Strong As The Wind

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Iwas speaking with my friend Ralph about everyday things when I saw what I wanted.

Submitted: March 24, 2018

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Submitted: March 24, 2018



We walked along the walled area for a few minutes. When we came to the end, I said to my friend, ''Do you know who live in the big house behind this wall?''
He answered, ''I have no idea, but he must be stinking rich.''
''He is. We were in the same school together, in the same class. Talked a lot about politics. I was at that time, talking my head off of meeting a nice girl and settling down with a few kids. His dream came true. Mine is still in the making.''
My friend whose name was Ralph said to me, ''Your dream can still come true, you just have to be patient, and in time, things would just come to pass.'' By the way, my name is John.
''Why do some people, who really don't deserve certain things, end up with evrything, all withe ease. Others have to slave like mad, and still don't get what they want?''
Ralph said, ''As you go along in life, the answer to what you just asked will come to light. Some people inherit from their parents even when they're young. Others in their foolishness come s to ruin and ends up with nothing. You just need to open your eyes and quickly you'll see what's taking place.''
''You know me, I just don't like it.'' I said.
''This chap who was in the same class class as you. What was he like?''
''I must say, he was really intelligent. He was always getting 85 to 90 per cent out of a hundred. There was I trying to get 50 per cent. Surrounded by girls he was, and smartly dressed too.''
''Some people,'' Ralph told me, ''are made to be that way, and ther's nothing you can do about it.''
''Why couldn't I too run for politics and win?''
''You're not that way inclined. It seems to me that you're one of those who wants to enjoy life by simple living. That chap has other ideas.''

We walked along until we came to a barbed wire fence. Behind this fence were a few horses in the field. I told Ralph, ''Now look at those animals, I would like to have one. Horses are my top priority.''
''They are very expensive to keep. And you have to be spot on when grooming.''
I said, ''You seem to know a lot about horses, how come?''
Ralph said, ''I've got a few books home about them. It is an expensive business. You have to make sure that they're cared for by looking for a good vet.''

We kept on looking and talking about horses for sometime. Then I said to Ralph, ''I see a horse that I like. That one there.'' I pointed it out.
''It looks strong, nice and healthy. Something like a race horse.''
''That's it, Ralph. Why don't I get a horse, and train it. Enter it into some big race and win!''
''That's jumping the gun, my friend. First, you got to get the horse, and then spend time training and looking after it.''
''I can do it, I know I can.''

Ralph and I went to the (owner) of the horses. He agreed to sell me the horse that I liked. Ralph said to me, ''You're luck is now turning. You're now the (owner) of a great strong horse. Have you got a name for it?''
''Yes,'' I said. ''I'll name it ''Strong as the Wind.''

We got the horse and took it home, after it was examined by a vet. There was a fairly large field next to where I lived, and I got permission to use it.

With much training, ''Strong as the Wind look like it was ready for a race. There was a race meeting not far away. We went there, and I entered my horse to take part. When I got the official list, there was the name ''Strong as the Wind,'' among the other names.

Ralph came along with me on the day of the race. We were amazed when it started, to find ''Strong as the Wind,'' leading the rest for 1000 metres. It came in 5th, and I was really pleased.

The End.

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