The Bible- The Book As History

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Submitted: March 23, 2018

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Submitted: March 23, 2018



Yes, the Bible is history, one of men who took control of all things spiritual. They did it through Moses and Jesus. And as they did, they denied the differing opinion of women, which was valid and important.The obedient woman, the one of the Bible, the testement of old and new, was one of happy servitude to men. Her thoughts left unexpressed, because 'he' expressed them for her. The meaning was a silencing of her voice, a revelent voice meant to be heard.Through out 'history' the book was re-written by men. When it was hand transcribed upon parchment using pen and quill, it was men who wrote the 'word.' When the book was met in the printing press, it was men blocking it with ink. Think about the men of the past having total control of this book of faith. The Bible is his-story, but not hers. A virgin who remains so after having intercourse, is beyond myth, it is a damaging farce. The tale of 'Mary' has done grevious harm to real women. 'She' has also harmed girls, for with the birth of the 'son who is god' the ultimate meaning is, she is lesser than he.

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