The Last Time He Lost

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A guy recalls the time he fought with a molesting bully in his school, the last time he lost a fight.

Submitted: March 24, 2018

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Submitted: March 24, 2018



I returned to my room after the last of my classes for the day, and went straight to sleep, as I awoke, my roomate unlocked the door. He sat down to watch 'One Piece' on his phone. After a few minutes I decided to talk to him.

My roomate had told me before that he was from the roughest toughest school in his entire state, that he himself had been in at least 30 fights in his school days, and how he won most of the time, being a fiercer, stronger and more skilled fighter than most of the people in his school. I bothered to ask him about the times he lost. 

"7 times", he said. "Has anyone used blades against you", I queried. He thought for a second, "4 times", he said. He described the first time this happened, he was in 7th grade, fighting a guy that was modestly weaker then he was, and the fight quickly went to the ground, he knew that guy had a razor blade with him, but he stuck it into his shoulder when they were on the ground, when he didnt expect it. At the time he was only 12, and not nearly as tough as he is now. The blade stuck in his shoulder made him shout in pain, and he gave up right there. He then described the other fight he lost where his opponent drew a blade on him, it was when he was in 11th grade, he was fighting this guy when he suddenly drew a concealed knife and tried to stab his genitals, though he had turned away and got stabed in the inner thigh instead, the move scared him too much to fight anywhere near his best for the rest of the fiveish minutes of the fight, except he said more, this is what he actually said.

"Once when I was in 11th standard, this guy pulled a knife on me, a strong sharp knife", he stated. "Why did you fight him in the first place", I asked. "Well he tried to grope my female friend, so I had no choice but to fight him", he said. "and how many people were watching", I added. I could see 13 people I knew around me, but I knew there were more behind them, they were all going fight-fight-fight". "he tried to grope her in public?", I added. "yes, he said. "so didnt you think of weapons checking him first", I said. "Yeah", he said, "looking back to it, I should have known he had some kind of trick up his sleeve, that was a pretty messed up guy". It was here that I realized this was a story I would really like. I pushed him to tell me the whole thing. 

 Kirti:  About 1 month after I started 11th grade, this new guy came to my school. It was just any other guy untill I started hearing things about him. I heard he would get into fights, like most of the guys in my school, but he only fought wth guys who were much weaker than him. He was about 6 feet tall and well built, but until he fought with me he never fought a guy in my school heavier than 130 pounds. Of course even the small guys were tough in my school, but they had no chance against him. Maybe thats why he pulled the knife on me, I had a reputation. 

After his first few fights in my school he acted like he would dominate the place, he'd be patrolling the school yard looking for victims, once he broke a guys front teeth because he refused to give him his sandwich at lunch time. He would act like all the single girls in our school were his, he used to flash them and be proud of it. That was what I heard about him a month after he came to our school, then it got worse. I heard that he was seen masturbating in front of the girls washroom. 

He hadn't been seen using a weapon in a fight before, but then again he only fought with people much weaker than him, he was unlike most bullies, most bullies are weakish, but his fighting ablity could match with the skilled brawlers in our school. He was a little fiercer than me, but not much. 

Me: What did this guy look like?

Kirti: About 6 feet tall, with light skin, muscles, and some fighting experiance, you can say he looked pretty handsome, but he was a bad guy. 

Me: and back then, you were almost the size you are now, right.

Kirti: Well I hadn't hit my growth sprut, so I was only 5'4, I was a tank though, I could take a lot of hits, and I hope I still am one, but I havent had any recent fights, so I cant be sure.

Me: It must be related to your high core and neck strength you display in the gym, go on with the fight. 

Kirti: About 2 weeks or so after he was caught masturbating in front of the girls washroom, he tried to grope a female friend of mine when we were in the hall way, so I kicked him on the hip, and we started to fight. I took a few good hits in the start, but those didnt affect me, and I soon started blocking and parrying his hits, and that really annoyed him. So he pulled out this big knife suddenly and drove it straight at my thing, It didnt hit my thing and instead loged itself about in inch into my upper thigh, so I just pulled it out and threw it on the ground. If someone did that now I would pull out the knife and use it against them, but that's not what I did then. And that was why I lost the fight. That is also why I cant squat as well as I should be able to, but I'm overcoming that. 

Me: You kept fighting after that right. 

Kirti: Yes, but it was too close to my thing, and that guy kept attacking that area.

Me: wouldnt repeatedly targeting the groin leave a lot of open targets. 

Kirti: It would, and I now know I should have looked for open targets, but I was too focused on protecting my groin to fight like I should have. I kept fighting for another five minutes or so, but then I had to give up.

Fortunately the next day, the guy was met by the toughest guy in my faction, before he could stab him with his shorter knife, he was hit hard on the side of his head with a metal chair , the blow broke his jaw and knocked him out for a few seconds, and before he could get up he was defanged, his opponent stabbed his forearm with a utility knife and disaramed him, slashing him on the upper chest as he regained consciousness, the blow scared him nearly to death, and he left the school and was never seen again.

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