I opened the door to my apartment after work yesterday there was an envelope that someone had sli““ed underneath my door. It was an old white envelope with no name, stam“ or return address. What was inside left me staying up the whole night listening to that terrible clawing against my door.

It was a page that looked like it had been riced out of a book, which had a drawing of that Idol from years before. It had a long paragraph which talked about an ancient god which was given the dying as a sacrifice, and allowed them to live for a small time after which…. No…. I can't even think about it! My heart is pounding in my chest. Sweat is dripping from my brow. Wait…. The clawing sounds have finally stoped.

Oh my God.

The door just opened.

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