Great tales are often told of heroes who overcome diversity, challenges, and even their own faults, heroes aren't born they have greatness thrust upon them, tasked with an epic journey that will
change them, see them grow, or destroy them before the are left with nothing but their own power and the fate of the world, usually. Sometimes the hero we get is the one person we want to fail the
most, openly embracing their vices and refusing to change, which begs the question, is it okay to want to see the world end?

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Something about thieves and honor.

There's an old cliche sayin bout thieves and honor or somthin that seems to be well known, I dunno, the thieves I hung around with were.... nevermind. Anyway, honor isn't a synonym for trust, wait,
I think I'll look that up later, but to the point thieves have their own code of ethics and when they spend enough time together they form a bond that isn't easily broken.
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